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Constantium and Vicis, twins of sorts, for as little as that term might mean. Stability and change, two virtues that keep the universe turning.

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<i>Unintelligible muttering that could be mistaken for consent</i>
<i>A meteor lands somewhere in the Ikea. The couch was pretty ok for a couch from Ikea.</i> cashier: That'll be 2 dollars for the couch.
<i>of course its Ikea again. Its a building. It didn't move.</i>
Duel on a Virtual World
&quot;Temperature decrease.. Detected.. Diverting power to heating systems.&quot; <i>Maegara starts to slow down as the ice works its way further into her systems. it freezes her extremities with ease, but has much more difficulty reaching the core itself. Now focused fully on heating itself up, the ring of cold is stopped for a bit, a few inches away from Maegara's core. However, just before Grease himself falls, a loud <b>snap</b> can be heard from within Maegara as one of its strained pieces finally breaks</i> Maegara: &quot;Fatal error... Detected... Reboot....&quot; <i>Maegara is forced to attempt to reboot herself, its energy signature fading as it fails to activate again....</i> <center><b>Game Set</b></center> <center><i>Final Fury, down!</i></center>
Duel on a Virtual World
<i>Maegara pays no attention to the others as they attempt to run. After all, there's nowhere to run to. The massive mech continues overcharging its core, even taking in energy from the air around it to power its final blast</i> Maegara: &quot;Overclocking all processors. Removing safety valves. Overheating core. Overcharging Iraliae. Total annihilation in 2....&quot; <i>As Grease approaches Maegara, the machine pauses its countdown, its once mechanical voice sounds almost confused</i> Maegara: &quot;Core... Cooling down. Iraliae... Cooling down..? Redoubling efforts&quot; <i>Maegara seems to be struggling to continue its countdown as frost rapidly forms not only on the outside of its armor, but starts to cover its internal circuitry as well.</i>
Duel on a Virtual World
<i>Kyoko strikes out at Maegara's barrel, aiming to damage it in some way before the cannon is allowed to fire. Its difficult to see the inside of the barrel, but Kyoko can hear a bit of a crack followed by the most satisfying voice line she's gotten yet.</i> Maegara: &quot;Regulatory system damaged. Energy fluctuating.&quot; <i>Much as before, Tisiphone makes little effort to actually avoid the whip. Instead it follows after Grease as he corkscrews away. One of Tisiphone's spare blades, a straight one much like a broadsword, deflects the first spin, but the Fury can't bring itself to guard against them all. However, this wouldn't stop Tisiphone from completing her mission, simply three more strikes to go. By now Tisiphone would be approaching the sound barrier as she continues. Though Grease's spinning makes it practically impossible for her to aim for any specific part of his body. First strike comes from the axe-shaped blade on Tisiphone's lower left arm, aiming a slash across Grease's face</i> Tisiphone: &quot;Gouge forth, thine eyes!&quot; <i>the fifth blow is actually interrupted by Grease's spin ripping off the broadsword-shaped blade, leaving Tisiphone to simply hit him with her arm rather than make the theoretically imposing slash.</i> Tisiphone: &quot;Sever Fifth, thine Neck!&quot; <i>However, it seemed nothing would stop the final. Tisiphone thrusts forward with the long, rapier-like blade from the start aiming to impale Grease upon it.</i> Tisiphone: &quot;Pierce Sixth, thine heart!&quot; <i>now finished, Tisiphone would be able to analyze its own condition, its outer armor is absolutely shredded, with large swaths of wire and machinery poking out from it and sparking. Its now missing two arms. and one of the slashes seems to have struck a large, spherical core within the device, which now leaks a red fluid.</i> Tisiphone: &quot;Se... VERe, da..MA.ge, de....tect...ed....&quot; <i>The somewhat damaged Alecto doesn't seem to notice Artemisia's whip at first, and once it does Alecto simply takes the effort to grab the whip with its spare arm, and drag Artemisia forward. However, though it would give Alecto the chance to strike the persona, it wouldn't stop said persona from freezing one, if not both arms, restricting Alecto's ability to avoid and making the staff more brittle.</i> Alecto: &quot;Tisiphone's signal weakening. Massive Mana surge detected. Calculating...&quot; <i>Seeming to realize what's happening, Alecto looks up at Nanoha's bright, pretty light before giving her final command.