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I swear I bear you no ill will. In fact, I’d like to grant you everything you’ve ever wished for. All you have to do is make a contract with me and become a Magical Girl. Note: from now on, use of the “spoiler” tag will indicate speech meant for one person or group, this makes it much easier for people to know what their character shouldn’t be able to hear. I should have started with that, but oh wel

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Resonant Hearts
<b>Damon and Capri</b> <i>Sayaka brings her old flip phone out from beneath her cape and checks it quickly, however once she reads who its from the girl immediately closes it with a huff, her mood dropping considerably.</i> Sayaka: &quot;No, its fine. Just someone I used to know. Its not worth listening to.&quot; <i>There's a hint of bitterness in the girl's voice that Ruriko seems to ignore, letting out an irritated sigh and hitting her fists together</i> Ruriko: &quot;Man, glad you guys have all the time in the world. As for me, nah I'm not blindly following the thing that's trapped us here. I'm just gonna kill it&quot; <i>The girl's usual cocky grin is back as Ruriko jumps towards where she launched the saws earlier. Though the pixie-like creature wasn't expecting such a direct attack, it would still be able to dodge out of the way, letting out a bit of a giggle as the silly girl passes by... Only to be grabbed by Ruriko after all</i> Ruriko: &quot;There you are. This won't take long.&quot; <i>Though the creature might struggle, its rather weak on its own and is unable to stop Ruriko from crushing it, letting out one last pitiful noise before being crushed in the girl's gauntlets. With its master gone, the maze would crumble around the four, leaving them back in a largely abandoned arcade, Ruriko standing off in the middle with a wide grin</i> Ruriko: &quot;See? Its actually pretty easy.&quot; <i>Sayaka doesn't even answer her, simply staring at her phone for a minute before transforming back into her school uniform, if nothing else she doesn't seem willing to fight.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Suzuki lets out a sigh before presenting her own silver ring with an opalescent gem set inside it to Sonomi, its located on the same hand as Sonomi's own ring and the finger it rests on has a multicolored palette imprinted on it, a symbol frequently used by artists. As she shows Sonomi her mark, Suzuki begins lecturing</i> Suzuki: &quot;These rings are the form our soul gem takes when we're not transformed, both for convenience and secrecy. It also allows Magical Girls to identify each other. Even though we can hide our rings in theory, the marking is always visible. Anyways, this means our rings are just as potent an indicator as the soul gem's full form. There's nothing to worry about though, you can bring out its full form by instinct.&quot; <i>Suzuki turns her hand over, palm up, and causes her ring to flow around her finger, turning into a white light before coalescing in the palm of her hand and turning into an egg-shaped gem that glows with all the colors of the rainbow.</i> Suzuki: &quot;Just like that. Now its your turn.&quot; <b>Madoka and Homura</b> <i>Kamilla looks at Homura uneasily for a bit, but gives the older girl a determined nod as she stammers</i> Kamilla: &quot;R... Right. I.. I'm sure everything will work out just fine.&quot; <i>It would be a little while until Madoka got a reply, if at all. For now there was little to do but rest and wait.</i>
Resonant Hearts
<b>Capri and Damon</b> <i>Damon's strings would entangle the blades, stopping them for a moment as they are forced to slice through his string.</i> Sayaka: &quot;I've got this one, just stay behind me.&quot; This gives Sayaka plenty of time to get ahead of the others, bringing up the same blue barrier of notes that she'd used earlier with the arrows, preparing to block the blades herself.[/i] Ruriko:&quot;Amateurs.&quot; <i>While the others attempt to block the saws, Ruriko goes around to the side of the group and, as she had with the arrows earlier, the girl punches the ground, this time bringing up the floor tiles in a wave that sends the saws flying into the air. These saws pass by the fairy-like creature, which is forced to weave between them. Satisfied with her work, Ruriko lets out a sigh before looking over to Damon and Capri</i> Ruriko: &quot;Alright shield girl, you wanna be useful, how about one of you act as a spotter or something. Blu and I can't see the thing, but if you can just pinpoint it we should be able to crush it no problem.