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Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
Well, you're talented. I'm sure you'll manage. *Gin smirked before walking away and leaving the arena, waving with the back of his hand at Star.* And if you're planning something, give me a call. It always gets interesting when you show up.
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
*Gin catches the blades, checks it's weight and spins it around.* Nice. Thanks for the gift. Reminds me of what I used back in the old days. *Gin chuckles, resting the blade on his shoulder.* So, you gonna be up to more mischief?
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
*One of Gin's sword spins down from the exploded black hole. He picks it up, shaking off the dust laughing.* Only you could blow up a black hole, Star.
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
Stars fade eventually. And I have just the tool in my belt to show it. Dark. Gravity. Matter. Wind. *Gin throws his two swords into the air, which are followed by the eight floating blades. The create a circle above the arena and begin spinnning. In the centre, a spark emerges, soon growing in size until a black hole emerges, drawing all in the arena into it, ripping anything that enters it apart at a molecular level. Gin simply folds his arms and anchors himself to the ground.* Star Devourer. Usually, it's a stylised name, but I think it fits for once in this situation. It's not really a black hole. Just a void where matter seperates. Still, you asked for my strongest. This'll do, I think.<div class='edited'>(edited by Gin)</div>
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
Nothing that destroys anything outside this arena please. I don't want to get stuck with any bills for destroying a country. Not again at any rate. *Gin chuckles before hoping down from the wall and back into the arena proper. His laugh seems to make it seem like he's joking.*
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
Light. Life. Whatever works, I suppose. *Feeling the rumbling underneath him, Gin fades into the shadows of his Diamond Prison, allowing it to crumble. Gin reappears on the top of the arena.* Light. Darkness. Wind. Lightning. God Break. *A number of energy orbs are fired from Gin's swords, forming a fluxuating ball of energy that Gin heel kicks down at Star. The ball starts growing and becoming more and more unstable before, upon getting close to Star, it detonates into waves of unstable energy.*
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
* The other eight swords from earlier re-appear around Gin. Four of them stab themselves into the ground, creating walls of diamonds to protect him from the chains.* Ice. Earth. Diamond Prison. As much as a defence as it is an opening. So, your powers are based around Light, Time and Fire. Nasty trio of elements, but I think i can handle it.
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
*Gin smirks, recoiling from the bullets. His armour cracks but starts reforming.* Heh. I suppose it is a bit cliche. But your shadow was behind you. Cloak and Dagger. I distract you with a clone before rising from your shadow for a suprise attack. Admittedly, this time around, it's just a ploy to get a bit closer. You like flashy explosion, right? Earth. Fire. Electricity. Explosion. *Rocks fly up from the ground, magnetise with elecricity into a gauntlet. Lava and fire crack from the surface as he swings at Star. When he gets close, the gauntlet explodes. Gin slides backwards, creating a large distance from Star, his ice armour shattered across his right arm.*
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
<i>Time is relative.</i> *As the dropkick connects, the Gin standing there shatters into glass shards. Gin then rises from Star's shadow, sword frozen like a rapier in hand, and strikes her from behind.*
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
So what your saying is &quot;Don't use light&quot;. I can work with that. Smoke. Darkness. Ice. Mirrors. Light. *Gin uses his blades to emit a large, bright light to blind Star. When the light fades, Gin is in front of Star, striking at her head with two of his blades, ice coating them to create scimitar like blades.*

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Have You Seen Our House?
Our House. In the Middle of Our Street. Have you seen it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXA6CLTDekw
Happy New Year
Think it's officially New Years everywhere in the world now. Means I can officially post this. Happy New Years, Everyone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPnhaGWBnys
Well, Team Cherry may not be giving us anything to work with for Hollow Knight: Silksong but Christopher Larkin is picking up the slack with two beautiful new pieces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRs58D34OLY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6b-lWhn8pg
Most Hated Bosses in Video Games
What are the bosses you hate the most? Not the hardest bosses or the worst bosses. Just bosses for some reason you just absolutely despise. Like, you look at them and the first thing that pops in your head is just hatred and loathing. That boss for me is Nioh's Hino-Emna. I realised this after reaching a side quest late in the game where you have to fight her that I not only remembered exactly who she was despite not even seeing her since beating her in the story like a year ago but how much I hated her. I beat her easily in a single fight and felt no emotion whilst doing so. I just hate her. She was the first brick wall in the game for me. I died so many times to her paralysis Fus Ro Da move or her random grab attack or that charge. Now I'm much more experianced in the game, I was able to dodge most of her attacks, Fus Ro Da included, and block the charge since she's stunned for a good 5 seconds after using it. It was easy, which I think made me hate her even more somehow. Like a &quot;How dare you go down like a bitch after all the shit you put me through the first time&quot; sort of thing. So yeah. I just hate Emna. She sucks. What about you? Any bosses that go beyond annoyance and stay with you as a boss you genuinely hate? I'm curious to see peoples answers.