</i> Alecto: &quot;Critical damage inevitable. Initiating Ekdikisi protocol. Good bye.&quot; <i>As Nanoha's blast nears, the generator in Alecto's staff begins to overcharge, before bursting in one final explosion. the blast destroys both Alecto and their staff, as well as leveling a 10 foot radius around them. Fortunately no one was too terribly close to Alecto, with at most Mitsuru being near the edge of the blast radius. The same could not be said of Grease, who was both near Tisiphone and potentially impaled, Tisiphone would discharge the last of the energy leaking from her core in a suicidal burst. What's left of Tisiphone's armor is utterly disintegrated and, were Grease caught, he likely would be too. Of course, death didn't really matter here, but it would boot him out of the simulation with much of the associated pain. With both of the other Furies defeated, Maegara stands tall and alone, its charge seems to pause as it looms over the battlefield</i> Maegara: &quot;I am Maegara the Indignant. Ye who would challenge the Furies, behold true wrath and meet thy destruction.&quot; <i>Rather than firing, Maegara simply waits, drawing in more energy from the core, as well as the environment as it continues charging well beyond safe capacity.</i> Maegara: &quot;Commencing overload protocol. Final detonation in 3....&quot;
Duel on a Virtual World
<i>Grease would find Tisiphone's Quantum Blade to tear through his armor effortlessly. Though his armor fortunately seems to be able to repair itself, he'd now know just how threatening each strike would be. If Grease stays his course, he'd find Tisiphone too far into her attack cycle to care about dodging, and he would be able to tear off the jagged blade. However doing so would likely leave him open to Tisiphone's next blow</i> Tisiphone: &quot;Fell Second, Thy legs!&quot; <i>another one of their arms, the saw-shaped blade Grease had shot earlier would swing downwards aiming to cut straight through Grease's legs and cripple him.</i> Tisiphone: &quot;Hunt third, thy arms!&quot; <i>Tisiphone only seems to be getting swifter as she follows up with a vertical slash towards Grease's left arm. Once again aiming to prevent him from defending himself. And it didn't seem Tisiphone was done yet...</i> <i>Fate would likely still get pelted by some of the flak, but it wouldn't be more damage than she could handle. Slow as Maegara is, they would hardly be able to move to dodge. As such, Fate's blasts strike true, forcing the valves to a close. Similarly, maegara is unable to dodge Kyoko's spear. Another pair of the valves would be closed, leaving the cooldown to seem like a futile effort.</i> Maegara: &quot;Moderate damage sustained. Cooldown delayed.&quot; <i>Mitsuru shatters another group of the scattered drones, denying Alecto more and more of their usefulness. Though the larger tactical robot attempts to intercept her, Alecto would find themselves getting pelted by Nanoha. Alecto raises their staff, projecting an energy barrier around them in an attempt to defend themselves form the blast, only for the barrier to crumble within the first ten shots, leaving Alecto's body to take most of the damage.</i> Alect:&quot;Moderate damage detected to Particle Mace. Uploading combat data to sister units. Removing safety valves.&quot; <i>now that they're somewhat pinned down, and with almost no drones to protect them, Alecto seems to give up on defending themselves, instead the same energy from its staff earlier flows into Maegara.</i> Maegara: &quot;Order understood. Removing safety restrictions. Charging Wave Cannon Iraliae.&quot; <i>in spite of their barrel still having a faint red glow from the previous round, Maegara would begin charging once more, the blue light of their Wave Cannon spreading throughout the machine as it begins searching for targets once more. While the main cannon fires, the four turrets would remain, aiming to blast as much of the air around Fate as possible to restrict their primary opponent's movements. As for Mitsuru's analysis, she'd find that Alecto doesn't seem to have any particular strengths or weaknesses, being faster than Maegara, more durable than Tisiphone, but not quite as destructive as either of the others. Though its external design is seemingly flawless, Mitsuru would note Alecto's lack of an internal generator. Rather, all the energy seems to come from the staff</i>
Duel on a Virtual World
