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I swear I bear you no ill will. In fact, I’d like to grant you everything you’ve ever wished for. All you have to do is make a contract with me and become a Magical Girl. Note: from now on, use of the “spoiler” tag will indicate speech meant for one person or group, this makes it much easier for people to know what their character shouldn’t be able to hear. I should have started with that, but oh wel

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Rising Chorus
<b>Damon</b> Ruriko: &quot;Eh?&quot; <i>Ruriko calls out in surprise, but she lets out another irritated sigh, letting it go rather than having to waste more effort on this conversation</i> Ruriko: &quot;Sure, suit yourself. Just don't come crying to me if it bites you.&quot; <i>Risako looks up to Damon, surprised herself. Still, this was someone her teacher, Suzuki had introduced her too, and someone she seemed to trust, so it would probably be ok... Though it makes her a little anxious. The girl has to ask</i> Risako: &quot;I.. Is it ok??&quot; Ruriko: &quot;Just get going.&quot; <i>Ruriko heads off for her own direction in a huff. Leaving Risako and Damon to their own devices. Risako leaves a bit of an awkward pause before repeating herself. With her expected Senpai gone, the girl just asks.</i> Risako: &quot;Is it ok?&quot; <b>Kohaku</b> <i>Sayaka's face drops into a bit of a grimace, delving into somewhat painful memories before saying</i> Sayaka: &quot;I uh... Kinda started it so I don't really know? I think you'd probably... Actually nevermind lets just forget all this even happened. huh?&quot; <i>Sayaka tries to simply laugh off Kohaku's concern. She wasn't really comfortable with dragging the younger kid into her own problems, and for now it seemed as if there was nothing to be done about it.</i>
Rising Chorus
<b>Madoka and Homura</b> Kyubey: &quot;Yes and no. It depends on what you mean by 'Walpurgisnacht'.&quot; <i>Kyubey pauses to answer the pair, sitting up on his front paws while his tail flicks back and forth behind him</i> Kyubey: &quot;The amalgamation of Witches known as 'Walpurgisnacht' does not exist in this world. However, its mantle as bringer of calamities has been passed on to other entities over time. Such as the Sins, Nyarlathotep, or the Keeper you may remember as Nexus of Serenity.&quot; <i>Kyubey pauses for a moment to lick his paw before finishing.</i> Kyubey: &quot;While the witch in question doubtlessly won't become the amalgamation known as 'Walpurgisnacht', it is entirely capable of evolving into the latter kind of threat, which in some ways is far worse.&quot; <i>With that cheerful note, Kyubey leaves the pair, allowing them to finish their day and prepare however they wished.</i> <b>Kohaku</b> <i>Sayaka lets out a bit of a laugh, waving for Kohaku to calm down a little before she lets out a sigh</i> Sayaka: &quot;I uh... Never actually got to the name part. But I mean how hard can it be to find another Magical girl right? Anyways she's uh.. Got this long brown hair, and they're kinda short. Usually wear this light purple stuff?&quot; <i>She clearly hadn't thought this through very well, if at all. Still the older girl was... Trying at least, bringing her arm to around her neck to indicate the other girl's height</i> Sayaka: &quot;Yeah, not much to go on I guess. But still I'll keep at it a little bit longer. You don't have to worry about it, what happens happens.&quot;
Rising Chorus
<b>Homura and Madoka</b> Kyubey: &quot;Right.. I was just thinking. Is all. Anyways. Its not really my place to judge a person's wish. Our role is simply to seek out those with potential, and grant it.&quot; <i>Kyubey looks back at Homura and Madoka before stepping down, pacing around the room a bit as it continues</i> Kyubey: &quot;Anyways, Suzuki's 'Ultimate Witch' is supposed to be here in almost a week. You'll want to settle things with her before then.&quot; <i>Kyubey would wait a moment, giving the other two a chance to ask any questions they might have, before simply turning a corner and disappearing, the same way he had arrived.</i> <b>Damon</b> Ruriko: &quot;Yeah, this really sounds like something you should be asking that other chick.&quot; <i>Ruriko crosses her arms and lets out a sigh as she looks down at the younger, blonde girl. Risako begins to shake a little again as she remembers what she saw.</i> Risako: &quot;Um.. That's.. The issue is.. Well, I.. Think she was trying to hide it. I found it in her apartment building and.. There hasn't been anyone else there in a long time. I'm thinking.. Well I wanted to talk to her but I'm not sure its a good idea. She's been acting strange lately...&quot; Ruriko: &quot;Oh you just noticed? Still don't see what this has to do with me. Or him for that matter. &quot; <i>Ruriko nods to Damon, as a sort of reminder to both of them that he's still there. Risako seems to shrink for a second as she asks.</i> Risako: &quot;Well.. I just... I was hoping you might be able to come with me? I.. That creature was much stronger than any Witch I've ever seen. So I didn't want to go by myself... And our families have...&quot; Ruriko: &quot;Not a chance.&quot; <i>Ruriko just lets out another sigh, her fist tightening a bit as she lets out another irritated sigh.</i> <b>Kohaku</b> <i>Sayaka looks at Kohaku with a bit of concern, before letting out a jovial laugh</i> Sayaka: &quot;Sorry about all that trouble. I hardly even recognized ya. Guess this makes our first real meeting then. Name's Sayaka Miki.&quot; <i>Sayaka reaches out to shake Kohaku's hand before letting out a sigh as she looks up towards the sky</i> Sayaka: &quot;I don't think so. Unless you're in touch with a girl with brown hair and a bad attitude. Sometimes I forget how big this place is haha.&quot;
