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Constantium and Vicis, twins of sorts, for as little as that term might mean. Stability and change, two virtues that keep the universe turning.

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Spirit of Unity
<i>Since everyone seems to have finished, the group parts ways, each headed back to their usual routine, Asena a little heavier for their efforts. For Asena takes the spherical device, perhaps thinking it was a pet at first. No matter, as it doesn’t seem to respond to them no matter how hard they tried, leaving it’s fate to their discretion. As for Chie, they brought what parts of the Thunderstrikes’ equipment they could back to base, hoping to find some ways to use it for their future endeavors. However, the day after bringing the technology back, it seemingly vanished. At least that’s how it seemed at first. Most of the officers and researchers in charge of the equipment would even acknowledge it missing, as if they had never seen the robot in the first place. All save one, a friend on the force who shared many of Chie’s views. They would admit to seeing a small group from Anemone paying an unexpected visit that night, including an oddly young-looking man with blonde hair who spoke with excessive confidence. By the time they left, all of the equipment Chie confiscated was gone with them. The following day this coworker “resigned.” But it wouldn’t take a genius to guess what really happened. Elsewhere, a middle-aged man lets out a hefty sigh as he looks over the cityscape, peering in the direction of the stadium that had yet to be rebuilt.</i> White Lightning: “man, just how many people do we have to get in one spot to manage the simplest of tasks?” <i>The man asks as his blonde-haired protege opens the door. Leonus frowns, before responding with a question of his own</i> Leonus: “and where were you?” White Lightning: “I had another mission.” Leonus: “then drop it! Spirits are a storm-level priority! There’s nothing...” <i>as Leonus begins to shout, his superior simply lifts a finger to silence the young man, not having the energy to do much further.</i> Lightning: “nothing you know about. We still have some time before the next calamity strikes. And a lot of things our employer needs before then.” Leonus: “Like what? I was told we needed to contain and control these supernaturals to analyze them at all.” Lightning: “it’s not enough to have data, you also need someone who can understand and manipulate it. Otherwise you’ll never get anywhere.” Leonus: “so that’s it? You’re being sent on manhunts without the rest of us knowing anything?” <i>Lightning looks back out over the city. Saying nothing. A few heavy seconds pass, before Leonus let’s out a sigh.</i> Leonus: “Fine, keep your secrets. Just know that one day I’ll bring you to justice.” <i>Leonus waits a few seconds, but Lightning was done talking. Frustrated, the young man storms out of the room, leaving Lightning to whisper to himself</i> Lightning: “Look forward for it.”
Spirit of Unity
<i>The girl's eyes seem to brighten up a little as she begins to smile.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Its a date then. I look forward to seeing you again!&quot; <i>as soon as time has normalized and Kayo drops the barrier completely, the Regal Girl would simply vanish, as if tossed elsewhere by the barrier's collapse. Home, of course. For her anyways. But that would leave Kayo alone, back where he left from in the center of the stadium among Chie, Sunna, and Asena, who had just wandered into the area. It would be up to these four to determine how they would move forward. Once the group have talked things out, credits will roll.</i>
Spirit of Unity
Regal Girl: &quot;I.. Its not like I'm trying to sleep! All these things just happen to me.....&quot; <i>The girl crosses her arms with a huff. Its not really an ideal situation but there really didn't seem to be much she could do. They're not very smart, but after a few seconds of thought she has her replies.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Umu.. I guess that makes sense. At least I would feel better knowing what it is. And um... I don't really control when I come and go, but.. Umu..&quot; <i>The girl pauses momentarily, holding one hand close to her chest before breathing out a sigh</i> Regal Girl: &quot;I'll find you as soon as I get back. I.. If that's ok?&quot; <i>unfortunately for Asena the direction they had come from, the East, was largely demolished in all the fighting at center field, that leaves them with either the center, where they can meet up with Chie and Sunna, or outside where some of Chie's nice officers might give them directions.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by FemNexus)</div>
Spirit of Unity
&quot;Umu... I'm sorry.. Its not that I don't want to answer.&quot; <i>The girl quickly apologizes again, looking down towards the ground while slowly shaking her head</i> &quot;Its like... Every time I go back there its like I fall asleep. And whenever I come here someone attacks me. It's almost....&quot; <i>The Regal-looking girl pauses again, staring up at the moonlight as she thinks, not of what to say but how to say it.</i> &quot;Its like something keeps dragging me over here. I... Can't tell what it is, but I know its my enemy.&quot;