First Impressions: Nioh 2 Beta
Hello everyone. Gin here. I've been playing Nioh 2 for the last 3 hours since the Open Beta came out yesterday and I decided to make a first impressions thread. Now, my relationship with Nioh is very love-hate. At the best of times, it's a thrilling joy ride of dodging foes and cutting them down when their open. Yuki-Onna is the best boss I've fought in the original Nioh (Up to where I am. I just beat Ogress last I remember) for that reason. Fun fight with easily readable moves when your paying attention but still challenging as she mixes the attacks up to keep you on your toes. At the worst of times, it's an unfair, ridiculous game. This is due to the ludicrous damage everything in the game does. When you have around 1000 health, expect enemies to be doing 700 damage. It's stupid. Certain bosses like White Tiger feel unfair due to being quick and dealing a lot of damage in an unpredictable manner. So, for Nioh 2, they have a way better opening area that lets you choose your weapons in an area where you can actually test them out before going into the actual game. All the old weapons are still in the game, including the Odachi and Tonfa from the DLC expansions, along with two new weapons: Dual axes and a weapon that shifts between a Glaive, a Scythe and one of those folded spear-axe things. The Glaive is my new favourite weapon and the axes are alright but a bit slow for my taste. The game is a prequel to Nioh. This isn't a spoiler. Hidetori (AKA Hideyoshi Toyotomi) starts the mission complaining about needing to make a fort into a castle t impress Nobunaga Oda. Then Aquaman shows up. Not joking. I'm assuming the actual game explains why he's there, cause the beta sure as hell doesn't. Apart from that, not much about the story is shown. Katsuie has a boar spirit. You fight a demon weasel at the end of the stage. That's about it. As for the game play, if you've played Nioh, you know what to expect. The old weapons are identical to how they played in Nioh, which I enjoy as a low stance twin sword main, and the new weapons I mentioned above are pretty nice aditions. There's a new leveling grid that shows the different things in a Yakuza esque wheel of upgrades. Weapons have their own points with the basic stuff that's shared between them being under a new tab called &quot;Samurai&quot;. The main selling point is the Yokai form. Replacing Living Weapon from Nioh is the Yokai form. Instead of changing on the weapon you have on hand when used, you instead change into a Yokai depending on the type of Spirit you have equipped. One is a big brute similar to the masses of Yokai you cut through as William, one is a ninja like one with higher agility and the other is a floating spirit type that prioritises defences. You can also equip Yokai Cores to your character that allow you to use moves based on those Yokai. For example, there's a new bird Yokai that has a spear throwing move. You can turn into that bird and throw it's spear and it's also useful cause it jumps over certain attacks.
Guily Pleasure Games
What games are your guilty pleasures? Like, games you know aren't that good but you still like to play anyway. For me, it's probably Dirge of Cerberus. For the many people who don't know what that is, it's a Final Fantasy 7 spin off staring Vincent Valentine and is a third person shooter. The gameplay isn't really up to much, but I really like it for some reason. Probably cause the villains are actually entertaining. Theirs names are always a colour with the same colour in another language. Rosso the Crimson. Nero the Sable. Azul the Cerulean. You get it, right? Rosso is a blood knight large ham who fights Cloud at one point in the game. Azul is a very large man who fights with a tank cannon and can turn into a Behemoth for some reason. Nero is a BDSM clothed man with wings that have guns on the end of them and can turn into a giant spider. The villains are great, stupid and underrated. I love 'em. Also, for those of you who've played World of Final Fantasy, this is the game where Shelke comes from. She's a main character voiced by Karren Strassmen who is a villain who becomes not a villain and is really good with tech. She also looks 10 but is actual around 24 due to human experimentation stopping her growth or something. Have to make the Loli legal somehow. Anyway, that's mine. Whelming game. Fun Villains. Alright story. What about yours? Any games you like for stupid reasons? I'm not gonna judge <spoiler>But Mona probably will</spoiler> so don't be afraid to share.
Wait For It
Wait for it... Wait For It . . .
How much do we really know about Sword and Shield?
Compare what we know about Sword and Shield right now to around this time when Sun and Moon was about to come out. It's a lot less. We know around a dozen new Pokemon, four new forms and like 6 characters. Most of the news has been on the &quot;Pokemon but bigger&quot; mechanic and how Meowth is suddenly Inugami and Pikachu is fat again and whatever, but that's... really it. Not saying that's a bad thing. Keeping a lot under wraps so people can react when they find it is nice, though it does slightly concerned about how there's suddenly no information to share when, for the last two gens, we got basically everything short of the plot shown before released. Also, most of the new things are Gen 1. Insert generic &quot;omg gen 1 sux lolololol&quot; comment here. Though in all seriousness, does Charizard really need a new form? You can tell who the Pokemon Companies favourite child is. &quot; You can have 2 new megas, a new giant form that makes you look like Godzilla with fire wings and we'll ditch the other lame Gen 1 starters so you can be the star of the show in Smash 4&quot;. OK. Done
How lucky are you?
Here's a fun game. So, someone in Japan made a list that ranks peoples luck based on the day they were born. You don't have to say what rank you are if you don't want to, but I'm gonna share the list here to see how lucky people are. For the record, I'm ranked 350, so don't feel bad if you're on the lower end of the list.
Weird Design Choices
Have you ever looked at a character and thought &quot;What the heck is up with that character design&quot;? This topic is inspired by FFX-2 Yuna. In her design, one of the most obvious things about her design that has changed since X, other than her erm... showing off more, is the long pony tail. Thing is that said ponytail I just found out isn't attached to her hair but her hood. So it's not hairstyle, it's decoration. Because reasons? Guess it explains why some of her dress spheres don't actually have said braid in them. Also, why do a lot of characters in JRPGs have far too many belts?
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