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Sad, mad, and a strong love for persona, this site, and games.

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hi im back after some absence
yeah, i know it's not in everyone's interest but if it works, it works.
hi im back after some absence
I've been through so much stuff recently, and I've seen others fall into the same nasty situations so the absolute least i could do is help a little bit by starting a conversation.
I hate feeling depressed all the time
Flareon. I may not know you. But I must tell you. I have been in the same position. Multiple times. And I don't care if this thread is 2 days old. You have some sort of value, you just have to find it. Someone cares about you, you just have to find them. Keep that in mind dud

Recent topics

hi im back after some absence
i wanna chat with someone rn so feel free to tell me how you're feeling and what you're thinking about! if theres anything you wanna get off your chest you can do it here, i won't mind one bit so long as it's not breaking any rules. i just wanna make someone's day better today because there's no reason not to.
How did "they" pull it off
<spoiler>how did medjed figure out who joker was, and his number?</spoiler> its hard for me to wrap my head around
What now?
I've known this one person. I really really loved this person. I told them. They said that they didn't think about me that way and just left me. This person was someone I depended on and seeing them leave is, hard, to say the least. I dont want to let go. But I understand that I have to. Any guidance?
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