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Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
Above the roar of the stylish exit, the director waved with a sharp-toothed grin. “May we meet again!” As Dante and the others returned to outside, the ruined house slowly collapsed in on itself. The green mist disappeared along with the house’s sturdiness. Though it was gone for now, the creator and its pawns left safely... Perhaps it was for the best.
Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
Black fluid burst from the nurse’s body where the rifle’s shot hit her. A door slammed open down the hall. “Now now, don’t be hasty. I can handle it myself. This Node Shadow can’t stand a chance.” The director’s voice could be faintly heard reassuring the massive humanoid in surgeon’s clothing. Once they reached the fallen nurse, the shocklingly healthy director sighed, brushed soot off his cape, and opened the door with a firm kick. “My my, you are all so troublesome. Not what the Core expected at all. Fine. If you’ll play that way, you’d best get out.” The director looked down the hall as a powerful tremor shook the ground. “We’re going to close up shop and move somewhere else. Take this as a victory with all the trouble the demon hunter has caused. Perhaps if you had played along, we’d have fulfilled this place’s purpose...”
Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
The room would have been a surgical room like the ones Melody passed, but the fire did some... remodeling to it. There was also a hole in the ceiling courtesy of Alice. A nurse passed by the window without looking in. Her movements were unnatural, like they were made by an amateur puppeteer. She stared with glazed eyes at the path ahead of her with a stitched-on smile.
Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
Sorry, Melody, but it is exactly who you think it is in there. Flames obscure the door’s window for a moment. Once the flames settle down from wildfire-level, all that remains is a pile of ashes where the Director once was, a scorched room, a demon slayer and a girl who is starting to face her biggest enemy: horrible data connection. If Melody opened the door, the ashes would spiral out on a gust from out of nowhere.
Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
Though some ice was reflected and froze the director’s limbs, he laughed as if he were having the time of his life. “Wonderful! WONDERFUL! Now let’s change things up...” The same ice attack, although completely missing Dante. Rather, it was aimed anywhere BUT Dante - trying to freeze both Sana and the rest of the room. The director was close to death, but his worries were absent. “I feel young again!” —- The lab areas are empty except for a surgical room at the end of the hall. A gargantuan humanoid in white clothes was slicing into a body on an operating table. A zombie-like nurse would occasionally give him tools from a small sliding rack. On the other end of the room was an empty table with shackles for wrists and ankles.
Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
The window Melody looked into revealed the director, Dante, and Sana. All roads lead to Rome, it seems. The bullets pierced the director’s body like a rock against wet paper. Even as he was thrown into the ceiling, he cackled. “A rily patient! How fun! Go on, burn up your anger so we can sedate you later!” His hands, drained of life yet still strong as iron, gripped the ceiling to keep himself in place. Multiple icicles formed across the room before crashing down. Upon hitting the ground, they would burst outward into needle-like shards.
Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
The door opened, revealing a long hallway. Only one person was walking down at the moment, but they soon entered a room off to the side. The various rooms had windows on the doors which allowed Melody to glance inside. They were mostly surgical areas and rooms with beds. For a hospital-like setting, though, there was a concerning amount of rust and black goo. --- "Kehehe... a good guess, but it's been done to death already. A little chaos is more fun." The man smiled and pushed open the door. His outfit was elegant but out of this century. He had the appearance of a count, or perhaps a vampire lord due to his skeletal hands and oddly-colored skin. His smile wasn't friendly, but rather amused. "I'm just the director of this place, not the boss. You'd be better off looking for the chimera... It's near, but you're not getting close to it. The head surgeon's the one protecting it. Speaking of that fellow, I should call his associates. You two look like you need some... bodily reconstruction."
Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
The sound echoed off the metal all around, giving Melody a clear image of the area. While there wasn't much more than pipes near the green core, there was an indentation that suggested a door at the other end of the room. There were also walkways along the walls for the shadowy blobs to move along. There was also a... concerning sound of something collapsing in the distance but there was no visible damage as far as Melody could "see." --- Alice managed to dodge most of the bullets with surprising agility, although she still barely managed to keep herself together - literally. She scowled at the two down below as they fell. The fall was at least five stories, passing wood floor and then stone. The place where the two landed was dimly lit with green light and some flickering fluorescent ones. Various surgical equipment was scattered around. Outside the only door's window, the two could see a white-haired man with a black cape walking by.
Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
Melody could see that the waterfall crashed down onto red-hot metal pipes, bathing them in water and steam. A few pipes around the room leaked a green liquid, but all were connected to a green sphere. Inside the sphere was... something. It was hard to call it anything besides an “amalgamation.” It was as if someone took many creatures and frankensteined them into a nonsense monster, complete with bad stitching. Shadowy blobs were scattered around. Some worked on the hissing machinery, and some just lazed around the core’s base. The black and green color scheme of the area gave it the appearance of a secret laboratory. —- Alice had not expected Dante to handle her attack that well, nor for the doppelgänger to rush in to gang up on her. The ground shook with the sheer force of the assault. Once the sawdust finally faded, Alice was nowhere to be seen. “You... you’re supposed to be just a human plaything! Big Bro said nothing about this!” Looking up would reveal the girl sitting on the edge of a break in the ceiling. Her shadowy insides somehow managed to hold her nearly-broken body together. She swung her legs back and forth in the open air. “I don’t wanna play this anymore... you’re too old to play with anyway.” The shadows of the hole in the ceiling burst downwards and through a few floors below. “Go play with Big Bro instead. He couldn’t see the rest of this, so he needs to meet you down there so he can make a scary thing just for you!”
Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
A minute after Melody’s raft passed the halfway point, leathery wings beat against air and water. A bat-like creature rocketed at the girl from behind. A broken screech rang out... But was silenced in an instant. A wet <i>crunch</i> halted the bat. Its body caved in, twisted and pierced by <i>something</i>. Whatever force had caught the creature had come as soon as it heard splashing. The force continued to chew the poor creature as Melody moved onward. She could see pipes hissing steam at the end of the passageway. The water itself picked up speed and would inevitably cascade as a waterfall onto something unseen. —- All the punishment the tiger had taken was enough to let its life be ended by the final assault. It roared and melted into the floor, both its white fur and the area becoming dark. Despite the dim light, Alice’s shadows were clear as day. Alice herself took quite a beating as well, since she was completely defenseless from the disorienting actions of Sana. “This isn’t fun anymore. I can’t play right like this! Just DIE!” The vortex of shadows finally burst. Much stronger than before, the shadows’ spikes pierced all around Alice all the way up to the ceiling. Though the girl was mostly blinded, the attack’s area of effect nature and long range made up for that.

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Shadow Network: Thrill of the Haunt
Despite it being a few months away from Halloween, someone has turned an old boarded-up house into a creepily-decorated attraction. A green mist flows out of the doorway, and cobwebs and orange and black decorations litter the porch. Anyone passing by could see some movement inside beyond the &quot;Take One&quot; candy bowl at the front steps.
Shadow Network: Virus Infestation
Tokyo was a bustling city, and as such, any problems with transportation threw a wrench into the works of this well-oiled machine. For the past day, the entire subway line has been shut down. The official statement claimed this was due to a major gas leak, but over time, that was becoming harder to believe. A green mist flowed out of any opening it could find. It was contained in the tunnels for now, but rumors of creatures within surfaced. By noon of the following day, the guards at one of the subway entrances had inexplicably vanished. Yellow tape was the only thing between everyone else and the tunnels, yet few dared to venture close... much less inside.
Drink Machine the Reckoning: Now With 60% Less Snakes!
There was a sleek silver box on the sidewalk, resembling a fridge. It had a keyboard about halfway up, and a plastic cup already set under a nozzle. The label across the top read &quot;Type anything, get anything!&quot;
Vending Machine Ultimate Redux 2.5 Remix
A lone, black vending machine sits in the busy city. A keyboard-like keypad allows anything to be entered. No money can be inserted, so whatever comes out is free...
Snek's House of Spooks
What was once a boarded-up house has become a... well, it's still a boarded-up house, but with tacky Halloween decorations! A crudely-made sign advertises a haunted house. It's almost comical, to be honest. But it's free.
Serpent World: Games and More!
A new attraction has opened out of the blue! The outside of the building has a sign above the door with the establishment's name, and a green cartoony snake circling the edge. Inside is a station to purchase tokens and a prize counter, as well as various games. There's also a play area with a ballpit and a network of netting, tubes, and slides.
Creeping Creation, Creeping Death
Once again, an anomaly has come to the park. At a glance, everything is normal. No weird rift like a few days ago. However, staring at a certain spot revealed a slight quivering bulge in the ground, like a tumor in the earth. The grass on it is a dull, drained gray-green color.
Swords of Rest and Guilt
A sliver of rainbow light cuts through the air of the park. Literally. It's like a splinter of light in the air, in place and throbbing like an open wound.
Serpent's Challenge: Flutter by, butterfly.
[While there are limits to a snake's abilities, the intricate properties of the Nexus allow it to exercise control it normally wouldn't have. The Laws are in place..] [Time to put in the independent variables...] --- [You awaken in a random place around the city. Everything is as it should be, yet you can't shake the feeling that something is wrong... Nor can you remember what happened within the past few hours.]
Vending Machine: Drinks with a New Friend
A black vending machine sits against a wall, marked with sleek silver streaks. There's no place to put money, but a keyboard is on the front, with a sticker of a cartoony snake encouraging people to &quot;Type anything, get anything!&quot; It's already got a customer, in the form of a small girl wearing a lab coat that's way too big for her. She sits next to the machine, sipping some kind of smoothie.
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