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I am the pope of the church of Futaba.

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post here once a day
<quote user="JustAStaircase">I know I'm late posting this but it's 3/31. Today someone uploaded the 3/31 music from P3 FES and I've been listening to it all day... when I'm not playing P5R pf course</quote> stop flexing. I'm broke and so are other people
Boss fight Level Recommendations
I just killed every shadow I saw and that's how I calculated it
Persona 5 Weather App
Are you interested in joining new one?
Any other fans?
<quote user="Narrator1021">My favorite character is Futaba because memes</quote> is that correct? Well then I have good news for you! Join the church of Futaba
The pancake church
You copied the church of Futaba. It is quite obvious
We should leave before we get good old mar10 site joke again
Phansite Help
<quote user="JustAMimikip">If by trustworthy you mean you can trust hes not worthy of your trust then yes, hes trustworthy</quote> acurit as ever my friend
Phansite Help
Rule number one is don't trust Mona. Rule number two is don't become a to dweler.<div class='edited'>(edited by Futaba_45)</div>
Imagine akechi is writing this. &quot;Dear pancakes. I know it has been a while since our break up but I just can't move on. You were perfect in every way and I will still love you. Nothing can change that. Despite this I will still respect your privacy and 20 restraining orders you put on me. I will always have a place for you in my heart. Forever your's, akechi.&quot; Now we go to the return letter by pancakes. &quot;This meme is dead so stop texting me! And how did you get this phone number?! I thought I changed it! Forever NOT your's, pancakes.&quot; That is my short skit, now that it's done feel free to stone me.

Recent topics

A quick word about scramble
Now we have all the primary colors of robot persona user hair in persona games. Labrys is Blue, Aigis is yellow, and Sophie is red. It's perfect. What's next? GREEN?!
For midnight browsers
Just a suggestion https://youtu.be/PHKc-YXVBhM Thank me later
Church of Futaba
We are still here and we are recruiting. Get your best futaba profile pic and send me a pm to join
Dear God this song is good. Why has none told me about this yet?!
Do you remember that fishing ad
The ad for the &quot;Wunder Boner&quot; (that's how they spell it) from long ago. Do you remember it?
The church of futaba
Yes we are a thing now. If you have a futaba profile than please join our pm group
Replaying p5
Okumoros palice pails in comparison to any other one and is super tidius and I'm too upset and lazy to fix any spelling so don't bother to correct it!
P4 plot holes
<spoiler>why didn't adachi just shoot the investigation team in the real world than five into the TV world. The only other person who can go in there would probably be a quick kill two.</spoiler>
Alright who thought it was a funny to take my stairs. My second floor has my 1 pack of ramen noodles.
Serious question (question is not actually serious.
Is chie and yukiko cooking like that drink from the hunger games? You know the one that makes you throw up so you can eat more.
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