<i>With the swarm focused on guarding Alecto, they wouldn't make any evasive manuevers. Instead they'd simply be frozen in the air, only to be shattered by the blast waves. Alecto looks onto the battle and simply strikes her staff against the ground.</i> Alecto: &quot;Severe damage detected to reconnaisance drones. Recalibrating priorities. Focusing efforts on fellow Furies.&quot; <i>The same purple light that had previously covered the drones, instead finds itself imbuing Tisiphone, allowing the red machine to overcome its previous limits. As for Mitsuru, she runs from one bit of cover to the next, only to notice a buzzing from the pile of rubble she approaches. The drones she had detected earlier emerge from the wreckage in a cloud, spreading out and soon filling the air around her like a swarm of gnats. Though they aren't particularly dangerous, the twenty or thirty swarming her would prove to be a major nuisance if nothing else. After firing her load, a dozen steam vents pop out from all over Maegara's armor, letting her primary cannon cool off</i> Maegara: &quot;Wave Cannon Iraliae overheating. Applying coolants.&quot; <i>The massive robot wouldn't be prepared for the kid simply bum rushing them. Though Kyoko's spear strikes true, Maegara's knee sustains little more than a sizable scratch.</i> Maegara: &quot;Superficial damage detected.&quot; <i>Maegara's response is a simple one. Once the kid's spear strikes her knee, Maegara would bring up one of her massive arm cannons to knock the kid several meters skyward, possibly into the range of one of Fate's bolts. As for the other ones, they'd scorch Maegara's armor, but don't seem to cause any lasting damage. That is, except for a lucky one that strikes one of Maegara's 12 vents, which causes a few visible sparks .</i> Maegara: &quot;Light damage sustained. Prioritizing target. Magna cannons fire.&quot; <i>And in response, four smaller turrets would emerge from Maegara's armor, two from the shoulders, two from the elbows. The shoulder turrets focus directly on Fate, sending out energy blasts that, while much weaker than the primary cannon, would still leave a sizable mark. The other two, they aim for Fate's sides and burst a short distance out like blasts of flak, aiming to cover as much area as possible. Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for. Tisiphone seems to glow with a malicious glint as Alecto's drones are destroyed</i> Tisiphone: &quot;Quantum Blade Naelaon charged, preparing for annihilation.&quot; <i>A surge of energy can be detected as Tisiphone charges up. In mere seconds there's a revving sound as all six of Tisiphone's blades are covered in a blue glow</i> Tisiphone: &quot;Activation Successful, proceeding with mission.&quot; <i>Now powered up by Alecto, Tisiphone would emerge from her hiding spot a short distance behind Maegara as little more than a blur, leaving Nanoha's blasts to leave a crater where Tisiphone once was. Some of the aftershock would likely strike Maegara, but the larger machine, once again, wouldn't seem to sustain any damage. With Naelaon activated, Tisiphone wastes little time, once again closing in on Grease, the only ground-born opponent not currently being engaged. Rather than a straight slash, Tisiphone would maneuver around to strike at Grease's back with its left middle blade, one which zigs and zags like a lightning bolt.</i> Tisiphone: &quot;Cut First, thy wings.&quot;
Duel on a Virtual World
<i>By dodging immediately, Grease would manage get little more than a glancing blow from Tisiphone, leaving him operating at full capacity. Tisiphone's first action is to draw its rapier-like arm back from the lunge, allowing Grease's first few shots strike at the arm holding the sawblade. These weaker shots send off a few sparks but the arm doesn't seem to have lost any motor function.</i> Tisiphone: &quot;Superficial damage detected. Proceeding with protocol.&quot; <i>Soon Grease fires his round of upgraded shots only for Tisiphone to.... Run away. As swiftly as the red machine had approached, it flees from Grease, maneuvering itself behind Maegara in preparation. Mitsuru's own analysis reveals a couple hundred drones, most of which are scattered throughout the air in order to more accurately observe the combatants form all angles, however she'd also notice the devices clustered in two locations, one in the shadow of the ruined fountain, hiding in some of the rubble, and another group in the large patch of debris nearest her. Another interesting thing they'd likely note is that the drones don't seem to have much if any actual complexity to them. Rather they're linked directly to Alecto's mace which directs them as a swarm.</i> Alecto: &quot;initial scanning complete. Priorities confirmed, initiating defensive preparations.&quot; <i>The hundreds of drones that had scattered themselves about like particles of dust return to Alecto, forming a thick swarm in between Alecto and Maegara as the latter finishes charging. As Fate approaches the ground, Maegara turns its primary cannon upwards, aimed directly at the rapidly approaching fighter.