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Definitely a Persona fan!
I discovered the series way back when in February(?) of last year, when Joker was released as Super Smash Bros. DLC. I immediately bought the DLC, as I'd heard of the series beforehand, (thanks YouTube algorithm, very cool), and thought I'd check out the series.
What was your first Persona game? Second?
As I'm sadly a Nintendo console person, my first game was Persona Q2 on the 3DS, and I'm incredibly hyped for Persona 5 Scramble. However, come Christmas last year, I dug out my old PS2 and bought Vanilla P4 off Amazon. I'm currently stuck on Rise's dungeon. Oops, that's what ignoring grinding to instead grind a single Social Link gets you.
What do you like besides Persona?
In addition to Persona, I'm a fan of Fire Emblem, World of Mana, Minecraft, and Terraria.
What do you like best about Persona?
Probably the emotional attachment you end up getting to the characters. Their stories are so well-written, you feel as if you're speaking to a real person. That and the soundtrack. The soundtrack's a banger.

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Persona 5 Scramble demo. Is it in English?
Professional dumbass I am, I'm too lazy to check myself. The normal Phansite question is over the P5S demo, and I wanna try it. Is it in English or not?
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