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Hello! I am the one who goes by many names... But you may call me the Blue Quartz Dragon. I know quite a few things about anime, manga, Vocaloid, and a few other things. If you need any new anime or anything of the sort, then call out my name! I'll be at your service.

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Song lyrics game: the thread
(Imma just whisper this, but what song are ya singing?)
So shadowverse anime Referenced P5 characters somehow??
Also, Persona 5 the Animation isn't horrible, but... They really need to give another studio the rights to make an anime of all things for Persona 5, cause there are some massive budget or animation problems with A1. I love them, but they need to put in a little more effort...
So shadowverse anime Referenced P5 characters somehow??
A1 Studio doesn't really like to reference other characters it "owns" or it owns. The "owns" is in quotations cause, you know, anime studios can collaborate with some other company to get advertisement and more money for their product, but that doesn't mean the anime studio rightfully owns the whole franchise-thing. But! Anime companies can throw their own OCs into other peoples work and can make some really dumb cameos, like in Inou Battle Nichijou-kei no naka De, Trigger threw in Mako (from Kill la Kill) in one of the episodes. Why? CAUSE THEY'RE STUDIO TRIGGER. THEY DO WHAT THEY HEKKIN' WANT.
Oxygen thief
What if I want my carbon dioxide stolen?
In this thread I rate users on a scale of Richter
I have no clue who any of these people you are naming off are cause I'm too much of a weeb. Also, rocks are nice to lick.
Quick question...
I mean, it ain't yers.
The For Real Decree
Uh... I play Magic and Pokemon. Plus, it's now a battle between "For real?" and "Looking cool, Joker!"
Morgana is unnecessary and the game would be better without him, change my mind
I mean, sure, he is pretty pointless at some points, ESPECIALLY at you know what point. But he does teach you things about the Metaverse. If you didn't have him, you wouldn't have Mementos, and then the <spoiler>bad god in the Depths would end the world you were in</spoiler>. I personally don't care for him as a character, but he was essential to my team as he had ALL of the healing abilities that were actually good.
Uh... I was just saying, &quot;For real&quot; should be the quote of the whole game... Cause everyone says it.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Yo. Just adding a thing to the thing. Maybe start a ten page flame war. You know, the usual!

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Just a thought about the true final Palace... (MAJOR SPOILERS(I think, just warning either way))
So, I guess this is technically about religion, but if the shadows and the final boss were based off of Christian figures, like the God of Order and literally all of the angels, then wouldn't it technically be demons vs. angels? Is this a callback to SMT?? Either way, I had this thought throughout the entire palace... But the boss uses the Seven Deadly Sins against the Phantom Thieves, so would that make him a bad god posing as a good one? What are y'all's thoughts on this?
Quick question...
HOW DO I POST PICTURES??? I'mma so confused.
The For Real Decree
Ok, I said this in an older post (it's three days old), but I wanna make &quot;For real&quot; the quote of Persona 5 the Royal. What is my reasoning behind this? Well, there's a dialog option in May during the clean-up day that says &quot;For real?&quot; Because of this, I have officially calculated that everyone (all the main characters) say &quot;for real&quot; at least once including Akira. So... What do ya say? Do y'all wanna make a digital decree on this site to make &quot;for real&quot; the quote of the game?
Well, it's been a while since I've been on here. I'm not a huge influence yet, but I'll get there. I have officially gotten P5R and it's amazing! I did make a discovery... In one of the scenes (5/30), there is a dialog option. You know what it says? <b>FOR REAL?</b> CAN I PLEASE MAKE A DOCUMENT TO MAKE &quot;FOR REAL&quot; THE OFFICIAL QUOTE OF THE GAME??? So ye... Also, I'll be getting a Switch soon. Yay. Took three years of waiting, but it will be here eventually. When? I dunno.
Just wanna know something...
So, I wanted to know... What's y'all's favorite anime? Why do you like it? Did you read the manga or light novel it was based on? This is purely out of curiosity.
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