Rising Chorus
<b>Sonomi</b> Suzuki: &quot;I.. Suppose you're right. We'll need to rest up when we can after all. Good luck, and remember to be careful.&quot; <i>Suzuki would remind Sonomi much like some overly concerned mother. Still, she wouldn't do anything to try to stop Sonomi, being mostly lost in thought. Suzuki wouldn't even watch Sonomi. Letting the girl choose to leave as promised. Or she could try to investigate the apartment building. After all it was always strangely empty. But perhaps she simply liked it this way.</i> <b>Damon</b> Risako: &quot;Eh? Was.. I mean.. I wasn't trying..&quot; Ruriko: &quot;Yes, it was that obvious.&quot; <i>Ruriko laughs for a moment, her mood lifted a bit, only for Damon to bring up her own.. Personal thing for Risako to giggle at.</i> Risako: &quot;So.. I mean.. You've been lonely then?&quot; Ruriko: &quot;Hey, you two are putting words in my mouth!&quot; Risako: &quot;But you haven't driven him away yet.&quot; Ruriko: &quot;That doesn't... Why are you here anyways?&quot; <i>The mood lightens up a bit as Ruriko is left crossing her arms and looking away from the others. Not really wanting to be poked fun at any more but at least willing to listen to her junior. As for Risako she actually seems to be the most relaxed Damon would have ever seen her, despite the troubling matter she had come for</i> Risako: &quot;R... Right. I um.. Found something a little disturbing and. I wasn't really sure who to talk to...&quot; Ruriko: &quot;Don't you have that teacher of yours? Seems like she'd be the first place to go.&quot; Risako: &quot;T... That's the problem... I was... Looking around a bit. I simply, had a bad feeling so I decided to look at the rest of her building when I found one of those.. Things.&quot; Ruriko: &quot;Just say its a Witch. That really shouldn't be a problem. We're kinda made to fight those things.&quot; <b>Kohaku</b> <i>Sayaka doesn't notice the odd girl who appeared next to her at first, but soon she'd notice some other, strange girl staring into a mirror like she was having some sort of crisis. Her first instinct is to look at the back of their neck, but they showed to be perfectly fine. In that regard at least.</i> Sayaka: &quot;Uh, hey. You goin' somewhere in particular? Seems like ya came out of nowhere huh?&quot; <i>The girl scratches the back of her head somewhat awkwardly, having not expected this sort of distraction. Not now at least.</i>
Rising Chorus
<b>Madoka and Homura cont.</b> <i>Suzuki swallows nervously as she watches the Witch. The girl clenches her fist, taking a deep breath before confronting the creature</i> Suzuki: &quot;Y... You were expecting this, weren't you?&quot; Kyubey: &quot;I was aware of the possibility of course. As things are Kurumi will probably be able to make a good portion of the city her playground before someone else who can face her shows up... Of course, we don't have to wait.&quot; <i>Kyubey starts to pace circles around Suzuki, his eyes looking into the girl as he goes</i> Kyubey: &quot;I've said it before. If you were to make a contract with me you'd be far stronger than Kurumi was.&quot; Suzuki: &quot;But.. Then I'd just become one of those monsters myself.&quot; Kyubey: &quot;You're not wrong. You'd essentially be taking Kurumi's burden onto yourself. Cursing others as a Witch.&quot; <i>Suzuki takes a moment to think about her options before she breathes out a sigh. The girl straightens herself up as if readying for a life-changing speech, which in a way she was.</i> Suzuki: &quot;I... Understand. If my soul was always black, then its only fair for one to dye my body black as well. So, if that is to be my role, then dress me in the darkened Curse of a Witch&quot; <i>Kyubey simply stares at Suzuki for a moment, before simply shaking its head</i> Kyubey: &quot;You're.. Going to have to be a lot clearer if that's supposed to be your wish. Simply let me know what you want most, more than everything else in the world, and I'll grant it.&quot; <i>Suzuki lets out a sigh, dropping her little theatric to simply ask</i> Suzuki: &quot;Very well, my wish is this. I wish to hold onto the curses, not just of Kurumi but the corrupted wish that ruined the lives of all these heroic girls. Grant me not the power of hope, but the power to curse others with misery.&quot; <i>With that, the memory fades away, leaving Madoka, Homura, and Kyubey back into Madoka and Homura's living room, where the memory wandering had all began.</i> Kyubey: &quot;Its an unusual wish for sure. I've actually never had someone wish to be cursed before.&quot; <i>The white creature doesn't seem willing to meet Homura or Madoka's eyes, instead choosing to gaze out their windows, or at one of their decorations, whatever the case may be.</i>
