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Are you stalking me!? In that case just let me tell you I'm an old dude from the site, not as old as others but I spent I lot of time here. That's what you need to know.

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I remembered this place existed.
<quote user="Sayaka_Miki">&gt;implying that there are intelligent people on Discord Anyways your Pfp looks just fine, nice drawing btw</quote> It's is from a friend of mine xD. I actually like it a lot and I use it everywhere. <quote user="Rom_Dolos">Welcome back, man. There’s a Discord server for the Phansite that was set up when the site was DDOS’d, so I can PM you a link, if you’d like.</quote> Thanks mate, If I need it I'll send you a PM via discord.
Day of Lavos.
<i>To Hunter</i> Thanks my friend, I'm also very proud of you, keep figthing and protecting who you love... i could be saying this for a whole year... Thanks again Hunter, from the bottom of my heart. <i>To Sam</i> You are very smart Sam, no mather what happens, I'll trust you till the end, thanks for protect my friends, I 'll be always grateful. <i>To Black-cat.</i> Thank you and don't worry, I'll be carefull, thanks for helping my friends cat. <i>To Spectre</i> You too, you are also a wonderful friend Spectre, please keep fighting till the end and... thanks Spectre. <i>To Sayaka.</i> You are a very cheerful person, please, don't lose that attitude, that is the best thing you have, thank you Sayaka. <i>A few tears slides from his eyes. </i> You are all wonderfull friends, now, kill Lavos. CHANGE THE FUTURE! <i>everything goes white... ... ... ... ...</i>
Day of Lavos.
You can't give up yet! Maybe Lavos is stronger than yoy thought, but that is not a reason! I know you feel desesperated, frustrated... Lavos has done a lot of bad things... but... you have to keep fighting, no mather what. Because if you give up... everything will be lost, no mather how hard is somthing... no mather how are you suffering, always there is a way to deal with a problem. Lavos is a big problem... but I believe in you! You went to my palace to save me... because... you believed in me... so I have to return the favor... I will believe in you guys. Tell me, will you beat Lavos? OOC: this will be the last time you speaks with Addalme, so if you want to say something to him do it.
Day of Lavos.
Not yet, that garden over there means you are still alive... Unlike me i can't go to the garden, you know. <i>chuckle</i> You never changes, right Hunter? <i>Akechi looks at Sayaka.</i> Sorry for scare you, I hope it didn't annoy you. I have not time so, I'll got into the point...
Day of Lavos.
OOC: in case someone doesn't know what is going on: Lavos manipulated Addalme's body in order to spy the group, in the Black Omen the discovered the truth behind Addalme: He has been dead the whole time, Lavos energy was the only thing keeping him with life and he used his body to manipulate them in the palace, also to attack them. They got forced to kill Addalme in the Black Omen, in order to save Akechi's soul. &quot;Akechi walks towards the group, staying away from the garden&quot; Greetings; I'm glad to see you again, looks like you are in an hard battle. <div class='edited'>(edited by Addalme)</div>
The Black Omen
Power of gods: yaldabaoth. Let's see if you can mock when you are dead. Now let's see what is this doll able to...
The Black Omen
OOC: sorry for the delay. From Addalme remove the second A and D I added that two letters to make it appears as a nickname, I have to say it worked better than I expected, it leaves Adlme: A:Akechi. D:Doll. L:Lavos' M:Main. E:Experiment. Akechi Doll Lavos' Main Experiment. This guy is the first thing I've possesed. Let's do a summary: Your friend has been always dead. You went to the palace for nothing. You've been my toys from the very beginning. Am I missing something?
The Black Omen
And now, tell me, why sometimes you called him Addalme? Isn't it strange? Where that name comes from...
The Black Omen
Yes Rom... I was that cogbition too. As I was saying: you left the palace and I killed Blackmask, he tried to talk to you... but It was late, I managed to take full control over Addalme and manipulate you while the barrier wasn't completed... You were with my energy inside, and I used Addalme and that energy to spy you. Now Tico aka traveller's book. The only thing bothering me was the M-Corrin, aka Leo's crazy brother, he took the traveller's book... and because he was restarting he world I wasn't able to reach it... so i decided to write a letter... and send it to you using the alatreon. Hunter did the rest... but that idiot decided to hide the book...

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Maybe I do another FEH RP
I'm sure not everyone remembers the &quot;summoned&quot; series I did time ago, but well I was thinking on doing another since we have a lot of new heroes. Basically that, I want to know if anyone would be interested. Maybe I'm a bit busy for studies but I can handle it. For now I want to know who would join and which heroes you would like to see so I can start thinking about details.
I remembered this place existed.
Hi guys, I have come to say hi after not comming for a year if I recall correctly. So well, how is everything going? By the way I dunno how the new PFP looks so if it glitchy as fuck ignore it, or not, do whatever you want.
Walking around
&quot;Addalme is walking in the streets, he has nothing to do now so he decided to go for a walk, is at night and he is going under the light of the streetlights.&quot;
A beast in a dream
&quot;A portal appears and Addalme comes from it, he is in a strange place, he is in front of a little cave, after the cave he can see a tower with a creature on the top&quot;.
I'm now inside your mind Hunter, I want you to see something.
Hi guys
Who want to do something? I'm really bored here.
Hi guys, I want to know the best weapons/armors for each character.
Hi guys, i want to beat Justine and Caroline, i just need some info about them. I don't know nothing so anything is fine.
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