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Spirit of Unity
Leonus: &quot;Our mission is to limit damage by minimizing the threat posed by supernaturals. If they would like to submit to such procedures themselves then no conflict is necessary. However, we cannot make an exception because they happen to look young.&quot; <i>As expected, Leonus's only response to the accusation is a simple, calculating one. For the sake of their mission, everyone's the same. Of course, that applied to Chie too, but they weren't really high enough to be on the radar yet.</i> Leonus: &quot;This is your last chance to surrender and receive no harm. Otherwise, you've already felt Moonbeam firsthand.&quot; <i>The Regal Girl looks back at Chie, a cold indifference in their eyes as they remark</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Your words are nothing more than empty platitudes. Begone from my sight.&quot; <i>with those words, the girl immediately shifts her stance, swinging her massive sword like a golf club to send a blade of purple energy that extends from the ground into the sky, cracking the earth as it passes along the ground towards Chie, the strongest opponent here, and Leonus, the obvious leader. This puts Asami in the line of fire as well, but that was a small price to pay for the chance to end the fight then and there. Of course, once the fight starts, the bulky mercenary isn't going to wait for orders. He breaks into a sprint, crossing the ground between him and the Regal Girl in seconds to throw an earth-shattering blow... That ultimately sails harmlessly over the girl's head as she ducks close to the ground before ramming her shoulder into the man, sending him flying several feet away despite him having an obvious size advantage. All the while the country girl stands there frozen for a few seconds. Kayo doesn't find anything where the sniper was initially, and that's what gives it away. Rather than the normal ambient spirit energies he could expect from inanimate objects, there's a suspiciously human-sized void as if purposefully blocking out any attempts at detection. But of course, no evidence is evidence itself, in a way. While he might not be able to make out precise details, Kayo can most certainly aim for the mercenaries arms, his chain quickly wrapping around the side of their long-barreled sniper rifle. At this point the lean mercenary gives up the cloaking, making them fully visible once more. Asena walks through the eastern part, her shadow clearing out any traps ahead of time now. Unsurprisingly, they find another simple trap about halfway across the room, a near-invisible tripwire connected to a heavy net that harmlessly drops a few feet in front of Asena. Another which simply aimed to cause whoever was unfortunate enough to walk into it to trip... All made with entirely ordinary materials. But of course none of this would stop Asena, who walks out of the Eastern stands, far away from Chie, Leonus, and Asami in the north, as well as the Large Merc and Sleek Merc at the south. And on the opposite side of the stadium from Kayo, with the Regal Girl holding her ground near the stadium's center.</i>
Spirit of Unity
<i>Asami gives off a large amount of energy as she burns through the concrete. Though she makes enough headway to see some of Chie's officers outside, there's no sign of the sleek-looking mercenary. As Kayo looks to heal the Regal Girl, he would notice something strange. Despite being at the epicenter of the earlier burst, the girl has no physical wounds. Rather its like her spirit energy was destabilized, leaking out as a faint white mist with every breath they take.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Keep your guard up!&quot; <i>The girl barks out a warning to Asami as another burst of blue energy streaks towards Asami from the southern stands, the very same weapon that had struck the Regal Girl earlier. If the warning is not enough for Asami to avoid it, she'd find her magic going haywire, turning against Asami and dealing more damage the more powerful the goddess is. Even after the initial burst Asami would find her magic harder to control, causing more pain the more she attempted to use it. The culprit, of course, is the sleek-looking mercenary from earlier who almost seems to emerge from the stands herself as their armor stops reflecting the world around them. The merc remains perched atop the southern entrance to the stands. The sleek looking mercenary shouts out with a calm, almost robotic-seeming voice.</i> Sleek Merc: &quot;Adding an additional target to the objective. Calculating a third.&quot; Country Girl: &quot;Now there, don't go chasin' after too many squirrels, er ye'll end up catchin' none.