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Your Arcana [REDUX]
Moon... huh... Tsukiyomi!
Question: What would the IT think of Maruki?
Okay i'll just give my own opinion first. Personally, I believe that the Investigation Team would like Maruki as a person, but wouldn't like what he was trying to do. So, throughout most of their time, The Team would be trying to sway him over to the side of the truth, but in a straight up fight... The Investigation Team probably wins, but in a REALLY hard fight. Rise could give support just as good ((definitely not better than, but still on practically the same level)) as Futaba's, and Yu's access to Izanagi-No-Okami, who has the power to literally one-shot gods, along with the support of his team who themselves also have some great abilities ((Yusuke's speed buffs, Chie's strength and defense buffs, Yukiko's kinda broken healing, Naoto's damage capabilities alongside the block-all defense, and Kanji's shit ton of damage dealing)), I think that the Investigation Team has a pretty good chance of taking down Maruki and showing him the truth.

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Question: What would the IT think of Maruki?
What do you guys think would happen if the Investigation Team/Seekers Of Truth met Doctor Maruki? Oh and, who would win in a fight if really forced to?
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