&quot; Sayaka: &quot;Who said y-&quot; <b>bzzz bzzz</b> <i>Sayaka's complaint is cut off by the sound of her phone buzzing. The sudden noise is enough to make Ruriko jump, but after the initial surprise the girl does her best to ignore it.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Suzuki remains silent for a moment, attempting to process everything she was told. The older girl closes her eyes and lets out a sigh</i> <b>She really is a nice girl. I hope they'll be alright</b> Suzuki: &quot;I.. Understand. Or.. Sorry, I know that never helps..&quot; <i>Suzuki lets go of Sonomi, awkwardly scratching the back of her neck and opening her eyes. The girl chooses to move on to business she's better at anyways.</i> Suzuki: &quot;Ruriko has a similar problem with her eyes. Don't worry, I can't feel it. I imagine no one would be able to notice it without some kind of prior knowledge. As long as you don't talk about it your ability should be fine. As for training.&quot; <i>Suzuki looks over Sonomi one more time, her gaze falling upon Sonomi's ring before she shakes her head</i> Suzuki: &quot;You've been fighting haven't you? May I see your soul gem for a moment? Its the source of your magic so maintaining it is vital.&quot; <b>M, H, and K</b> <i>Unsurprisingly, Madoka doesn't get a reply. The phone would ring a few times before going to voicemail. Same as always. Kamilla looks down at her feet, a bit dejected. Though the girl hadn't actually done anything wrong, she felt a bit bad at being unable to help either.</i> Kamilla: &quot;I.. Wish I could help more but.. Well.. Sayaka.. Its.. Like she doesn't like me any more.&quot;
a very persona halloween
Well now you need to dress as the Fuhrer from P2. Go all the way man
Resonant Hearts
<b>Capri and Damon</b> <i>The arrows bounce harmlessly off Capri's shield, leaving her and Damon unscathed. After the arrows strike off the barrier, they fade in a faint blue light, rejoining the rest of the labyrinth Whereas their two companions are able to protect themselves, standing back to back as Sayaka generates a blue magic circle to block one side, while Ruriko strikes the ground, ripping up part of the floor to act as a barrier to shield the two from arrows.</i> Ruriko: &quot;So even you can pay attention sometimes.&quot; Sayaka: &quot;Hey, I've been at this well over a year now.&quot; Ruriko: &quot;Coulda fooled me.&quot; <i>The fairy seems to be getting impatient as the group remains in place. This time it doesn't even wait for them. Instead, the labyrinth moves for them, walls rushing straight by Damon, Capri, and the others. The next trap the group encounters is a trio of saw blades, each large enough to split a log and spaced evenly across the path, with a fair amount of space between them.</i> <b>H, M, and K.</b> <i>Kamilla giggles and closes her eyes for a moment when Madoka strokes her hair, its comforting in some ways and she's able to look back up at her two new companions.</i> Kamilla: &quot;R... Right.. Um.. Nice... I mean.. I'll do my best!&quot; <i>Kamilla lets out a puff of air, briefly reminded that they were actually doing something. So she asks.&quot;</i> Kamilla: &quot;Where are we going?&quot; <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Suzuki lets out a sigh and closes her eyes, before slowly nodding in response.</i> Suzuki: &quot;I didn't believe it either. That is, until I ran into her earlier today. She's not one to take lightly.&quot; <i>A lie of course, but Suzuki brushed off the idea with a sigh. There was no way for Sonomi to know that, so there was no harm in it. Suzuki walks back over to the couch to put a hand on Sonomi's shoulder.</i> Suzuki: &quot;Its alright if you need to say anything. I want you to be able to rely on me. Just take a moment.&quot;
Resonant Hearts
<b>Damon and Capri</b> <i>Once again, Ruriko and Sayaka almost immediately blurt out in unison</i> R+S: &quot;We are not..&quot; <i>Only to again be left glaring at each other until the pair realizes they're already falling behind.</i> Ruriko: &quot;Hey, you're following my lead here.&quot; Sayaka: &quot;Like anyone'd follow you.&quot; <i>and similar bickering quips as the group of four head down the hallway. As the group follows after the fairy, the creature would soon fly up a fair bit higher as they hear a faint *click* from the labyrinth walls, followed by several large arrows flying out from each side of the walls aimed at both Damon and Capri</i> <b>M, H, and K</b> Kamilla:&quot;I d.. I don't.. Think..