Rising Chorus
<b>Madoka and Homura</b> Kyubey: &quot;That seems to be as good a guess as any. Historically the term demon has been used to refer to evil supernatural beings. Sometimes in a literal sense but more commonly acting more indirectly, such as by possession.&quot; <i>Kyubey paces absentmindedly as he lectures? the pair. Its almost as if he simply started going off on the subject himself</i> Kyubey: &quot;Of course it depends on where you come from, but typically these demons are just another word for a Witch, their 'possessed' victims being affected by a Witch's curse. But I suppose I'm drifting off topic. All the previous memories simply led up to this one after all. Suzuki's wish.&quot; <i>With that the white void of memory fades away again, leaving Madoka and Homura to watch as the world descends into madness again. Its dark for a few seconds, the white creature who accompanied the pair having disappeared entirely, but in a moment the space brightens up. Brightens up, in a word. The area almost seems designed to distract and hurt one's eyes, the walls? constantly shifting and changing between all the colors of the rainbow, a chaotic mess as a labyrinth unfolds around them. However, even for a labyrinth it seems utterly incoherent. There's no discernible theme, or rather the theme changes so quickly one can hardly identify it, switching from a schoolhouse, to a hospital. The floor vanishes for a second as they fly to the sky only to reappear as an old-fashioned dojo. The one anchor against all this turmoil is a single, young girl with long silver hair, who simply sits back, as if trying to process the chaos around her.</i> Suzuki: &quot;K.. Kurumi-senpai?&quot; <i>The girl asks, tears forming around the edges of her eyes. Of course no response is given, not from Kurumi anyways, and they'd likely never answer again. But the same was not true of Kyubey, who seems to appear from nowhere to respond.</i> Kyubey: &quot;She can't hear you anymore. Its too late for words to mean anything.&quot; <i>Suzuki turns around, surprised by the white creature's sudden appearance. Still stunned, she can only think to ask.</i> Suzuki: &quot;K.. Kurumi-senpai. What.. What did you do?&quot; Kyubey: &quot;I didn't do anything to her. Its just part of the deal. All Magical Girls are eventually consumed by the curses that gather in their soul gems, turning into a Witch and creating a barrier like the one you see before you.&quot; <i>As Kyubey speaks another creature appears, either scuttling along or uncovered by the shifting walls. It most closely resembles a chameleon, with small beady eyes covered by thick eyelids that allow their eyes full range of movement, eyes that dart around everywhere, yet never seem to find anything. Its body shifts as rapidly as its barrier, changing colors to replay pictures of whatever the viewer wanted most at the time. For Homura it would doubtlessly be moments she's been able to spend alone with Madoka, while Madoka may find scenes with her other friends mixed in as well. Suzuki stares at the creature for a few seconds as Kyubey continues</i> Kyubey: &quot;Its simply how the universe works. Now for every person she blessed as a Magical Girl, she'll curse two more as a Witch. And so the universe remains balanced.&quot; Suzuki: &quot;S.. Kurumi-senpai would never want that...&quot; Kyubey: &quot;You're right, she probably wouldn't. But right now there aren't any other Magical Girls around that can stop her.&quot;
Rising Chorus
<i>Though Suzuki doesn't say anything, her eyes light up at the idea. A girl who'd had no friends being introduced to a world she'd so often dreamed about, and finding someone to look up to all the same...</i> Kyubey: &quot;But you can already guess what happened to Kurumi, can't you?&quot; <i>Madoka and Homura are jarred out of the memory once again by their own Incubator, the one who brought and showed them this world in the first place.</i> Kyubey: &quot;If you don't have any specific questions, there's only one memory left. But first, I have to ask. What is it that being a demon means to you?&quot; <b>Sonomi</b> <i>There's an almost pregnant silence as Suzuki simply stares into the floor, distracted as before. It takes a few seconds for her to say</i> Suzuki: &quot;Right, of course I wasn't. But.. There's a bit more to it I suppose.&quot; <i>Suzuki fakes a smile as she looks up to Sonomi.</i> Suzuki: &quot;But its important for you to keep moving for your sake too. And Asena's. You can't afford to have any doubts.&quot; <b>Damon</b> <i>Ruriko chuckles at the joke, though it seems almost pained, as if still aching at the reminder. Nevertheless Ruriko's ever-cocky grin returns as she remarks</i> Ruriko: &quot;Man, you wish! What's coming is so much worse than a Witch.