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Hi there! I'm Ina, descendant of the fox goddess Inari! I'm a really nice person with fox ears and a fox tail, and if you're ready to fight me, prepare to get burned by my fire, literally! ! I love some good anime and I'll protect my friends with everything I got! I may seem young, but I'm probably older than you I'm 1000 or so! I'm so old I don't remember my own age! Anyways, I hope we can be friends!

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Chapter Three: Once a Commotion
Woah woah woah hold up... Is she trying to kill us? I jump back and ready two small fireballs, nothing too big, i dont wanna hurt someone being possessed after all. "Listen i dont know who you are but you'd best step away." I look kinda worried, its plastered all over my face, especially in a way that gamma can see. But i need to be brave and hope he has my back.
Chapter Three: Once a Commotion
Wow, has this kid never seen a kimono before? But strange creatures and people, huh. "Oh, if we're talking about supernatural creatures and strange people, im down for whatever! And yeah, i'm kinda a drifter too" I'm still a little concerned about Gamma, but i know I'll get to ask him about it later. Just keep up the act for now. "So whats up with them? Anything you can tell us?"
Chapter Three: Once a Commotion
I was about to introduce myself to the boy,but then i hear something. A voice, in fact. Wait a minute... I heard that voice before... Gamma!? What's he doing here? He went with the second group, didnt come back, and now he's here? Never mind that for now, I'll find that out in a bit. For now, I'll play along with him until i can find out what happened. "Ohh, hey Towa! I just kinda had to help him out, some gang with a really dumb name was harassing him... I think they were called the blue rectangles? Blue rhombi? Some 4 sided shape, they had a really dumb name" I turn back to the boy, smiling warmly as well. "Anyways, the names Ina, so its nice to meet you"
Chapter Three: Once a Commotion
....wow, now i get why Ina gets so frustrated when people call her a kid. But anyways, I wait for them to leave, make sure they're gone, then crack up for a good few seconds. "HAHAHAHHAHA the blue squares!? Seriously!? Thats the best name you could come up with for a gang!? I could have made something better when i was 5!" After hearing the young man thank me, i turn to him and give that same confident smile. "Its no problem, dude, that is the LEAST intimidating gang i have ever seen though. Thats no jab at you by the way, I'm sure most people would be scared by having lighters up close to them."
Chapter Three: Once a Commotion
"Bad deeds? The dude looks like he just got out of an office job and wants a normal life. And i don't think setting people on fire is a good way to show your 'justice' as you call it. So I'd say you guys better back off." Hey, im pretty good at this whole 'confidence' thing. I mean, its a bunch of guys with shark masks and lighters. What are they gonna do, burn me? Not even possible in this body. As for the guy with the comment. "I'll let that comment slide for now... Ya creep"
Chapter Three: Once a Commotion
Yeah, knew I wouldn't be the most threatening. I give a confident grin at the young man, trying to let him know that this'll be taken care of in a few seconds. I cross my arms and stare at the figure. Their leader i assume? &quot;Don't go judging books by their covers, guys. Might cause you some big problems. Like what if i were to judge you by your masks? Shark masks stop being threatening when you're 5, clowns&quot; Being in high school has its perks, like being able to come up with comebacks that are at least somewhat clever. &quot;Also, didnt your parents teach you not to play with lighters? Its dangerous for you and the people around you.&quot; Still no where near threatening, but getting them ticked will give that kid time to do.... Whatever hes doing.<div class='edited'>(edited by Ina)</div>
Chapter Three: Once a Commotion
Wow, the night is really calming... Well until you see some kid about to get burned. Shark masks? I can tell this is a gang but what kind of gang uses shark masks? This isnt some yakuza, but still, this is either a gang initiation, or some sort of twisted torture method. Either way, despite me being nervous, I'm not gonna just sit around and let this kid be hurt. &quot;You know you guys shouldnt be messing with fire!&quot; Yeah, a loli's voice isn't exactly the most intimidating thing in the world, but at least it should get their attention away from the kid. I stay out of the alley for now, just in case there are some people at the rooftops or something ready to surround someone if they try to be a hero. Plus, I'm immune to fire, if they try to fight with those silly lighters they're gonna have another thing coming.
Chapter Three: Once a Commotion
Well, I'm alone... It cant hurt to explore a little bit, right? I mean, its a school, how dangerous could it be? I decide to look around near the school, following everyone a little bit, but nit exactly running after them. Just taking my time and allowing myself to breathe... Man, Ina would feel right at home here. I wonder how shes doing? Shes... Not mad at me for using her body is she? I mean now i know that our characters all had their own thoughts and stuff... &quot;Ugh, i really need this walk.&quot; This is all way too much for me. I know i said i'd have everyone's back, but its still kinda a struggle since im still just a kid...
Chapter Three: Once a Commotion
...A school? Yeah, i have no idea what this could be. Maybe the name is familiar to someone? &quot;Hey, anyone recognize the school name?&quot; But still, kinda funny. From some sort of desert or something, to a mafia, and now just... Normal looking japan, it seems. Kinda underwhelming, but I'm gonna stay on my guard for now.
What is your fondest Phansite memory?
Uhhh.. a lot of my early phansite days were pretty cringe, though a highlight for me was when i somehow accidentally made a story arc, it was the weirdest thing ever and it actually made me try to get compitent at rp-ing, so yeah it would probably just be everyone giving me advice lol

