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Are you stalking me!? In that case just let me tell you I'm an old user from the site, not as old as others but I spent I lot of time here. That's what you need to know. profilepick made by kitagawa.

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Remember when we used to fill the forum up with parody threads?
If I recall correctly, before the site was not filled with parody threads, yes, we had them, but people actually had serious RP going here or there, casual talks, memes, and more stuff.
Site UI changes: what do you guys want to see?
Guys this is important. They want to improve the site, they deserve some ideas. (Basically this is a bump)<div class='edited'>(edited by Addalme)</div>
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
Sincerelly. I like it. I don't know how you imagined this, but for me is very good.
Site UI changes: what do you guys want to see?
The site is very well made I wouldn't change so much. When you come to the site it gives you a good feeling of &quot;god, I'm inside of the phantom thieves website&quot;. Even after being a fanmade one, it is something I wanted to say first. Second: I feel the site has not so much activity, why is this related to UI? basically is a fact we have to keep in mind if we want the site to still be here and, after all this costs money, better interface can help people stay here and maybe they can help somehow, also, admin will feel more motivated to do changes if the site has activity becasue damn, I will change stuff and people will notice it. Anyways, I feel people discovers the site but they quckly forget about it because... is a bit dead latelly (I'm surprised it is still here, please don't think bad, I'm glad it is still here.), anways, UI is the first thing people see, we have to make it good. As for the UI I would mostly improve it a bit, maybe give somd additions we don't have or even an APP not only for PMs, maybe to check when people comments in your threads /threads you follow so you can answer quickly or follow a roleplay. Actually, we could try to get more tools to do RP because (speaking from old times) I had to constantly check the site in order to know if people had post or not. One last thing is the frontal page, basically I hardly ever take a look at it but most of the times is a mess, exactly like the game is NGL, but it can give you an awkard feeling because you can think the people in the forum are like that. Still, maybe we could make it more playable in some way. As last thing, Royale doesn't change so much as far as I know, but we could still use it to improve the forum, after that even Mishisma in the game says it has a forum. It is so sad it doesn appears in game. I'll do my best to come up with more ideas, but for now I leave that in case it helps you. Kind regards.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<quote user="Sarinman">why does this thread still exist</quote> Your cognition allowes it to exist
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
Draw me. I'll let you surprise me, in case you accept my request.<div class='edited'>(edited by Addalme)</div>
ok where the FUCK is archer
Archer was a strange guy but I felt deep inside he was a good person. I still remember when he talked to me like if I was the real Leo from fates, I felt do awkard that day.
App for this?
<quote user="Mishima">I'd love to make an app for PMs just to have real notifications going on but uh PMs are kinda dead mostly It's hard to keep up to date with the web version (not that I update much nowadays anyway) I tried making a desktop app once and it lasted for like a week before I ultimately decided there's no point, though it worked cool</quote> Basically it is due to the status of the site, it is not that popular despite the game. And it depends a lot on people's schedule. Compared with other times I feel the site is not as active as before, maybe we could do something or advert it in some way... But not sure how.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Nice to see you too Rommy, who knows, maybe it is. I'm going yo bed soon so probably this is my last post.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
This stread is slowly turning into a story. Interesting...

Recent topics

Hi again, nice to see you still here.
Not gonna lie, I'm bored from quarantine and thought on dropping here. How are things? PD: Not sure if this is &quot;talk&quot; tag, if not please change it. Thanks.
Maybe I do another FEH RP
I'm sure not everyone remembers the &quot;summoned&quot; series I did time ago, but well I was thinking on doing another since we have a lot of new heroes. Basically that, I want to know if anyone would be interested. Maybe I'm a bit busy for studies but I can handle it. For now I want to know who would join and which heroes you would like to see so I can start thinking about details.
I remembered this place existed.
Hi guys, I have come to say hi after not comming for a year if I recall correctly. So well, how is everything going? By the way I dunno how the new PFP looks so if it glitchy as fuck ignore it, or not, do whatever you want.
Walking around
&quot;Addalme is walking in the streets, he has nothing to do now so he decided to go for a walk, is at night and he is going under the light of the streetlights.&quot;
A beast in a dream
&quot;A portal appears and Addalme comes from it, he is in a strange place, he is in front of a little cave, after the cave he can see a tower with a creature on the top&quot;.
I'm now inside your mind Hunter, I want you to see something.
Hi guys
Who want to do something? I'm really bored here.
Hi guys, I want to know the best weapons/armors for each character.
Hi guys, i want to beat Justine and Caroline, i just need some info about them. I don't know nothing so anything is fine.
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