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Bartz here!
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Lucid Onslaught: Pre-registration
are we allowed to drop new characters in if our current one dies ?
Lucid Onslaught: Pre-registration
Lucid Onslaught: Battle Of Dreams
"Well, this is new..." Bartz scratches his head as he looks at the other individuals in an attempt at identifying them.
Chapter Two: A White Century
"Hmm, magic huh? Then I guess physical offense is the way to go? Unless his many world stuff gives him insight on what we're going to do and he can just avoid anything we throw at him..."
Chapter Two: A White Century
With the pen and paper Tatsuya gave me, I quickly write about what transpired on our end: our meeting with gamma, capture into Ayano's room and subsequent alliance, etc. I fold the paper neatly and offer it to the bees in hopes that they get the message <spoiler>hah, get it? cuz they're sending a message... Anyway.</spoiler> &quot;I want you guys to deliver this to my friends. Avoid Byakuran though, he's not allowed to see this. Here's what the guys you're looking for look like.&quot; I say as I quickly doodle some stick figures with the traits of my companions. &quot;Now off you go !&quot; &quot;Hey Tatsu, what time is it? How long do we have before the reset?&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
&quot;Alright, let's send a message to the others then, or at least try to, hehe.. Can you basically explain what happened to us? Just in case we don't get to rendez-vous with them before a while. Some animal should make it's way here soon...&quot; <spoiler>https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Animals Let's just hope we don't get a random troupe of boars charging into the party</spoiler>
Chapter Two: A White Century
We're back.. I wonder how our allies are doing ? I should see if we can meet up with them at some point. &quot;Sounds like a plan. By the way, just to make sure but uh... You do remember the previous cycle, yeah? Oh and we should let the others know how we fared ! Does anyone have a pen and paper?&quot; I say this as I don my ranger's gear. The ranger specializes in bows and nature. His signature move, the &quot;critter&quot; ability allows him to call upon the animals of his surroundings to help him. It'd be neat if I could call on a squirrel or some other small, discreet animal that could deliver a message. I put two fingers to my mouth and whistle and hope an animal will actually answer my call. &quot;By the way, what should we do about Gam' ? We can't just leave the poor sod to die out here.&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
&quot;Just leave any trouble to us! We'll handle it lickety split !&quot; I pull her up from the sands, allowing her to stand on it as well. &quot;We'll take care of Byakuran, some way. But we need more info for that. You wouldn't happen to have any, would you ? It's fine if you don't know, or don't want to share. For now, you need to calm down and get the room under your control again, if you can.&quot; What an ordeal though. Who'd ever thought I'd one day become such a knight in shining armor (lol). Saving people, fighting evil, dependable allies... None of that would be possible back home. Is a life like this really that bad? Makes you wonder, huh... Well, thinking is over rated. Focus on the now !
Chapter Two: A White Century
&quot;H-Hey now ! Calm down !&quot; I quickly switch to my Geomancer Job. The warm-looking snow gear that now covers me doesn't seem to actually bring in any more heat than it needs to. I could probably wear this under any weather as that is specifically what this job was made for! In my hand a bell featuring engravings of Gaia, the earth deity, rings softly. Normally, I'd equip the most powerful weapon of the appropriate category for each job, but there are only four bells and the last two both have some annoying inconveniences. Compared to that, the Gaia bell that has 50% chance of casting Quake when rung is probably the easiest one to wield right now. Being a Geomancer, traps that spring from the elements should be no problem anymore. The &quot;light step&quot; skill should allow me to casually stand over the sand as though it were a steady piece of ground. I try to pull myself up and stand on the sand. &quot;Now... Obviously we can't easily give you proof of our goodwill just by talking. Words are cheap as they say and I understand that. Regardless, you have my word... I will do all I can to make sure you don't get into harm's way. being defensive is actually one of the things i'm best at&quot; Well, in the game... I'm not quite sure how that'd work out here. &quot;Don't you want to get out of this place? You'll have more luck doing so with us than with whomever it is that's trying so hard to stay here. There's so much to live for and I sure as heck don't plan on living it all in these cloistered halls! Freedom's what I was made for ! That's what we're all made for ! Surely you can feel that too?&quot; I try and reach out to her... If I can do anything to help someone who can use it, then I need to give it my all. Or at least try. This is what this body was made for.

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New P5R announcement in 12 days !
* the world is breaking and glitching all over the place. Bartz's limbs spin all around him while some weird voice is singing gibberish with the occasional GET DOWN in between* AZZRAOIRVNPAJONFDVLKAJNSDPVIJANOSKQJDVOAIHQBERPIAJQNSKDJWNPIJFVAKJEFLVKAJQNSDIUVPAIUJF <div class="youtube" yt="SP5c_MEs9mo"><img class="thumb"src="https://img.youtube.com/vi/SP5c_MEs9mo/mqdefault.jpg"><img class="play" src="images/play.png"></div>
Survival camping trip in the mountains
*shouting* I'm going on a trip in the mountains! If you're interested, feel free to join me!
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