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I'm just here because I felt like reinventing myself. Don't mind me.

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The Genius: Vice + Victory, Organized Game
More rules will be explained in the discord channel after people have applied to the game. Essentially various games have been prepared for players to think their way through and attempt to outwit each other through Main Matches and Death Matches. The description is somewhat purposely vague due to the nature of the competition.
Covid-19's Palace Theme
So to explain this because I have actually seen the video; it actually did exist. It was initially made by a channel that makes a lot of fan music for persona of different characters palace themes that are actually really good. My favourite is Hifumi's. Now, since posting it the video has been taken down for obvious reasons as the song was basically exploiting the crisis. But given the state of youtube right now I wouldn't hold it too against the original creator as you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn't made a joke about the situation to some degree on their twitters or youtubes.
Always have a persona of the confidant you plan to hangout with for the day. If someone invites you at night go. Make use of the Fortune Confidants ability to improve relationships. Don't waste time reading since you can do it on the monorail until you get speed reading. Start confidants as early as you can. Hold the skip button during Mishima's confidant so all you see is it's benefits and you don't want to stop doing it. It's more fun imo to do it organically but if your goal is all of them read a guide for how to respond to confidants. Get a DVD player early so you don't miss it the first time your asked to use it. Plan out your month in advance.
Your Arcana [REDUX]
The test seems to give certain results significantly more than others. I don't know if it's a good idea to use this test if there's so much bias in answers.
Hardest Boss Fights you've had?
I think the hardest bossfight I ever had to do . . . It's kind of hard to think about for some reason. But I think it's Junko from Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, a touhou game. Either her or clownpiece.
I'm literally in tears
It double sucks because I just found out in the section after <spoiler>You kill Yaldaboath </spoiler> that you can decorate your room with memories of your visits to places by using your shelf. It felt like I just set up my memories for them to all be dashed.
What types of Characters do you like?
I haven't been able to find one thusfar. Perhaps my search terms are the issue? Can you guide me to one?
Can you be gay in P5R?
<quote user="Former_Holy_General">Even if Yusuke was gay, it doesn't mean that Joker would be. Also if Yusuke not being gay is the only reason for you not buying the game then why even play the games at all. Just stay with the fan-fictions.</quote> I mean, I'm fairly certain he was joking given he's on a website like this. Though I do think one or two gay options wouldn't kill anyone.
Kazuya Rants: Wild Cards
I like this perspective. I will say that the Persona 5 char does actually seem to have a bit of a personality. It feels a lot more that you're agreeing with him than anything else. I wish you could select a confidant at the end and get a different final persona based on the confidant you selected.
What the eff is going on with Okumura’s boss fight?
I'd like to add I actually like the changes to this boss fight. He was initially really easy to beat and really boring after all. Positive change to royal, especially with cognitive Haru. Even if it made me want to pull my hair out the first time around.

Recent topics

The Genius: Vice + Victory, Organized Game
Hello there! This is a casting thread for a game known as The Genius. In it, players will compete in first a main match and then a death match to eliminate one person each round until one person is left and gains the title of The Genius. This is a game where you'll get to match wits with other people and have fun experiencing new and exciting games. Fill out this form to apply. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeRsUN-WQJPvuGcRCbAVKEkJczK86r6AUpZkdvU6qyatQHBPA/viewform?usp=pp_url
This goes underappreciated about Ann
Her fake acting works because the rest of the people in the game are assuming she's American and doesn't speak Japanese well. They just chock up her tone to being bad at Japanese.
I honestly just needed to get this out
https://imgflip.com/i/3zoz8s I have no one to send this too and no where else to post this so here you go. The dilemma of being a schitzophrenic with RLS is incredibly frustrating.
I'm literally in tears
I accidentally deleted my 100+ hours of gameplay when trying to make a new save file. Literally in tears. Wouldn't have happened if I wasn't rushing through the tutorial but I muscle memoried to my old save file so hard and now I wish to cut off my thumb for it's offense. At least I have my memories. :[
What types of Characters do you like?
What I mean is, when you think of your favorite social link, or just favorite character from any Persona game; what do you like about them or want to see in these social links?
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