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what can i say?
I'm freekin' Minato!

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Chat function?
Aight tanka buddy
Seeking Friends - Auctioning my Soul
i i add 1 mishima too my previous bid of 1 and a half potatoes and a broccoli *snikkers* this should win me the Auction
Phansite anniversary!
<quote user="Inari">lol im old</quote> holy shit lnari, i didnt know you were still active wtf
Seeking Friends - Auctioning my Soul
<quote user="Broccoli">^ I don't consent to this, nyu.</quote> shhhhhhh it'll all be ogre soon.
Phansite crack confessions
i havnt been on in like forever jet i pretend to know everyone and thats everyone is supposed to know me
Phansite anniversary!
OH MAN i wish naked mitsuru was here to see this! OH maybe revive the nexus for 1 day to selebrate at leblack one last time.<div class='edited'>(edited by Freekin_Minato)</div>
Seeking Friends - Auctioning my Soul
1 and a half potatoes and 1 broccoli i desprately need this &quot;friendship&quot;
Revival of Door-kun
and that little children is the story of how i returned to all of you.
Hi guys! I'm new!
welcome back to hell
Online statuses
alright cool now i can PM people and KNOW thay are ignoring me great whens the blue checkmarks comeing mishiman

Recent topics

Chat function?
Yoo its been a while how do i get to the live chat function again? Also where is the front page where all the anons used to hang out?
Found my very own leblank
Sup shitposters im back, In other news on my way to work i found a cozy coffee place that plays smooth jazz in the morning and its my new fav place.
Dx2 app
So what do you guys think of this new app? Also why is garu called zan in that game? Something with translation?
How many of you are eligible for a senior discount
You are eligible if you remember the leblank posts and know of naked mitsuru
Lets all just appreciate snakes for a second, they slither so that we can walk, they watch over our grass when we are too high to see the real threats, thanksssss snekssss
im back for the meme's bitches!
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.
i joined in june and thus i have been here for 6 months here is my educated opinion on the phansite that i formed in my time here: love this place. people might not Always be nice in fact most of us are doushbags and assholes, but when you need realy need em thay are your best friends. everyone here is a family, a highly disfunctional family but a family non the less.
you know what i miss?
quote towers thay were great for the intire 30 min it was legal
knee's weak
arms are heavy
i miss my home
why did last post win have to die Q-Q
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