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Intermission Two
By god does this all sound ridiculous. Staying in the hot water, I silently listen to what the others are saying. It's making me cringe a little. More and more do they sound like shounen protagonists. I'm fairly sure they'll betray one another at the first hint of danger. Now I don't mean to be so cynical and disappointed with life. After all, I'm still a very happy go lucky and trusting person... But displays like these just don't seem like proper trust and friendship. I just hope I can be proven wrong on this. "If you've all agreed to being "thick as thieves" (man does it sound fun to say), then surely you've also thought about who's going on the next mission, right?" I say this loudly enough that all those present can hear me.
Intermission Two
I've never been to a hot spring. All I know is hot bath water... Guess it's time to be a good little sheep and join the group. I head to the fitting room and undress down to my underwear. I'm not super fond of being in the nude with all these people I don't quite feel like I know. I take a towel and pass it over my shoulder before heading towards the others. "I'm sure no one on the returning team will object to that, "Master Alphinaud". I say his name with a tinge of sarcasm, though not meaning to actually imply any ill will. "As far as I'm concerned, the going was pretty rough over there. I didn't have much time to think it over on the spot, but I feel like the coming days will be mostly filled with mulling over my decisions and mistakes." Although... "Some of us had it pretty rough out there, y'see. So I'm not exactly jumping at the idea of going back anytime soon."
Chapter Two: A White Century
Finally back to something more familiar ! The first thing I do is check for the small pouch hanging from my neck. Hopefully the crystal shards are in there again. "You guys are all saying it feels like a year, but to me it felt like it all happened so quickly... I know I have bad time perception, but everything was so hectic over there ! Was the first world like that too for you guys? And more importantly, is it safe to assume the next ones will be worse?" If so, don't count on me for the next one... This shit has taken a bit of a toll on me... I feel kinda sore, honestly. Both physically and mentally !
Chapter Two: A White Century
Wow.... I can't believe the talking did it. I was ready to defend myself for a final showdown but... Well, I suppose there aren't really any final bosses in life, even if this all feels like it. Here's hoping nothing bad will happen anymore... I'm feeling a bit tired honestly... I silently walk through the door after Mal and Yu.
Chapter Two: A White Century
I don't see how this could go well... I should brace for impact and get ready to skedaddle. I won't voice my concerns though. It would ruin their attempt. For the time being, I stay behind the both of them.
Chapter Two: A White Century
"I'll come with you, boss!" I run off alongside Yu in pursuit of our resurrected friend. "VEN AQUÍ, NIÑO!" Not only do we not have a plan, but now this little runt just runs off like that! And I doubt his "plan" is anything worthwhile... Something along the lines of "He who is unaware, can't know". I assume he's aiming for some sort of surprise attack, but acting on his own is just demanding for more death... "Si no esperas, una malediccion will hit you ! " I really should've paid more attention during spanish classes....
persona on pc
so far it's indeed only rumors. That being said some files have been found on steam concerning p4g. https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/apps/1113000/8d2c0800761a336e5ccff900fcdb0e840c346c91.ico ^said file. other rumors also mentioned p3p but no concrete evidence was found.
Chapter Two: A White Century
"Hey while we're here talking about stuff, could we maybe go over the plan? Or even just make a plan? I feel antsy not having any idea of what's about to happen..."
Chapter Two: A White Century
"You got it boss !" I grip the chain immediately and hold it as tight as I can. I also quickly wrap it a couple of times around both my wrists to make sure it doesn't slip out of my grip. I ain't lettin' go of this one !
Chapter Two: A White Century
"That's easy to say but over half our team is being held by the chains ! I'll try and break kaz free so you can focus on Tats. Mal will have to wait!" That being said, I rush over to kaz and attempt to break him free. Again, if I'm supposed to be strong, then either breaking the chains directly or at least making some wiggle room for kazuya to escape should be doable. Ayano seems to be capable of defending herself for now. We can do this ! Just need to put the odds in our favor again.

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New P5R announcement in 12 days !
* the world is breaking and glitching all over the place. Bartz's limbs spin all around him while some weird voice is singing gibberish with the occasional GET DOWN in between* AZZRAOIRVNPAJONFDVLKAJNSDPVIJANOSKQJDVOAIHQBERPIAJQNSKDJWNPIJFVAKJEFLVKAJQNSDIUVPAIUJF <div class="youtube" yt="SP5c_MEs9mo"><img class="thumb"src="https://img.youtube.com/vi/SP5c_MEs9mo/mqdefault.jpg"><img class="play" src="images/play.png"></div>
Survival camping trip in the mountains
*shouting* I'm going on a trip in the mountains! If you're interested, feel free to join me!
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