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Rejoice! Behold your future!
<i>Walks up to the stall and hands the fortune teller 250 yen which is a currency they have for no apparent reason</i> &quot;Does Big Sis ever accept Des' love?&quot;
Dungeon Of Darkness: Heroes Welcome (To die)!
(Sorry, I get focused on certain parts sometimes which includes everyone else but you)
Dungeon Of Darkness: Heroes Welcome (To die)!
<i>The bullets spayed everywhere, instantly taking out any monster that didn't duck for cover. One after another, the rest quickly fell from fatal shots. The short skeleton dodged a bullet coming his way</i> &quot;What, you thought I was just gonna stand the-&quot; <i>He was interrupted by a second bullet barreling towards him, hitting him straight in the chest. Red liquid starts squirting out from where he was shot as he falls to the ground, a distraught look on his face.</i>
Dungeon Of Darkness: Heroes Welcome (To die)!
<i>The room the Hero entered had an assortment of round tables covered with velvet cloth. Patrons of completely different species sat together, such as those with heads resembling mushrooms or short red peoples with white faces. Most tables had big meals in the center as well. On a big stage to the Hero's right stood a short, white skeleton in a blue jacket who appeared to be doing some sort of routine.</i>
Dungeon Of Darkness: Heroes Welcome (To die)!
<i>The dummies, riddled with bullets, fall to the ground and dissipate like shadows</i>
Dungeon Of Darkness: Heroes Welcome (To die)!
<i>The shop contained various items on shelves as magatama, mushrooms, potions, arrows, bombs, furnishings, candy, cigarettes, hats, yo-yos, baseball bats, gum and bags of potato chips Son Goki finds himself in a clear, white room with four wooden dummies scattered about.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Factory_Desco)</div>
Dungeon Of Darkness: Heroes Welcome (To die)!
<i>The bullet, not being a puller, pierced through the barrier and into the head of Jack Frost. It enters his brain, causing an immediate death. He shows no shock, sadness or fear. He had wanted this.</i>
Dungeon Of Darkness: Heroes Welcome (To die)!
<i>A Jack Frost stood behind a wooden counter, putting down a single automatic pistol down in front of him</i> &quot;Buy it or i'll commit suicide.&quot;
Dungeon Of Darkness: Heroes Welcome (To die)!
<i>The hero's loot consisted of a strong wooden bow and several gold pieces, which were automatically absorbed into his inventory He had entered a long hallway, with various rooms scattered along the left and right sides, white marble constituting the walls. The doors of the rooms had signs to the side of them displaying brief descriptions and ancient symbols. The rooms, from closet to farthest were the bathrooms on Hero's left labeled with blue and orange slimes, a break room ahead of that, a room labeled &quot;Shop&quot; across from it, &quot;Inn&quot; on the right, &quot;Practice Room&quot; right next to that, &quot;Kitchen&quot; across from those and an unlabeled door at the very end of the hallway</i>
Dungeon Of Darkness: Heroes Welcome (To die)!
&quot;Our specials today include the Creme Carasli -AHHHHH&quot; <i>The maid was cut off by their ruthless murder, the room and rest of the tower being free to explore</i>

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DUNGEON: Height Of Evil
<i>Somewhere around GYM, a new building designed for testing one's skills in combat opened up. A stone tower that seemingly reached towards the heavens with it's only direction being a bright, large neon sign above the two wooden doors at the front with the establishment's name spelled out in bubble letters. The doors would be unlocked, leaving any passerby free to enter. </i> <spoiler>Basically this is a sandbox dungeon crawler with a focus on fighting generic monsters and enemies for practise or just casual fun. I'll consider how to flesh out the idea as it gains attention.</spoiler>
Descember Dungeon Runs
<i>While traveling through the north pole, one would notice a horrendous sight. A series of dark vortexs would begin swallowing up Santa's workshop. They progressively became more powerful, eventually enveloping the entire area and causing you to get sucked in against your will. You would end up falling into a dimension shrouded by darkness, with no natural light shining. After a moment of falling, you would find yourself landing on what would feel like a soft pillow or a hard rock, if you're unlucky. Purple flames would appear out of nowhere and illuminate the path to a bridge made of ice, forming the entrance into an entire fortress made solely out of snow and ice.</i>
Streets Of Shibuya: Critical Casual
<i>Desco roams the Shibuya streets, mumbling</i> &quot;Damn those new-age heroes with their summons, formchanges and pecking attraction rides. Why can't things be like in the good old days when heroes used the same command every single turn. Ugh!&quot;
Dungeon Of Darkness: Heroes Welcome (To die)!
<i>In the convergence between worlds, many have dared to venture through its various crevices, uncovering secrets in the form of locations, mysteries and deities alike. Those brave few would soon happen upon a tower laying on a giant island suspended in the air, bridges extending over the vast ocean and connecting it to the mainland. Journeying over the bridges would bring one to the front of the tower, drawbridges lowered as to welcome one into it. A single Jack Frost stands guarding the entrance.</i>
A Dungeon Dream: A Challenge To The Shadow Thieves
<i>The faux Desco leaves a letter in the Shadow Thieves mailbox. It reads: &quot;Dear Nighty Nuisances, enclosed in this letter are the coordinates to a dream I have created. I want you to fight me so I may learn the skills required to be a final boss. If you refuse, I will rain destruction upon the world of dreams!&quot;</i> <i>The location in question would be a medival style fortress, with the entranced protected by a mote. Some rocks have formed upon the castle wall, providing a footing to reach higher ground. Crocodiles snap viciously within the waters, making swimming across a poor choice.</i>
After 3 weeks of laziness, Desco's dungeon returns!
(This is a continuation of last time. Anyone is free to join as either a monster or a hero. Read this first thread to get an idea of how this works: <a href='https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=10424' class='link' target='_blank'>https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=10424</a> ) *A black castle lies in the distance. A sign is laid in front the castle, albeit from this distance it's incomprehensible. The castle is guarded by a moat, however, the bridge is down for some reason.*
Desco's Dungeon of Daaaarkness!
*In the horizon, you see a black castle. Next to the entrance lies a sign. It reads &quot;Welcome to Desco's dungeon! This is a work in progress so I recommend high level players come in and help me test it out! Also hiring, please apply inside!&quot;*
H-hi everyone! I'm the new final boss to this, um, Nexus.
*A strange girl with an green cateye in her forehead stands on a street in Shibuya, being carried by a strange machine with a tentacle to lift her.* I h-hope to devour all the strongest heroes in this place so I may impress big sis!
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