&quot; <i>As if on queue, the blonde-haired girl Damon might remember from his first visit to Suzuki's place, Risako comes around the corner. It doesn't take an empath to tell the girl is nervous, looking behind her back as if she was worried she'd be caught.</i> Ruriko: &quot;Its the brat I was talking about.&quot; <i>Soon enough Risako would catch sight of Damon and Ruriko. She lets out a sigh of relief and runs towards the pair.</i> Risako: &quot;T.. There you are, I'm so glad I was able to find you.&quot; Ruriko: &quot;Like there was somewhere for me to hide.&quot; <i>Ruriko lets out an irritated sigh, clearly not enjoying the reminder of her old life. While Risako seems relieved to even be finding someone still alive. Though the girl is still shaky, and a bit scared, they've finally found someone it seems they can talk to.</i> <b>Kohaku</b> Kyubey: &quot;very well. I'm glad you've decided to see it through&quot; <i>Is all the small, white creature says before running off along the rooftops. Kohaku would have to follow him for a few minutes before they finally find Sayaka. The other girl hadn't really managed to accomplish much in their search, running through the streets in her regular school uniform. Sayaka stops at a street corner to catch her breath a little, giving an opportunity to talk if you wanted.</i>
Rising Chorus
<b>Madoka and Homura</b> <i>The next memory is a short transition, back to the school rooftop the same day as before, only with the sky cleared and the Witch defeated. Suzuki is sitting by one corner of the roof, curled into a ball as she waits for everything to be over with, Kyubey sitting by her as if watching over the girl. Kurumi is still in her Magical Girl outfit, having just defeated the creature, Suzuki's senpai lands upon the roof with grace, confidently displaying the reward for her conquest, a black gem the likes of which Madoka and Homura had seen dozens of times before.</i> Kurumi: &quot;There we go, piece of cake like I promised.&quot; Kyubey: &quot;That took you nearly ten minutes, almost twice the time it usually takes.&quot; Kurumi: &quot;W.. Well I kept looking back for ya and all that...&quot; <i>Kurumi awkwardly comes up with excuses while Suzuki simply watches. The younger, silver-haired girl mutters something under her breath, but it doesn't come out as anything intelligible. Still, Kurumi notices, cupping a hand to her ear and leaning in towards Suzuki</i> Kurumi: &quot;Mind repeating that? Quiet as a mouse over there.&quot; Suzuki: &quot;I.. Sorry. I always seem to be causing you trouble.&quot; Kurumi: &quot;Oh don't worry about that, its that monster's fault, not yours.&quot; Suzuki: &quot;No.. I mean...&quot; <i>Suzuki awkwardly shifts back and forth a little before looking back up at Kurumi</i> Suzuki: &quot;I couldn't do anything with the bully earlier. And now I was just holding you back... There's nothing I can do...&quot; Kyubey: &quot;That's not true. You can always form a contract with me and become a Magical Girl yourself.&quot; <i>The unfortunately familiar white creature interjects, though it seems like he's reassuring Suzuki, Madoka and Homura are more than familiar with his methods. Suzuki looks up with a start, before shaking a little</i> Suzuki: &quot;I'm.. Not sure if someone like me would be helpful..&quot; Kyubey: &quot;I can already tell you'd be a much more talented Magical Girl than she is, so...&quot; <i>Kyubey is interrupted by the crack of Kurumi's whip, which causes both Suzuki and Kyubey to jump. Kurumi lets out a sigh, withdrawing her weapon once more with a smile.</i> Kurumi: &quot;We don't need you putting weird thoughts in the girl's head just after she's been through something traumatic. Here, come on.&quot; <i>Kurumi kneels beside Suzuki, softly touching the other girl's cheek to look directly into their eyes.</i> Kurumi: &quot;Look, you don't need to think about repaying me or anything alright? I'm just glad I was able to help you, not once but twice now!&quot; Suzuki: &quot;That's just it....&quot; <i>Suzuki pulls away, looking off and into the ground as she mumbles</i> Suzuki: &quot;I'm.. Not at all like you. You're so brave, and cool, and.. I couldn't fight anything like that...&quot; <i>Kurumi simply laughs, a relieved laughter as if she was expecting much worse. Suzuki refuses to look up at the older girl, blushing a little as she looks off the roof</i> Kurumi: &quot;Think of it like that manga you're into. I think everyone has their own role to play, sure some of us go out fighting monsters and whatnot. But they're not the only ones, they still have people to fight for. So, maybe you could think of me like the hero or whatever, but you don't have to follow me.&quot; Suzuki: &quot;Then what...&quot; <i>Kurumi smiles, letting Suzuki stop the question herself before answering.</i> Kurumi: &quot;You'll have to find that yourself. But still..&quot; <i>Kurumi stands up, finger on her chin as she thinks for a moment before she looks back down at Suzuki</i> Kurumi: &quot;Its kinda nice to have someone I can talk to about Witches and stuff. Maybe you could support me. At least until you've found your own path, we could just be friends.&quot;
