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Godmodder Rosie: April 16, 2018-May 16, 2018 Arcana: Fool Persona: Natalia ε (Natalia Echo) Current Activity: General talk threads Primary method of direct contact: Phansite PM's

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What are the best quotes in gaming?
Nero’s awakening speech is one of my favorites: https://youtu.be/QGw9aeF3f1w I’m also fond of this masterpiece from everyone’s favorite JRPG: https://youtu.be/AdOu1lvxD7M
Regular Metaverse/Real World Roleplay!
I'm already in that Discord, if you're referring to the one Jokermod made
Regular Metaverse/Real World Roleplay!
@Sarah_Kurusu Whatever your intention is with this RP, I'm concerned it's not going to work out as you think it will. I've been in your situation before last year, and it blew up in my face. Message me on Discord <spoiler>TRONgirl.exe#2862</spoiler> if you want my full take
Regular Metaverse/Real World Roleplay!
<spoiler>Check your DMs, Sarah</spoiler>
Greentext thread
<quote user="Flareon">Rosie slurs aren't allowed even on alts</quote> I heard someone was talking shit
pokemon swsh dynamax
I've already seen memes of dynamaxed wailord
Where have you been, Itsuki-san? It's been two years since you last said anything. If you're interested, the site has an official Discord: <spoiler>https://discord.gg/g2Dfu44</spoiler><div class='edited'>(edited by Garden_of_Rosie)</div>
Dear Archer.
People say you and I would get along well, Archer, but that remains to be seen.
Does anyone know where I can get a “Take your heart” poster?
Save a &quot;Take Your Heart&quot; pic to your PC and upload it to a site that does custom designs (Custom Ink, Teespring, etc.)
???? Send ur best persona 5 memes ????
<spoiler>https://imgur.com/B49ZBnU</spoiler> I made this last summer for an online course. Link may not work properly, but fuck it.

