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GYM Deluxe: Summer Heat Rush
<i>Eito looks over towards Levi, craning his head to the side again, eyeing the maneuvre gear suspiciously.</i> &quot;That thing? Sorry, cap'n, haven't touched it since I threw it there to rust. Doesn't really fit my fighting style, it turns out.&quot; <i>He shrugs, indifferent.</i>
The Black Blood runs
The Shadow Castle is pretty much dead. Presume that any thread without replies for close to a week is dead, just to be safe. Once more, I implore you to take my advice into consideration. If you have any relevant questions, PM me and I'll answer. That is all.
GYM Deluxe: Summer Heat Rush
<i>Eito turns to look at the girl, wasting no time in answering her, giving another look to Nanoha, as if continuing his previous explanation.</i> &quot;So yes, welcome to the GYM. As I said, it's where people train, or where the weirdos sate their bloodlust. &quot; <i>Getting up from his seat, Eito walks around the building, showing off one side-room where a variety of exercise equipment is located.</i> &quot;That's where people actually work out, but it's almost never used, since there's no lack of super-powered folks around the Nexus.&quot; <i>Moving away from that, Eito walks to the other side of the GYM and motions towards a number of pure white arenas, lit up by floodlights in the cornes of the room.</i> &quot;This is where all the action happens, quite literally. However many people that want to fight each other go in here. They get to set the rules of the fight, as long as it's nothing lethal.&quot; <i>With that said, the young worker returns to the counter and sits back.</i> &quot;That's about all there is to see.&quot;
The Black Blood runs
This is the only advice you'll be getting from me, so listen up. I get that it may seem like everybody else is ganging up on you or something like that, but they have a point. You've been given tons of advice by tons of people, and it doesn't seem like you followed it all that great. I'm not optimistic about my own chances, but here's what I wrote up: 1. Don't snap at others or start arguments. Mona's a bit of a prick, but that's no reason to not be respectful anyways. You only feed his bottomless appetite for shitposting and thus fail to help yourself at all. 1.5. If you don't like what others say and don't intend to answer seriously, just don't reply. Same thing with trolls. 2. Don't RP with yourself. If you want to do that, just go write a story. Additionally, you should probably restrict yourself to very few alts, or even better, just a single character that you can actually develop, instead of just using a giant, forgettable cast of characters. 2.5. No matter what you think, no, you cannot manage that many characters. At least not to the standards we set here. It may be different elsewhere, but on the Phansite, you'll only catch more shit. 2.75. It's not the alt <b>accounts</b> that are the issue, it's the alt <b>characters</b>. It's better that they are each in different accounts, true, but that does not alleviate the original issue that they're not great characters in and of themselves until you focus on them and build up their quality. 3. Spend some time looking at people RPing and take notes on how they structure their posts. Neater and better written posts make others take you more seriously. 3.5. Proofread before you post <b>anything</b> and ask yourself &quot;Will this lead to others making fun of me?&quot; If the answer is yes, change the post. 4. Your threads are mediocre at best. Restrict yourself to RP in other's threads, and once again, <b>take notes</b> and learn from that, before even thinking about starting your own threads again. 5. <b><span class="underline">Pay attention when others give you advice instead of immediately jumping to defend yourself. If it was only one person constantly going after you, this situation would be different, but given the fact that the majority of the site is telling you to do stuff differently, it's obvious that <i>something</i> they're saying is accurate.</span></b>
GYM Deluxe: Summer Heat Rush
<i>Eito tilts his head to the side, one eye lazily closed as he observes the woman who just entered.</i> &quot;Haven't been to this place before, huh?&quot; <i>At that, Eito leans forward, opening both eyes and raising a hand to point the pony-tailed woman's sight around the building.</i> &quot;This is the GYM. It's where all the merry psychopaths of our lovely world come to duke it out and train their abilities in a safe and <i>supposedly</i> non-lethal space. The amount of magic that people sling around here is absurd, to say the least. So that's probably the reason you can sense it.&quot;
Two dark princes (Varin ver)
(Top tier storytelling, 10/10, play of the century, my guy)
Two dark princes (Varin ver)
(So if that's the whole deal, then where do we start? Outside the castle, in a cell or outside the window or something?)
