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I vore things Jon, it's what I do.

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I am here,
Hello Sunday Funny Readers, you're one and only God has arrived. I will eat lasaga, kick dog, and sleep. I hope you buy Garfield Kart.
W-wha... I thought I destroyed you?! You decided to milk my franchise with The Garfield Show, and in return I made it horrible! How do you still exist...
Did someone say Vore
BEST Girl Haru (Prove me wrong fan bois.)
I just did the first post of the second page. Multiple people had talked before then the same day.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
BEST Girl Haru (Prove me wrong fan bois.)
<quote user="Samuel1364"><quote user="Haruhasyummytits"><quote user="Samuel1364">why is this thread still alive?</quote> I wonder the same thing</quote> Yeah I thought this thread died a while ago until GARFIELD HAD TO MESS IT UP!</quote>How did I mess it up? I wasn't even the first post that day.
Joker's Bizarre Adventures
<i>Garfield wakes up far away from the normal gang, and immediately gets to work making Lasagna and kicking dogs, as well as killing Jons in his path.</i> &quot;I hate mondays...&quot;
everybody gangsta 'til _
Everybody gangsta 'til someone tries to delete my thread for profanity
Grumpy Cat Has Deceased
You fool, I can't die, not even the death of Jim Davis himself could stop my comics from being produced!
talktotransformer.com is gold
Rip wrong account, but hey, here's a more fitting prompt for this account (Garfield wants Lasagna Odie doesn't want to be kicked off a table Garfield kicks Odie off a table), but I am okay with it Odie, you are still a bad person, so go away Odie. Odie then gets kicked from the sidelines, I don't want you in my house Odie is angry at me, I want to punish him and he doesn't have a choice Odie Garfield: Look, this is my house. I don't own it, you owe it to me to get it back

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talktotransformer.com is gold
The prompt (Mishima revives the Phansite The Phansite has cancer Mishima wants to save the Phansite), but what? What can Mishima do? The Phansite is being hunted by the Dark God himself! Mishima's eyes are being burned. How will he save the Phansite... and his own eyes? Bravo to Kengo for giving us an interesting side-plot with his sidekick! (And as if the manga didn't have enough of him... ) It seems like the team had fun fighting the Dark Lord, but they may have a new problem to solve. Chouhan decides to investigate the phansite after hearing reports of the Dark God's demise Tatsuya tells the Phansite that he saw a strange phenomenon as he ran. Chibi gets lost and he is forced to stay near the Dark God when he runs off. The Dark God decides to stop the Phansite from attacking, but he doesn't have enough strength, so... The Phansite is being hunted by the Dark God! Chōch You give it a prompt, and it creates something for it. I actually didn't mention Tatsuya or Persona in any way except for the names but it brought him there.
I've come to make an announcement
Jon a bitch-ass motherfucker. He pissed on my fucking lasagna. That's right. He took his tiny fuckin' dick out and he pissed on my FUCKING lasagna, and he said his dick was THIS BIG, and I said that's small. So I'm making a callout post on phansite.net. Jon, you got a small dick. It's the size of this paw between my pointer and ring paw except WAY smaller. And guess what? Here's what my dong looks like. That's right, baby. Furry, hard, no virgin energy, look at that, it looks like two balls and a bong. He fucked my lasagna, so guess what, I'm gonna fuck the earth. That's right, this is what you get! My SUPER LASER PISS! Except I'm not gonna piss on the earth. I'm gonna go higher. I'm pissing on the ODIE! How do you like that, JON? I PISSED ON THE DOG, YOU IDIOT! You have twenty-three hours before the piss DROPLETS hit the fucking carpet, now get out of my fucking sight before I piss on you too!
Daily Life of Garfield
<i>Garfield wakes up from his bed, wondering what to do today. Then he realized what day it was</i> &quot;Monday... I hate Mondays... I'll destroy all of the Mondays so I never have to experience it...&quot; <i>Garfield gets up and finds Odie. He promptly kicks Odie off the table and laughs</i> &quot;Stupid mutt you make me look bad&quot; <i>Garfield walks up to Jon, and demands for Lagna. Jon does not give him Lasna. Garfield is angry. Jon is angry. Garfield uses his power of Time and Space to delete Mondays in a rage.</i> &quot;Garfield, what are you doing?!?! If you destroy Mondays, then Tuesdays will just take it's place!&quot; <i>Garfield, levitating, raw power flowing out of his eyes, glares at Jon, hate seething through his expression</i> &quot;Then I'll destroy all of it Jon, Monday, Tuesday, Wendsday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, ALL OF IT. YOUR POWER IS NOTHING COMPARED TO MINE JON, BOW BEFORE YOUR GOD&quot; <i>Jon, exasperated from this happening every single Monday, releases his own power, a Stand. </i> &quot;I'LL STOP YOU ONCE MORE GARFIELD, MY STAND, [L A S A G N A], SHALL DEFEAT YOU&quot; <i>They clash, trading blows. Jon's stand shooting Salads and menus for cats on diet pushing back Garfield, who is repelled by the very word 'Diet'. Garfield stops holding back and destroys the very space where Jon is, but was dodged by his Stand giving him information on what Garfield was going to do</i> &quot;YOU CANT STOP ME JON, JUST GIVE IT UP!&quot; &quot;I'LL PROTECT THE VERY UNIVERSE FROM YOUR OPPRESSION GARFIELD!&quot; &quot;AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&quot; &quot;AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&quot; <i>They say this battle is still going on to this day. Whenever it seems as though you forgot what happened on Monday, Garfield won, deleting Monday. Whenever your Mondays drag on, Jon won... The battle to save the universe happens weekly, only ever stopping on Saturdays and Sundays so they can enjoy their weekend.</i>
Hey Joan, I noticed a very distinct lack of lasanga in our oven. This makes me extremely hungry, and I'd appreciate it if you could create more lasnaga for my hurting tummy. How dare you refuse me, you daft idiot. I will now punch the dog. How about now Juan, the dog has paid the price, but what about you. Still you refuse to give me laganga. I hate you Gon, you disgust me. I'll steal your corrupted desires
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