&quot; <i>Kamilla doesn't manage to get a full complaint out before Kamilla leaves the younger girl with her.. New caretakers. The girl is hesitant at first, but soon enough</i> Kamilla: &quot;R.. Really? I'll Do.. Do my best... <i>The girl's eyes light up at even this small bit of encouragement and she seems to be quite a bit less wary of Madoka, though her dark-haired friend is still somewhat worrying, the pink-haired girl seems to have a calming aura that makes her easier to be around.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Since she'd already gone this far, Suzuki breathes out a sigh and heads over to one of the place's empty, white walls. The girl draws out a simple paintbrush from the silver ring on her right hand, one identical to Sonomi's own ring, and draws a rectangle on the wall. Once she does, the wall fills itself with the picture of another girl, not much older than Sonomi with bright blue hair</i> Suzuki: &quot;Miki Sayaka. She was a competent, if overeager Magical Girl I've worked with on a few occasions until about a month ago. That's when people started disappearing.&quot; <i>Suzuki brushes a few stray hairs out of her face as she turns back to Sonomi, looking up and down the girl as though analyzing them before she smiles.</i> Suzuki: &quot;As much as I appreciate your enthusiasm, I don't think its something you can handle. I'll be glad to teach you, but I want you to promise me something. If you ever see our rogue, you need to run.&quot;
Resonant Hearts
<b>Damon and Capri</b> <i>Ruriko and Sayaka both turn to Damon, shouting at him in unison from opposite sides of the path</i> R+S: &quot;Hey, I'm not!!&quot; <i>The pair then begin to glare at each other again, however neither one of them wants to prove Damon right so Ruriko just crosses her arms with a huff while Sayaka continues complaining</i> Sayaka: &quot;Witches can't hide from Magical Girls, I mean finding them is kinda our job.&quot; Ruriko: &quot;Oh like THAT's the most ridiculous thing you've seen.&quot; <i>Ruriko remarks with a smirk before stepping up with a sigh to continue</i> Ruriko: &quot;Anyways, if tall dark and stabby over here doesn't have any objections we'll just keep following then. Better than standing around doing nothing.&quot; <i>As the group chatters the fairy seems to get more and more anxious, its bright blue color fluctuating as it flitters back and forth before finally deciding to go off down the North path.</i> <b>M, H, and K</b> <i>Kyubey seems to smile as he flicks his tail in the air and licks his paw for a moment</i> Kyubey: &quot;Very well miss Kaname. Consider this contract sealed. At the very least, I don't break my word.&quot; <i>Its hard to tell if there's any bitterness in that last statement as Kyubey heads away, turning back for a moment to add</i> Kyubey: &quot;I'll leave this to your discretion.&quot; <i>before vanishing around the corner of the apartment. Anyone attempting to follow him would find that Kyubey simply disappeared, slipping out of existence and leaving the group to their own devices. Kamilla grabs the edge of her shirt, at a loss for what to do herself</i> Kamilla: &quot;I.. Um... I want to get Sayaka back to normal.. Is.. I mean.. If you need me...&quot; <i>The girl isn't able to mutter much more than that as she remains almost attached to Kohaku</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Suzuki nods, a smile crossing her face as she reminisces, her voice touched by excitement</i> Suzuki: &quot;Of course. Risako's been my student for a couple of months now so I can't wait to see how you two grow together.&quot; <i>Suzuki takes another sip of tea before setting her cup down with a sigh before crossing her hands. The girl's gaze drops with her smile as the inevitable question comes to light.</i> Suzuki: &quot;I'm afraid you've chosen a poor time to make a contract. One of the Magical Girls in this city has gone rogue and has started going after their fellows rather than working together against the Witches. Now, territorial disputes are... Undesirable, but not entirely uncommon. But this is something different. She's not simply chasing others out of the city.&quot; <i>Suzuki would look back up at Sonomi, deathly serious</i> Suzuki: &quot;This rogue of ours is looking to kill.&quot;
Resonant Hearts
<i>Sayaka rapidly shakes her head and waves her arms in front of her while denying</i> Sayaka: “Hey, don’t look at me. I was just following you around cuz I couldn’t tell anything.” Ruriko: “You just decided to follow around some random chick? Sayaka: “like you could do any better!”