</i> Maegara: &quot;Charge complete. Bracing for recoil. Priorities confirmed. Wave Cannon Iraliae.&quot; <i>Soon Fate would come close enough to unleash her sword-shaped beam at Maegara. Unfortunately around this time, maegara's own preparations would be complete.</i> Maegara: &quot;Fire.&quot; <i>There's an instant where everything seems to go silent. Followed by a sound similar to the blast of a Howitzer as Maegara unleashes all the energy it had stored directly at Fate and, by extension, the Nanoha flying well behind her. Iraliae's blast meets Fate's own and devours it in an instant with no apparent loss in strength. The beam unleashes a wave of force so great that, even were Fate and Nanoha to dodge it, they'd likely be thrown away from the blast by the shockwave that follows. Not even those on the ground were safe as the reasoning behind Tisiphone's retreat and Alecto's shield become apparent. easily a hundred of the drones that make up Alecto's shield would be burst by the impact of the blast, only to be forced back together by the Fury's staff, while Tisiphone remains relatively safe behind the blast radius of the cannon. As for everyone else, those who are out of cover would likely find themselves thrown to the ground by the force of the blast, in spite of it being aimed nowhere near them.</i> Maegara's ultimate attacks 1/4
Duel on a Virtual World
<i>With the combatants ready, the three mechanical opponents ready themselves for action. The tall green one, Alecto stands back, staring up at the two opponents dotting the sky</i> Alecto: &quot;Activating Particle Mace Kotaeghe. Beginning combat protocols&quot; <i>The machine's halberd begins to glow with a purple light near its axe-like head. This purple light reaches up to Alecto's pauldrons, and brings small pieces of metal peeling off of them. These shards, as it turns out, are small drones which begin by scattering around the field.</i> Alecto: &quot;Analysis field set, beginning scan. Analyzing threat level. Synchronizing Furies&quot; <i>The massive mech, Maegara's eyes begin glowing with a faint purple, the same color as Alecto's mace. Maegara focuses its attention on the sky, attempting to pick out Fate and Nanoha</i> Maegara: &quot;Evaluating targets.... Initial target set.&quot; <i>A blue glow begins to spread throughout the Maegara's interior as it scans its potential targets. Soon enough Maegara would light up like a christmas tree as it powers up its main weapon, the massive blaster in its chest.</i> Maegara: &quot;Wave Cannon Iraliae charging.&quot; <i>As for the third and final mech, Tisiphone's eyes begins glowing with that same purple light as its combat systems are synchronized with that of the other two. The large red machine brandishes its six blades as it looks at the two targets approaching the ground level.</i> Tisiphone: &quot;Initiating targetting protocol. Priorities set.&quot; <i>Once Grease has landed, it makes a dash for him, closing the space in a matter of seconds as Tisiphone thrusts its lower right sword, one pointed like a rapier, straight at Grease, aiming to skewer him shortly after landing</i>

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<i>Its an Ikea. I honestly don't know why you decided to come to the furniture/home improvement store. Or how much you're expecting me to tell you. Its an Ikea, they sell furniture and furniture sets. Lots and lots of furniture sets. After all, it is a very large store. Has to be, in order to fit all that furniture. Anyways, back to the story at hand. There is an Ikea.</i>
An Unpleasant Incident
<i>It was a quiet and calm day, as any other, too calm if anything, the sky was faintly overcast, it left a vague sense of unease as the day went on. These fears would be confirmed when you stumble upon police tape around the first floor of one of the local office buildings. A small crowd had gathered for a time but soon dissapates, leaving only a few people who had worked there and the small group of officers. And of course, peering through the windows, is the scene of a crime. Its a young man, likely in his mid twenties, with faint, red stringcoming out of his sleeves, these strings branch off and connect to four pillars strewn about the main lobby while the police begin their investigation</i>
A Day of Silence