&quot; <i>The sleek-looking mercenary is joined by a fairly short woman with a strong country accent emerging from the Eastern entrance to the stands. The woman wastes no time climbing down to the main field and drawing their own weapon, a simple black cylinder from which a three-pronged whip of white-colored energy emerges. Finally, a large man bursts through the southern entryway before leaping down onto the main field. The bulky-looking mercenary is easily six feet, and upon landing strikes his two heavy gauntlets together, causing a spark to jump between them</i> Large Merc: &quot;Looks like its show time then. I'll take the front.&quot; <i>Finally, Leonus and Chie emerge from the north, with Leonus taking charge once more, he brandishes his blade before moving his right side forward, facing the Regal-Looking Girl.</i> Leonus: &quot;Thunderstrike all present and accounted for. Surrender now or be brought down by force.&quot; <i>Unsurprisingly, the regal-looking girl brings up her own massive broadsword, keeping an eye on all 7 other combatants, the four mercs plus Chie, Kayo, and Asami. Whatever condition the girl might be in. She briefly turns to address Kayo and Asami.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;This is what usually happens, flee now or you'll be caught up in this.&quot; <i>Though the girl puts up a tough front, it doesn't take an expert to notice her stance starting to crumble, the tip of her sword briefly drooping downward before the girl catches and corrects the mistake.</i>
Spirit of Unity
<i>The large mercenary gets back up, glaring back at the Behemoth.. But he has a more important job right now. Since the demons were starting to back off, it wasn't worth chasing after them.</i> large merc: &quot;Guess you heard it too uh? Fine, stay back if ya know what's good for ya.&quot; <i>With those parting words, the large mercenary heads through the entrance to the stands before leaping down into the ruined field below. Asena returns to the eastern entrance, which seems entirely unchanged. Much like their first entry, the place is scattered with rubble concentrated in four piles conveniently large enough to use as cover, with the field's main entrance blocked off leaving a ramp to the second floor. In addition, there are rounded hallways leading to the northern and southern section to Asena's right and left respectively. Although the coast seems clear for now, Asena might remember this was the base of the trap-fond country girl. Leonus lets out a sigh while shaking his head in response to Chie's question</i> Leonus: &quot;Spirits are little more than destruction embodied. Even if you could reason with one, they'd simply start killing again the next time they showed up. There's only one way to handle them.&quot; <i>Like Chie before him, Leonus draws out his weapon once more, flicking his black cylinder's one button, bringing out a long, rapier-like blade made of pure white energy. After taking a deep breath, Leonus and Chie head to the midfield for the climactic showdown.</i>
Spirit of Unity
<i>Leonus lets out a sigh and taps his foot momentarily before nodding his head</i> Leonus: &quot;Very well. I had intended to wait for Lightning to show up, but we do not have much time. Thus as acting officer I shall deign to allow your cooperation until such time as the Spirit is subdued&quot; <i>Like earlier, Leonus provides Chie with clear and concise terms for their cooperation. After all, they may not have much time left. Just then, the two hear a loud crash coming from the Western end of the stadium as thousands of kilograms of concrete begin to collapse. Large Merc: &quot;Never get smarter do ya?&quot; [i]just like before, the man raises his hands to intercept the lightning, which remains in stasis a few inches away from his gauntlets, taking on moldable properties as the man forms the lightning into a ball. This process takes much of the man's focus, and as a result he's not ready for Maru's burst. Just as the smaller beast's energy strikes, there's a loud *crash* that shakes the very foundations of the stands coming from the western area. Together they're more than enough to destabilize the mercenary, who tosses the half-molded lightning in his hands back at the Behemoth in order to avoid landing on it.</i> Large Merc: &quot;Damn beasts.&quot; <i>The man complains as he begins to pick himself back up off the ground.</i> Large Merc: &quot;Won't stop till you've broken everything will ya?&quot; <i>Back on center stage, the Regal Girl remains silent for a few seconds, She doesn't even look at Asami anymore, letting the younger girl go as the girl's dark purple eyes look into Kayo's ever shifting gaze. It was unsettling at first, but that discomfort is what leads to understanding. Even if everyone else is afraid of them, that doesn't mean they're hopeless.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Is it really ok? You really won't run from me? Is it ok for me to exist?