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Cacophonous Din
<i>The card would find itself parried away at blinding speed by Homura, her gun having vanished and been replaced with the black sword. Even so, with that motion done she simply... Shrugs and begins walking away.</i> H: &quot;I suppose that's true, not every problem has to be made ours after all. Good luck then.&quot; <i>Madoka stares in confusion while being dragged away by her girlfriend, the black-haired girl's weapons having vanished for the moment as she simply starts walking out and looks over to Sonomi.</i> H: &quot;Change of plans, the first one was stupid. We're all leaving now, come on.&quot; M: &quot;Homura what are you even doing? Sh-&quot; <i>As Madoka starts in the older girl would just shake her head, this isn't the time for playing hero. </i> H: &quot;Nah, it's just like that woman said. There really isn't much here for us, if she ends up having things go bad well. That isn't our fault frankly, she knows the risks. Lilith, help me out a little.&quot; <i>That last part would be muttered so quietly even Madoka can't quite make it out standing next to her, but a small light flows from the girl's left hand, Aiming at Sonomi's soul gem, drain. Not trying to drain magical power though, but trying to drain despair and sorrow that corrupts one and bring it into Homura's self. If it worked, she'd be left gasping and leaning against the other girl as Sonomi's gem becomes a bit less dark. Otherwise she merely stops the spell before much can happen.</i> M: &quot;... Homura are you sure that's a good idea?&quot; H: &quot;Nope, not in the slightest.&quot;
GYM DX: You Won't Die Tomorrow
<i>The girl sighs heavily, that didn't work out quite how she wanted it to... Maybe this can do something for her though, one of the quick blows is able to slash into her a bit before she can get moving, leaving a small trail of blood going down her left arm. But before the other can land true she just... Vanishes almost, she's still moving but the speed is so absurd as the clock on Lilith's back begins spinning wildly that trying to keep track is likely a fool's errand even for Kazuya. Which would naturally allow her to evade the other blows. The swordsman also finds a whirling tornado forming not long after, Homura's speed returning to normal while she tosses a flashbang and incendiary grenade into the magical winds that would explode with a nearly deafing sound as vast light pours from the attack and fires mix into the whirlwind that's spinning toward him.</i> &quot;Hmm, so physical attacks and darkness won't work huh... Guess I'll have to improvise more then, that's fine. I can make this work!&quot;
GYM DX: You Won't Die Tomorrow
<i>The sand doesn't quite hit, evaded by an inhuman speed the girl seems to posess even without calling forth any magic directly. She's just fast, fast enough to follow the movements of a master swordsman by this point... But she isn't stronger than him, and can only respond by blasting the shotgun into his chest directly before being tackled, a move that sends her weapon flying as the blade handle slams into her.</i> &quot;Come forth, Lilith!&quot; <i>Where she found time to crush the blue card that appears isn't anything that can be seen with eyes, it was conjured forth behind the girl as she went reeling back and smashed like glass with the weight of her body. A fact which would leave a floating woman with pale skin, shoulder-length raven black hair, and a black tight dress with a clock on its back standing next to them. Kazuya and his Persona would feel a familar thing happening as well, a sickly light engulfs the swordsman as Lilith waves her hands at the man. A light which would cause him to grow slower, weaker, and easier to hurt. Debilitate, a spell he's faced before no doubt. It'd also be met with the girl trying to stab a knife that's appeared in her right hand into his right shoulder hard.</i>
GYM DX: You Won't Die Tomorrow
<i>Homura would chuckle a bit, blue flames huh... Two can play at that game, but she isn't about to show her whole hand too quickly.</i> &quot;Of course you have, I'd expect nothing less of someone like you honestly!&quot; <i>With that said the shoutgun's shells start blasting across the field in a single moment, propelled forward by a rushing wind that flows without warning and with small spikes of pure darkness upon their tips aiming to pierce further into Kazuya's armor and if lucky flesh than any mere normal ammo generally would. </i> &quot;I don't intend to hold back, but that goes without saying huh? Odds aren't great for me even giving my all but that just makes it a better test...!&quot;
GYM DX: You Won't Die Tomorrow
<i>Homura would smile and nod, absently picking up one of the devices to enter into the place and looking around it curiously as she apears across from Kazuya. </i> &quot;Huh... Seems like the kinda place you'd see in something about old Rome or the like, can't say I've ever been present in a thing like this before now.&quot; <i>It feels real enough to be sure, a dusty wind blowing through the arena as Homura bows to her teacher and opponent in this battle as a polite gesture. Before looking back up with her shotgun raised and smirking a bit.</i> &quot;Ready to start, sensei? I know you saw my new Persona for a bit, once. But I'm curious how she can do against you honestly...&quot; <i>There's a tension rising in the girl's voice, clearly getting ready, but she isn't shooting just yet.</i>
