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Place Your Bets
Narrator, you called it. Minecraft Steve is in Smash Ultimate now.
Place Your Bets
I'll put in a guess for Crash since Crash 4 comes out Friday. But I do want Hades from Kid Icarus. For the immense snark.
To anyone who's played devil survivor
Now you mention it, yeah kinda. Abel is the cat to Hibiki's rabbit I suppose.
In this thread I give you a designation
Jokes on you Kaz. That's a South England accent. I'm from the North.
i am calling out samuel1364
Samuel is a bitch as motherfucker. He pissed on Elm's wife.
What is the best mainline SMT game to start with?
"Easiest" they say. Anyway, 4. Original SMT 4. Or Strange Journey. Both are available on the 3DS E shop and Strange Journey is avalible for a DS emulator if you're really that much of a cheapskate.
Come get your Alignments
Test 1: Neutral Good (A Modern Kind of Good) with 85% Test 2: True Neutral Honestly, a lot of those questions seemed to have answers that jumped straight to the extremes, but it was pretty entertaining to see that I just don't care about life. Which is pretty apt for me honestly.

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Do you like... Minecraft?
Nintendo sure does cause Minecraft Steve is officially the second character in the second DLC character pass. Let the salt flow.
Place Your Bets
The next Smash DLC character is getting announced tommorow. Place your bets folks. Who do you want it to be? In case you need proof, Twitter post. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1311304811904729089
I speak unto the filth
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dg_uVEd-ApE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAILgcAvQBw
Akechi is sick of the Pancake meme (P5R spoilers)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=za5SQ5bivms You have doomed this man to a life time of ridicule.
Nioh 2 Review (Spoiler free)
Well, I did a first impressions thread for the Open Beta of Nioh 2. Figures I might as well book end it by making a final impressions thread for the whole game. I'll be spoiling Nioh 1 here but not Nioh 2. As previously mentioned, my relationship with Nioh 1 is love-hate. I like the game as a whole, a samurai souls type of deal taking places in Sengoku era Japan. As a history buff, I'm inclined to love the concept. However, certain factors, such as the ludicrusly unbalanced damage you take from everything made the game a large chore, especially against fast enemies such as White Tiger or the DLC's first boss Date Shigizane. The entire DLC in general can burn in hell for this reason. However, Nioh 2 fixes this issue and adds new mechanics that make the game far better simply by making it more balanced. The game is a prequel to Nioh 1, featuring Hideyoshi, in the game going by his birth name of Tokichiro, as he rises to the top of Japan and you play as The Protaganist (Yes, that's the name the game uses in it's bios), a fully customizable mute who is half Yokai and, as such, can turn into one for a brief period and utilize Yokai abilities. You also have a shiny knife that is inscribed with the name "Hide", so that's what everyone in the game calls you. Gameplay wise, the game is far more balanced than Nioh 1. No longer can everything kill you in one combo. You come with a new assortment of skills you can use thanks to being a Yokai. You can use other Yokai's abilties, including bosses, by collecting their soul cores. Using this you can equip your self with 2, later 3, of the cores that can do certain things such as inflicting status effects or doing a lot of damage. You can also counter the strongest attacks certain enemies, Human or Yokai, have when they flash red and use that to stun them for a few seconds if you do it right. Depending on the type of spirit type, you can either perform a hit, dodge or guard to knock an enemy out of the attack. Burst counters also have some other uses, such as actually allowing you to escape from the stun after you get Ki broken. Oh, and the game actually gives you enough exp to not fall behind the level suggestion in late game. The game still has it's flaws however. Certain side quests are still the same where they throw a bunch of mid tier Yokai into a room and have you fight them all. One room in the game has you fight two large bosses with thankfully lessened damage in a small room and says "Good Luck". There's also the Yokai Form which is Nioh 2's version of Nioh 1's Living weapon except it's completely useless cause of how little damage it does when used but it can still be useful in making you invincible for a 5 second or so window. Finally, certain enemies and bosses are still a chore to fight, sometimes worse than even Nioh 1. Overall however, Nioh 2 is far and away better than Nioh 1 to me thanks to it's added balance changes and new mechanics. If Nioh 1 was a 6, Nioh 2 is easily an 8 for me. Now, let's just hope they learn from their mistakes and don't fuck up the game with the DLC like they did in Nioh 1.
Dynasty Warriors in a nutshell
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl0I9n2PUjk MY BROTHERS!- Guan Yu
Most Bullshit Bosses in gaming
So, Like the last list, I was inspired by Nioh. Cause there is a certain boss in that game that sucks all kinds of balls. <spoiler>Hundred Eyes aka Sir John Dee is the story modes final boss, coming in a mission after the credits roll in the Tower of London,</spoiler> It's attacks are easy avoid, most them involve him attacking past you if you stick to his side, and leave him very open to attack. But that isn't the problem. He summons eyes. At first, they aren't an issue. <spoiler>Dee</spoiler> is just sitting on the ground like a toddler occupied with a toy while you cut them all down then you can go right back to the same attack. Then he summons them again. And moves while they are active. Which leads to when you will die to this boss. If you don't deal with the eyes, they'll likely hit you with the clusterfuck of lasers while your healing or trying to attack. But try dealing with them will likely end in the boss killing you while off screen due his attacks hitting much harder while the eyes are out. It's an occasion of it not being the <i>boss</i> that's an issue but the annoying enemies he spawns that are the real problem with the fight. Which makes it feel like you've been cheated when the boss kills you. In fact, all fights in general that distract you with normal enemies in the fight can up here. But that's besides the point. What are the fights you find absolute bullshit?
Adult Confidant AU
https://twitter.com/ScruffyTurtles/status/1233066760305283077 Scruffy Turtles is back at it with the Adult AU confidant. Now with added actual story in the form of a Webtoons series.
Forum Game: Guess the Game.
Easy rules. Make a Haiku about a video game. The next person in the thread has to guess it and then make a Haiku of a game and so on and so forth. Ready? I'll go first. Edge. Edge. Edge. Edge. Edge. Undo. Undo, Edge, Undo, Undo. Edge Undo. Pretty easy one for those who have played the game.
Have You Seen Our House?
Our House. In the Middle of Our Street. Have you seen it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXA6CLTDekw
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