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A Persona fan that can't play the games so they get by with watching game playthroughs because they only have a Wii and can't get more consoles.

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Daily Haru
Sadly, I too am horrible at RPGs. (Also great job on updating this frequently with quality Haru)
say fuck here
This thread makes no effin' sense. (#ryujirights)
biggest regrets
One of my biggest regrets is not saving my progress for two hours and suddenly having my game crash, making me lose all of my progress.
Wugugot lyric confusion
Yeah I noticed that too when listening to the song. Based on what I could hear, it looks like... Bukataka Uh, uh, uh Oh~hmm~ Hm, hm, hm, Come on hon, Are you ready? Ready to pick up the pace here? Let's go, let's play, regardin' What you sayin'? Are you ready? Uh-huh You can say what you say But withdraw, hit it, withdraws What we doin' Were gonna break your door, Um, Are you ready? I'm not too sure in the specifics of the words, especially from 2:00-2:13 but this is what I could hear.
Possible boss
@Aphoria I found this a few weeks back in a wiki fandom's page for him: &quot;Unused Shadow negotiation files in the game indicate that <spoiler>Akechi</spoiler> was intended to have a Palace at some point.[8]&quot; I found this in the trivia section although I do wonder why it wasn't implemented into the game.
What is your fondest Phansite memory?
Mine would most likely be joining the phansite. I was really excited to be a part of all the antics everyone was up too.
A Futaba a Day
Actually, that image is from a character creator but the illustrator who made the creater has a twitter account. Their twitter is @HELLomurice.
Daily Haru
Interestingly enough, earlier today I saw this exact same image on google and I thought, <i>This feels like it would belong on the Daily Haru thread.</i> Funny how things work.
Looking for SMT games in order
Wow, thanks to everyone for your feedback on this. I can start playing Shin Megami Tensei with knowledge in mind now.
More curiousity from me.
@Joker Thanks for the info. It's a very helpful insight to the questions that I wondered about previously.

Recent topics

Looking for SMT games in order
So with the trailer for SMT V, I was pretty interested in the SMT games (Other than Persona), but I when I went looking for the games in order of story/release I couldn't make much sense out of it. So does anyone here have some pointers for starting Shin Megami Tensei?
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