GYM DX: You Won't Die Tomorrow
<i>The system might be a bit different, but it isn't too hard for Kaz to get at all... As for Homura, she laughs a bit while nodding to the older man. She can sort of understand what that friend of his meant.</i> &quot;... Thank you, it was honestly partly just... Easier than I expected, two simple swipes of my sword and she died. And I'd do it again even if I feel awful, anything to protect Madoka. But it's still a bit horrifying being pushed so far, and realizing how fast even people like us can fall.&quot; <i>She'd sigh while absently drawing out a shotgun from the bottle, now placed back into her coat and commanded solely through magic.</i> &quot;Anyway, yeah let's go. I'll accept your feelings too ya know, even if I am younger I feel like I owe you some. Feel free to pick where we're gonna do this, should be some options in there.&quot;
GYM DX: You Won't Die Tomorrow
<i>The girl would shrug at that accusation, jumping the gun... Heh, she does have a quickdraw by now.</i> &quot;Yeah, maybe I do sometimes. As for what it is, nifty little VR set up. Heard it was for safety reasons, fighting without having to worry about killing each other yeah?&quot; <i>As for the first question, after dodging for a bit she would answer. Though not without pausing for a moment and sounding clearly uncomfortable.</i> &quot;In short? No it wasn't. It's... Kinda been a long time coming, magical girl that was bothering... Not bothering, she tried to kill me once, Madoka too. We ended up trying to talk some sense into her recently, didn't work. I'd never ended anyone's life, not till then.&quot; <i>She stares into the computer's screen sounding a bit shellshocked while scrolling through a menu.</i>
GYM DX: You Won't Die Tomorrow
<i>A teenager would wander into the building, absently toying with a small glowing glass bottle as her eyes dart around the room upon entering it... And looking over at Kazuya with a slight smile, despite the obviously very tired and worn down look on her face.</i> &quot;Oh, hey Kazuya-sensei. Wasn't expecting to see you around here, don't very often... Not that I come by a ton either, something up with you too?&quot; <i>She'd sigh while walking over to a computer sitting in one of the area's corners, might as well use the fancy fake stuff if they're gonna be fighting with lethal weapons.</i> &quot;And I guess if you came to fight, then so did I... Seems a bit like I'll be overmatched but that's fine.&quot;
Cacophonous Din
<i>Homura looks over at the older woman for a moment and... Smiles slightly, even as she stares with the eyes of a haunted shell-shocked veteran rather than a simple teenager. </i> H: &quot;That... Is honestly nice to hear, can't remember anyone ever being worried about our safety before. But we aren't helpless or anything, and at the end of the day I can't really live with myself if I walk away and something goes wrong when I could have helped...&quot; <i>The black-haired girl sighs as Madoka steps to the front, offering a sad smile and nodding along with Homura's words before speaking up herself.</i> M: &quot;Yeah pretty much, we aren't magical girls anymore. Long story there... But we aren't ever gonna be normal again either. And I can't give up without feeling awful too.&quot; <i>As the girl shrugs a bit magic would slightly flow around them both, dancing shadows sharpening and turning visibly solid near Homura. And lightning radiates with a crackle around the pink-haired teen.</i>
Cacophonous Din
<i>The pair of girls would quiet down and try to remain stealthy as best they can, frankly it... Isn't something either is trained in, and they make some noises even while doing their best to move unheard, but they can graps the concept of cover well enough so there's that. For now they simply observe the massive group while trying to go hidden and looking over at the large nest like tree. Maybe some more time will let them learn more about this madhouse rather than rushing in wildly without a second thought.</i>

Recent topics

Faba Magi Capulus Magicus: A Dreary Afternoon
<i>Within the streets of Tokyo's Shibuya area a small building sits, a sign above its doors written in dark purple reading Faba Magi Capulus Magicus and a smaller one in the window which says open. The entire place is in a word, calm. Quiet and softly lit with an atmosphere that at the moment one could easily fall asleep to without even trying, a fact that's rather aided by the rain pouring down onto the city from above and making gentle sounds beating overhead. A small fireplace burns as well, given the rather chilly weather outside a young girl with black hair sits next to it looking rather worn out while she just leans back in a chair. </i> &quot;Geez, slow day for now but I guess it's to be expected. The morning's over and nobody really wants to come out here on a dull day like this... Already had to send everyone else home early though, not wasting my payroll on no business...&quot; <i>Homura would absently look over a stack of papers while sitting at the table pondering aloud, not as though anyone else is here right now after all. And Madoka apparently had something else to do today so here she sits... That and Madoka may or may not still be in school, only just leaving at most Homura always does lose track of time a bit when she's this bored. Rummaging through figures while listening for the chime of her door's bell. Just hoping to get someone at least a bit interesting here soon isn't a favored hobby, but it's about all she can do for the moment...</i> <spoiler>Also behold what I was listening to while writing this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq7kyf1T_lk </spoiler>