Resonant Hearts
<b>Capri and Damon</b> <i>Ruriko raises an eyebrow as she looks up to where Damon had fallen from. though her eyes skim over where the creature was...</i> Ruriko: &quot;The heck're you talking about? You just started flying outta nowhere.&quot; <i>Sayaka drops her weapon for a moment to head back to the crossroads, staying a fair distance away from the three.</i> Sayaka: &quot;I uh.. So where is this thing.. Then?&quot; <i>The girl awkwardly scratches the back of her head. It was.. Really awkward, but at this point Sayaka wasn't quite sure what she's supposed to do so she just... Lets it happen.</i> <b>K, M, and H</b> Kyubey: &quot;Oh, you mean you don't know?&quot; <i>Kyubey pauses to lick his paw, letting the anticipation build before answering</i> Kyubey: &quot;Sayaka has taken to hunting other Magical Girls.&quot; Kamilla: &quot;S.. Sayka wouldn't hurt anyone....&quot; <i>Kamilla speaks up, still holding onto Kohaku's cape, but Kyubey doesn't seem to regard her complaint, continuing his explanation</i> Kyubey: &quot;That means its dangerous for another Magical Girl to approach her. And since she refuses listen to me, so I was hoping you two might be able to stop her. She is your friend right? As for a reward...&quot; <i>Kyubey looks Madoka in the eyes, though his expression is empty as always, the creature almost seems to be grinning</i> Kyubey: &quot;You wanted to know about Suzuki yes? I can easily let you in on the circumstances of her wish... After you stop your friend of course.&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by Incubator)</div>
Resonant Hearts
<b>Damon and Capri</b> <i>Damon lets go of the Pixie, beginning his fall. Their separation is spurred on by Capri's shield, preventing any attempt the creature might have made to get back at Damon. Sayaka and Ruriko continue their clash for a bit, however as Damon starts to fall Ruriko remarks</i> Ruriko: &quot;You seriously care more about killing someone than keeping your friend here safe?&quot; Sayaka: &quot;H.. Hey, that's not.&quot; <i>Sayaka is brought pause, giving Ruriko a chance to break away from their fight. The girl swiftly moves to catch Damon, holding the older guy with a smirk</i> Ruriko: &quot;You holding up oh 'noble knight'?&quot; <i>Sayaka brings out another sword but, now that Ruriko is carrying someone she can't really throw it, forcing her to stand down with a sigh</i> <b>Kohaku, Madoka, and Homura</b> <i>Kyubey waits a moment for the trio, and Kamilla, to gather themselves before approaching. The creature paces up and down the street as he talks</i> Kyubey: &quot;Sorry about leaving so suddenly, I couldn't really afford to be seen by her. Anyways, I can see you'd rather.. Get moving so I'll keep this short.&quot; <i>Kamilla looks between the others present, silently playing with her clothing as Kyubey continues</i> Kyubey: &quot;Kamilla here was rescued by Sayaka a couple of years ago. She's the person Sayaka cares about most right now. As long as you have her you should at least be able to get Sayaka to talk to you.&quot; <i>Kyubey starts to walk off, before looking back at Kohaku</i> Kyubey: &quot;One last thing, I'd recommend against bringing her along. I'd rather not have another casualty&quot;
Resonant Hearts
<b>Sonomi</b> <i>Sonomi isn't able to feel anything from inside the building. At least not immediately. Risako would soon take a deep breath, gathering her courage. despite her earlier excitement the girl seems reluctant to actually enter... Once she finally opens the door... The pair are greeted by an empty foyer, a hub for the would-be residents of the building. Risako lets out a sigh of relief before looking down one hallway</i> Risako: &quot;S.. Suzuki lives in room 212. I.. Do you think you can handle it from here? I.. Should probably be going...&quot; <b>Damon and Capri</b> <i>The pixie seems to get a bit more excited as Damon approaches, though its confused, childish. it doesn't realize what's happening until Damon actually grabs it, at which point it panics. Damon would find the creature to be much stronger than its appearance suggests as it almost immediately darts several feet higher into the air, dragging Damon up into the air with it. Sayaka and Ruriko don't seem to be too interested in listening to Capri at the moment, as they're focused largely on their fight. That is, until Damon is flown a few feet in the air, at which point Ruriko, the only one who could look without taking her eyes off her opponent backs up in surprise</i> Ruriko: &quot;What the hell? Since when could he do that?&quot; Sayaka: &quot;I'm not going to fall for a trick that obvious.&quot; Ruriko: &quot;Hey, I've got some honor y'know. At least I'm above ambushing random girls.&quot; Sayaka: &quot;Its nothing against you, I'm just doing my job.&quot; <b>Kohaku</b> <i>Kamilla holds tightly to Kohaku as the other girl carries her up to the roofs. She giggles at the sensation, reminded of when Sayaka would do something similar for her.