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I have a request phantom thieves!!!!!!!
Gdi Teddie I thought I told you to leave the toaster at home
I have a request phantom thieves!!!!!!!
Cosnider Canada Stolen. Ur walecome
Which persona protag would win a fight
I would obviously because I stop a serial killer
What is the most powerful Persona?
The greatest Persona is obviously Izanagi, but don’t take my word for it let him tell you how it is
Yusite Descriptions
Another_Yu - also Yu
Konichiwa Phansite! Peni here
Don't worry, Yu.... Sorry, I mean You'll get Yused to it
Yu Squad Assemble
Yu Tryued oYur Byust
Yu Squad Assemble
Yu heard Yu were Calling Yus. All Yu want tYu know is dYu Yu have cYukies?

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GYM Gladiator: The Final Escapade
<i>off in a relatively rundown part of town, away from the main streets and noise within lies a secluded GYM, in noticeably better shape than the area around it. Standing just outside it’s doors is a single, Grey-haired teenager examining the place</i> “Interesting, there are marks around the doorframe, in addition, the door itself seems much more recent than the building around it. Possibly it was forced in at some point, then replaced.” <i>The teen takes out a small notepad and pencil, and begins writing things down, muttering all the while as he almost absentmindedly opens the door and wanders inside himself</i>
Yus Assemble
Roll Call for all Yu accounts, let's see how many Yus there are.
Yu Investigation Squad
*Yu Narukami walks down the busy streets, taking notes with a pen and paper, muttering the whole way* This is my third day away from Inaba. So far there's been little of note. Had an encounter with a few other Yus though. Seems like the Yuniverse is spreading after all. *Yu Narukami bumps into a civilian, nearly dropping his paper* S... Sorry ma'am. I didn't see you there. *Yu keeps walking, taking note of everything that seems out of place*
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