&quot; <i>At last the Regal Girl's guard wears down. Sandalphon droops downward from her hand as she finally has the chance to ask the question that had been on her mind for such a long time. The question of if she really gets to live... But alas, fate had different plans. For it was this moment, when the Girl was both distracted and at her most vulnerable that a beam of blue light streaks from the western stands, striking the Regal-Looking girl directly where her heart would be. The weapon doesn't pierce her armor, but it doesn't have to. Rather, it uses the girl's dress as a conduit to go after her lifeforce directly, reacting with and making it short-circuit. As a result, the girl's energy bursts outwards, sending both Asami and Kayo flying against the stadium wall. The burst would hurt the two, but not nearly as much as it hurt the Girl. The culprit being a slim figure in glossy black armor similar to the kind Leonus wore. This fourth mercenary wields a long, slim-barrelled sniper rifle with a particularly bulky body from which a faint blue light seems to emanate. After that blow, it seemed much of Kayo's progress had been lost, with the girl's grip on Sandalphon tightening once more. Though the girl seems to be bleeding power from her arms and chest, she swings Sandalphon once more, sending a wave of force at the Western section of the stands, aiming to destroy the figure who had harmed her. The girl's energy blasts into the stands, kicking up a massive cloud of dust at the western entrance begins to crumble, leaving the mercenary's fate unknown. As Asena moves to enter the western side of the Stadium, there's a loud crashing sound as some sort of blast strikes the west side of the arena. Small chunks of concrete rain down around the girl as the western portion of the stands finally begins to collapse, filling the entryway with thousands of kilograms of concrete.</i>
Spirit of Unity
<i>As the Behemoth starts pushing back, the large man redoubles his efforts, leading the two combatants to a stalemate. His entire body is covered in a seemingly-thin armor, yet nevertheless the Behemoth's attempts to scratch a weak point are to no avail. The large man focuses all his energies on the clash, paying no attention to Maru or Neesh. With neither combatant able to get a strict upper hand, he tries something else</i> Large man: &quot;Energy conversion, frost!&quot; <i>At this voice command, the large man's gauntlets take the energy it absorbed from Behemoth earlier, and converts it into ice, sending a surge of frost up the Behemoth's arms. If the man manages to freeze anything, his next move is to shatter it, hoping to disarm his opponent then and there. As for Neesh themself, there's nothing to stop him from returning the way he came. So by fleeing he soon finds himself at the bottom of the southern staircase, with a hallway leading to either the east or west fronts, the exit he entered from, and of course, the stairway back out to the centerfield. After her attack's success, the Regal Girl remains standing over Asami, blade pointed at the younger-looking girl. The girl isn't an idiot, and can feel Asami's lifeforce, which is far from flickering out. Still, she refrains from finishing her opponent off. Glancing back at Kayo with cold, seemingly-indifferent eyes</i> Regal Girl: &quot;You're speaking nonsense. I can't change what I am. Besides, what if some part of me wants this? What could you possibly do if I decided I wanted to destroy this world?&quot; <i>Though the girl puts on a tough front, she still hasn't struck Asami down yet. Chie's blow ruins Leonus's balance, sending the young man tumbling to the side. Leonus is forced to forgo his stance to catch his fall, taking a moment to get some distance and back on his feet before squaring up to face Chie once more..</i> Leonus: &quot;You're not talentless. I'll give you that. But my resolve will never bend.' <i>Leonus starts to close in, before realizing something was wrong in the room. After getting a respite from the pair's clashes, Leonus finally takes the chance to check, and notice...</i> Leonus: &quot;The child and the psychic. Where did they get to?&quot; <i>The man asks, dropping his combat stance. His pride was valuable, but the mission more so. So he had no qualms with forgoing their duel in favor of his mission. Besides, if the two actually went in... The country girl lets out a sigh and crosses her arms before shaking her head. In hindsight, maybe it really was that easy. But as long as her entrance was covered it was't a major problem for her. So she lets Asena go. Which of course leads the girl around to the West entrance. Of course, Chie had surrounded the building earlier, meaning there were a few police officers here too.</i>
Spirit of Unity