Rising Chorus
<b>Sonomi</b> Suzuki: &quot;That creature? He's.. Helpful, at times but they're very clearly following their own agenda. They're not really much of one for casual conversation, but we keep in touch.&quot; <i>Suzuki lets out a sigh, looking at the empty ceiling for a time, lost in thought. The girl gives an absentminded smile.</i> <span class="underline">we don't have much longer to wait, do we?</span> <i>Ordinarily Suzuki would have noticed her thoughts being read, but as Sonomi noticed, she seemed too distracted to pay attention to something like that. Suzuki clicks her tongue as she looks back at Sonomi, her smile having faded entirely</i> Suzuki: &quot;I'm afraid we don't have much time for that.&quot; <i>Suzuki lets out another sigh and looks down this time, staring through the white void of the floor</i> Suzuki: &quot;Its only a few more days until the ultimate witch arrives, and you'll need to be in top condition before then.&quot; <span class="underline">and then we'll finally be able to rest.</span> <b>Damon</b> <i>Ruriko crosses her arms with a huff, turning away from Damon as she does so</i> Ruriko: &quot;Are you always this annoying? You're not supposed to shout out crap like that for everyone to hear.&quot; <i>Ruriko taps her foot impatiently for a few seconds as she tries to think of a way to phrase it. Before long she simply lets out a sigh and says</i> Ruriko: &quot;They weren't like, jerks or anything. They just wanted me to follow in the family tradition. Y'see my family's been serving the Kohiyo's since feudal times. And since I'm their only kid it means a lot to them for me to keep up the tradition.&quot; <i>Ruriko laughs to herself before looking at Damon with a grin</i> Ruriko: &quot;I mean seriously, can you imagine me patiently waiting on some rich brat's every whim?&quot; <i>Kohaku</i> Kyubey: &quot;She's currently in the Sakae district running after another Magical Girl. She's not in any danger if that's what you were wondering.&quot; <i>Kyubey stretches his front paws forward like a cat before sitting straight up once more and looking at Kohaku</i> Kyubey: &quot;If you'd like I could lead you to her, just to make sure you don't end up missing them.&quot;
Rising Chorus
<b>Madoka and Homura</b> Kyubey: &quot;There's no reason to be sad. In some ways this is the best thing to happen to her.&quot; <i>Kyubey comments as the group follows the young Suzuki to the roof. Suzuki was never going to notice them of course, simply muttering to herself as she heads for the edge. However, about halfway across the area begins to change. The rooftop itself remains mostly the same, though it almost seems to stretch on forever. The biggest change is the skyline, no longer the city they'd become used to, the clouds shift from a pleasant white to an almost painful series of technicolor shapes against a massive city that too seems to go on forever. As Suzuki approaches one edge. The girl.. Seems to stir a little, as if she'd just noticed where she ended up. Suzuki spins around, eyes wide and blinking as she tries to take everything in. However, she wouldn't have long to think before a trio of smaller creatures appeared. They almost seemed to form from the rooftop itself. The creature, familiar, lacks what would be considered most of a body, they have curved, steel rods that act as legs leading up into a pair of spotted pants before continuing through to what would best be described as a hand sticking out of the end of a sleeve, with no full body in sight. each of the three hands carries a full set of identical rings. The creatures rush Suzuki, driving the girl further towards the edge of the roof. These familiars make some.. strange noises in their own, strange tongue as Suzuki is pushed back, her heel hitting the lip of the rooftop. Just as the other girl was about to be pushed over, a red whip strikes through the three familiars before coiling back into the hands of its owner.</i> Kurumi: &quot;There, see? Everything's fine!&quot; <i>Its the older, purple-haired girl from earlier. Her outfit changed to a dark pattern of reds and purples that sticks to the girl closely, her left hand holding a similarly-colored whip that coils around her right as if it had a mind of its own. Accompanying the girl is a second Kyubey, this one from the memory, who remains near Kurumi's legs</i> MKyubey: &quot;It looks like you were able to save someone at least. But don't lose focus.&quot; Kurumi: &quot;Right, I just have to keep the kid safe right? You make sure she doesn't jump off herself or anything.&quot; <i>Suzuki simply watches the pair in awe, her eyes brightening as the truth of what happened dawns on her. Kurumi looks back over the rooftop while Kyubey takes a look back to notice Suzuki</i> MKyubey: &quot;Actually, it looks like she's still lucid.