Recent topics

Poorly made memes contest
Idk im bored make really bad memes winner gets absolutely nothing because im a broke child but still
Phighting Game: Miscellaneous extras
So whenever we have these discussions about a phansite fighting game, we usually go for big topics. You know, win quotes, attacks, supers, all that stuff. But what about the small stuff you usually dont care about? Thats what this thread is for. This thread could be for anything really. Your characters playstyle, the quote they say when you select them, their continue/game over quote, heck you could even go with thr Persona 4 Arena or Smash Bros Punch Out stage approach and give them titles. Go wild!
Win quotes
So Yu brought back the whole idea of the phansite fighting game, i decided to come back from my on and off once more and add to it! Wether it be just general or character specific, go with whatever you'd like!
ICYMI: Erica Lindbeck was suspended on twitter for a bit
Apparently some people were super salty because she shipped Kakchako (note that I haven't seen BNHA because I'm lazy) and they reported her on the day of the Futaba trailer <spoiler>my girl finally has an all out attack finished screen and I love it</spoiler> DONT YOU JUST LOVE FANS
Ina's day in the park
<spoiler>casual thread that I said I'd do in the discord because why not I'm bored.</spoiler> Ina walks through the park, relaxed, and overall just having a good time.
Phighting game supers and finishers
Hey, remember when we were making ideas for what if the phansite was a fighting game? It was an interesting time. But we forgot two crucial things: Supers and Finishers. So I figured that we could bring this idea back and come up with some supers and finishers!
Something strange I realized
Really should be posting this on my main, but whatever. Just looked on a locked post and apparently you can still edit or delete a post if it's been early enough? Probably wouldn't consider it a glitch, as it's not something major, but I feel like it could probably be fixed I guess. Just cuz people might try to do some weird things.
A nice stroll through the park
<spoiler>chill thread because I completely forgot about my Shinjuku thread but whatever I guess I'm already making this so kinda late for that</spoiler> Ina is just calmly taking a stroll though the park, and decides to sit down for a bit just to relax, or even meet new people.
How to be.... Edgey?
<spoiler>joke rp joke rp joke rp</spoiler> &quot;My friends keep telling me that it's cool to be edgy, and I've been trying to be cool even though I'm a firey person. Any, uhhh, what were they called again...? Oh, egglords! Any egglords know how to be Edgey?&quot;
Shinjuku 2: Firey boogaloo
<spoiler>yes, I know people are tired. If anything we can do this in the morning. I just really wanted to do a chill thread because why not</spoiler> Ina calmly and joyfully walks through Shinjuku without a care in the world, just having fun.
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