Faba Magi Capulus Magicus: Calm Before a Storm
<i>It's fairly late into the evening at this point, and the place is hardly jam-packed. A few customers still linger within the building, but mostly everyone's gone home. The softly lit cozy little cafe is quiet, and a pair of girls sit at a table with smiles on their faces.</i> H: &quot;Geez, it's been too long since we just sat down and relaxed huh...? M: &quot;Yeah, much. Mostly I'm just glad things are... Maybe not entirely fine, but quiet for now.&quot; <i>Homura would nod to that, absently leaning against the other girl given they'd placed their chairs directly beside each other. Both just sip away at some coffee, enjoying a comfortable silence while looking around the room.</i>
GYM: A Typical Day To Brawl
<i>A girl wanders the city streets, absently passing through a rundown back alley of Tokyo without a second thought before coming to a large building. There's a slight pause at the door, but she'd enter soon enough with a shrug of her shoulders and a dull look on her face with hands buried in jacket pockets. After the lights flicker on she would simply stand next to a wooden training dummy and draw a simple wood sword from seemingly nowhere. Slamming away at the training dummy with startling strength and speed for a sixteen-year-old girl, it borders the line between merely impressive and inhuman at several moments even. Shadows flickering around her body in strange ways as the girl smiles a bit.</i> &quot;Well, I certainly feel different after... That, better all told. Hmm, I need to put myself through some actual challenge though. With any luck, someone will drop by who can help there.&quot; <i>Homura shrugs a bit and looks around while musing to herself, not having much else to do but warm up some more given the place is still currently empty.</i>
GYM Deluxe: Cross Tag Magica
<i>A pair of girls walk into the building, one with black hair tied in a ponytail and wearing a black hoodie with blue specks over it, along with a pair of shorts and black boots on her feet. The other has a bow and arrows strapped to her back, wearing a pink t-shirt with a glittery sword drawn on the front. Along with light blue exercise pants. The lights flick on as they come into the building proper, glancing around and spotting both a normal fighting ring and one which appears to have some kind of computer set up for digital battlefields? Homura turns to her partner with a curious look.</i> H: &quot;Huh, that's new... Might take a look at it though, if you want Madoka.&quot; <i>The pinkette shrugs a bit, she's not exactly an expert on this stuff after all.</i> M: &quot;Eh, I'll trust your judgment on it honestly. I won't lie though; I am a bit excited to actually <b>do something</b> with this power. Even if it's not important.&quot; <i>Homura shrugs a bit and walks behind the GYM's counter, quickly starting to brew a pot of green tea with a smile on her face. It’d take a moment of looking around, going through various kitchen tools around the place. Not to mention the fact the tea is for some reason stuffed on a top shelf she’s gotta resort to a murky black tendril of shadows to reach for, but eventually, a kettle would sit on the stove and begin to boil.</i> H: &quot;Mmm, I can understand that. I'm a bit worried, but... together again anyway. At least Personas don't have quite the drawbacks of our former state.&quot; <i>Madoka grimaces a bit at that last statement, arrows flying through the air at a training dummy and lighting up with bits of gleaming holy magic that would appear as sharper points and pierce deeply into the target. She grins and stows the bow over her shoulder again, taking a seat at the counter and observing Homura’s work.</i> M: &quot;You aren't wrong there... Wonder who all will come in today though?&quot; <i>The black-haired girl shrugs and then pours out a pair of cups, taking a seat at the counter alongside Madoka and absently watching the door as they both drink, Homura’s head leaning against Madoka’s shoulder for a moment as the other girl blushes some.</i> H: “Eh, no telling on that one. Whoever we end up going against though, I’m at least pretty sure we can learn something useful about your Persona. And how to make our magic works <b>with</b> each other too. That bit is important.” M: “Heh, yeah I know. Win or lose, the point is just to get better and learn more.” <i>With those words said, the pair would go silent for now and simply drink their tea with smiles on their faces. Heads only turning now and then to gaze around and see if anyone else has joined them.</i> <spoiler>This will be an experiment on my part, tag battles have been done before, but always with four players. I’m mad though, so I’m gonna try one with myself just… Using two characters. I won’t say anyone else has to, though if someone wants to feel free to engage in this madness as well.</spoiler>
Unlimited GYM
