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Sun Mall: Late Night Wanderers
“I’m already naked 24/7~! Anyway, Jessica, here’s my card in case ya need counseling or therapy or something. Bye!” She leaves the card on the table then goes back into NPC mode.
Sun Mall: Late Night Wanderers
“Okay, I know this is kind of a Mary Sue cockfight right now, but important question: if you’re legal, can I have your number, Mary? I’m single right now so hit me up.” Gleamstar winks. “Anyway, before a higher power goes to sleep and makes me an NPC again, that offer extends to you too Jessica. Of course, if you don’t want to date, I also offer character counseling sessions. First one’s free. Just call me for details.”
Sun Mall: Late Night Wanderers
A muffled voice comes out from the cloak. “Rule of comedy. Don’t overthink it.”
Sun Mall: Late Night Wanderers
A purple cat sits at a table covered by a blue cloth. She stares at the chaos of Jessica and Mary nearby then looks into an imaginary camera. “Yeah, I don’t get it either. It’s a disconnected mess of franchises. Even I have consistent branding. Power of God and preteen Warriors fans on my side. I could analyze the tangled mess of writing but I should get back to NPC duties.” She covers herself with a velvet cloak so all anyone sees is a vaguely person-shaped figure sitting at this booth. A sign advertises fortune telling services.
Street of Shibuya: Defense Of Virtue
“Downvoted, screenshotted, time to cancel you on Twitter.” Gleamstar types on her cat-sized phone.
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
Gleamstar purrs and pads into the green room. She’s starting to like this color. The only awkward part of this classroom is getting the chair dragged back so she can sit in it. Once she does, though, she sits in a manner reminiscent of a certain cat at a dinner table.
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
With all the excitement dying down, Gleamstar decides it’s about time to head off to class. She trots along on all fours and follows the flow of students. She wonders what kinds of classes are here. Uno history? How to draw cards? Maybe the forbidden Uno lore? Who knows?
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
Gleamstar opens an eye at Ryou’s remark. “Not sure if I should take that as speciesly insensitive or not. Eh, makes for a decent line.” She rolls onto her belly and stretches.
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
The options for Gleamstar are numerous, but she chooses the most important: lying in a cozy spot in the courtyard. Her deck sits right by her muzzle. If anyone wants to challenge her, she’ll be ready. Cats can be light sleepers so she can multitask being prepared with chilling out.
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
Gleamstar shuffles the deck and gets it straightened again despite an apparent lack of opposable thumbs. This test sounds alright. She just has to get used to this system. She stands on her hind legs and waits to be dismissed.

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Beach Adventure: Operation Babe Hunt 3.5 HD Remix
"Aha, yes. Summer. Beaches. Purrrfect for searching for a date. I'm technically not married anymore so let's get searching." Gleamstar leans back in her chair and puts on some cool shades. Time to search for targets.
Quality and "Quality" Persona Fanfics
Out of curiosity, what are some of the best and/or worst fics you've come across? The latter's a guilty pleasure of mine (heck, this account is based off a legendary trollfic) but the former's always nice to look at.
Operation Babe Hunt 4.0
Yes, I did it. A terrible idea but we’ll roll with it. Anyway, enough narrator chatter. A purple cat sits on a beach towel, facing the ocean. Her new sunglasses also serve the purpose of looking official for this Very Important Mission.
Terrible fanfics?
I think I posted a topic about this a few months ago, but doesn't hurt to have a chat again. What are some terrible fanfics you've encountered? As you can see, I've read Starkit's Prophecy, but I've also witnessed the glory of My Immortal and... "supper smash bros Mishnoh from God." Don't know if I spelled that correctly, but you get the point. In general, bad fanfics are a guilty pleasure for me, save for some more... disturbing ones. Also, not technically a fanfic, but AO3 tags are a wild ride without even reading the actual stories.
Gleamstar's bootleg book store
A purple cat with a star on her head sits at a stand. Books are piles around her. The sign has "book store" messily written on it.
How to handle a love polygon???
There are like 5 guys who love me who do I choose???
Bad fanfics?
What are some bad fics you've come across? Obviously, this account is based off a character from Starkit's Prophecy, an infamous Warriors trollfic. Terrible spelling, canon out the window, "Tiggerstar"... it's a wild ride.
Gleamstar's Literature Class
In the middle of a park, multiple desks and chairs are set up. A purple cat sits in front of a blackboard, wearing glasses to make her look smarter.
Streaming Starkit's Prophecy
<a href='http://lets.rabb.it/886j/q4H7l5LLhG' class='link' target='_blank'>http://lets.rabb.it/886j/q4H7l5LLhG</a> no benig gay
Phansite Super Edition: Gleamstar's Journey
After conquering the great monster that is a car in a parking lot, Gleamstar is faced with an even greater challenge... &quot;Don u daer!&quot; The purple cat glares at the twoleg that steps out of the &quot;monster&quot; labeled &quot;Animal Control.&quot;
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