Regal Girl: &quot;I like that word. Visitor. I don't belong here after all...&quot; <i>The girl lets out a brief sigh, her expression growing softer. Fighting every time she appeared had grown exhausting. After a moment, the girl solemnly shakes her head</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Don't play dumb. You see how much damage I've done. What happens wherever I go.&quot; <i>The girl keeps her attack ready, but uses her free arm to gesture to the ruined stadium around her. Its around this point that Asami's energy begins to affect the girl. She doesn't seem surprised. After all this was the inevitable result. She shouldn't have even wasted the time talking. Rather than launch her attack, the girl simply lets go, letting the energy she'd charged thus far dissipate harmlessly</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Just like that. You can say you're not involved, but its just a ploy to win my trust. You just want me to let my guard down before you strike me like everyone before you. Regal Girl: &quot;Sandalphon!&quot; <i>The girl strikes her right foot against the ground, opening her own pocket dimension from which an ancient, golden throne emerges. The girl's spirit energy had already surpassed that of anyone else present. And it seems to resonate with the throne, both the girl and &quot;Sandalphon&quot; amplifying each other's energy until even Asami's radiance was eclipsed. The girl puts one foot on her new throne and grabs the hilt stuck atop the unit.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Now, you can share their fate.&quot; <i>In one swift motion the girl draws forth a silver broadsword nearly as large as the girl herself, with a symmetrical, triangular design ending in a golden and black hilt. Before rushing forward and cleaving downward towards Asami, crossing the distance between them as if it never existed.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;Sine!&quot; <i>though her main focus is Asami for now, the girl keeps one eye on Kayo, as if daring the youth to try something himself. With both the result of his strike and the results of his suit's analysis in, the large man nods to himself, adding.</i> Large merc: &quot;Variable type. I'll have to rely on raw strength.&quot; <i>With that, the mercenary stands his ground, raising his hands to meet and catch the Behemoth's strike. While the ground beneath him begins to crack, the man himself holds firm. After withstanding the initial shock, the man twists his weight in an effort to force the Behemoth to the ground and pin them there. The country girl lets out a deep sigh, crossing their arms before asking</i> Country Girl: &quot;Just leave now would ya? This place's off limits to tha public. Ya'd have to be blind not to notice.&quot; <i>Unfortunately for Chie not only are jabs the least commitment one can put to a punch, but she'd also opened with a sweep similar to the one she's using now. It was a pattern that her opponent could easily exploit by making a quick, springing step over the woman's sweep and putting all his weight into a fierce downward blow aimed at Chie's back that aims to take advantage of her forward-facing commitment to knock the woman to the ground</i>
Spirit of Unity
Regal Girl: &quot;I'm an enemy of humanity, what more reason do I need? You're only making yourselves look more suspicious.&quot; <i>The black sphere in the girl's hand begins to grow, however she pauses a few seconds into her charge, asking.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;No one's ever called me a Visitor before. What does it mean? And answer me quickly this time!&quot; <i>The girl's eyes sharpen into a harsh, commanding gaze as she continues to threaten the pair. As she does so, it becomes more difficult to see. This show of defiance causes the girl to give a frustrated growl before demanding</i> Regal Girl: &quot;And stay where I can see you! Otherwise I'll blast the entire building to rubble!&quot; Large merc: &quot;The hell?&quot; <i>The man immediately recoils away from the behemoth, taking a few quick steps backwards and giving the demon the chance it needs to charge its spell. However, rather than run, the man raises his hands to intercept the thunderbolt, which stops just short of the man's armor and collects into a ball. The man concentrates for a second, gathering the energy in one spot before crushing it between his gloves. At which point the energy flows into his gauntlets and charges them</i> Large merc: &quot;Alright then. Starting the analysis. For now...&quot; <i>Now that his suit has a sample of the Behemoth's energy, the man can begin to take advantage of it. His first move is simple, charging forward to close the space between him and the demon before throwing a vicious right hook at its face. By this point its too late for Leonus to dodge, giving Chie the first hit of the match. He recoils initially, but its not nearly enough to knock him off balance or distract him. The man immediately takes a step back before throwing out another swift jab at Chie's lower position. This time he doesn't make any real commitment, preferring to see his opponent's next move. The country girl gets up, letting out a sigh before tapping her right foot against the floor twice. Once she does, an electrified net springs up in the air front of her, dropped during her earlier stumble.</i> Country Girl: &quot;Yer a real pest ya know that? No respect at all.&quot; <i>Their fight seems to be over for now at least. With the girl awaiting a response as she rapidly taps her left foot against the ground</i>