<spoiler>OOC: So haven't done one of these in a while, the basic gist though is they're based on the idea of Unlimited Characters in BlazBlue. Ultra powerful versions of normal fighters. Not flat out god modding exactly, but still a lot more over the top than normal stuff and non-canon is the intent of these.</spoiler> <i>A woman in her early 30s would walk up to an old rundown building, a blank and worn out look on her face as she absently looks down at a gleaming ring.</i> &quot;Yeesh, been a damn while since I've come back here. Well whatever, maybe someone here can... Nah I doubt it.&quot; <i>She shakes her head, black hair tied in a ponytail swaying about as she walks through the GYM's doors and flicks on the lights. Despite it being old, the place is still somehow in amazing shape internally, a longue area sits off to the side, along with a fully stocked bar sitting at the back that's got no one running for now. Finally, there are several &quot;fighting rings&quot; as it were, wide fields that have some mystic writings set up as a square around them which would prevent any stray fire from rushing out into the building around them. Homura reaches into a black coat around her and pulls out a lighter, along with a cigarette that she'd quickly take a drag from before leaning back against a wall with a disinterested look.</i> &quot;Oh well, I guess I haven't got anything better to do than wait around here anyways. Might be fun if the right person shows up. Someone who can be a challenge...&quot;
Sun Mall Magica
<i>A pair of girls wander through the mall, not an unusual event in most times. The fact that one of with black hair has her eyes darting all about the area warily might strike one as odd though, the pink haired girl with her just sighing and shaking her head at her counterpart's mood is perhaps more normal.</i> Madoka: &quot;Geez, you seem to be uh... Paranoid today Homura-chan.&quot; Homura: &quot;Yeah yeah, nothing to worry about too much. It's just, stuff Madoka, sorry.&quot; <i>Homura would flip her hair back a bit and absently begin leaning back against a wall, a cup of coffee held in her hands as the other girl just watches her with a concerned look on her face. For the moment, she'd simply lean against Madoka and sip at her drink every now and then. Various crowds pass by, storefronts are open, the fountain in the area's center is running, it's a typical morning in Japan all things considered. Though those outside the building might note the downpour of rain and the slightly strong winds blowing about.</i> M: &quot;Kinda surprised you wanted to get out today though, this weather isn't exactly the best.&quot; H: &quot;Hmm, not really but I felt a bit restless at home. Wonder if anyone interesting will be around...&quot;
Faba Magi Capulus Magicus
<i> A young woman looks over a building, various chairs and tables lining the floor. A bell can be seen at the top of the door, and on the whole, the place is fairly small and calmly lit, giving off a very homey feel despite being in the middle of Tokyo.</i> &quot;Hmm... We've been pretty lacking in places like this for a while, guess I might as well give it a shot right?&quot; <i> She'd wander into the kitchen for a moment, an assortment of baked good placed around... And a slight mess from cooking the things, but she'll clean it up eventually.</i> &quot;Well, everything's ready, I've got stuff made... Alright, time to open up!&quot; <i> The girl walks to the front of the store, unlocking the front door and flipping a closed sign to open. With that, Homura wanders behind the counter and smiles. Sure it's a strange thing for her to be doing, but eh, can't just look for shadows and witches all the time, right? Either way, she'd simply look toward the door and lean back on a wall</i>
Sun Mall: Now with 100% less Witches!
<i> A young woman wanders into the mall, she looks around for a moment and spots a tall tree with pink leaves in the center of the area. Moonlight pouring down onto it through the open air above the mall...</i> &quot;Well, I guess I can't sit around moping all day long... Wonder if anything will happen tonight?&quot; <i> Homura would wander over to a fountain and sit down on the edge for a moment. She'd glance toward various shops and restaurants for a moment, but in the end she can't really bring herself to do... Much, instead the girl simply lays down on the edge and stares up at the sky. Vaguely examining the stars, not that it'd really do much to take her mind off things... Either way, for now she simply places her hands behind her head and stares out, not even bothering to pay any attention to things around herself at the moment.</i>
Roppongi Hills: A frozen park.
<i> Homura sits on a park bench with a small smile on her face, she'd stare out at a nearby lake as snow falls around her, moonlight dancing across the frozen water.</i> &quot;Huh, it's pretty out here... But, I really hope she's not too late, if it takes much longer I'll have to start searching.&quot; <i> She sighs, she'd called the other girl a bit ago. But Madoka is bad with directions... It's a toss up between danger, and just being a bit lost, hopefully the latter. Regardless, Homura's still assuming the best as she smiles at the leafless trees and shivers a bit.</i> &quot;Oh well, I've gotta have a little faith is all! She's not helpless or anything.&quot;
Emerson's Armory: Genealogy of the Holy Forge, Second Generation
<i> A young girl wanders toward a famiral Armory, she'd walk through the doors with a grin on her face and instantly move toward the swords. Mostly looking at Katanas before she glances around the shop for a bit.</i>
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