</i> Kamilla: &quot;Oh, that'd be fun.. I'll try to think where it is.&quot; <i>After they land, the pair are greeted with silence. The wolf makes no effort to follow them, in fact Kohaku can feel it fleeing as the Witch's power diminishes. Soon....</i> <b>Madoka and Homura</b> <i>The Witch puts little effort into evading the chains, leading it to get tightly bound by Madoka's chains, before it is cut into a dozen pieces by Homura. With no further fear to fuel it, the creature is left completely unable to regenerate, and falls apart, leaving a single grief seed behind as proof that it was there. Without the Witch that created it, the barrier would soon fall apart...</i> <b>M, H, and K</b> <i>Once the barrier collapses Kohaku and Kamilla are now on the roof of Sayaka's apartment building, with no evidence of the monsters anywhere. They can see Homura and Madoka on the ground, their friends are in rough shape, but still alive. Just across the street, as if he'd been waiting there this whole time, all participants can see a familiar, white, catlike creature. Kyubey has his eyes closed and seems to be cleaning himself as he waits for the others to gather their senses again.</i>

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Resonant Hearts
Note: As with my previous thread, all of the participants here have already been discussed and decided on the Phansite discord that is can be found as the last post in the Forum rules, as well as other places on the site. Without further ado, lets get started. <b>Homura and Madoka</b> <i>it had been a few days since their meeting with Suzuki and heard of the series of disappearances that had riddled the city. The victims of which had all shared something in common suggesting they were deliberate targets. With few leads and an unknowable deadline the pair had decided it was worth checking in on their old friend and potential target, Sayaka Miki. So on one of their less busy days the pair heads to the girl's apartment in the middle of town. The building doesn't stand out much, save for an old banner advertising their friend's delivery service. As might be expected of a crowded apartment, there's an intercom at the entrance with a button labeled for each of its residents, including that former friend of theirs.</i> <b>Kohaku</b> <i>Kohaku hadn't noticed much of anything out of the ordinary. Well, ordinary for her anyways, fighting criminals and monsters whenever she finds them as she leaps around the city. While on a fairly routine patrol the girl would pass over a pair of her friends, Madoka and Homura. While she may not be able to tell what they're talking about as they head towards an apartment complex, their expressions seem troubled.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>It started off as a normal day for Sonomi, she went to work, socialized with her coworkers, and made it all the way near the end of her shift without anything notable coming up. It wasn't until the day was almost over that she'd see a familiar, white, catlike creature waiting patiently for her. She'd dealt with Kyubey a few times before, so it wasn't anything particularly strange in that regard either.</i> Kyubey: &quot;I hope everything's been working out for you.&quot; <i>of course, none of these were actually spoken. The creature would always communicate its thoughts directly to the girl, with no need for noise. It was a friendly, casual way of speaking without being overheard.</i> <b>Damon</b> <i>while Homura and Madoka were looking into their friend, a certain dark-haired youth took to the streets to look for one of the other two girls. Just to be safe, Suzuki had left him with a picture of a fairly short, brown-haired girl who always dressed casually so he'd be able to recognize Ruriko Imamura, as well as a warning not to mention her. With zero real leads into her location he was left mostly to his own devices, looking into some of the usual cool hangout spots for kids Ruriko's apparent age.</i> <b>Capri</b> <i>Capri, of course, was ignorant of a greater scheme occurring in the world around her. Instead she simply continues with her normal routine, walking around the city, mostly to the less occupied parts to gather her thoughts more effectively. One such place she finds is an old arcade. Though the place hadn't been closed down yet it was hard to see how. In spite of the fact school was over and most students were likely out and about, the place seemed almost eerily empty.</i>
New Paths
