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Has anyone seen my bro white rider?
Alex: George? George: Fiend Pale Rider last known location: Sector Grus Alex: Sector Grus. Assuming the Schwartwelt is still open.
Win quotes
General &quot;Alex: Enemy eradicated. George: Good job, buddy.&quot; &quot; George: Enemy silent. Victory confirmed.&quot; &quot; George: Enemy silent. Are you alright, Alex? Alex: Slightly wounded but nothing major.&quot; (Low HP win) &quot; Alex: That was a rough one. I'm losing my edge.&quot; (Low HP Victory) Vs Persona User &quot;George: Persona User defeated. Alex: Just another demon tamer after all.&quot; &quot;George: Persona User Defeated. Alex: That was harder than expected.&quot; (Low HP Win) Vs Kushala &quot;George: Drake Kushala Daora defeated. Numerous Forma detected for recovery.&quot; &quot;Alex: Ugh. Damn drake. George: Numerous Forma detected. I'll run collection while you recover. Alex: Ok buddy.&quot; (Low HP win) Vs Aki &quot;George: Persona User Aki defeated. Your strong but I'm stronger. Don't worry. I made sure you'll survive.&quot; &quot; George: Persona User Aki defeated. Alex: Ugh. Suprised you could keep up, but it's still my victory. Maybe next time.&quot; (Low HP Win) Vs Tadano Hitonari (SMT Strange Journey protaganist) &quot;George: Target eradicated. Alex: One down, two to go. Know that your sacrifice will save this world.&quot; &quot;George: Target eradicated. Are you OK, Alex? Alex: *panting* Fine. If we waited any longer, I may not have been able to win.&quot; (Low HP Victory) <spoiler>Vs Lucifer &quot;George: Tyrant Lucifer slain. Alex: Farewell... Mother.&quot; &quot;George: Tyrant Lucifer slain. Alex: A hard fight. As expected from you.... Mother.&quot; (Low HP Victory)</spoiler>
Change my bully's heart
Play a real Shin Megami Tensei game, scrub
The Curse has been lifted
At least your series is popular enough to get all these spin offs and random cameos. *Sad Alex noises*
I have some bad news
I'm already Widowmaker
I just got Strange Journey Redux today.
Yeah, Despacito is trash, so the comparison makes sense
The Furies Appearance
Hey! George: Let them go, Alex. Human Triss is Human anyway. Snake Reperzel is a low level demon at most. They are of no concern. Hmm. If you say so, buddy. *Alex walks off in the opposite direction.*
The Furies Appearance
*Alex glares at Rep.* You look pretty demonic yourself, serpent. Perhaps i should deal with you before you become a threat *She then turns her gaze back to Triss.* Furies and Erinyes. Same thing so the same result. If your demons, it's my duty to... what's that sound? George: Snoring. Around 500 feet to the northwest. Another Fury? George: I assume so. Just great.<div class='edited'>(edited by Alex)</div>
The Furies Appearance
Furies? George: A group of monsters under the control of Hades in greek mythology. Also known as the Erinyes. So demons then. Tch. *Alex puts a hand on her gun.*

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