&quot; Kurumi: &quot;She's in a barrier, shouldn't she be entranced or something?&quot; <i>Kurumi looks back to Suzuki, who immediately looks down, like she's trying to avoid her senior's gaze. Kurumi simply laughs before covering her face with her hand</i> Kurumi: &quot;oh man we're totally busted. Shouldn't these outfits have come with masks or something?&quot; <i>Kurumi and the others wouldn't have long before a few more familiars emerge from the barrier, forcing the Magical Girl to cut them down once more.</i> MKyubey: &quot;There's nothing we can do about it now, you'll have to take care of the Witch first.&quot; Kurumi: &quot;Right, right. Stay right there kid, It'll be over with quickly.&quot; <i>With that, the memory fades away again, leaving Madoka, Homura, and the Kyubey who accompanied them alone. The small white creature stretches for the moment</i> Kyubey: &quot;That's how I met Suzuki for the first time, and she ended up joining this world of ours after all. Now, there are only a few more memories left.&quot;

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Rising Chorus
<b>Homura and Madoka</b> <i>A few days had passed since their encounter with Sayaka. So far the other girl seemed to be doing rather well and life continued as normal. While they may not consider it pleasant, they likely wouldn't be surprised to find a familiar, white, cat-like creature waiting for them when they got home. The creature wastes no and, although its mouth doesn't move its voice can be heard clearly heard</i> Kyubey:&quot;I'm glad things worked out between you. Not the ideal solution, but as long as it works.&quot; <i>The careless creature casually stretches and begins pacing, as it usually does waiting for a reply.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Sonomi visits her mentor, Suzuki, like normal. And as she often does Suzuki would start pushing her. This time it was target practice. Turning Suzuki's room into a makeshift shooting gallery, simply white space with targets scattered about for Sonomi to hit from a distance</i> Suzuki: &quot;Alright, lets see how much you've improved.&quot; <b>Damon</b> <i>For his part, Damon was still mostly keeping track of Ruriko, the unruly, brown-haired Magical Girl Suzuki had asked him to keep track of. Ruriko wasn't very polite, or particularly friendly, but she at least tolerated his presence. It was a cold winter day when they met at the usual spot, a small park hidden within the city. It wasn't a very popular place which made it a good spot for them. Ruriko would be waiting for Damon like she normally was, with an oversized jacket, a lollipop stick sticking out of her mouth.</i> Ruriko: &quot;You just about ready 'sir knight'?&quot; <i>Ruriko gives Damon a grin as she hops off the park's only bench, ready for another day of patrolling.</i> <b>Capri</b> <i>Capri wandered the city herself, keeping to the quieter parts of town in hopes of avoiding attention. So far she had least managed to avoid any monsters, which was somewhat of an achievement considering their recent history. That is, until she's approached by a somewhat familiar blue-haired girl dressed in a somewhat boring school uniform. The girl tries to wave at Capri to get their attention.</i> <b>Kohaku</b> <i>As for Kohaku, she continued going on patrols in the afternoons, as she liked to do. Nothing unusual happened for the last few days, though she hadn't seen Sayaka since the incident. It was while she was on patrol that Kohaku ran into Kyubey again, the same white, cat-like creature currently talking to Madoka, also simply appeared beside her while she was on patrol</i> Kyubey: &quot;You seem to be doing pretty well.&quot;
Resonant Hearts
Note: As with my previous thread, all of the participants here have already been discussed and decided on the Phansite discord that is can be found as the last post in the Forum rules, as well as other places on the site. Without further ado, lets get started. <b>Homura and Madoka</b> <i>it had been a few days since their meeting with Suzuki and heard of the series of disappearances that had riddled the city. The victims of which had all shared something in common suggesting they were deliberate targets. With few leads and an unknowable deadline the pair had decided it was worth checking in on their old friend and potential target, Sayaka Miki. So on one of their less busy days the pair heads to the girl's apartment in the middle of town. The building doesn't stand out much, save for an old banner advertising their friend's delivery service. As might be expected of a crowded apartment, there's an intercom at the entrance with a button labeled for each of its residents, including that former friend of theirs.</i> <b>Kohaku</b> <i>Kohaku hadn't noticed much of anything out of the ordinary. Well, ordinary for her anyways, fighting criminals and monsters whenever she finds them as she leaps around the city. While on a fairly routine patrol the girl would pass over a pair of her friends, Madoka and Homura. While she may not be able to tell what they're talking about as they head towards an apartment complex, their expressions seem troubled.