<i>It was another ordinary day in &lt;insert city name here&gt;, once more, or perhaps for once, there was absolutely nothing unusual going on. Nope, nothing at all. We'll start off our story by looking into our protagonists (whose participation has already been noted)</i> <b>Madoka and Shinji</b> <i>for these two, it was a school day, which meant more work unfortunately, they were both in high school so its fairly likely they'd met before. It was approaching the end of school, so many of the other, generic students were waiting in anticipation. However, it was worth noting that today was special. For today, shortly before the bell rings, their teacher would remind the class</i> Teacher: &quot;remember class, there's a science demonstration going on at the Middle School today. Anyone who helps out is supposed to receive extra credit so if you're nto too busy its worth a look.&quot; <i>which is met with a variety of either irritated sighs or whispering among the other students. Not that any of them matter, not even the one with purple hair.</i> <b>Homura and Capri.</b> <i>For Homura, it was much the same, she ran a mall cafe in the cafe that was fairly quiet, focusing much of her time on it while her friend Madoka's away for school. Business was a little slow at the moment, due to all of the people still at work or school, though she did occasionally get a customer or two on their way to finish an errand or delivery. For Capri, it was a nice quiet place to relax for a bit away from the city. Though most people were busy the outside was still rather noisy, which makes places like these a great way to take a break, maybe get a load off your shoulders before continuing to explore.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>For Sonomi, it was another day at her job. She'd been there for a while now, and thus doubtless knew many of the people she worked with. What had also become a bit of a habit was the small, white, catlike creature who nestles itself near her. Though none of the other employees seemed to notice, Kyubey had been able to talk to her for a while now</i> Kyubey: &quot;Don't worry, ordinary people can't see or hear me. I'll be your private companion for a bit, if nothing else.&quot; <b>Damon</b> <i>Our final traveler is a young man named Damon, a bit of a thrill seeker, Damon liked to hang around large crowded areas, concerts, other such events. It just so happened that a traveling magician was visiting town, with her show starting within the hour. They were cheerful and fairly popular, however if one looked into the places where this famous &quot;Lucky Streak&quot; had been they'd notice a stream of misfortune seemed to follow them.</i>
Silence in the Library
<i>It was an uneventful day, altogether. At least at first, the sun was shining brightly with only a few clouds dotting the sky. If anything it was too hot to be out, and with many people off for the holiday the steets weren't nearly as crowded as they'd normally be. Good thing too, as for some reason Jaywalking seemed to be a particularly significant problem for the day. It would be a fairly common sight to find people, often in ones or twos, with listless eyes simply heading in one direction, wherever it was. They would proceed in the same direction, heedless of the world around them as if there was only one place they could possibly be. That place being an old, run-down library near the center of town. Though it was still technically operational, the digital age had clearly done it no favors. A lot of the windows were in disrepair and even the building itself seems to have started gathering dust. Contrary to all this is the steady stream of people from all over the city who seem to have decided this was the best place to be all at once.</i>
Enjoy the show
<i>Today the sky was overcast, a faint grey providing a melancholic atmosphere as the faint sound of a light rain pitter-patters against the pavement. It was a boring enough day, for a while, until you caught sight of a strange, white, cat-like creature simply standing in the path as though waiting for you. It would pause, as though making sure it was seen before it starts walking through the city.</i>
Last Post Wins: Magical Girl edition
Just kidding, anyone who even looks at this thread loses
Anime Expo
<i>As frequently occurs on some weekend or another, a celebration of sorts, this time by fans and for fans, of their favorite forms of fiction and entertainment. A relatively small anime convention can be found in an event hall just off the city's main streets. Whether its intended primarily to advertise, or fan-run, it likely would hardly be noticed were the event not advertised as free. To this end, a small crowd works their way through the large, glass doors up front, dressed in a wide variety of outfits, these cosplayers form a new sort of normal as they rush into the hall, eager to see the sights. Off to the side of the hall itself. a young girl leans against a pillar, long brown ponytail trapped between the wall and her light-purple hoodie. The rather short girl's attention is on her phone, though she glances around occasionally. She has what almost looks like a cigarette in her mouth, though no smoke comes out of it.</i>
In the Night's Shadow
