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Just a small town girl, only child, owner of 3 cats, and complete loner. I want to make friends, not enemies. You wanna know more? Ok... I’m also heavily self abusive and loathing, to the point where i came here to escape my depressing daily life, but now that seems to have chased me here as well...

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A new humble home
“Ill do my best.” She then nods to her before sipping some more tea. Shes glad to help out, especially since nanaka helped her.
A new humble home
“Thank you. Id love to take your offer.” She then took a sip of her tea before setting on the table. “Ah... nice and calming...”
A new humble home
“And thats the whole rundown. It was also why i was running in the rain. Sorry if i worried ya for a bit...” she meekly giggles as she waits patiently.
A new humble home
“Of course.” She nods before entering and leaves her shoes as instructed. She then explains about how a friend of hers used to build a shrine she remembered fondly from memory to reside in momentarily before it was eventually taken down and she had to search for somewhere to reside to nanaka.
A new humble home
Finally some peace and quiet to see some good sights and explain clearly. And one content flower girl basking in it.<div class='edited'>(edited by Dahlia)</div>
A new humble home
Now the birdies just twisting her words! This is getting annoying to her, to the point she wrote an angry letter saying ‘im not in the mood, leave me alone and ill leave you alone.’ Folded it into a paper airplane and threw it at her before looking in awe at nanakas house. “Whoa...”
A new humble home
“Ugh... as if thing couldnt get worse already, they certainly have now...” she then starts to sulk, trying to avoid the fight. She values her life you know!
A new humble home
She continues walking with nanaka. “Thank you very much.” She then continues to follow her so she can explain.
A new humble home
“Not right now...” things have gone so awry, she doesnt even know whats going on, nor does she want to talk about it.
A new humble home
Although shes normally very open, she wasnt too keen on admitting her homelessness, especially if something crazy is going on...

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A new humble home
Dahlias been looking for somewhere new to call home. Her time at the temple didnt go so well, so she thinks maybe she can find somewhere that will work out.
Replica Ryuji Temple
<i>Seeing as The duo needed somewhere to reside, Medea attempts to use her territory creation skill to make a replica of the temple that belonged to her former master, Souichirou. Surprisingly to the witch, the reconstruction goes off without a hitch. it was a rather large but quaint temple, with several rooms and a kitchen to prepare food for the monks that resided in the original. Normally she didn't want to waste her mana on trivial chores she could do normally, but seeing as both dahlia and her had nowhere to properly call a home, she came to the conclusions of it being a desperate time needing desperate measures.</i> Medea: Well, It's not too much but i hope you will be pleased with this, Dahlia-sama. Dahlia: This is amazing. So, this is where we're gonna be living for now? Medea: Yes. We can even invite your friends to stay here for as many nights as they need if you both want. Dahlia: That will be great. Thanks, Medea.
A flower once wilted, now reborn
<i>It has been several years. Several years of self abuse, existential contemplation, and of the desire to be accepted in a community. Several years that have held one particular spirit back, one desiring to see the few friends they had again, but was held back by the assumption of a flood of death threats upon her rebirth would consume the city streets. No longer held back by them, that soul mustered up the courage to return to its organic body, wherever it may lie. The flower child of sorrow known as Dahlia... opens her eyes again for the first time in her proper body in several years...</i> Dahlia: Everyone... I’m back...
-Reaper-, we need to talk...
Like seriously, WE NEED TO TALK!
Hospital 2: nostalgia boogaloo
*dahlia was waiting in a hospital bed* okay, dahlia... deep breaths...
Reaper's world
*dahlia and arika are spinning throughout the portal as they approach reaper's world*
A faraway tomb
*warps in* here it is... hang in there reaper. Im coming!
The park
*swims over to a nearby bench, waiting for naho to catch up*
Beach time with neo
*dahlia waits paitently for neo so they can go to the beach together*
Boss, we got trouble!
This guy called NotIgor is trying to keep me and my friends out of leblanc! You gotta stop this guy!
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