Spirit of Unity
<i>since Chie was looking left, Leonus immediately shifts stances, taking a quick step to the girl's right while switching his lead to his left foot, narrowly stepping over her sweep while throwing a couple of quick jabs at the girl's side with his left hand to test her reactions before committing to a cross, swiftly turning to throw out a right-handed punch across his body and at Chie's head. Neesh's sneeze catches the large mercenary's attention. The man says a swear before turning around to face Neesh, standing up to his full height, arms-crossed to appear as large as possible.</i> Large merc: &quot;Tch... Really snuck in while my back was turned? Now I'm gonna get scolded too. Oh well, better make this quick.&quot; <i>being able to talk made it clear Neesh was more than just an animal, at any rate. Eager to correct his mistake, the large man doesn't waste more time, instead running forward to close the distance between him and Niche before aiming a punch hard enough to crack the concrete down at Neesh It was pretty clear to begin with that Asena's shadowy figure would mean trouble. So the country girl tries to jump back as soon as they appear. However, the girl seems to stumble, her hands fumbling by the edge of her boots as she steps back. This fumble results in Asena's claws scraping against the girl's armor, flaking off some of its protective coating, but not quite landing a solid hit. For now, the girl scrambles back a few feet in order to regain their footing. After a brief encounter, Asami and Kayo head out to meet with the regal-looking girl. The Spirit only looks to be about fifteen or sixteen years old, with their long, purple hair flowing around their shoulders. As soon as Asami and Kayo step onto the field the girl turns to face them. Her eyes are hardened, and though she's unarmed the girl makes a swift slashing motion with her right arm, sending a blade-like wave of force over the pair's heads and into the stands where it blasts away a row of seats.</i> Regal Girl: &quot;I'm not in the mood for jokes, human. Give me one good reason not to strike you down where you stand.&quot; <i>As she speaks, the girl stretches out her right hand and begins charging a sphere of spirit energy. The girl lets out a hefty, irritated sigh. But at least refrains from attacking the pair directly for now.</i>
Spirit of Unity
<i>Neesh sniffs the ground by where the mercenary had smashed part of the building. It came with all the scents he expected, a heavy human scent from how often the building had been used, a clean scent associated with disinfectants, and most notably a unique, metallic scent that seemed to come from the man's armor. The scent is strongest towards the staircase leading into the upper part of the stands. So Neesh cautiously climbs up the stairs, finding the man resting in the entryway illuminated by stadium lights. though there's no one else visible, Neesh can overhear the large man conversing with someone who speaks with a level pitch higher than the large man's</i> Large merc: &quot;falling apart pretty quickly. Leonus is letting his pride get in the way again, and Lyra's already activated her chip&quot; Level merc's voice: &quot;Never understood why they hired her in the first place. Kid's scared of the supernatural.&quot; Large merc: &quot;Instincts are second to none though. Like she could feel the spirit coming.&quot; Level merc's voice: &quot;Lotta good that does. After all, we can't really fight it until Lightning shows up.&quot; <i>Leonus lets out a sigh, glaring at Asami momentarily</i> Leonus: &quot;Then you must be one of the kids Lightning was complaining about. The Spirit knocked out the electric grid and could have hurt hundreds of people before getting Lost. All thanks to Mist's interference.&quot; <i>Leonus looks downward momentarily before letting out a chuckle</i> Leonus: &quot;If only I could have seen the look on Lightning's face.&quot; <i>With that over, Leonus looks up to Chie, hearing the girl's terms and sheathing his weapon once more before shaking her hand.</i> Leonus: &quot;Very well, lets see what the city's finest can do.