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Phantom Thieves, please change my heart!
You have to make an appointment and give us your credit card if you want us to steal your hart. And maybe your money two... possibly all of it.
change my friends heart
<quote user="Mona2">Hello there! Expert phantom thief Morgana on the case. I'm sure you'll be glad to know that we'll be able to grant your request, but in order to do so we need your mommy's credit card number, the 3 numbers on the back and the expiration date.</quote> don’t be scared its a part of the procedure.
Characters that you’d like to see in Smash
<quote user="elmco">what the fuck is with newfags and reviving dead threads</quote> that’s my thing and it’s because I have nothing better to do.
Serious question (question is not actually serious.
<quote user="Yu-Narukami">That's not really something from the hunger games. That was actually a thing Roman aristocrats did originally.</quote> interesting but if I was going to get an answer I would expect it from yu.
Characters that you’d like to see in Smash
TI-84 GRAPHING CALCULATOR FOR SMASH!<quote user="Flareon"><quote user="Archer4534">That's because I can't edit when I come back to threads so I have to post to keep a thread from dying</quote> Try making an thread that's actually interesting in the first place</quote>oof that a bad one. You remind me of someone I know.
Any quote from P5 that's your favorite?
<quote user="Drumako">&quot;Shut up Inari!&quot;</quote> you stole my joke!
Mmmm, I’m in your head
I agree with you fully and support your opinion but you know what I have to do. My username itself requires me to say, no matter how I stand in the thing you say I am required to say “shut up inari.” I’m sorry it has to be this way friend.
<quote user="Rom_Dolos">Wait. What exactly are you guilty about? Sorry if I’m out of the loop</quote> nothing if you don’t see anything.<quote user="Kokichi">I came here hoping that you would say that you're Emily, i'm disappointed.</quote> as for this I’m not so I won’t.
What games would you like to see ported to the Nintendo Switch?
Desert bus. Also Q2 because it has a small chance of actually happening and my 3ds was too old for me to be able to buy it, I’m too lazy and broke to get a new one anyway.
honest opinions
I don’t know how I got here. I’m lost please help.

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Serious question (question is not actually serious.
Is chie and yukiko cooking like that drink from the hunger games? You know the one that makes you throw up so you can eat more.
I made an account on this site, the one I’m using now. This account was originally made for memes and nothing else. I I know that this isn’t surprising but I need to admit to it to clear my mind of guilt. You can use this thread to admit to things that way you down. Joke or not.
Mass destruction
Persona q2
What are your options? As for me I think it’s a good game. It does a lot well.
Top 10 mustaches in gameing
I want to hear your opinion?
Scatmans world
You know the meme
What is your favorite persona game when it comes to music? Personally it’s a hard choice between 3 5 and q2.
Come on down and get some corn or we will sacrifice your newborn!
Roses are red
Roses are red. Life has no meaning. The voices in my head are constantly screaming.
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