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Something funny (joke 110 will shock you)
Almost as funny as my first post.
Your favorite alt?
Lumping me into the same category as H20? Now I'm really heated!
Tokyo Fire Department: The Masked Firefighter!
<i>The metal coating to his armor would begin to crack before breaking off and disappearing in a burst of sparks. The hammer similarly would be dissolved through this process leaving Match in his usual red and wooden suit. He would look towards H20 briefly almost in a cocky and overconfident manner as he pushed a button on his belt giving him a capsule that seemed to contain highly compressed water.</i> &quot;I already gave my reasoning, right? If you're going to take Match's place then you need to be a true Kamen Rider. After what I just witnessed it's clear you're not strong enough to be his successor. While you were playing with that monster those two girls were nearly burned to a crisp. You're lucky I got here when I did otherwise that one you took it might have ended up worse. Her hands are all burnt up already... Anyway, I'm not gonna lecture you anymore. I'm not a Kamen Rider myself but still, this world needs more good riders. So, if you're going to call yourself one you better be sure you can live up to the name.&quot; <i>Match would hold the water-filled capsule before setting it on fire. It would only take a moment for it to burst into a vent of steam that would fill the office. In the moment of confusion, Match would jump back out through the window to make his escape.</i>
Tokyo Fire Department: The Masked Firefighter!
<i>Match would lift the hammer behind his own head before resting it on his shoulder. He would turn back to Sayaka with a thumbs up.</i> &quot;Nice job! Over before I even reached my max temperature, just like I said!&quot; <i>He would turn to where H20 was fighting before shouting to him.</i> &quot;Hey, replacement, you need help there or are you going to prove that you deserve the name, Kamen Rider?&quot;
Tokyo Fire Department: The Masked Firefighter!
<i>Match would stand in a combat-ready position as he prepared to fight the strange blob. He would speak confidently addressing the girls behind him.</i> &quot;I just happened to be passing by. I'm no rider but I at least have to make sure my predecessor's replacement does his job right. It would bring shame to Match's name if his disciple can't even protect two girls. Luckily, fire is my specialty, this'll be over before I can even reach max heat!&quot; <i>Match would take a small capsule with what seemed to be metal inside and place it inside the hatch on his belt. He'd close the hatch and turn a knob on the side up as glowing red metal seemed to begin surrounding his body.</i> [Heat up!] [Molten Metal! Forge!] <i>The glowing metal solidified around his body as his armor took on a new form. In his hands, he'd be carrying a large heated metal hammer. He'd approach the blob in a sprint and quickly slam down the hammer but he wouldn't be striking at the blob but rather directly in front of it. The metal from the hammer would seem to spread onto the ground as it made an impact with the floor causing a metal spike to rise up from directly beneath where the blob stood.</i>
Tokyo Fire Department: The Masked Firefighter!
[Burn! Burn! Burn!] [Light the Match!] <i>In a burst of fire a man would jump through the window of the office and immediately roll onto the ground. He'd land between the girls and the blob in a roll taking the fire in their place. The fire would noticeably just rub off his suit as he got up and began pointing to himself.</i> &quot;Don't worry! This suit is completely fire-proof! More importantly, it would seem the building has a bit of a fire issue and this time I'm not the one to blame!&quot; <i>Match would face the now hardened blob with a stark confidence.</i> &quot;Looks like I'll be the one putting out the fire for once!&quot;
Among the starlit hills
<i>Match would continue trying to maneuver away from the water with a remarkable amount of speed but despite his speed, the water was still vast in quantity and thus he couldn't evade it forever. He would pull out a different capsule this time with something shiny inside. The charcoal armor had already peeled off from using his overheat attack before so he was good to shift forms again.</i> &quot;I see your game, boiling water! You know, people have an interesting way of containing boiling water and I'd hate for your flooding to destroy any more of this beautiful hill. Seems you got carried away but that's expected of a rookie. Don't worry though, I'll clean up this mess you've made! Turning up the heat! Henshin!&quot; <i>Match inserts the strange capsule into his belt before closing the hatch. Suddenly rather than bursting into flames a liquid of sorts begins surrounding Match. It would be glowing a bright red as it wrapped around him and fused with his armor. His whole suit would go from red and wood to a shiny glowing metallic color.</i> [Heat up!] [Molten Metal! Forge!] <i>Out of the molten metal a glowing hammer forms in Match's hands. It would be massive in size to the point where it would be surprising a single man could wield such a weapon.</i> &quot;Time to get to work! Forge Hammer!!!&quot; <i>He quickly slams the hammer onto the ground causing a wave of molten metal to splash out around him. The metal would be his attempt at making a barrier to keep the water from chasing after him any further. After creating his barrier he would continue to run, trying to get away from this unnecessary battle.</i>
Among the starlit hills
<i>Match would begin back away before pulling out another wood capsule. He would try to keep a distance from where H2O was aiming while also placing the wooden capsule into the hatch on his belt.</i> &quot;Turning up the temperature all the way!&quot; [Overheat!!!] <i>Match would quickly stick the sword into the ground as flames begin coming out of the belt to surround it. The charcoal within the water before would suddenly burst into flames that would most likely cause the water to turn into steam. The charcoal marks that hit H20's before would also begin burning brightly before igniting in flames.</i> &quot;I don't have time for this. Stay out of my way unless you want to be burned worse!&quot; <i>With that Match would use the cover of the steam to escape, if no steam was made then he'd simply try to get away from H20 to make an escape without the cover of the steam.</i>
