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In memoriam
Sarin those never fucking stopped
i know how to fix the phansite
Lots of red, citizens are blue France is dead, and so are the jews
Phansite Championship Wrestling
I'm Germany and my partners Italy and Japan make up the tag team, Axis Powers.
Hey What's been going on lately?
Yo nice pfp. Very good anime would recommend
Phantom Thieves of Nations
Reminder that posting threads about politics is banned
Countries don't have mouths

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El Hapino New Yearse
Just to clarify, the title is "Happy New Years" in Japanese. I did it that way so our friends over in the east could get the message. Anyways, German words, blah blah blah, guten tag
A CAH game >_>
https://pyx-3.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp#game=141 Password is "prophetisacooldude" >_>
I'm leaving the Phansite (And hopefully the internet in general) permanently (maybe)
Meh, no one really cares about me, so I may as well just leave.
Mmmm i'm using a dead meme
Who wants to see me beat a dead horse?
Hi its bad meme here and I'm here to tell you that Harambe dies in Deadpool 2.
I'm doing homework
Please don't respond as that will distract me
Favr8 purs30wOn3r
http://poal.me/up4clq I included all remakes and spin offs, but not virtually downgraded versions because that would skew the results, hence not including base P3 and 4.
Congratulations, Hifumi Togo, you are officially the winner of the third annual Last Post War! Please, stand up to collect your trophy! https://imgur.com/PYgHMAM
petition to get Mishima to roleplay
We need Mishima to roleplay as Mishima so we can steal his roleplay heart
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