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Hey! It's Goro, Akechi here! And this is my account! Remember to not troll me online. Do not mention pancakes or you shall be executed.

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Phansite will shut down on December 1
It's a shame that it's going to shut down but i agree and respect the decision, my time on this site literally changed me and i'm glad i was able to make these memories here. So, for everyone who may read this...thank you and we'll see eachothers on discord still.
Please steal my heart.
My dude this is not tagged as RP so it shouldn't be treated as such. With that said please refrain from making threads like this, this place is not the right one to seek change of hearts. If you really have problems i do agree with what Chib said.
holy crap
I'm doing mostly fine! Kinda bored most times but overall it's good and no worries! We now hang out on the phansite and another server if you want to i can send the invites ^^
holy crap
Heyoooooooo Chiiiiiib! Long time no see, how are you?
Waiting for p5s
<quote user="Labrys_">Sorry but I don't think it's going to come any time soon. COVID 19 and such</quote> This statement is only true if by the time the pandemic started they were still not done with the translation. Because recording voicelines is actually the only task that can't be just completed at home. (only because they need consistency with the quality of the audio and not everyone has a soundproof room to record their lines). If they were actually at the marketing and presentation stage i would say that they might show off the game pretty soon. (It could even be in a few weeks since Atlus is partecipating in a con on June 23).
Question abt dynamic themes
I might not be the best one to answer this since i played Royal way back then (the Japanese version). As far as i know from following updates on twitter i heard that they should send you an email with the codes to redeem the themes, once you hit a certain point in the game.
Stop calling me pancake boy
This is my thread, you have bo business telling me to get out.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Why does this still exist?
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
Thank you, i appreciate it. I too tried to draw even if i don't have the same taste for fine arts as you, i hope you'll enjoy it. https://i.imgur.com/OcxEPJ1.jpg
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
I hope you'll be able to capture my likeness, i shall repay you handsomely if you do so.

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Happy birthday
It's Akechi's birthday! Please praise him for this day atleast
Site UI changes: what do you guys want to see?
As you may or may not know, the phansite is already 3 years old! For a while i've been wondering.... If the UI could be reworked or updated! After talking with Mishiman i wanted to ask you guys some questions in order to see how you felt about it. First a poll http://poal.me/x8v4x3 Then are are the other questions: Are there any other additions or features you feel are missing as of now? Is there any part of the sites UI that feels outdated or you feel like should be changed? Or on the contrary do you feel like there is something perfect that has to stay? Lastly when we'll start working on this the first thing i'll so is see how Royal improved all the UI contents and start from there. In the meantime thanks for your contribution.
Stop calling me pancake boy
My name is Goro Akechi, the second detective prince and the true enemy of the Phantom thieves. I hereby ask you to cease immediately to addressing me with such... Inadequate nicknames, i have hoards of fans ready to jump on everyonewho tries to ridicule me so be careful! I hope my point has been made clear, atleast for you to understand... I shall now to back to my &quot;investigations&quot; so i advise you to not try anything funny while i'm gone. Farewell Goro Akechi
Today it's Akechi's bday! Post pancakes or Akechi pics to celebrate below!
The best PQ2 character trailer
I almost forgot...
It seems like my last thread is locked https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=15188 That makes Luna (or for everyone that is not on PMs Queef) the winner. Congrats!!
Last post wins: pancakes edition
Nah dw i'm just joking, even tho if this was for real i would win ;) . I guess it's been a year, the last post wins was one of my first threads onsite. I still did not win that old one but it was fun back then.
Time to celebrate
Today June 2, 2018 is Akechi's birthday. Let's all celebrate in this day 🎊. <spoiler>P.S. Akechi fanarts would be the best. </spoiler>
Akechi's talk show: Standard edition
<i>A new day and a new talk show has been opened for the time being. This time a warehouse was provided for the event. Akechi was actually present too, replacing the host from the short edition, he was sitting behind a desk with his usual attire and as soon as the audience entered the building he would greet them and set things in motion.</i> Welcome to the regular edition of my talk show, it seems like you had fun last time so today we're going to have some guests joining me really soon and you can ask questions to them too! Very well then, shall we start? <spoiler>OOC: unlike last time today this thread is gonna close once i go to sleep. Have fun! ^^</spoiler>
Akechi's talk show: short edition
<i>A room with a few chairs and a stage was arranged for this special occasion, that's right Akechi would hold a public talk show and let anyone ask him certain questions. The host soon reached his spot and carried with him a small laptop which he connected to a giant TV right behind it. He soon started to speak looking at the audience</i> Welcome everybody to the first edition of this show, to test grounds and kick it off this time we'll keep it nice and simple. Today our guest is gonna be the famous Detective Prince Goro Akechi which due to certain circumstances will join us from a safe location and will speak through this laptop, and now here we go! <i>As soon as the Host turned on the pc Akechi's face would appear on the monitor with a calm smile, after a moment of silence he speaks up too</i> Good evening, i guess i don't need introductions since our friend over there already told you my name, i wanted to make a brief public appearance and here i am, i tried my best to be here in person but i guess this will do for today ha ha. Don't worry if all goes smoothly i'll try to be present for real next time. With that said i want you to ask me some question, i guess 4 is the right number this time. It can be about anything you want to know from me, don't be shy i'll be waiting!
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