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I think that the Persona games are good.

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What game/port do you want from Atlus next
Something mainline persona for the switch
<quote user="Pika-Kura">SWING YOUR ARMS FROM SIDE TO SIDE</quote>no
Kenji (P3) was a SIMP
I agree. Bloody simp.
P4G Switch Port?
Cor I wish ANY mainline persona came to the switch. Come on ATLUSJP, just stop the exclusivity already.
Persona 5 for switch
<b><i>RUMOR: During E3, the Nintendo Direct may contain Persona 3 FES, Persona 4 Golden and mayber Persona 5. Whoever made the leak... they better be right cuz I ain’t buying a PS4/PS3 for Persona games.</i></b>
Persona Soundfont
I'm pretty sure Super Mario Galaxy doesn't have one (theres a fan made .SF2 of it though). Oh well.
Anyone know what to do with a talking cat?
<quote user="Ren-kun"><quote user="Shadowgear">Ask for Shane Dawson's advice.</quote> I'd rather be forced to watch idol anime for all eternity ww</quote> I'd rather die a billion times and watch weird videos complaining about people... oh wait I have those.
Persona Soundfont
<b>SoundFont is a brand name that collectively refers to a file format and associated technology that uses sample-based synthesis to play MIDI files.</b>

Recent topics

Fan Games with Persona Battle Systems
<b><i>Do any of these exist? Or am I just too determined to find one?</i></b>
Persona Soundfont
<b><i>I was wondering if there were any Persona Soundfonts. I can't seem to find any. Is anyone else able to find one?</i></b>
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