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>It started off as a normal day for Sonomi, she went to work, socialized with her coworkers, and made it all the way near the end of her shift without anything notable coming up. It wasn't until the day was almost over that she'd see a familiar, white, catlike creature waiting patiently for her. She'd dealt with Kyubey a few times before, so it wasn't anything particularly strange in that regard either.</i> Kyubey: &quot;I hope everything's been working out for you.&quot; <i>of course, none of these were actually spoken. The creature would always communicate its thoughts directly to the girl, with no need for noise. It was a friendly, casual way of speaking without being overheard.</i> <b>Damon</b> <i>while Homura and Madoka were looking into their friend, a certain dark-haired youth took to the streets to look for one of the other two girls. Just to be safe, Suzuki had left him with a picture of a fairly short, brown-haired girl who always dressed casually so he'd be able to recognize Ruriko Imamura, as well as a warning not to mention her. With zero real leads into her location he was left mostly to his own devices, looking into some of the usual cool hangout spots for kids Ruriko's apparent age.</i> <b>Capri</b> <i>Capri, of course, was ignorant of a greater scheme occurring in the world around her. Instead she simply continues with her normal routine, walking around the city, mostly to the less occupied parts to gather her thoughts more effectively. One such place she finds is an old arcade. Though the place hadn't been closed down yet it was hard to see how. In spite of the fact school was over and most students were likely out and about, the place seemed almost eerily empty.</i>
New Paths
<i>It was another ordinary day in &lt;insert city name here&gt;, once more, or perhaps for once, there was absolutely nothing unusual going on. Nope, nothing at all. We'll start off our story by looking into our protagonists (whose participation has already been noted)</i> <b>Madoka and Shinji</b> <i>for these two, it was a school day, which meant more work unfortunately, they were both in high school so its fairly likely they'd met before. It was approaching the end of school, so many of the other, generic students were waiting in anticipation. However, it was worth noting that today was special. For today, shortly before the bell rings, their teacher would remind the class</i> Teacher: &quot;remember class, there's a science demonstration going on at the Middle School today. Anyone who helps out is supposed to receive extra credit so if you're nto too busy its worth a look.&quot; <i>which is met with a variety of either irritated sighs or whispering among the other students. Not that any of them matter, not even the one with purple hair.</i> <b>Homura and Capri.</b> <i>For Homura, it was much the same, she ran a mall cafe in the cafe that was fairly quiet, focusing much of her time on it while her friend Madoka's away for school. Business was a little slow at the moment, due to all of the people still at work or school, though she did occasionally get a customer or two on their way to finish an errand or delivery. For Capri, it was a nice quiet place to relax for a bit away from the city. Though most people were busy the outside was still rather noisy, which makes places like these a great way to take a break, maybe get a load off your shoulders before continuing to explore.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>For Sonomi, it was another day at her job. She'd been there for a while now, and thus doubtless knew many of the people she worked with. What had also become a bit of a habit was the small, white, catlike creature who nestles itself near her. Though none of the other employees seemed to notice, Kyubey had been able to talk to her for a while now</i> Kyubey: &quot;Don't worry, ordinary people can't see or hear me. I'll be your private companion for a bit, if nothing else.&quot; <b>Damon</b> <i>Our final traveler is a young man named Damon, a bit of a thrill seeker, Damon liked to hang around large crowded areas, concerts, other such events. It just so happened that a traveling magician was visiting town, with her show starting within the hour. They were cheerful and fairly popular, however if one looked into the places where this famous &quot;Lucky Streak&quot; had been they'd notice a stream of misfortune seemed to follow them.</i>
Silence in the Library
<i>It was an uneventful day, altogether. At least at first, the sun was shining brightly with only a few clouds dotting the sky. If anything it was too hot to be out, and with many people off for the holiday the steets weren't nearly as crowded as they'd normally be. Good thing too, as for some reason Jaywalking seemed to be a particularly significant problem for the day. It would be a fairly common sight to find people, often in ones or twos, with listless eyes simply heading in one direction, wherever it was. They would proceed in the same direction, heedless of the world around them as if there was only one place they could possibly be. That place being an old, run-down library near the center of town. Though it was still technically operational, the digital age had clearly done it no favors. A lot of the windows were in disrepair and even the building itself seems to have started gathering dust. Contrary to all this is the steady stream of people from all over the city who seem to have decided this was the best place to be all at once.</i>