<i>it was a day just like any other, the sun rising high into the sky, time for everyone to go to work and attempt their life, busy as usual. Walking out onto the streets, you find it to be surprisingly empty, largely devoid of people, the slightly muted city streets come to an almost stifling silence. Of course, all the city's usual sights are there, the tower, the park, the schools, the subway. All missing only one thing, the inhabitants</i>
Fate's Hand
<i>I would like to start off by saying that, at some point, this thread will have some pretty massive P5 spoilers. If you have intended to finish that game and for some reason or another haven't gotten around to watching or playing, then I'd suggest moving on. With my due diligence out of the way. It was a rather hot day along the ever-so-peaceful streets of Tokyo. Not quite as crowded as one might come to expect, like everyone was trying to avoid the heat, which rolls off of the pavement in waves, causing slight distortions near the road. As you continue about your business, one would notice a faint sparking, hanging in the air, perhaps a byproduct of the heat, no one around seems to pay it any mind, some may even pass through as though the phenomena were for your eyes alone. It shifts slightly back and forth, before seeming to come closer.</i>
Branching Truth
Fate Leads the Willing, and drags along the reluctant - Seneca <i>Whether they are aware of it or not, whatever they may have thought. Whatever they did, matters not to the gears eternal. A group of people, yourself included, find themselves in a large, seemingly empty white space. The void only seems to go on for miles and miles, expanding in every direction, broken up only by a massive set of gears nearby. That and the older-looking woman standing next to them, the girl is looking up at the gears, hand rubbing over one of the larger ones as if to polish them while they turned</i> ???: any moment now, should be good as new. <i>They seem rather focused at the moment, yet with the general emptiness there is little else to consider in the area</i>
The Arcana.. Arcana.. Arcana...
<i>As is typical of this place, there are many ghost stories, demon sightings, most of them end up getting checked out by some individual or another, with the truth ranging from actual monsters to a run in with a stray cat. In a side alleyway along the city streets lies a small fortune-telling tent. It seems to be oddly popular, for a tent that small. Perhaps it is the rumors that make it so? People who claim to see monsters. People who claim to see ghosts. Some even claim to have seen themselves..... Many people enter the tent, either alone or in groups. Some never leave.</i>
Forest of the Corrupt
<i>As legends tend to do, word has spread around the Nexus of a long-decaying forest. The rumors started a few weeks ago, though very little new information has been spread around. Rumors speak of walking trees and dancing shadows, lingering around the forest. Of course, how much of this is true is impossible to know, but these tales, as they tend to do, catch the eye of a more... Interesting crowd of citizens. These individuals, for reasons of their own, find themselves drawn to investigate the forest.</i> <i>The forest itself has definitely seen better days. Though one would expect mostly barren leaves in the winter, the trees themselves almost seem to have become sickly and withering. The area between them is filled with rotting leaves and decaying grass, with no signs of life anywhere nearby.... Except for a faint, whispering noise that seems to come from deep within.</i> <i>At the forest's edge is a small, self-sufficient farm of sorts. Its the start of winter, so its no surprise to see that the crops have all been wilted or picked by now. More surprising is how empty it is. The house itself is a plain, worn down old log cabin, with some upgrades to keep with the time, such as an outdoor water heater. Next to the house is a pig pen of sorts, though there are no animals inside of it. The building's front door is cracked open, as though someone had left in a hurry and had not bothered to close it properly.</i> <i>As for the forest itself, two winding paths branch off almost immediately. Both paths seem old, like they had been abandoned for months. Just glancing by you're already able to see a few brambles along each of the paths, one to the right has a few larger fallen tree branches in the way.</i> OOC: One final note, as the GM, I am not necessarily your friend. Not every prompt I give will be entirely beneficial or direct you towards the resolution of the forest's events, rather I am here to guide you along an area which I have created, and most importantly help everyone have fun. With that out of the way, one last note. You can enter in at pretty much any time, simply reply to this post here when you join in and I can work from there.
