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Hi there! I'm Ina, descendant of the fox goddess Inari! I'm a really nice person with fox ears and a fox tail, and if you're ready to fight me, prepare to get burned by my fire, literally! ! I love some good anime and I'll protect my friends with everything I got! I may seem young, but I'm probably older than you I'm 1000 or so! I'm so old I don't remember my own age! Anyways, I hope we can be friends!

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Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon Re:Light
Ina listens closely to the stories, wondering about the Zangoose.
Chapter Three: Once a Commotion
Great. Of course im having a panic attack. Ugh... I have to stay calm. I can break down later.... I drop the fireballs, and breathe a bit. &quot;If we're blitzing through then i shouldnt have to worry too much. Cait, im gonna need you to defend me, alright?&quot; Gotta blast through like some sort of sonic ripoff. Ugh, this is NOT gonna help me not being taken seriously. And with the kitty taking off, i take off after her &quot;Id try to take the helm but.... Yeah.&quot; Just gotta follow cait for now.<div class='edited'>(edited by Ina)</div>
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon Re:Light
Ina happily drinks her sake, or whatever the indeedee has happened to give her, patiently waiting for the storytelling to start.
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon Re:Light
Ina happily walks in the inn, sitting down... Somehow, im pretty sure it would be weird for a ninetales to sit down on a chair, but whatever. &quot;Some drinks sound nice, especially if this place has sake! That sounds really good right about now!&quot; Ina seems pretty excited.
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon Re:Light
Ina walks to the teleporter, ready for a break
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon Re:Light
Ina fires off a flamethrower at the dracozolt, the narrorator would probably go into detail but he is extremely tired right now.
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon Re:Light
Ina lands somewhat gracefully, and turns towards the dracozolt and dracovish. She decides to puff out a small, blue/white, ghastly flame that heads towards the Dracovish, attempting to catch its attention in a pretty painful way. <center>~~Will-o-wisp~~</center>
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon Re:Light
Ina attempts to jump over the poor Artozolt, firing a stream of fire, that will not only hurt it if it hits, but if it works sell enough it might even melt the snow too. If the jump fails, it'll probably still be a quick attack though.
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon Re:Light
Ina is.... A bit repulsed by the creatures appearence. &quot;Are these those weird monster things thatwere said to be stupidly mixed together by humans? Jeez, now i know why they get a bad rep.&quot; Ina smirks, yet again thinking of ways to burn them to ashes. &quot;Oh well, they're just standing in our way now, this'll be easy!&quot;
Chapter Three: Once a Commotion
Well i guess i dont see Gamma, im just gonna have to talk to the others about- &quot;SWEET ARCEUS!&quot; That... Thing... I dont even think its a person just freaking launchef that... I dint even know what that is! I nervously back into something really soft and fluffy., fireballs in hand, and feet on fire. My stance is spread though, so if anything was touching me, they wouldnt get burned in the process... Wait who is behind me? &quot;Cait!? Oh my gosh you have no idea how glad i am to see you!&quot; Well at least i have a familiar face here. &quot;So uh.... Wanna test that wind and fire thing?&quot;

Recent topics

Poorly made memes contest
Idk im bored make really bad memes winner gets absolutely nothing because im a broke child but still
Phighting Game: Miscellaneous extras
So whenever we have these discussions about a phansite fighting game, we usually go for big topics. You know, win quotes, attacks, supers, all that stuff. But what about the small stuff you usually dont care about? Thats what this thread is for. This thread could be for anything really. Your characters playstyle, the quote they say when you select them, their continue/game over quote, heck you could even go with thr Persona 4 Arena or Smash Bros Punch Out stage approach and give them titles. Go wild!
Win quotes
So Yu brought back the whole idea of the phansite fighting game, i decided to come back from my on and off once more and add to it! Wether it be just general or character specific, go with whatever you'd like!
ICYMI: Erica Lindbeck was suspended on twitter for a bit
Apparently some people were super salty because she shipped Kakchako (note that I haven't seen BNHA because I'm lazy) and they reported her on the day of the Futaba trailer <spoiler>my girl finally has an all out attack finished screen and I love it</spoiler> DONT YOU JUST LOVE FANS
Ina's day in the park
<spoiler>casual thread that I said I'd do in the discord because why not I'm bored.</spoiler> Ina walks through the park, relaxed, and overall just having a good time.
Phighting game supers and finishers
Hey, remember when we were making ideas for what if the phansite was a fighting game? It was an interesting time. But we forgot two crucial things: Supers and Finishers. So I figured that we could bring this idea back and come up with some supers and finishers!
Something strange I realized
Really should be posting this on my main, but whatever. Just looked on a locked post and apparently you can still edit or delete a post if it's been early enough? Probably wouldn't consider it a glitch, as it's not something major, but I feel like it could probably be fixed I guess. Just cuz people might try to do some weird things.
A nice stroll through the park
<spoiler>chill thread because I completely forgot about my Shinjuku thread but whatever I guess I'm already making this so kinda late for that</spoiler> Ina is just calmly taking a stroll though the park, and decides to sit down for a bit just to relax, or even meet new people.
How to be.... Edgey?
<spoiler>joke rp joke rp joke rp</spoiler> &quot;My friends keep telling me that it's cool to be edgy, and I've been trying to be cool even though I'm a firey person. Any, uhhh, what were they called again...? Oh, egglords! Any egglords know how to be Edgey?&quot;
Shinjuku 2: Firey boogaloo
<spoiler>yes, I know people are tired. If anything we can do this in the morning. I just really wanted to do a chill thread because why not</spoiler> Ina calmly and joyfully walks through Shinjuku without a care in the world, just having fun.
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