Enjoy the show
<i>Today the sky was overcast, a faint grey providing a melancholic atmosphere as the faint sound of a light rain pitter-patters against the pavement. It was a boring enough day, for a while, until you caught sight of a strange, white, cat-like creature simply standing in the path as though waiting for you. It would pause, as though making sure it was seen before it starts walking through the city.</i>
Last Post Wins: Magical Girl edition
Just kidding, anyone who even looks at this thread loses
Anime Expo
<i>As frequently occurs on some weekend or another, a celebration of sorts, this time by fans and for fans, of their favorite forms of fiction and entertainment. A relatively small anime convention can be found in an event hall just off the city's main streets. Whether its intended primarily to advertise, or fan-run, it likely would hardly be noticed were the event not advertised as free. To this end, a small crowd works their way through the large, glass doors up front, dressed in a wide variety of outfits, these cosplayers form a new sort of normal as they rush into the hall, eager to see the sights. Off to the side of the hall itself. a young girl leans against a pillar, long brown ponytail trapped between the wall and her light-purple hoodie. The rather short girl's attention is on her phone, though she glances around occasionally. She has what almost looks like a cigarette in her mouth, though no smoke comes out of it.</i>
In the Night's Shadow
OOC: Though this is a continuation of something I started a while ago, do feel free to join in regardless, it might take a little catching up, but I aim to explain everything along the way anyways, so this shouldn't be an issue, without further ado IC:<i>As often happens, once a day in fact, darkness falls over the city of Tokyo. With the rumors and stories of strange things coming out in the dark, most people find their way home in a hurry, leading the streets to be surprisingly empty, what was bustling and busy mere hours before is almost like a ghost town. For those who remain out, for whatever reason, they may see a dark green flash, that of someone, or something, making its way through the darkness. For any who may follow them, the figure soon stops outside of an appliance store, long emerald cloak hiding their form. The figure bends down near the door for a moment. One person (you know who you are) would receive a text. It seems to have been written in haste, judging by the short message &quot;I think we're about ready, meet me here&quot; with directions to the appliance store in question added at the end.</i>
The Emerald Rogue
<i>It was a cold, moonlight night on the city streets. By now most people had found their way home, whether they needed to be up early, or out of fear of the rumors. Ah yes, the rumors, its long been superstition, the light of a full moon has often been said to fill the air with an air of intrigue and mystery, perfect for the supernatural. Yet, tonight it feels a little heavier. One can almost hear faint whispering among the shadows, of course, nothing can be discerned from this noise, yet an unsettling feeling remains nonetheless Walking down the main street, there are several alleyways, three on each side,that lead to smaller parts of the city. Aside from the general air of unease, little of note can be seen along the empty streets. A brief flash of green leaps from one alleyway to another, occasionally stopping to look back, almost as though afraid of being caught</i>
Mikage Sun Mall: A prismatic glow
<i>It looked like a perfectly average day at the mall, all the stores, from trending clothing stores, game stores, to a few odd ones like the closed armory on the second floor. Its rather slow today, few customers can be seen wandering the venue, couples holding hands as they shop. Its almost as though they can feel it to. You feel it, don't you? The air feels a little thick, almost as though something sinister could happen at any moment. No one says anything, but from the way everyone's rushing around, its obvious. In the middle of the mall is a remarkable fountain, stretching up towards the sky, one of the malls main features. Sitting by the fountain are two young girls, probably in middle school, looking into the waters. If you look around, you'd notice a wide variety of open shops, from food, to clothing, merchandise, almost anything you could ask for. Hardly anyone other than the employees are here by now, so it should be easy to find.</i>
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