Recent topics

RIP Etika
As stated in the title. May that man rest in peace.
Found this shindan
Basically, you plug in a name and it shows a radar graph of your sexual energy. I've been going ham with this in the Phansite Discord all day today, but I should probably sleep now. Knock yourselves out and tell me the results! https://en.shindanmaker.com/898363
Labrys Appreciation (Belated Birthday Gift)
Here's the appreciation post I made on Reddit for Labrys' 4/20 birthday, but couldn't do here because technical difficulties. To those of you who might have said I didn't fulfill my promise, fuck you. I did this shit on time; check when the Reddit thread was made. https://www.reddit.com/r/Persona5/comments/bfkiag/happy_birthday_labrys_obligatory_appreciation_post/?utm_source=share&amp;utm_medium=web2x
I will not be participating in Weed Day festivities this year
Instead, I will make a Labrys appreciation post for her birthday and sleep off my period cramps during the Dank Hour. The rest of you can have your fun on 4/20.
Hot shit's going down on the Persona 5 subreddit…
…and I'm third-partying it all. TL;DR of what's happing there at the moment: Someone's been stealing Persona 5 memes from one of the community members and gaining fat karma from it. Meanwhile, the whole subreddit is likening the subsequent flame war to the Madarame arc. My plan is to bait the thief using a punny meme and sic the denizens of r/PunPatrol on him, while the victim posts evidence that his content was original. I've already got the victim to cooperate, I downvoted the thief's content, and I put out a call to r/PunResistance to stand down when the thief takes my bait.
These madlads/madlasses on FFXIV did it
Someone on FFXIV recreated Café Leblanc, and posted it on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/6ceu6y/recreating_café_leblanc_persona_5/ Granted, the thread is a year old, but I'll admit that I wanna get into FF14 as soon as I get out of college. More on that at a later date.
Atlus and Capcom are at it again
Apparently, there's a Liberation Dx2 crossover campaign with Devil May Cry 5 that's set to go down when the game launches this weekend: [url]https://twitter.com/Persona_Central/status/1102515152245555200[/url] And the reason why I said &quot;again&quot; is because of Dante's cameo in SMT Nocturne: Maniax. Remember? Kazuma Kaneko did the Devil Trigger designs for DMC 3, so Capcom let Dante be in Nocturne. <spoiler><b><i>Patiently waits in the corner for Atlus and Square Enix to do a MegaTen x FF crossover game because Square and Capcom have had their fun with the FFXIV x MH World crossover event, but all Square ever did for Atlus was distribute Persona 4 in Europe.</i></b></spoiler>
Today, we rest. Tomorrow, we stalk Atlus, and wait for Persona 5 R.
In less than 24 hours, all eyes in the Megami Tensei community will be on Atlus' social media pages as we eagerly await new information on Persona 5 R. No one knows what the &quot;R&quot; stands for, but I have a feeling that the next set of information on P5R will be released around the time of the P5 anime's finale OVA, &quot;Stars and Ours.&quot; But I must admit, I have become rather impatient waiting for the P5R announcement, though it hasn't become a serious problem. I trust the Persona development team to not disappoint us with this new project.
FE: Three Houses Discussion
So, we got new info from the Nintendo Direct about the Fire Emblem title coming to the Switch. I haven't seen much talk online about the new mechanics, but here are some things I <i>do</i> want to talk about. <b>The avatar</b> Looks like avatar customization got tossed out the window for the most part. You either select the boy or girl avatar, name them, possibly select their stats, and start the game. Though, I did see on Behind the Voice Actors that the male canon name is <spoiler>Byleth,</spoiler> which makes me wonder if the female avatar has the same canon name or different, and what their canon name is in the Japanese version. <b>Voice acting &amp; cutscenes</b> HELL YEAH! They're finally gonna have full voice acting in a Fire Emblem game instead of grunts and victory remarks! I also noticed that there were some anime cutscenes in the segment talking about the game. Will they be in the actual game? We shall see! Oh, and remember the sleeping girl from the E3 trailer? Well, her name's <spoiler>Sothis,</spoiler> and she's voiced by none other than Cassandra Lee Morris (who we all know as Morgana in the English version of P5). <span class="through">Cue the &quot;go to sleep&quot; jokes</span> <b>New mechanics</b> There’s a new training mode for units based around school life, and I think it’s interesting how the game has your avatar as their instructor. I also think custom units are gonna be a thing in this title, but we’ll see how that plays out. The support system got a makeover, though I don’t think child units will be a thing in this title. I also noticed that the “Gambit Boost” mechanic is kinda like Persona 3 &amp; 4’s All-Out Attack, and that makes me happy. <b>House system/leaders</b> First, we got Edelgard (the white-haired girl from the E3 trailer). It looks like she'll be the &quot;canon&quot; love interest for the male avatar and probably the most popular choice for house selection. Next, there's Dimitri. He could be the &quot;canon&quot; love interest for the female avatar, but we'll see how fans take to him. The only thing I can say about him is that he looks like Garroth Ro’meave from Aphmau’s “MyStreet” series (lol). Finally, we got Claude. I can already tell that he’s gonna be the least popular House leader. To me, he’s the equivalent to Spark from Pokémon Go (Team Instinct leader). But I’m willing to give him a chance: if people online say he’s a really good unit, then I’ll consider picking his route. Overall, I’m getting Pokémon Go/Harry Potter vibes from the House selection system. Not sure if it’ll affect the avatar’s alignment tendencies in any way, but if there’s a way to get a neutral route, I’ll take it! <center> ==//== </center> So, what do you guys think? Day one pick-up or solid pass?
Where are the Big Chungus meme RP'ers at?
So, the meme's like what, a month old, and I haven't seen anyone on here make a Big Chungus (or any of its variations) RP account yet. If no one wants to make a Big Chungus alt, then I might do it. I'm just saying!
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