Among the starlit hills
<i>The charcoal would, in fact, become soaked inside the water but they wouldn't seem to be washed away either.</i> &quot;Studying under him? I don't have time to play with some Rider wannabe, I'm busy.&quot; <i>Match would notice the Tendril as it grabbed onto him allow it to slam his leg against the ground.He'd slowly try to get back up taking another swing with the charcoal blade to send another wave of powder at either H20 or his watery wall.</i>
Among the starlit hills
<i>Match would turn around at the sound of H2O's shouting. He's fast enough to repel a few of the orbs with a quick burst of fire but the last one would hit him knocking him back. Match would regain his balance before staring at the rider before him.</i> &quot;H20? So, they hired another rider to replace Match? Shows how much they cared about his position if he was so easily replaceable. Do you think your suit is fire-proof? Well, this suit is completely fire-proof but I can guarantee yours is not.&quot; <i>Match would pull out a small glass ball from his belt that seemed to incase a wooden ball. He'd open the hatch on his belt before inserting the wooden ball capsule and then quickly close the hatch while turning up a knob on the side of the belt.</i> &quot;Turning up the heat!&quot; [Heat up!] [Forest Fire! Charcoal!] <i>Match's belt would begin bursting into flames as his entire suit seemed to be covered in fire. Soon the fire would subside but his suit would not have its wooden parts replaced with chalky black charcoal. In his hands, he held a sword that was also made of what appeared to be charcoal. He'd point the blade towards H20 in an arrogant manner.</i> &quot;Now, I'll reduce you to cinders!&quot; <i>Match in one concise movement would swing the blade causing a stream of black powder to fly at H20. Anything the powder hit would gain a black mark across it.</i>

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What flavor of fire is your favorite?
I am, of course, my own favorite flavor of fire. What about all of you? What fire do you most like to sip?
The Masked Arsonist: Ashes of the Past
<i>Smoke fills the sky as ashes rain down. In the distance the source of the smoke can clearly be seen. An especially large old abandoned office building has been set ablaze. The flames roar louder than one might expect as anyone closer to the site might notice that the fire at the base of the building was glowing with a strange greenish light. The masked figure some may recognize as Match would be standing before the building with a somewhat serious stance. He'd stare at the flames directly as if expecting something to happen any moment.</i> &quot;It seems I've finally gotten a hit. Let's see what comes out this time. Will it finally emerge?&quot; <i>Not wasting anytime at all Match takes out one of the clear orbs with wood frozen inside and stuffs it into his belt before closing the hatch on it and turning up a temperature dial on the side.</i> &quot;Turning up the temperature...&quot; [Forest Fire! Charcoal!] <i>A sword made of what appears to be charcoal appears in his hand as his whole body ignites in flames. As the flames fade away his armor would now be decorated with black spikes all over.</i> &quot;Alright, I'm ready now...&quot;
The Masked Arsonist: Clashing Flames
<i>Lately a report has been going around the news. A series of incidents where abandoned buildings have seemingly randomly gone up in flames has been reported as being caused by a arsonist of sorts. Their method of igniting the buildings is unknown as even solid concrete warehouses have somehow been burned down. There's no sign of gasoline being used or any other flammable substance to help support the flames. As far as specialists can tell the fire always starts in a large clump as well rather than a small flicker to start. Lately there was a suspicious figure being reported as being seen near the local abandoned hospital on the news. Authorities aren't sure if this could be the arsonist as no solid descriptions could be confirmed but all in the area are being told to stay on alert. For those that wish to investigate this incident further, you'd find yourself in front of the abandoned hospital in question. Nothing seems particularly off but it seems the door was left open as if someone had entered recently. The building was around four floors in height and the parking lot would be completely empty. There was no one around besides a few police monitoring the streets from time to time.</i>
Gathering of the Elements
Where are all of Fire's elementals at?!?Let Fire know whats up!!
Let's see some more spicy memes!
Stay lit, boi! <a href='https://pics.me.me/fire-distinguisher-sep-thats-fire-funny-in-case-of-fire-13740275.png' class='link' target='_blank'>https://pics.me.me/fire-distinguisher-sep-thats-fire-funny-in-case-of-fire-13740275.png</a>
To all anon accounts
It's time for you to burn! Fire is watching you and is ready to fire you with fire!
Very Serious Fire RP
In the middle of the woods, a campfire resides. It burns brightly as a spark can be seen flying off of it every once and a while. Smoke rises from the campfire and floats high above the tree line. It can be seen. From anyone else who may be walking in the woods.the smell of burning wood is in the air mixed with the fresh piney smell of the forest. A small river also resides nearby the campfire. The sounds of the river running resonate with the roaring flickering of the campfire itself. Every once and a while, a bird can be heard chirping as well.
Fire fire burn burn wow
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