&quot; <i>once their handshake is done, Leonus takes a few steps back, giving the two fighter's about four feet between them and Chie the chance to ready herself while Leonus takes his own stance. The man takes a light stance up on his toes, bringing up his fists and leading with his right side in a well-known variant to the traditional boxing stance, leaving the first move to his opponent. With his special sight, Kyo would get a good idea of the spiritual power put off by those around him. Asami had the most raw spiritual power of course, followed by Chie's blazing spirit, and lastly Leonus's calm blue, which was noticably stronger than the average Innocent's, but not so much as to raise alarm. No, that is reserved for the force he can see streaming through the staircase behind Leonus that leads down and onto the baseball field. Now that the mercenary is distracted, Kayo would have no problem going onto the field in order to check out the source, so long as he gives the two combatants their space. In which case he'd see the regal-looking girl Asami mentioned earlier. The country girl brings up her whip to intercept Asena's blast... Only for the attack to curve away at the last second, instead serving as a distraction to let Asena slip away and into the shadows, losing their physical form temporarily. All the while the country girl doesn't respond to any of Asena's taunts, seemingly too focused to notice. Unfortunately for them, the girl's whip is primarily energy-based, meaning it doesn't really need a physical form to latch onto. As such, the shadow doesn't really offer much protection when the girl swings her whip downwards in hopes of chasing Asena into the darkness. If she manages to strike the shadow then Asena would feel an intense jolt of pain as the whip begins to configure itself for this new target.</i>
Spirit of Unity
Country girl: &quot;Ahm just gonna... Not deal with this.&quot; <i>The girl takes a deep breath, leading to a brief pause and after... Silence. She doesn't turn to see the shadow slashing by her but nonetheless... As soon as the strings begin to converge, the girl lunges forward, paying the strings no heed as her whip lashes out at each of them. Since its already been set to destroy the creature, it would doubtlessly incinerate the strings from top to bottom, leaving nothing behind. But the country girl isn't talking anymore. Once they land its only two large steps as she unhitches the collar she brought out earlier and attempts to slap it on Asena in one more sudden movement.</i> Regal girl: &quot;Don't worry about me. I know exactly how to deal with humans. You get home safe!&quot; <i>The girl gives Neesh a gentle smile, trying to pet the creature for a second before letting them go on. Neesh would have to pass by Aak on his way back out, but if the doctor doesn't feel any need to stop them... They'd notice not much changed. Neesh heads west before wrapping around south... Only to find that the large man was gone. Fortunately, this would make it easy for Neesh to leave if he so chose, but there's no telling what kind of trouble they might cause. Leonus lets out an irritated sigh from something on his comms. The young man shakes his head before getting off, finally paying his.. Guests. The attention they sought.</i> Leonus: &quot;I'm afraid you're the ones out of your jurisdiction miss. For the detective's benefit allow me to introduce myself as Leonus, deputy commander of Thunder Squadron, a mercenary group contracted to deal with troublesome cases like this one. We have an agreement with the police for them to stay out of particularly dangerous cases. It seems your superior officer was a little too eager of a glory hound, using your group to test boundaries and probably prepared to offer you as a scapegoat if things went awry.&quot; <i>It almost feels as if Leonus has practiced this little speech before. At the very least he's gone down to a calm, robotic tone as opposed to ranting against superpowers.</i> Leonus: &quot;As such I'd like to request you cease your perimeter. Its not going to help and Lightning doesn't have much patience for distractions.&quot; <i>With that, Leonus closes his eyes for a moment, letting out a sigh. By now Asami would likely notice their little Ammonia trick didn't seem to affect Leonus. The good news is that meant he didn't have any reason to suspect her either. Regardless, the child isn't the focus of Leonus's attention, Chie is.</i> Leonus: &quot;If these terms are unacceptable. Then allow me to propose a deal. In the interest of minimizing damage, we'll have a duel. If I win then your officers will clear out immediately. Otherwise I'll tell you everything I know about the incident.&quot; <i>Leonus extends a hand to Chie as a sign of agreement. He doesn't seem particularly prepared at the moment, but its difficult to tell what the man is thinking while he's wearing a helmet.</i>

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Spirit of Unity
<i>Late Saturday night, once many of our fine city's citizens had either gone home for rest or out to a wild night on the town, our city grows a little bit wilder. It started as a faint pulse, like a tiny flicker in space that echoed throughout the city. But soon it condensed and grew, crashing down in the middle of one of the city's baseball stadiums. Fortunately the stadium was closed down, but still cameras caught a brief glimpse as the middle of the field seemed to fold in on itself, before collapsing in a wave of force. The wave craterized the baseball field, wiping out much of the first few rows of seats in the process. The building had already been closed for the night, so very few were around to witness it. The building has entrances at the north, south, east, and west. Though no first responders had arrived yet, any observers seeking to identify the phenomenon would find the stadium's gates unlocked. Perhaps through mere negligence, perhaps something more sinister. Regardless, choose your entrance, and let our adventure begin.</i>