Spirit of Unity
<i>The orb doesn't react to Asena's presence, clearly uninterested in doing anything more at the moment. This effectively leaves them free to explore wherever they want, though most of the stadium's been destroyed by now leaving only the center field with the others, and the southern section Asena's currently in. The Regal-looking girl takes a deep breath, letting her guard down for the moment, though she gives Kayo a curious look. After a few seconds she awkwardly shakes her head.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Umu... I can't remember. As far as I know no one's ever given me a name...&quot; <i>The Regal Girl looks around at the now empty city. She didn't really want to go back to the Wizards, but she didn't really know anything about the place either.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Its probably better to wait until they leave. If we go out I'll just get attacked again. There's nowhere for me to go.&quot;
Spirit of Unity
<i>Well, there had been stadium lights for Asami this late at night. At least until 3/4ths of the stadium was destroyed. Now there's little left but ambient lights from the surrounding city that blot out the stars, and the half-moon risen high into the sky. Llewyn looks towards the middle of the stadium, now seeing that the Spirit had vanished and Lyra was taking the chance to grab their comrade. The man mutters a curse before stepping around Asami and towards the northern quarter of the stadium, closer to where Leonus and Chie were fighting</i> Llewyn: &quot;Looks like the target's lost. Orders?&quot; <i>Leonus takes a step back, striking through the oncoming bullets as before. He shakes his head, deciding to ignore Llewyn for now to focus on his fight. Not really caring about the mission anymore.</i> Leonus: &quot;I can keep going for as long as needed. For on my honor this blade w...&quot; <i>The young man is cut off by a voice coming from the communications within his helmet. The voice sounds tired and irritated, like that of someone who'd been stuck babysitting for the last three days. Yet they don't seem any older than Leonus himself</i> ???: &quot;You're starting to repeat yourself. Just withdraw for now. You've neither the time nor the equipment to chase the spirit at this point. So its better to cut our losses.&quot; <i>Leonus lets out an irritated sigh, but he can't actually deny any of his superior's points. So for now the young man moves southward to meet up with Llewyn and Lyra, the latter of whom is now carrying the sleek-looking sniper's body. Once the three meet up, Leonus gives a brief, mocking salute before remarking</i> Leonus: &quot;Consider yourselves lucky for now. But Anemone is not a forgetful flower.&quot; <i>With that cryptic, meaningless phrase, the barrier surrounding the stadium simply turns itself off, giving the four mercenaries the opportunity to simply disappear, a blue light glowing around them before they warp away from the stadium. In Kayo's barrier, the Regal-Looking girl takes a deep breath before looking at the empty stadium in awe. It was a lot prettier now that she could look at it without having to imagine a dozen assassins lurking around every corner. It takes her a moment to even hear Kayo's explanation. Seeing his exhausted state, the girl makes sure to stand close to him. Nothing else should be in here, but that was no reason to let her guard down.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;I'll make sure you're safe. But... Umu... If time doesn't pass in here, won't those Wizards still be there when we get back? &quot; <i>For now Kayo and the girl had a moment of peace, probably the best chance he was going to get to ask the Regal-looking girl any questions about the incident. At first Asena's weak pulse of light seems to react with the ball's small barrier, dispersing throughout it before getting absorbed into the main generator itself. However, almost like a code, the ball stops glowing and humming a few seconds later. Turning itself off after receiving some invisible signal. And giving the girl the chance to do whatever they want to with it.</i>
Spirit of Unity
<spoiler>just bumping right quick. Can't continue until Kayo has internet as they essentially have center stage at this point</spoiler>
Spirit of Unity
<i>Leonus brings up his sword to slice cleanly through Chie's gun. A small surprise, and a small price to pay to open Leonus's guard for a split second. As Chie's chains approach, Leonus only has enough time to flick his wrist, tossing his weapon over to his left hand just as the ice converges around his right arm, Tightening around his arm in an instant. But an instant is all it lasts, as Leonus's strikes are every bit as swift and strong with his left as with his right. With his blade still alight, it is a simple matter for him to strike through the chains, taking even the slightest hint of Chie's magic as permission to surge through their opponent</i> Leonus: &quot;Clever, I'll admit. Unfortunately for you I'm not right-handed.