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The original Yu, dont listen to the others

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Is dating your own persona incest?
Is dating Yur other selves incest? I am jYust very cYurioYus aboYut the sYubject. I am asking for myself, bYut also a friend who knows this other gYuy who knows this other person who knows this other friend.
Phans of Reddi- I mean the Phansite, why are you here?
<quote user="HifumiTogo">No quote towers.</quote> It's more of a pyramid
Still L.N.A.R.I.
That's right, like I am the only me, Golden Yu.
Please Don't
On the one hand, an amazing meme On the other, painful agonizing tragedy <spoiler>Watch as this goes down in history as the one time memes ended up badly for tons of ppl</spoiler> But honestly no one's going to actually do it, or not many people, and if they do, then whatever happens will be a deterrant for future people, like the cold war situation
haha me fat boy chum cuhm i get big me super power i also are in Big Cat in Hat ate Mike Maiyonaiise as fat boy haah
In memoriam
You mean April 2017?
Broken wings (roleplay)
<i>[After the deed is done, as it is tradition with every single Leblanc in existence since 2017, Leblanc is now gone.]</i> Thanks a lot, Level 1 Izanagi. <i>[He waves at it as it slowly is un-summoned.]</i> Welcome to the NexYus, Yu. Have a nice stay. <i>[And thus, Golden Yu continues his pilgrimage.]</i>
Broken wings (roleplay)
Well I'll jYust say one word and that shoYuld be enoYugh. Right Golden Level 1 Izanagi? <i>[He would then point at the floor.]</i> This is Leblanc. And it's standing proYudly. Yu know what to do.
Broken wings (roleplay)
Aaah shizz <i>[He says before summoning the great one, the amazing Level 1 Golden Izanagi.]</i> Here we go again then
Broken wings (roleplay)
<i>[He claps.]</i> Yu should take the deal Yu, Yu are the person he's looking for after all.

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As a reply or something for Yu all.
Oh, Yu see, I'm still here, waiting. Yu will find me. Yu should understand that Yu, who is me, is always watching. Every single person will fall to the fact that must be understood, for Yu is eternal, and Yu are not. For Yu see, I am Golden Yu.
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