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Jokers possible palace
<quote user="Flareon">it's literally in Royal</quote> I didn’t know that
Best Persona 5 Palaces?
Okumara Sae Shido Depth of mementos Futaba Maderame Kamoshida Kaneshiro Okumara’s palace feels so slow and he isn’t expanded on at all and sae’s palace has the best palace music but has the same problems, I feel kaneshiro’s palace is a great lengthy (although with stupid puzzles) interesting palace and it definitely isn’t the top one because it brought makoto to the team and as a confidant.
home depot
<quote user="Mona9">https://i.imgur.com/dJIDA9H.jpg</quote> still British
home depot
I live in the uk so this is irrelevant
God I can’t wait for silksong
This website needs to be an app!
<quote user="The-Hunter">I think your'e really overestimating these peoples abilities to make functional things. Frankly, it's a miracle this place is still running as well as it is. A few slow claps for that one, I suppose.</quote> didn’t quite think that way, I’m always tired
What’s with people asking if people “still use this website”
<quote user="Tot_Pop">I mean there’s always Reddit, and quite a few of the people who used to use this site stick to its affiliated discord instead. So it’s half joke half true, I guess</quote> you have a point, I mean I use the discord server too
What would your Palace be?
My palace would be hell, the shadows demons and my treasure persona 5 of course
The perfect VN doesn't exi-
Germany did love some good old anime
Is makoto best girl and agreed by everyone
Tbh everyone has there own opinions so shouldn’t have said agreed by everyone :p

Recent topics

Jokers possible palace
I’ve been wondering about this and I’ve not been able to get an idea of what it might look like and the reason behind it?
What’s with people asking if people “still use this website”
Gotta say these people are in the wrong to say that as this is the only place this community has
This website needs to be an app!
This wonderful website is great for our community and needs to be more than just a website we come to.
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