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what if you just don't
Holy crap you can do that?!
This is the best website!
<quote user="bitchflower_hunie">pripare 2 b dispaoint</quote> Don't listen to that stickler
This is the best website!
lol welcome Ryuji_Sakam0t0! I came here about a month ago so I'm pretty new too. I'd say the highlight is the chat :)
Your Persona
Also, I would use twin daggers for melee. probably twin pistols for ranged. My codename would be reaper
Your Persona
I imagine my persona would specialize in bufu and garu skills. It's name would be Hecate (Hecate is not Ann's canon persona lol). It would look sorta like a royal blue mannequin with the joints replaced with glowing magenta thread. the persona would also have glowing orbs on a Hermes style helm on the head. On it's chest it would have a white gem encrusted in it's torso, with golden wing decals emitting from the two sides. it would have inky, long black hair. it would also have 1 wing, connected by the magenta translucent thread like the other body parts. Two white slender eyes would be on the head, with a black line emitting from the bottom of the right eye. The persona would be like Mitsuru's, in that it can work in both support and battle. when in support, it would connect with my mask, in which the part I pull out is a reflective visor. From there, the persona would &quot;weave&quot; the gap's space with a magenta screen when doing support.
Phantom Thief Applications
Oh yeah, and crossbow for ranged
Phantom Thief Applications
Codename: Wraith Weapon of choice: Twin Daggers Special Skills: Master Strategist Character in FRIENDS that you relate to the most: I haven't watch FRIENDS so IDK So there's a trolley that's going to run someone over. You're right by a sequence of levers that has no connection to the trolley but instead remotely operates a jukebox nearby. What song do you play?: Mass Destruction Obama's last name: Er, Obama (?) Reason for wanting to join: I'll probably be the youngest member here because I'm a second year in middle school. I want to prove to society that we all deserve respect. Where would you take me on our first date: Arcade Availability: Usually available
Shadow Yukiko
Thank you so much! I will try it when I play P4 later on today ^___^
Your Arcana [REDUX]
Wow... devil huh?

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Shadow Yukiko
Hi guys I am really stuck on the Shadow Yukiko boss in P4 (The original not golden)! It doesn't seem to have a weakness and it's minion makes the fight twice as hard because it either heals her or knocks half of my party members' life off. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to beat it? I am Level 11 on Normal Mode.
Why does everyone hate sho minazuki?
Opinions everyone!
I feel like starting a fight so what's everyone's opinions on the mainline Persona games, the arena games, dancing games, and q games?
Am I the only one who's noticed this?
All the games have the weird animals as the mascots (Teddie for P4 and Morgana for P5). Does anyone but me find it weird that Aigis was made the P3 mascot when you have Koromaru who literally a back flipping dog with a knife?
Best girl and best boi.
Who do you guys think is best girl and who is best boi?
Need some inspiration.
Please post some Phantom Thief designs for characters from the other Persona games. I love the concept of the masks and the outfits, and I'd like to try to design my own. Can you guys also make the code names for the designs? Thanks! ????
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