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If there is virtue in vice...
Roshine’s flames incinerate the Inquisitive and Sagely Birds, with Akia and Jhin’s attacks finishing them off. The Searching Bird would have attempted to counterattack, but a spike of ice hits its open beak and makes it gag and fall over, dazed. With the storm of magic over, Ihika steps in and nudges the bird with his foot. It twitches but is unable to attack anymore. A few stray flames cling to the books and vines. Whatever the birds were reading, it’s too charred to be of any use. This room has no path to a lower floor either. Unless you want to mess with this poor bird or try anything else, this room is of no use.
If there is virtue in vice...
Roshine absorbs the light of the candles flickering among the books, making his own wings of light the main glow illuminating the room. The wind’s flow wavers both from his interference and the birds weakening their spell. Searching Bird: “Humans? What a twist of fate!” Inquisitive Bird: “What does it matter to you? Killing humans is trivial. Won’t hurt if you let it happen.” Sagely Bird: “To help our client, we must experiment. A life for a life. To arms!” The trio open their wings and caw. Though the blades hit hard and the books go up in flames, this only angers them more. Even a drunken demon is dangerous. Searching Bird: “Don’t leave my sight!” Inquisitive Bird: “What do you humans look like on the inside?” Sagely Bird: “Burning our research materials? Burn with it!” The first bird sends out a green pulse that makes everyone’s limbs feel as if they had been infused with lead. The other two stoke the winds anew. They combine the powers of their wind spells and unleash it in a burst of cutting winds and fiery pages out at the humans. Though this gives them some burns from stray flames, they pay it no mind. Bastet notes that these birds are vulnerable to bullets, but also ice and wind. Akia’s attack was close enough to ice to hit the second weakness. Their swift movements and holy energy make physical attacks and light not very effective.
If there is virtue in vice...
As quite a few folks have chosen this entrance, allow me to reveal it. Within is a bookworm’s dream: stacks of books in a small yet cozy room. The smell of old pages permeates the air. Gusts of green wind send books flying around, pages turning, allowing a trio of birds to read and learn and wisen. These birds have the appearance of a brown ibis with a red hat that has long straps on each side. A voice calls from the upper floor. Voice: “Have you found it yet?” The birds reply without taking their eyes off the pages. Searching Bird: “This takes time.” Inquisitive Bird: “Perhaps we could use a human as a host?” Sagely Bird: “Yes, a human to sacrifice for new life, yet humans are not common in the Expanse.” They’re too busy reading to notice their visitors. You can leave and try another entrance if you wish.
If there is virtue in vice...
The salamander leans forward and bites Akia’s hand. Like with Crystia and the Kobold, Akia feels some of her life force drain away. “ME AM BRUTE IHIKA. ME HELP YOU. DIA.” A warm light surrounds Akia, reinvigorating her and closing the wound on her hand. After that, Ihika waits for any orders or for his new master to move. This demon appears compliant. However, take care of him. Without a COMP to be tethered to, his death cannot be reversed if he meets his end. The doorways are too covered with foliage to see much. A faint breeze comes from the eastern door.
If there is virtue in vice...
The salamander’s eyes dart around the room. The ice above it is an excellent negotiation tool but its pride won’t let it accept the deal without some of its own input. “ME CAN... TRY THAT BUT FIRST ME WANT SMALL PAYMENT. ME WANT SOME LIFE.” It glances back up at the spikes. “M-ME CAN HEAL YOU AFTER THOUGH.” For those not involved in negotiation, they may want to examine the room. It’s square with openings in the walls on each side. The south wall’s entrance contains the other salamander, but the other three openings are a mystery.
If there is virtue in vice...
There’s not much the salamander can do besides claw at the ground as it’s dragged by Bastet. It’s too stunned by pain and confusion to actually attack right now. Captured by the scarf, it eyes the humans warily. Sparks fly out from its lashing tail but it’s willing to talk. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, HUMANS? ME INNOCENT. ME JUST WANTED TO CATCH SNACK.” Roshine easily descends through the hole. Thorne, Akia, and Jhin can easily follow; its a roughly ten-foot drop with stray vines to slide down.
If there is virtue in vice...
<spoiler>ooc: You are all in B3F now... although Crystia just jumped down the hole to B4F</spoiler> Crystia leaps down, earning cries of surprise from the demons gathered below: two bipedal salamanders and a pig-like orc. For a moment, they just stare at the human that had just waltzed into their broken trap. “...Take what you can get I guess. Zio!” One of the salamanders yells, and its companion soon adds to its attack, sending two bolts of electricity total at Crystia. Before the orc can attack, Akia’s rain of ice knocks down the two salamanders and Jhin’s sniper shot finishes off the orc with a clean shot in the head. The salamanders skitter back into a gap in the vines to hide and hiss. They’re trying to stay out of sight from whatever assaulted them from above.