&quot; <i>With his right arm injured, Leonus is forced to shift his stance, now leading with his left rather than his right. Just like in the two's brawl earlier.</i> Leonus: &quot;I suppose we're simply from two different worlds. The warrior's words are the only manner of speaking left to us.&quot; <i>Asami faces Llewyn like a man, an unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome turn of events. While the girl is superhuman, her lightweight frame and youth make her unable to stop the man entirely. Llewyn charges into Asami's staff, pushing the girl backwards a few feet, before making a swift jab at the girl's stomach with his left, putting an end to their brief clash. The massive man stands up, towering well over Asami as he crosses his arms to emphasize his massive frame, giving the girl plenty of time to recover.</i> Llewyn: &quot;Man that was bold. Stupid, but bold. Maybe when you're older you should consider mercenary work. Having any powers at all puts you ahead of the pack, and you can find real loyalty there.&quot; <i>The Regal Girl watches Kayo for a few seconds... Before affirming with a nod.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Alright... I'll trust you. I just hope this works..&quot; <i>The girl closes her eyes as the Spirit Barrier forms around them. It only takes a moment for the sounds of battle to fade away, leaving them in a sort of calm, mirror of the ruined stadium, indistinguishable save for the white crack that filled the sky. With only the two of them. They would have some time before the battle outside was over. At least. On the outside, Lyra stares where the Regal Girl and Kayo had been.</i> Lyra: &quot;T.. They shouldn'ta. I thought this thing kept them from disappearing?&quot; <i>Still, the rest of the fight was going on. She couldn't perceive Kayo's barrier, so there was no way of knowing where they were. If they really did vanish... Then it would be wise to prepare for a retreat. So the girl breaks off from the center and runs south to pick up what remained of Moonbeam. The orb doesn't respond to Asena in any way, though their inhibited thoughts might imagine something. It simply remains sitting on the floor, humming incessantly. Occasionally the light inside of it pulses, but otherwise the device makes no change.</i>
Spirit of Unity
<i>Llewyn charges on a little past Asami, the girl making a quick attempt to knock him off balance. While the man begins to fall, he catches himself easily, using his arms to pivot around and face Asami again</i> Llewyn: &quot;Look, I'm a guy whose most notable traits are being big and strong. I didn't really have many other options. I was looking at a life time of either construction work, or maybe wrestling.&quot; <i>Llewyn lets out a sigh, that of a man who'd explained himself far too often.</i> Llewyn: &quot;And all that fake brawling feels kinda empty when some kid can just blast fire from their wrists. Honestly, I owe Lightning a lot. He's the one who gave me direction.&quot; <i>With that, Llewyn bursts forth, aiming to overwhelm Asami with a simple size advantage. This time stopping a short distance in front of her to aim a punch downward at the girl's slight frame</i> Llewyn:&quot;Somewhere I can really make an impact. Metaphorically of course.&quot; <i>For the time being, it seemed Leonus and Chie were at a stalemate, with neither opponent capable of making a meaningful strike. For better or for worse. Leonus scoffs, focusing on the defensive while he simply waits for Chie to need to reload</i> Leonus: &quot;I am saving people. Far more than the police, who range from incompetent to malicious. How could anyone rely on you, who'd make a vow only to break it moments later, to protect them?&quot; <i>Leonus takes a deep breath as a stray shot catches him on the chest before continuing</i> Leonus: &quot;Our employer is far more trustworthy. Just look at what they've made.&quot; <i>Leonus briefly glances to the stadium, that was now lying almost entirely in ruins with the other officers safe a short distance outside it</i> Leonus: &quot;If we hadn't set up a barrier ahead of time there would already be dozens of casualties.&quot; <i>Lyra and the Regal Girl continue their own stalemate for a moment, only for the Regal Girl's weapon to seemingly vanish. Of course, the Girl can still feel Sandalphon in her hands, but Lyra is caught by surprise. It only takes a moment's hesitation for the Regal Girl to slip between two tendrils of Lyra's weapon and get close enough to strike. Though she can't see Sandalphon's range anymore, the Regal Girl's approach alone is enough to force Lyra to backpedal, resulting in Sandalphon's blade narrowly missing the girl's armor. Instead the sheer force of the Regal Girl's strike is enough to upset the nervous mercenary's balance, forcing them to fall onto their back and scramble to get a few more feet of distance. Meanwhile, the Regal Girl steps away to meet Kayo, keeping an eye out around the pair as if expecting danger to appear at any moment. The girl is silent for a second, deep in thought. Before simply saying.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Thank you... For not leaving me.&quot; <i>Finally, we come back to Asena, after ransacking the rest of the ticket booth, which had long since been clean, their shadow makes to slowly open the one occupied cabinet. There's a small, static spark that leaps into the shadow as the door is opened, revealing a sleek, black ball with a flat base that acts as the source of the humming. The ball has a few small slits that act as vents and allow a briefl glimpse at the colorful energy filling the device. However, a simple attempt to touch it would find the shadow repelled by a weak static barrier. One generated passively that acts as a much weaker version of the dome currently entrapping the group</i>
