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DeAr PhAnToM tHiEvS
<quote user="Kitagawa"><quote user="Alibaba_101"> <center>-Yusuke no-</center></quote> <center>- - - I must obtain food through any means necessary. I had assumed everyone would understand. - - -</center></quote> yeah but you can just go to leblanc and ask me and sojiro or even Akira if you can just eat there. and if you don't have any money then I'm willing to pay for it
DeAr PhAnToM tHiEvS
<quote user="Kitagawa"> <center>- - - Apologies. Truthfully, it is I that keeps eating your food. Also, hi. - - - </center></quote> <center>-Yusuke no-</center>
i really need this help
yeah , dont worry well have this under control!

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