If there is virtue in vice...
With Akia taking the lead, it’s only a simple trip down the winding staircase to find Crystia on B3F (the narrator has called the town level B2F rather than B1F, my apologies). The girl stands at the end of a vine-covered hall. As said before, there are two gaps in the wall to the left and one gap to the right. Bastet makes quick work of the dried vines, revealing a hole down to the next floor. Hushed voices reach Crystia’s ears. “Just finished tying that-“ “Told you a trap like that would fail-“ “Shut up or they’ll-“ They sound really annoyed.<div class='edited'>(edited by Hundred-S)</div>
If there is virtue in vice...
[World of Gluttony B2F] The spirit bows when Thorne arrives. “Welcome. This is - ah, so you do not need my services? That girl was vocal about meeting the ruler of this realm, Horkos. She is likely already descending to the lower floors to fight him. I do hope she doesn’t plan to face him on her own.”
If there is virtue in vice...
[World of Gluttony B2F] Indeed, the butterfly finds nothing in the springs except for the feminine spirit floating just above the water. There is only one entrance to the springs, so she couldn't have gone anywhere except the main town area. Where she is, that is the question. The butterflies don't see anything in the open shop doorways either. --- [World of Gluttony B3F] The brown material appears to be dried vines similar to those making up the floor. These vines aren't here naturally though. Bastet notices some knots have been tied to connect these brown vines to the floor vines, as if covering up a hole.

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If there is virtue in vice...
There are those in this world with limitless power. There are those in this world with limitless depravity. There are those in this world who only observe the chaos that unfolds before them, immortalizing it in stories. This is a story of one who follows all three paths, and the mortals wrapped up in a twisted whim. However, this is not <i>his</i> story, if those the audience follows claim ownership of it. This is your story, then, you poor souls brought into this mess. You are fragile, you are weak, but a stone under pressure becomes a diamond. For now, you are in a dream. You can feel the warm, wet breath of something and the touch of cold scales. While you stare into this darkness, describe yourself. &quot;Who are you, and what do you wish to be?&quot; The question rings in your ears.
Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
Despite it being a few months away from Halloween, someone has turned an old boarded-up house into a creepily-decorated attraction. A green mist flows out of the doorway, and cobwebs and orange and black decorations litter the porch. Anyone passing by could see some movement inside beyond the &quot;Take One&quot; candy bowl at the front steps.
Shadow Network: Virus Infestation
Tokyo was a bustling city, and as such, any problems with transportation threw a wrench into the works of this well-oiled machine. For the past day, the entire subway line has been shut down. The official statement claimed this was due to a major gas leak, but over time, that was becoming harder to believe. A green mist flowed out of any opening it could find. It was contained in the tunnels for now, but rumors of creatures within surfaced. By noon of the following day, the guards at one of the subway entrances had inexplicably vanished. Yellow tape was the only thing between everyone else and the tunnels, yet few dared to venture close... much less inside.
Drink Machine the Reckoning: Now With 60% Less Snakes!
There was a sleek silver box on the sidewalk, resembling a fridge. It had a keyboard about halfway up, and a plastic cup already set under a nozzle. The label across the top read &quot;Type anything, get anything!&quot;
Vending Machine Ultimate Redux 2.5 Remix
A lone, black vending machine sits in the busy city. A keyboard-like keypad allows anything to be entered. No money can be inserted, so whatever comes out is free...
Snek's House of Spooks
What was once a boarded-up house has become a... well, it's still a boarded-up house, but with tacky Halloween decorations! A crudely-made sign advertises a haunted house. It's almost comical, to be honest. But it's free.
Serpent World: Games and More!
A new attraction has opened out of the blue! The outside of the building has a sign above the door with the establishment's name, and a green cartoony snake circling the edge. Inside is a station to purchase tokens and a prize counter, as well as various games. There's also a play area with a ballpit and a network of netting, tubes, and slides.
Creeping Creation, Creeping Death
Once again, an anomaly has come to the park. At a glance, everything is normal. No weird rift like a few days ago. However, staring at a certain spot revealed a slight quivering bulge in the ground, like a tumor in the earth. The grass on it is a dull, drained gray-green color.
Swords of Rest and Guilt
A sliver of rainbow light cuts through the air of the park. Literally. It's like a splinter of light in the air, in place and throbbing like an open wound.
Serpent's Challenge: Flutter by, butterfly.
[While there are limits to a snake's abilities, the intricate properties of the Nexus allow it to exercise control it normally wouldn't have. The Laws are in place..] [Time to put in the independent variables...] --- [You awaken in a random place around the city. Everything is as it should be, yet you can't shake the feeling that something is wrong... Nor can you remember what happened within the past few hours.]
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