Spirit of Unity
<i>Asena heads over to the empty ticket booth, and begins talking. She receives no words in response, but instead begins to hear a faint humming sound coming from the back of the booth. Her shadow looks inside and, in their search for the source, the shadow finds a small cabinet hiding in the shadow of the walls. A cabinet from which the humming can clearly be heard. Two shots ring out, striking into the invisible barrier that had leapt upwards earlier. The bullets are paused in place for a moment as their kinetic energy is siphoned, put towards strengthening the device, and their special bullets ultimately clamor uselessly to the ground. Chie's support finds similar difficulties, with any effort to push through or blast the barrier resulting in nothing more than strengthening their prison. After all, it wouldn't do for the spirit to escape that easily.</i> Leonus: &quot;I thought Persona-users were supposed to have some self-awareness.&quot; <i>Leonus doesn't have to worry about reinforcements of course, which gives the man opportunity to slice through most of Chie's bullets as they're fired, receiving only two strikes to the chest. These blows cause him pause, but they fail to pierce the man's armor, just as her words fail to reach his ears.</i> Leonus: &quot;Instead you conveniently twist whatever you want to justify your own selfishness. Hiding your desire under a thin veneer of chivalry. You call the child a soldier when you need to excuse their presence, and a civilian as soon as it gives you reason to attack.&quot; <i>The man's blade comes up in a flash to intercept the persona's strike. While ordinarily one would be expected to clash, unfortunately a Persona is still a manifestation of spirit. Magic, if you will, and thus vulnerable. Leonus's strike pierces the persona's leg, sending a surge of his blade's firey passion through the apparition and into Chie herself.</i> Leonus: &quot;I could never lose to such a despicable person.&quot; <i>As before, with the sniper's bullets blocked, there was little to stop Llewyn's charge, at least at first. Sunna comes in front of Kayo, which prompts the large man to laugh Llewyn: &quot;Heh, out of the way kid. There's nothing you could...&quot; [i]Llewyn doesn't get any further before Asami slams him with a barrier of energy. The man digs into the ground, getting pushed back several feet before he is finally able to crack it, reaching his right arm through the barrier to shatter it with a frustrated grunt.</i> Llewyn: &quot;Alright, fine. You volunteered for this.&quot; <i>The man cracks his knuckles before making another charge, bending lower to the ground before rushing towards Asami, seeking to crash into the kid like a football player. Finally, in the western quadrant we have the Regal Girl and Lyra's showdown. Lyra, the thin mercenary with a country accent, takes a deep breath before running to approach the Regal Girl. Of course, the Girl wouldn't stand there. Just as with all challengers beforehand, she begins by slashing the air, once, twice, sending waves of force in a cross-shaped pattern at her challenger. The country girl slides beneath the first wave, which continues onwards until it demolishes the Western part of the stands, continuing until it strikes the barrier surrounding the stadium. A barrier which limits the ongoing destruction to this stadium. As for the second, the Lyra's whip lashes forward to intercept, tightening around the Spirit's energy and consuming it.... Before sending a tendril along the same path the Regal Girl's magic had taken, bypassing the girl's armor to strike into her very core.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Ghh.. What kind of trickery is this?&quot; <i>Lyra, on the other hand, is just shocked to find it actually worked. Her resolve bolstered by this initial success, she makes another lash at the Regal Girl, who now knows to dance around Lyra's whip. Its difficult to approach, but she can at least minimize damage for now.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by FemNexus)</div>

Recent topics

Spirit of Unity
<i>Late Saturday night, once many of our fine city's citizens had either gone home for rest or out to a wild night on the town, our city grows a little bit wilder. It started as a faint pulse, like a tiny flicker in space that echoed throughout the city. But soon it condensed and grew, crashing down in the middle of one of the city's baseball stadiums. Fortunately the stadium was closed down, but still cameras caught a brief glimpse as the middle of the field seemed to fold in on itself, before collapsing in a wave of force. The wave craterized the baseball field, wiping out much of the first few rows of seats in the process. The building had already been closed for the night, so very few were around to witness it. The building has entrances at the north, south, east, and west. Though no first responders had arrived yet, any observers seeking to identify the phenomenon would find the stadium's gates unlocked. Perhaps through mere negligence, perhaps something more sinister. Regardless, choose your entrance, and let our adventure begin.</i>
