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What would your P5 palace be?
Perhaps an aquarium as strange as that may sound. I've always loved aquariums and it could just be symbolic of how I'm basically drowning in a body of water due to life
A City Between
<i>Her eyes opened in utter shock, heavily breathing as she looks around the room she was within. White walls and quiet halls. She breathed heavily for a bit before realizing where she was. Back in the hospital, but why was she here again? It didn't matter, only that strange dream she encountered.</i> <i>She rubbed her eyes before looking around some more to find blue flowers in vases simply scattered around the place. Looks like she has been here for a while for this many flowers to be here. To her side was a framed picture of the being she saw before in her dream. How could she forget who this person was? It was strange but she couldn't tell who it was.</i> <i>Shaking her head, she swings her legs off the side of the bed and pushes herself out. Everything seemed to be normal till her eyes glanced upon the window. There she clearly saw a mark upon her cheek, one that she knew for certain wasn't there beforehand. She rubbed at it confused, trying to get rid of it but it was here to stay.</i> <i>A low grumble escaped before looking around back at the door to her room. Maybe she could get answers outside of what just happened to her. Surely if the dream was real and she went to purgatory, then how did she get here in the first place?</i>
A City Between
<i>She was still a bit in shock after all that's happened but she didn't want to think anymore of what had happened during her time here. Though what would happen to the half brand she recieved from one of the sisters? No time to think she thought.</i> &quot;I remember that one of the sisters did say it was possible to bring us back home. One of them gave me a mark of some sort to call upon them when I had made up my mind to leave. I could call them now unless you could do the same thing.&quot; <i>Aoi asked, her eyes upon the unknown girl with a curious look upon her face. It was clear that both of them were ready to leave this strange place. After what they've been through, it would be for the best.</i>
A City Between
<i>Aoi backed off the moment the girl had pushed herself away, leaving her in complete shock as she stared up at the confused girl. It wasn't until a being appeared, one that she seemingly managed to summon, did she put up her gun towards it. She had no idea of what to make of this, but her thoughts were interrupted when the girl fell to her knees with the being she summoned leaving her. Aoi hesitated this time to approach the girl, placing a hand on her shoulder.</i> &quot;Take it easy now, whatever injured you seems to be gone. You just need to rest now alright?&quot; <i>She softly whispered to the girl in a soothing way, keeping her eyes on her just in case she tries to harm them. It seems she has power to summon in a person to fight on her behalf, but other than that appeared to be weak and frail.</i> &quot;You're safe now with us, you don't need to keep fighting.&quot; (So sorry about not replying yesterday, I had a date going on;;)
A City Between
<i>With her weapon trailing behind her, she took note of the strange environment and how it changed seamlessly as she wanders down the trail. To her curiosity, she wanders up to one of the doors to try and open it up. No movement. She should've known, why would there be a real reason to have these houses other than the fact for atmosphere? There could be more to it, but she stepped away before continuing down the path.</i> <i>With some time passing by and the scenery changing once more, she stumbles back to the familiar scene of floating islands where Ragna could be seen. Her eyes lit up just at the sight of him just glad he hadn't crossed any trouble again while she was away. Her eyes then glanced to the girl who seemed angelic like with the halo and such floating above her head. Interesting to say the least, but her condition worried her so she hurried up to the two.</i> &quot;Let's just try to do what's best, patch up her injuries and wait till she wakes up.&quot; <i>She kneels down looking upon the little girl and props her up so the girl's body would be leaning up against hers. She checked her pulse before starting to try and clean up her injuries even if it wasn't the right choice perhaps.</i>
A City Between
<i>She chuckles a little at the girl's opinion towards her but she didn't mind as if already knowing this small part of hers was one that she always had. Her voice ceased though from the moment a burning pain shot throughout her entire body. It was intense and rather uncomfortable, but she stood through it all. The feeling felt familiar and disgusted her somehow, but as quick as it came, the feeling had entire left her body. Her hand grazed gently down across the left side of her face where her scar from the past laid upon her skin, things still feeling rather the same to her at least.</i> <i>Her next question seemed to take her back still, but she lefts out another chuckle before flipping her black hair to cover her left eye.</i> &quot;I'll be traveling Purgatory for a while even if that may seem dumb to you. I would like to be accompanied by Ragna after all if I wish to escape this place. <i>Her reply was rather quick with this one, no hesitation in her voice as she smoothly spoke to the girl. Taking her gun off from her back, she holds it close and smiles towards the girl hoping that she'll let her pass to continue straight into that fog up ahead.</i>
