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I have a request phantom thieves!!!!!!!
But I need breakfast! Oh well. This is why we got a toaster oven.
just remembered this place exists
A lot of people I recognize father's in this thread... That's nice.
YOU decides what happens in this heart pounding p5 story
Stab the children with a confidant. Choose your confidant.
YOU decides what happens in this heart pounding p5 story
Joker than proceds to spread the herpes to all of his many girlfriends. Oh shoot that's me! Nevermind than. Joker makes the cure to all HIV.
YOU decides what happens in this heart pounding p5 story
Joker gets a kitchen knife and cuts the couch in half
Who should I cosplay as?
Me but with the personality of this me.
Is dating your own persona incest?
It's a party and Yu are invited.
P4 plot holes
<quote user="Mona2">the council can suck my cock and ball</quote>just one ball?

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Replaying p5
Okumoros palice pails in comparison to any other one and is super tidius and I'm too upset and lazy to fix any spelling so don't bother to correct it!
P4 plot holes
<spoiler>why didn't adachi just shoot the investigation team in the real world than five into the TV world. The only other person who can go in there would probably be a quick kill two.</spoiler>
Alright who thought it was a funny to take my stairs. My second floor has my 1 pack of ramen noodles.
Serious question (question is not actually serious.
Is chie and yukiko cooking like that drink from the hunger games? You know the one that makes you throw up so you can eat more.
I made an account on this site, the one I’m using now. This account was originally made for memes and nothing else. I I know that this isn’t surprising but I need to admit to it to clear my mind of guilt. You can use this thread to admit to things that way you down. Joke or not.
Mass destruction
Persona q2
What are your options? As for me I think it’s a good game. It does a lot well.
Top 10 mustaches in gameing
I want to hear your opinion?
Scatmans world
You know the meme
What is your favorite persona game when it comes to music? Personally it’s a hard choice between 3 5 and q2.
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