Spirit of Solitude
<i>It was a warm day nearing the end of summer. School had started a little while ago, so with no holidays nearby the world had returned to business as usual. However unusual that business may be. Unfortunately for the thousands of commuters, they would be forced to detour around a certain street, as the street had been flash frozen as the result of a freak blizzard that occurred during the morning rush, when the streets were at their busiest. Naturally, emergency workers arrived within minutes to assist those caught in the middle of the disaster, with police arriving shortly afterwards. Since these incidents fell well outside the boundaries of reason they were used to, the officers did little more than redirect traffic and ensure no one got too close to the site for the first few hours. Approaching noon, the police were replaced by a group of mercenaries lead by a tall woman with fiery red hair. It was this squad that was informed and hired to actually resolve this issue. This, dear actors, is where you come in. Having been brought in by curiosity like the small crowd lining the incident zone, or perhaps disappointed by the nearby mall having been forced to close due to supernatural disaster. Whatever the reason, this is the scene you would arrive to, an armed mercenary group surrounding the scene of an obviously supernatural incident, shooing away the small group of onlookers from trying to get a better shot of the scene.</i>
<i>Its an Ikea. I honestly don't know why you decided to come to the furniture/home improvement store. Or how much you're expecting me to tell you. Its an Ikea, they sell furniture and furniture sets. Lots and lots of furniture sets. After all, it is a very large store. Has to be, in order to fit all that furniture. Anyways, back to the story at hand. There is an Ikea.</i>
An Unpleasant Incident
<i>It was a quiet and calm day, as any other, too calm if anything, the sky was faintly overcast, it left a vague sense of unease as the day went on. These fears would be confirmed when you stumble upon police tape around the first floor of one of the local office buildings. A small crowd had gathered for a time but soon dissapates, leaving only a few people who had worked there and the small group of officers. And of course, peering through the windows, is the scene of a crime. Its a young man, likely in his mid twenties, with faint, red stringcoming out of his sleeves, these strings branch off and connect to four pillars strewn about the main lobby while the police begin their investigation</i>
A Day of Silence
<i>it was a day just like any other, the sun rising high into the sky, time for everyone to go to work and attempt their life, busy as usual. Walking out onto the streets, you find it to be surprisingly empty, largely devoid of people, the slightly muted city streets come to an almost stifling silence. Of course, all the city's usual sights are there, the tower, the park, the schools, the subway. All missing only one thing, the inhabitants</i>
Fate's Hand
<i>I would like to start off by saying that, at some point, this thread will have some pretty massive P5 spoilers. If you have intended to finish that game and for some reason or another haven't gotten around to watching or playing, then I'd suggest moving on. With my due diligence out of the way. It was a rather hot day along the ever-so-peaceful streets of Tokyo. Not quite as crowded as one might come to expect, like everyone was trying to avoid the heat, which rolls off of the pavement in waves, causing slight distortions near the road. As you continue about your business, one would notice a faint sparking, hanging in the air, perhaps a byproduct of the heat, no one around seems to pay it any mind, some may even pass through as though the phenomena were for your eyes alone. It shifts slightly back and forth, before seeming to come closer.</i>
Branching Truth
Fate Leads the Willing, and drags along the reluctant - Seneca <i>Whether they are aware of it or not, whatever they may have thought. Whatever they did, matters not to the gears eternal. A group of people, yourself included, find themselves in a large, seemingly empty white space. The void only seems to go on for miles and miles, expanding in every direction, broken up only by a massive set of gears nearby. That and the older-looking woman standing next to them, the girl is looking up at the gears, hand rubbing over one of the larger ones as if to polish them while they turned</i> ???: any moment now, should be good as new. <i>They seem rather focused at the moment, yet with the general emptiness there is little else to consider in the area</i>
The Arcana.. Arcana.. Arcana...