A City Between
<i>Executioners? There are more of them like her? The thought of it was strange but this brought up more questions with one being more prominent than the rest. Irrelevant as it is but she couldn't help but wonder how many souls like her have wandered in and met these two.</i> <i>Before she could, one of the sisters had vanished leaving her with Pheles polar opposite not that she minds anyways. Her eyes lit up as the girl offered her to leave this place though without memory of it. She didn't mind of course but what about Ragna? He would surely love it as well if he could get out of here without doing some menial tasks for these two demons.</i> &quot;I'll take the mark, I have a feeling that Ragna would like to hear this news as well if he hasn't wandered too far ahead that is.&quot; <i>Her eyes glanced up ahead to where the man she spoke of had walked off to, wondering where he could be now. Hopefully he hasn't found himself in a new fight of some sort without her, it was tough enough to beat that scorpion. Perhaps though he was stronger than she perceived him to be or at least hoped that could be it as well.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Aoi_Ichika)</div>
A City Between
<i>Their wording on describing who they were now simply baffled and confused her. This was purgatory and yet they are alive? At least, they were alive in some sense or at least that's what she herself wants to believe. Taking in slow breaths of air, she tries her best still to process what they are saying.</i> <i>Her head turns to the man besides her to find his outburst about this whole situation, rejecting the notion of any of this truly making sense and that they were dead. She though looked back towards the strange sisters with compliance though hesitant at best.</i> &quot;This deal...can we have more time to ponder on it? You sure there is no other way for us to return back to the living world without us having to make such contracts?&quot; <i>Her eyes glanced down the path ahead as the man who used to stand next to her side wanders off down the trail of islands. Where the end was is something unknown, blocked off by a heavy mist to curtain. For him to go off by himself seemed rather reckless and Aoi herself felt some sort of comfort being with him because of how he is the only person she has at this moment.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Aoi_Ichika)</div>
A City Between
<i>The word &quot;purgatory&quot; rang through her mind yet it was a concept she could not yet fully grasp. Taking in a slow and deep breath of air, she walks up to the pair with more questions flooding her mind. Surely this had to be something else and not just death itself.</i> &quot;Let's just stay calm now, things are already strange as is. Just tell us the info you have and we'll try to leave.&quot; <i>Strapping the bayonet to her back, she looks around the strange place once more to see the world holding a much darker glow to it than before. It sent shivers down her spine to think that the atmosphere had easily changed in such an instant, could this be from the girls or perhaps from defeating that beast?</i> &quot;We don't want to be here as much as you don't like us invading your 'home'.&quot;
A City Between
<i>The quiet and soft girl seemed to return with each breath of air she took, leaning against her planted bayonet before running a hand through her short, black hair. The fight was finally over but this was only perhaps the first of many. This was a strange world they were trapped in after all and beings such as that should be expected. If they continue down this path, maybe they'll continue defeating all sorts of these monsters.</i> <i>Taking in deep breaths, another voice pulled her from her thoughts and instinctively turned around with her gun pointing at the strange girl. Her heart slowed down once more and placed the gun down.</i> &quot;Yeah and who even are you? If you were here with us why didn't you even help us with that monster?&quot;

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She sits quietly in her living room, staring dully at the screen in front of her as she switches between settings and resume. The lights were off and a blanket wrapped around her body. Every night was like this because all her WOULD NEVER SHOW UP WHEN SHE INVITES THEM.
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Me? Well I suppose I'm new here on this forum and I may not know how to introduce myself properly here I can say that everyone here likes to talk shit about each other
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