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I love to RP as Hackers a lot, that's why I chose Futaba. Make a Thread about me if you ever wanna RP, I'm always on the Phan-site.

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That's just mean
what a beautiful poem
sorry that was a friend!!!
Chapter one: Demons Wrath
This story was based off of a Demon girls diary!
The Phantom Thieves
Of course! It isn't right nor wrong! If it is the only answer you can't be wrong. So no matter what you say it is, it's always Futaba.
The Phantom Thieves
Next time someone I know asks what my religion is, the answer is clear! It is Futaba!
The church of futaba
For all the Futaba's out there, may you join us and be blessed by us fellow Futaba's
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
What a strange site This is...:/<div class='edited'>(edited by Futaba_Chan)</div>
The Phantom Thieves
That was a spoiler I didn't known but I was already on the right track to that. Akechi is kind of obvious since he's against the Phantom Thieves. And it does make Sense that someone could somehow obtain that power and cause that.<div class='edited'>(edited by Futaba_Chan)</div>

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more like pretzel
The church of Futaba
Come join us fellow Futaba's! be praised at the Church of Futaba!
Page two: Demons Wrath
I couldn't tell what it was, this..pain. It wouldn't stop. It was like a hammer to my skull. &quot;it's nothing. i should not worry about it&quot; i walk into a park with children playing on the swings. i didn't know what to think. i couldn't think! This pain..it hurts.. I drop on the ground holding my head. &quot;AH!&quot; i scream in pain. I'm rolling on the ground screaming like i was gonna die. the pain..i couldn't take it anymore. &quot;Are you ready to withhold my power&quot; I stand up. the pain doesn't hurt as much. &quot;Yes..Give me your power! ,Izuku!&quot; all of a sudden.. there is a mask on my face, i rip it off, the pain hurt like hell..and i just wanted it to stop. I'm standing there fiercely. Except i'm not standing. i'm riding on a Dragon. &quot;Whoa..&quot; &quot;I am thou, Thou art I,&quot; I get off of the dragon. &quot;Whoa! when did i change my cloths!?&quot; i look down at a dragon scale armor set. It all just powers down as if i ran out of time. &quot;This! is MY Persona!&quot; That's right. The new girl in hell is a Persona user. Izuki, the Dragon God
Chapter one: Demons Wrath
it's a wonderful day outside. Fire everywhere, De heading the elderly and hearing Children's scream go quiet. &quot;Dad! Dad! Can I go play outside with Lucy and Charles!&quot; The little girl seems very happy. &quot;Sure why not? Just make sure that you throw rocks at the other kids!&quot; Father seemed rather happy today. The Little girl is Me? You ask? No. I'm not there yet. Charles looks up and sees someone new. &quot;Lucy! Someone is here!&quot; They look down upon my face. It's me, yes it is. I open my eyes. I have a scar on my left. I'm blind in that one. &quot;Welcome to Hell!&quot; They hold out there hands wanting time to grab one to help me up. But I do not take one, I just simply stand up. &quot;Hell isn't a place for nice kids like you&quot; they're attitudes turned very low. I could sense them getting partially sad. As if there puppy had gotten out down in front of there eyes. That kind of sad. I'm in a cave with writing all over the walls. &quot;I am thou, thou art I,&quot; i read it out loud as the ground starts to shake. &quot;Oh shit! Why did I do that!&quot; Piercing red eyes from the darkness of the cave. It felt like I was being stabbed in the head. &quot;Hey! Wake up!&quot; I wake up. I'm different, I'm not the same. I could feel it. I felt nothing near this....evil...powerful.. I point to Lucy. &quot;I don't need your help. The next time you try, I WILL kill you&quot; I walk away knowing I scared her. I don't know why I said that. It felt like acid was burning me from the inside, I was in constant pain since that day...
Futaba Secrets!
If you are one out of the lots of Futaba accounts, we need you! But we cannot tell you why yet...
The Phantom Thieves
Does anyone actually believe that there could be people out there like that? Or does anybody hope for people like that? I hope that people like the Phantom thieves can actually exist, it would be something to look up to. What do you think?
Any other fans?
Personally my Favorite would have to be Futaba Sakura, I would like to know any of your Favorites from Persona5! (That is, Is you don't mind) and also if you would, what you like about them as well. It would be kindly appreciated.
When was this created?
When was the Phan-site created? And how long after was it created after Persona5 came out? I'm generally curious.
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