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Name:Alex Age: 13 Chaos necromancer Spells: Eldritch Blast, fires several beams of magic Animate Undead: see name Prestidigitation: three effects can be active at once: these are, harmless sensory stimulation, creating trinkets the size of the caster's hand lasting around six seconds, cleaning/dirtying up to one cubic foot, and extinguishing small fires. Life drain: Siphons the life force of target Life burn: converts Life into mana Cloud of Daggers: requires glass shards, creates a small cloud filled with blades.

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call to action for everyone here
this is so sad. google, play despacito
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
All quiet on this front... For now...
Kingdom GYM!
"Me? I'm fine, just drunk off my ass" The skeleton picks Alex up and sits him down on a chair.
Kingdom GYM!
The wave sends Alex through the cloud and into the ceiling and back down again, cutting him several times. After that, Alex lies down in his "Grave", smiling, "Good one."
Kingdom GYM!
Thinking quickly, Alex cast acid stream on the ground just to his left, creating a ditch deep enough to avoid the attacks for Alex to roll into. Alex braced for the inevitable pain, and shimmied into the ditch.<div class='edited'>(edited by Alex_Liang)</div>
Kingdom GYM!
&quot;I must say that death brings the depths of a person to the forefront of their being. Watch out for the knives.&quot; Using the shards, Alex cast cloud of Daggers, filling his area as well as five feet around him with clouds one foot from the ground concealing spinning blades. Alex fell backwards to avoid said blades.

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Undying grit: An open challenge
<i> Armour, check. Skeletons, check. Dagger, check. Spells, check. Escape route, check.</i> Alex was still tired from preparing, from bringing the skeletons to their places, to buying the dagger and the leather armour, which left him broke. Now, the only thing left to do was to rest and wait, but not before trying to make a car explode by using Fire bolt.
Ancient Domains of Shibuya
It's been a few days since the armies of ChAoS have taken the subways of Shibuya. They were beginning to spread to other stations in Tokyo, forcing local police to take action, though, so far, several police members have gone missing. Alex was chilling in the speaker room, transmitting orders to units stationed in different locations and also, waiting for newcomers..
Causing ChAoS just because
The armies of ChAoS were at work, taking over the subway system of Shibuya, entrapping people and slaying others, normal bad guy stuff. As an added bonus, it caused big problems for traveling around the city, messing up traffic, and causing more chaos. Alex was busy assigning grues to patches of darkness and taking care of the Mementos problem as the incursion began. &quot;Hmm hmm hmn...&quot;
Deck of many things 2: this again.
It was another day, and Alex was back at work, the grass was growing back and the burns were gone, so he was fine. He set the table, put his new deck on it and waited for patrons.
Deck of many things: Luck of the draw
<spoiler> Disclaimer: there is a chance that any character might die[spoiler] and also decks of many things are true cancer </spoiler> and with that, let it begin![/spoiler] In an empty part of the park someone set up a table with a deck of cards on it.
Just a coffee shop, but with zombies!
At this time, Alex's side hustle, a coffee shop was open. He would be waiting on his side of the counter drinking coffee while waiting for any customers
The grand reopening of Ollie & Ry
It was another day and Alex was opening the coffee shop. There would be skeletons working, though they were disguised as humans. Alex was waiting patiently for a customer as the coffee brewer was on.
The home of someone's agony
....And so you enter, this place is more of a maze than a house and the noises of the dammed echo along the walls
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