Spirit of Solitude
<i>It was a warm day nearing the end of summer. School had started a little while ago, so with no holidays nearby the world had returned to business as usual. However unusual that business may be. Unfortunately for the thousands of commuters, they would be forced to detour around a certain street, as the street had been flash frozen as the result of a freak blizzard that occurred during the morning rush, when the streets were at their busiest. Naturally, emergency workers arrived within minutes to assist those caught in the middle of the disaster, with police arriving shortly afterwards. Since these incidents fell well outside the boundaries of reason they were used to, the officers did little more than redirect traffic and ensure no one got too close to the site for the first few hours. Approaching noon, the police were replaced by a group of mercenaries lead by a tall woman with fiery red hair. It was this squad that was informed and hired to actually resolve this issue. This, dear actors, is where you come in. Having been brought in by curiosity like the small crowd lining the incident zone, or perhaps disappointed by the nearby mall having been forced to close due to supernatural disaster. Whatever the reason, this is the scene you would arrive to, an armed mercenary group surrounding the scene of an obviously supernatural incident, shooing away the small group of onlookers from trying to get a better shot of the scene.</i>
<i>Its an Ikea. I honestly don't know why you decided to come to the furniture/home improvement store. Or how much you're expecting me to tell you. Its an Ikea, they sell furniture and furniture sets. Lots and lots of furniture sets. After all, it is a very large store. Has to be, in order to fit all that furniture. Anyways, back to the story at hand. There is an Ikea.</i>
An Unpleasant Incident
<i>It was a quiet and calm day, as any other, too calm if anything, the sky was faintly overcast, it left a vague sense of unease as the day went on. These fears would be confirmed when you stumble upon police tape around the first floor of one of the local office buildings. A small crowd had gathered for a time but soon dissapates, leaving only a few people who had worked there and the small group of officers. And of course, peering through the windows, is the scene of a crime. Its a young man, likely in his mid twenties, with faint, red stringcoming out of his sleeves, these strings branch off and connect to four pillars strewn about the main lobby while the police begin their investigation</i>
A Day of Silence
<i>it was a day just like any other, the sun rising high into the sky, time for everyone to go to work and attempt their life, busy as usual. Walking out onto the streets, you find it to be surprisingly empty, largely devoid of people, the slightly muted city streets come to an almost stifling silence. Of course, all the city's usual sights are there, the tower, the park, the schools, the subway. All missing only one thing, the inhabitants</i>
Fate's Hand
<i>I would like to start off by saying that, at some point, this thread will have some pretty massive P5 spoilers. If you have intended to finish that game and for some reason or another haven't gotten around to watching or playing, then I'd suggest moving on. With my due diligence out of the way. It was a rather hot day along the ever-so-peaceful streets of Tokyo. Not quite as crowded as one might come to expect, like everyone was trying to avoid the heat, which rolls off of the pavement in waves, causing slight distortions near the road. As you continue about your business, one would notice a faint sparking, hanging in the air, perhaps a byproduct of the heat, no one around seems to pay it any mind, some may even pass through as though the phenomena were for your eyes alone. It shifts slightly back and forth, before seeming to come closer.</i>
Branching Truth
Fate Leads the Willing, and drags along the reluctant - Seneca <i>Whether they are aware of it or not, whatever they may have thought. Whatever they did, matters not to the gears eternal. A group of people, yourself included, find themselves in a large, seemingly empty white space. The void only seems to go on for miles and miles, expanding in every direction, broken up only by a massive set of gears nearby. That and the older-looking woman standing next to them, the girl is looking up at the gears, hand rubbing over one of the larger ones as if to polish them while they turned</i> ???: any moment now, should be good as new. <i>They seem rather focused at the moment, yet with the general emptiness there is little else to consider in the area</i>
The Arcana.. Arcana.. Arcana...