Forest of the Wicked
<i>Rumors and legends spread, as they tend to, until they are heard from the very ends of the earth. One recent source of mystery is a nearby forest. Well within winter's grasp, the forest itself seems to be dying for the year, a few trees reaching near a state of decay. Most animals seem to have left this forest, yet there are still relentless rumors of vague, shadowy forms, trees reaching out to any passerby, and a series of missing persons cases in the area. As with many unusual occurences, it seems to attract people as well, people wishing to investigate the cause</i> <i>Those who find themselves interested in the forest would find little of note on its outskirts, the withered, brown grasses and leafeless trees give off an impression of emptiness. Nearby is a small, self-sufficient farm, one can see a quaint patch that would ordinarily have vegetables, and a light on in the nearby small, unassuming house. As for the forest itself, two different paths, quite a ways away from each other, wind into the woods. Rumors have kept most travelers away from the area, and as such these footpaths are in poor condition, more fit for deer than humans.</i> OOC: Anyone can join this at any point, this is intended to be a one-shot, though I cannot really guess the length of it, I aim to please as best as I can.
Serenity Can Wait
OOC: at long last this little series will be coming to a close.... In two hours. As previously mentioned, this will be closed off to those who have participated in earlier segments successfully. That would be Kazuya_Minegishi, Aincrad_Hazel, Sam, Yuri_Nosenko, Aitome_Kuroichi, Homura_Akemi, Boom. I would like for as many of these people as possible to post in here if they can make it and stay for around 4 hours afterwards. In the meantime, there is one more dream to be finished, and thus another candidate for inclusion. He’ll be picking up from here https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=11956 IC: <i>Eris sighs and glares at Yuri, patience clearly wearing thin</i> E: You have forfeited your right as a dreamer, and thus have no sway anymore. Interference will no- <i> The world begins to distort around Yuri, much like when they shifted dreams. The distortion intensifies for a few seconds, before vanishing, taking Yuri with it. In their place is a tall, slender you girl with short white hair. She wears a long, elegant white gown, almost as though she were attending a wedding. The young girl turns to Eris and smiles</i> G: I think that’s quite enough Eris, there’s no harm done. Please continue your vigil elsewhere. <i> The young, blonde priestess she refers to kneels to the girl, which elicits little more than a chuckle</i> E: Milady, please don’t- <i> The girl smiles and touches Eris’s shoulder, she seems almost playful</i> G: There’s no need for such formalities, please, call me Losaria. Unless you forgot my name after all this time. No more protests, let me speak to this one alone. E: I.... If you insist. <i> much like before, space distorts around Eris to bring her to another place, in moments she is gone, leaving Losaria and Hillock alone</i> L: I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Are you alright my child? I saw most of the conversation, it seems as though you struggle still.
Dream's End
this is the second-to-last part of my little series, and the last that will be 100% open. That is to say, you can join in with anyone at any time. However, this time there is one requirement to join. Simply come onto PMs and PM this account with your character’s innermost desires, what they want the world to be more than anything. Whatever it is, whether it be having a loved one back, surpassing their rivals, or even just fighting. I am about to go on the road and as such will not be able to do this for 3-4 hours, but I think it’s worth giving people time to think about it and consider whether or not they wish to join. For those worried about having not kept up with the story, while your character would rightfully have no clue what’s happening, here’re the first two threads for your OOC convenience https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=11357 https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=11454 Finally, for those who have participated in one of the previous dream threads (which you can find on my profile) There are still some GMing options available for you, consider them extra scenarios. Simply tell me you’re here, go through a small set-up, and away you go. Or, you can assist another person (that is, another poster) in their dream. I’ll just need an OOC indicator of who. This is the final thread I'll make for it, though if anyone has begun and would like to finish, I am willing to work with them. Without further ado, let the show begin *Homura faces a young priestess in the city streets, having fought in the third thread, the priestess offered her assistance. Homura requested to be taken to another dream, and so the priestess smiles before concentrating on her staff. She almost seems to be searching for something. Though her eyes remain close, in a little while she speaks* P: Well, it seems there is a connection for you. You're in someone's dream.... I believe you mentioned having met them in the Nexus? Something about a witch. Regardless, allow me to shift you to them. Just come over here, grab my staff, and I'll be able to take you with me. *In a similar situation, Aitome faces a young woman herself, one with long blonde hair and a silver staff with a diamond tip. After Aitome grabbed hold of the staff, the woman concentrates and a faint blue glow seems to cover both herself and Aitome. It grows brighter and brighter, until Aitome is unable to see much of anything. When the glowing subsides, they find themselves near a forested clearing, The young woman steps back* W: This is as close as I dare go. There's a lake near the clearing, that's where you'll find the dreamer. Good luck... But remember..... Not everyone wishes to leave
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