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Hi there! I'm Ina, descendant of the fox goddess Inari! I'm a really nice person with fox ears and a fox tail, and if you're ready to fight me, prepare to get burned by my fire, literally! ! I love some good anime and I'll protect my friends with everything I got! I may seem young, but I'm probably older than you I'm 1000 or so! I'm so old I don't remember my own age! Anyways, I hope we can be friends!

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GYM DX: A New Dawn
Ina excitedly runs in, leaving a flame trail behind her as she skids to a halt. "Phew! Got my warm up in and now its time to get to some brawling! I cant wait!" The girl excitedly walks over and watches the current fight.
"UwU I'm wanted fow chawges of mass awson uwu"
Battle Themes: The Mutual Re-Coming Under Heaven Situation
For Ina, Either Through the Fire (Sonic and the Black Knight) <spoiler>https://youtu.be/SZZhCV8FVYM</spoiler> Or Vela-Nova <spoiler>https://youtu.be/-7WQn-SXYZ4</spoiler> If i come up with Vs themes ill come back to this i guess
Futaba Birthday
GYM DX: A Lazy Afternoon
Ina happily walks inside GYM &quot;Ahh, finally i get to have some fun again! I wonder who's here that i can fight?&quot;
Win quotes
Alright, i think i have some for Ina finally. Vs. general: &quot;Uhhhhh, you ok? Geez, think i over did it..&quot; (Perfected/Super kill) &quot;Barely worked up a sweat! Come on, lets do it again!&quot; (Neutral) &quot;Heh, almost got me there! Good job!&quot; (1 loss) &quot;Phew... Almost had to retreat for a moment there... That was amazing, but a goddess like me never loses!&quot; (1 loss, low hp) Vs Persona User &quot;Hah, and you guys kill gods all the time? That was easy!&quot; &quot;That was interesting, but really fun! You should train harder though!&quot; &quot;Whew... That was tough, but im tougher!&quot; &quot;So this is the power of a persona... You dont think i can get one too, can i?&quot; Vs Deity/Demigod(dess)/godbound &quot;...so this is what they consider worthy of being someone this powerful?&quot; &quot;Nice to fight someone as strong as strong as me for once!&quot; &quot;That... May have been a bit too close...&quot; &quot;WOW, that was tough! I actually felt something there!&quot; Vs evil deity/demon &quot;Pathetic.. dont attack my friends again unless you wanna get burned again!&quot; &quot;Go back to wherever you came from! You dont deserve to be here!&quot; &quot;I'll never give up for my friends....&quot; &quot;Heh.... A bit too close there... But i wont let anyone hurt my friends&quot; Thats all i got for now if i can think of any relationships ill come back later i guess
The GYM: Reminiscent memory's.
Ina, having missed seeing GYM open, was glad to finally have it re-open again, even though she could have easily opened it herself, burning down the door and all. She strides through those doors with the biggest, most genuine smile she can muster &quot;Ahhhh, finally a chance to have a good match with someone! Haven't had this in a while!&quot;
The beloved mascot is still alive.
Le gasp <b><i><span class="underline"><center><spoiler>he returns</spoiler></center></span></i></b>
Intermission One
I snap out of my strange daze. I understood everything that went on, so I think I can talk. I don't know why I just kinda passed out standing up. I turn to Tatsu, at least I think it's Tatsu. &quot;That's a fair point, Tats. I just kinda... Wanted to do my part, you know? And because of Ina being a bit of a glass cannon, especially in the state this body is in now where she actually CAN die, it's kinda worrying.&quot; I then turn to Mal. I can tell they're just being lazy, but whatever. &quot;I guess I could be immediate backup? That's probably the best bet right now, that if one of you guys goes down I can come in and at least try to finish the job.&quot; I finally turn to Kaz. &quot;No objection from me, I just wanna do something eventually so I'll be watching and I'll come in if you guys need me.&quot; I sit back down, wondering when I'll have my chance to push towards everyon- well, mostly everyone's goal.
Intermission One
I wake up as Watson begins talking. Talk about convenience. Looks like everyone is back, too. &quot;Another mission, huh? Well, I got my rest. Might as well pull my weight around here. Gotta do my part to get out of here after all.&quot; I stand up and stretch. I'm.... Not sure what I'm up against. But I need to do what I can so I can get out of here. I have to.

Recent topics

Win quotes
So Yu brought back the whole idea of the phansite fighting game, i decided to come back from my on and off once more and add to it! Wether it be just general or character specific, go with whatever you'd like!
ICYMI: Erica Lindbeck was suspended on twitter for a bit
Apparently some people were super salty because she shipped Kakchako (note that I haven't seen BNHA because I'm lazy) and they reported her on the day of the Futaba trailer <spoiler>my girl finally has an all out attack finished screen and I love it</spoiler> DONT YOU JUST LOVE FANS
Ina's day in the park
<spoiler>casual thread that I said I'd do in the discord because why not I'm bored.</spoiler> Ina walks through the park, relaxed, and overall just having a good time.
Phighting game supers and finishers
Hey, remember when we were making ideas for what if the phansite was a fighting game? It was an interesting time. But we forgot two crucial things: Supers and Finishers. So I figured that we could bring this idea back and come up with some supers and finishers!
Something strange I realized
Really should be posting this on my main, but whatever. Just looked on a locked post and apparently you can still edit or delete a post if it's been early enough? Probably wouldn't consider it a glitch, as it's not something major, but I feel like it could probably be fixed I guess. Just cuz people might try to do some weird things.
A nice stroll through the park
<spoiler>chill thread because I completely forgot about my Shinjuku thread but whatever I guess I'm already making this so kinda late for that</spoiler> Ina is just calmly taking a stroll though the park, and decides to sit down for a bit just to relax, or even meet new people.
How to be.... Edgey?
<spoiler>joke rp joke rp joke rp</spoiler> &quot;My friends keep telling me that it's cool to be edgy, and I've been trying to be cool even though I'm a firey person. Any, uhhh, what were they called again...? Oh, egglords! Any egglords know how to be Edgey?&quot;
Shinjuku 2: Firey boogaloo
<spoiler>yes, I know people are tired. If anything we can do this in the morning. I just really wanted to do a chill thread because why not</spoiler> Ina calmly and joyfully walks through Shinjuku without a care in the world, just having fun.
Bongo cat is the voice of a generation
Ina's flaming hot cafe: REcoded
Ina once more opens up her cafe, wearing her maid dress standing outside the cafe. &quot;Welcome, one and all, to the Grand re-opening of my cafe!&quot;
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