<i>As is typical of this place, there are many ghost stories, demon sightings, most of them end up getting checked out by some individual or another, with the truth ranging from actual monsters to a run in with a stray cat. In a side alleyway along the city streets lies a small fortune-telling tent. It seems to be oddly popular, for a tent that small. Perhaps it is the rumors that make it so? People who claim to see monsters. People who claim to see ghosts. Some even claim to have seen themselves..... Many people enter the tent, either alone or in groups. Some never leave.</i>
Forest of the Corrupt
<i>As legends tend to do, word has spread around the Nexus of a long-decaying forest. The rumors started a few weeks ago, though very little new information has been spread around. Rumors speak of walking trees and dancing shadows, lingering around the forest. Of course, how much of this is true is impossible to know, but these tales, as they tend to do, catch the eye of a more... Interesting crowd of citizens. These individuals, for reasons of their own, find themselves drawn to investigate the forest.</i> <i>The forest itself has definitely seen better days. Though one would expect mostly barren leaves in the winter, the trees themselves almost seem to have become sickly and withering. The area between them is filled with rotting leaves and decaying grass, with no signs of life anywhere nearby.... Except for a faint, whispering noise that seems to come from deep within.</i> <i>At the forest's edge is a small, self-sufficient farm of sorts. Its the start of winter, so its no surprise to see that the crops have all been wilted or picked by now. More surprising is how empty it is. The house itself is a plain, worn down old log cabin, with some upgrades to keep with the time, such as an outdoor water heater. Next to the house is a pig pen of sorts, though there are no animals inside of it. The building's front door is cracked open, as though someone had left in a hurry and had not bothered to close it properly.</i> <i>As for the forest itself, two winding paths branch off almost immediately. Both paths seem old, like they had been abandoned for months. Just glancing by you're already able to see a few brambles along each of the paths, one to the right has a few larger fallen tree branches in the way.</i> OOC: One final note, as the GM, I am not necessarily your friend. Not every prompt I give will be entirely beneficial or direct you towards the resolution of the forest's events, rather I am here to guide you along an area which I have created, and most importantly help everyone have fun. With that out of the way, one last note. You can enter in at pretty much any time, simply reply to this post here when you join in and I can work from there.
Forest of the Wicked
<i>Rumors and legends spread, as they tend to, until they are heard from the very ends of the earth. One recent source of mystery is a nearby forest. Well within winter's grasp, the forest itself seems to be dying for the year, a few trees reaching near a state of decay. Most animals seem to have left this forest, yet there are still relentless rumors of vague, shadowy forms, trees reaching out to any passerby, and a series of missing persons cases in the area. As with many unusual occurences, it seems to attract people as well, people wishing to investigate the cause</i> <i>Those who find themselves interested in the forest would find little of note on its outskirts, the withered, brown grasses and leafeless trees give off an impression of emptiness. Nearby is a small, self-sufficient farm, one can see a quaint patch that would ordinarily have vegetables, and a light on in the nearby small, unassuming house. As for the forest itself, two different paths, quite a ways away from each other, wind into the woods. Rumors have kept most travelers away from the area, and as such these footpaths are in poor condition, more fit for deer than humans.</i> OOC: Anyone can join this at any point, this is intended to be a one-shot, though I cannot really guess the length of it, I aim to please as best as I can.
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