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God Complex: Out of Time
OOC: I take it I just.. Wait? For now. At least it looks like the others will probably be meeting up soon.
God Complex: Out of Time
&quot;You were once human huh? That sounds... Interesting. So I guess you were just... Doing your thing when this 'one' chose ya for... This. Apparently.&quot; <i>Kokoro sort of tries to keep a conversation going, but it was obvious she's out of her element, her voice lacking much of its usual confidence. Instead the girl simply crosses her arms with a sigh as she continues to wait</i> &quot;As long as I can get back to my life as if nothing ever happened its good by me. Guess we'll just have to cross that bridge when we get there, huh?&quot;
God Complex: Out of Time
OOC: At this point its almost tradition for me to post here
Who likes the Persona Q games?
Persona Q had some neat gimmicks but I found the dungeon-crawling puzzle style to be more exhausting than interesting, so I sort of fell off the first and wasn't interested in trying the second.
So... how have things been here?
This was my backup so I’m kinda hop in’ yer wrong there Kaz. Anyways I’m around pretty often if nothing else, just don’t have much related to the game to comment on since it’s mostly similar until the end. Waiting on another thing to resolve before starting my own RP since it might ruin everything
Can you be gay in P5R?
Wonderful, I aim to set forth this petition on the morrow. This error in judgement must be rectified
Can you be gay in P5R?
I understand how you feel, and intend to write a strongly worded letter regarding this basic failure in not providing the most worthwhile of boons. Would you care to sign this petition to ensure our voices are heard?
Can you be gay in P5R?
In that case, I am afraid not. The only romance options the developers decided to add are related to the new characters, particularly Kasumi
Can you be gay in P5R?
I believe you can be gay whenever you want. One must not allow the developers to stop you from achieving your dreams.
I am the paper god.
and what if I bring out a match?

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Ichijouji Ramen Shop
<i>It was a calm day, average at the least. One might even call it peaceful, just as any other. Or at least as peaceful as such a bustling city could ever be. Our young heroine, a girl about sixteen years of age stands in front of a small ramen shop hidden in some discrete corner of the city. There's still traffic aplenty, but not so much to make it difficult to meet up and chat. Which is perfect, for the occasion. Sen waits outside the shop, checking her phone. Sen had promised to bring Niko and Akia here after all, so she thought to follow-through. Though of course, anyone who passed by would see her.</i>
A City Between
OOC: Sort of just putting this up to see what happens. I don't have any grand plans nor am I entirely sure what'll come, or if anything'll come, but I thought it might be interesting to observe, if nothing else. IC: <i>Its strange.. Dark. Your memory is hazy, though it feels like you were doing something important, the thought of it eludes you. Though you cannot see, or hear, you feel a dark, powerful presence around you. Yet in a moment it is gone. Leaving your newfound peace undisturbed. Everything is gentle, yet strange. For the time, it seems as if everything that makes up yourself is gone. One is left as if floating in a void, only vaguely aware of others around you. Other small, winged creatures like an insect, left drifting half-asleep through their consciousness. However, you maintain a few strands of identity. A key memory or two from one's life. A fragment of self-consciousness that one could grab onto. An anchor to allow one to pull oneself out of the void, and back to consciousness. And so, who are you?</i>
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