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GYM Deluxe: Late Night Brawling
<i>Whittling an elegant tune, a masked man in an elegant white attire steps through the doors of the GYM, a rather large hand cannon straped to his right leg and a long cane on the left, his head shrouded by a dark hood, a mask with a chiseled smile as a bright blue eye is the only part of his face that is visible. The one last thing standing out about this odd man is a large block sitting on his left shoulder obstructing his view. As he breaks into the GYM light he takes a deep breath, taking in the drab atmosphere</i> My my, what a place, hardly worth performing here, nevertheless, it shall be my next canvas! <i>Looking around the room, the mask then studies all of the potential dances that could unfold, taking a particular interest in the one with a spear</i> You there! You stoke the passion within me! How about a duet!

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