The shadow castle
<i>Eito stares at Kokichi idly for a moment, before cracking a grin at his demands. The taller man sheathes a blade and leans down to pat his head, before promptly walking away from him, ignoring the shrieking of the queen.</i> &quot;I think you know I can't go back, now, Kokichi. Maybe it's happen sometime in the far-away future, who knows?&quot; <i>Eito shrugs, his smirk growing further as he pats Alphinaud's shoulder.</i> &quot;Right, if you're not gonna murder us, then I hope you don't mind holding the fort while I go grab the shiny loot.&quot; <i>Thus, without even giving Aplhinaud the time to answer, Eito begins sprinting towards the strange, gleaming sword.</i>
The shadow castle
&quot;What, you think Kokichi counts as a combatant? He's more annoying than anything else, but hey, he nearly killed me once, so I can't say anything.&quot; <i>Eito sarcastically waves towards MUSE as she leaves, though he keeps a wary eye on Alphinaud as he approaches and begins healing Devon.</i> &quot;What, are you gonna fight on our side, all of a sudden? Ain't that breakin' your principles or something?&quot; <i>Eito speaks while observing the two enemies, ready for an attack. While doing so, however, he spies both the glowing sword and MUSE. The latter sours his expression, while the former brings about curiosity, as he looks down at Devon.</i> &quot;Oi, the hell is that?&quot;

Recent topics

GYM Deluxe: Summer Heat Rush
<i>The long standing, newly renovated building inexplicably lights up. The 'OPEN' sign glows brightly and flamboyantly, obvious to any who might pass by as the humble training hub comes to life once more. Eito cracks his knuckles as he walks around the GYM near aimlessly, simply taking in the atmosphere in perfect silence. Soon enough, however, the red-clothed young man finds himself seated behind the counter for the first time in quite a few months.</i> &quot;Alright, let's see if I've still got what it takes to keep this place running.&quot;
Be Gentle To The New Door, It Is It's First Time At The GYM.
<i>So it's another wonderful day at the GYM as Eito goes about cleaning the place with a broom, the sign on the door already changed to 'Open'.</i> &quot;Let's see which psycho busts down the door first!&quot; <i>The employee can only sigh as he continues his work, thoughts swimming from all the voices in his head, to the weird entity he's lending a room to and maybe owns, to how many Shadows he's hunted so far.</i>
Good Ol' GYM
<i>The sign on the GYM's door was changed from 'Closed But Not Like It Matters' to 'Open So Please Don't Break The Door' as Eito started another day of work, sitting behind the counter of drink bar and cleaning an already clean glass out of habit.</i> &quot;Another day of seeing people beat each other up and getting paid for it. Truly, this is the best job ever.&quot; <i>With his little speech to himself over, he sits back and waits.</i>
Dear Phansite
Y'all are gay butts lol Much Love, Eito The Gayest Butt
Beat Each Other Up In The GYM! Guaranteed Bruises!
<i>Stretching out, a raven-haired teenager wearing a red jacket walks up to the GYM, unlocking it's door, entering and changing the sign from 'Closed' to 'Open'. </i> &quot;Been too long since I actually did some goddamn work in this place.&quot; <i>He walks behind the bar and crouches, grabbing a small flower vase with one white rose and one black rose in it and placing it on the counter, slightly adjusting it's position before smiling and nodding. He also grabs a wooden cane with a diamond topping and starts examining it as he sits down.</i> &quot;This ought to be good...&quot;
Rep's True Form
Yusuke Is Very Creative
Logan-senpai is so impressed he's ascended to a new dimension. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/348954811036598274/407227952967712769/eyes.png?width=400&amp;height=220
An Interesting Day At The GYM
<i>Eito unlocks the now reinforced door of the GYM and changes the sign from 'Closed' to 'Open' as usual. He then walks behind the shake bar and relaxes.</i> &quot;Another wonderful day to see people beat each other up.&quot;
A Small Deviation In GYM Activity
<spoiler>Continuation of Eito and Wakui's trip to the GYM from the shopping thread.</spoiler> <i>As the GYM's door opens and the two enter, a wave of heat hit them immediately. Eito rushes Wakui in and closes the door, locking it.</i> &quot;Jesus fucking Christ, how can it be that cold?&quot;
A Late And Somewhat Boring Day At The Gym
<i>Eito walked towards the door, changing the sign to say 'Open' before going to a back room. Despite his focus, due to exhaustion, he near instantly falls asleep once his butt hits a chair.</i> <spoiler>And that, ladies and gents, is what happens when I forget to make a thread and do it really late at night. I won't be participating much here, that is, if the thread lasts long enough for me to get a chance to.</spoiler>
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