OOC: Though this is a continuation of something I started a while ago, do feel free to join in regardless, it might take a little catching up, but I aim to explain everything along the way anyways, so this shouldn't be an issue, without further ado IC:<i>As often happens, once a day in fact, darkness falls over the city of Tokyo. With the rumors and stories of strange things coming out in the dark, most people find their way home in a hurry, leading the streets to be surprisingly empty, what was bustling and busy mere hours before is almost like a ghost town. For those who remain out, for whatever reason, they may see a dark green flash, that of someone, or something, making its way through the darkness. For any who may follow them, the figure soon stops outside of an appliance store, long emerald cloak hiding their form. The figure bends down near the door for a moment. One person (you know who you are) would receive a text. It seems to have been written in haste, judging by the short message &quot;I think we're about ready, meet me here&quot; with directions to the appliance store in question added at the end.</i>
The Emerald Rogue
<i>It was a cold, moonlight night on the city streets. By now most people had found their way home, whether they needed to be up early, or out of fear of the rumors. Ah yes, the rumors, its long been superstition, the light of a full moon has often been said to fill the air with an air of intrigue and mystery, perfect for the supernatural. Yet, tonight it feels a little heavier. One can almost hear faint whispering among the shadows, of course, nothing can be discerned from this noise, yet an unsettling feeling remains nonetheless Walking down the main street, there are several alleyways, three on each side,that lead to smaller parts of the city. Aside from the general air of unease, little of note can be seen along the empty streets. A brief flash of green leaps from one alleyway to another, occasionally stopping to look back, almost as though afraid of being caught</i>
Mikage Sun Mall: A prismatic glow
<i>It looked like a perfectly average day at the mall, all the stores, from trending clothing stores, game stores, to a few odd ones like the closed armory on the second floor. Its rather slow today, few customers can be seen wandering the venue, couples holding hands as they shop. Its almost as though they can feel it to. You feel it, don't you? The air feels a little thick, almost as though something sinister could happen at any moment. No one says anything, but from the way everyone's rushing around, its obvious. In the middle of the mall is a remarkable fountain, stretching up towards the sky, one of the malls main features. Sitting by the fountain are two young girls, probably in middle school, looking into the waters. If you look around, you'd notice a wide variety of open shops, from food, to clothing, merchandise, almost anything you could ask for. Hardly anyone other than the employees are here by now, so it should be easy to find.</i>
A Childish Wish
OOC: A few notes before starting this one. First is that, shockingly, most characters are mortal, this means they are capable of dying. While I will not specifically aim for killing them off, do be cautious in your actions, as not all actions will have positive results. For example, attempting to block a creature half the size of a whale's attempt to swallow you whole won't work (you know who you are) Second, as a GM, my goal is to set a stage upon which the characters act. As such, little direction will be given. It is your job as both player and character to make your own decisions. I would like for any information regarding your character's condition be mentioned OOC in your first post for my convenience (for example, robots and undead would be immune to most poisons.) In order to ensure that anything that happens to them is as accurate as possible Without further ado, let us get started IC: <i>It was a cold, winter night on city streets, much as it has been for the past few weeks. For the most part, the city streets are empty, with most people hurrying on their way home. A young, blonde-haired girl and a pair of adults can be seen passing by, holding the hands of the girl between them. The girl wears a simple, black school uniform with a long, tan skirt and matching red bowtie. The adults are dressed similarly lightly, the woman wearing a gray business suit with a similar, simple gray skirt, and the man wearing a more semi-casual outfit, a red, button-up shirt with a pair of blue jeans. the trio walk down the street, both of the adults seem to be talking to each other energetically while the girl looks between the pair. While most people are walking away from the nearest train station by now, having already finished their business and heading home for the night, these three are walking towards it.</i>
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