<i>As is typical of this place, there are many ghost stories, demon sightings, most of them end up getting checked out by some individual or another, with the truth ranging from actual monsters to a run in with a stray cat. In a side alleyway along the city streets lies a small fortune-telling tent. It seems to be oddly popular, for a tent that small. Perhaps it is the rumors that make it so? People who claim to see monsters. People who claim to see ghosts. Some even claim to have seen themselves..... Many people enter the tent, either alone or in groups. Some never leave.</i>
Forest of the Corrupt
<i>As legends tend to do, word has spread around the Nexus of a long-decaying forest. The rumors started a few weeks ago, though very little new information has been spread around. Rumors speak of walking trees and dancing shadows, lingering around the forest. Of course, how much of this is true is impossible to know, but these tales, as they tend to do, catch the eye of a more... Interesting crowd of citizens. These individuals, for reasons of their own, find themselves drawn to investigate the forest.</i> <i>The forest itself has definitely seen better days. Though one would expect mostly barren leaves in the winter, the trees themselves almost seem to have become sickly and withering. The area between them is filled with rotting leaves and decaying grass, with no signs of life anywhere nearby.... Except for a faint, whispering noise that seems to come from deep within.</i> <i>At the forest's edge is a small, self-sufficient farm of sorts. Its the start of winter, so its no surprise to see that the crops have all been wilted or picked by now. More surprising is how empty it is. The house itself is a plain, worn down old log cabin, with some upgrades to keep with the time, such as an outdoor water heater. Next to the house is a pig pen of sorts, though there are no animals inside of it. The building's front door is cracked open, as though someone had left in a hurry and had not bothered to close it properly.</i> <i>As for the forest itself, two winding paths branch off almost immediately. Both paths seem old, like they had been abandoned for months. Just glancing by you're already able to see a few brambles along each of the paths, one to the right has a few larger fallen tree branches in the way.</i> OOC: One final note, as the GM, I am not necessarily your friend. Not every prompt I give will be entirely beneficial or direct you towards the resolution of the forest's events, rather I am here to guide you along an area which I have created, and most importantly help everyone have fun. With that out of the way, one last note. You can enter in at pretty much any time, simply reply to this post here when you join in and I can work from there.
Forest of the Wicked
<i>Rumors and legends spread, as they tend to, until they are heard from the very ends of the earth. One recent source of mystery is a nearby forest. Well within winter's grasp, the forest itself seems to be dying for the year, a few trees reaching near a state of decay. Most animals seem to have left this forest, yet there are still relentless rumors of vague, shadowy forms, trees reaching out to any passerby, and a series of missing persons cases in the area. As with many unusual occurences, it seems to attract people as well, people wishing to investigate the cause</i> <i>Those who find themselves interested in the forest would find little of note on its outskirts, the withered, brown grasses and leafeless trees give off an impression of emptiness. Nearby is a small, self-sufficient farm, one can see a quaint patch that would ordinarily have vegetables, and a light on in the nearby small, unassuming house. As for the forest itself, two different paths, quite a ways away from each other, wind into the woods. Rumors have kept most travelers away from the area, and as such these footpaths are in poor condition, more fit for deer than humans.</i> OOC: Anyone can join this at any point, this is intended to be a one-shot, though I cannot really guess the length of it, I aim to please as best as I can.
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