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I am the pope of the church of Futaba.

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How have you been spending your free time in quarinten?
<quote user="futaba_is_cute">mostly just drawing and playing video games</quote> yah that's fun. I've been doing nothing but work
Best girl and best boi.
yes to Futaba being my favorite
Just post Memes I don't care
https://i.imgur.com/zrQlPnV.jpg the tweet book showed me this
Yes... Yes they technically did. Do you want me to list them
Just post Memes I don't care
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
between 3 and 4000 characters.
Just post Memes I don't care
https://i.imgur.com/bNP5GVQ.jpg I have a insane amount of Futaba memes
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
I want to bash my foot into my wall unit I can see the past just because this is back at the top
Hardest Boss Fights you've had?
Hardest boss fight? I guess that one time I got fired from a restaurant for Minor sanatery problems. I still blame the god damned janitor. All he did was sit on his arse and listen to punk rock. He violated the employee dress code too many times to count but NOOOOOO. You can get a free pass because you were birthed by the bosses wife. That was my hardest boss fight. Please share your experience
What types of Characters do you like?
I'm going to stop you right there. I've been here for about of a year and I can tell you that this kind of thread has been done more times than I can count so just reference the old ones and ask individual people in PMs. Ok. Are we good? Do you understand? Also welcome to the site I hope you have fun here

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P5 arina
If atlas said they would do this would you be for or against it
I just remembered what Mara is. Why? But for real who comenly used Mara in a playthrough after obtaining it?
Have you ever played... Part 1
Have you ever played Celeste? If so what was your favorite and least favorite parts? If enough people respond then I will say my own experiences
This is good joke
https://youtu.be/KE4Qtzz5HKU Can we talk about this
Persona 5 dlc????
New dlc should be dating sojiro. May god lift me off of this place and send me straight to hell for that one. HOO BOY! I'm being sarcastic. He is the father figure so it makes sense
It's that day again
Happy haha fool's day humans. Enjoy getting fooled fool
A quick word about scramble
Now we have all the primary colors of robot persona user hair in persona games. Labrys is Blue, Aigis is yellow, and Sophie is red. It's perfect. What's next? GREEN?!
For midnight browsers
Just a suggestion https://youtu.be/PHKc-YXVBhM Thank me later
Church of Futaba
We are still here and we are recruiting. Get your best futaba profile pic and send me a pm to join
Dear God this song is good. Why has none told me about this yet?!
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