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I swear I bear you no ill will. In fact, I’d like to grant you everything you’ve ever wished for. All you have to do is make a contract with me and become a Magical Girl. Note: from now on, use of the “spoiler” tag will indicate speech meant for one person or group, this makes it much easier for people to know what their character shouldn’t be able to hear. I should have started with that, but oh wel

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Resonant Hearts
<b>Risako</b> <i>The girl wandered through the lower floors of Suzuki’s apartment building. It had always been strange how empty the place was, but Risako didn’t want to doubt her mentor. That’s why she always ignored the trail. It wasn’t a trail, really, more a sense of unease that permeated the place, flowing through the building like a silent song. There was no doubt the others couldn’t see it, she doubted even her teacher knew. But nothing could fool her eyes. It was troublesome at times, but it was better than being blind. She’d never go back to that. One of those times was now, as she paced through the empty corridors and turned towards the left wall. But it wasn’t a wall, really. At least, not when the girl gathered her courage to reach for it. It wasn’t a door either, it was something much more sinister than that. After touching the wall, the source of the song... The girl reflexively jumps back with a scream before swiftly shutting her mouth with her hands and running off. She couldn’t risk being seen. As it is she might have been heard. But for now, she knew it wasn’t safe. Not here. Maybe she should ask Suzuki about it.... But if they knew about it.. Left it.... For now the girl simply runs off, into the night as her teacher breathes out a sigh.</i> Suzuki:”Looks like time’s running short. Very well, I have my own role to play.” <i>The white-haired girl remains in her room, a white room devoid of furniture looking at a wall of pictures. These pictures show scariest of fantastical creatures, a cartoonish circle, a comic book style city... And one depicting a wall, a seemingly inconspicuous wall in her own apartment building.</i>
Resonant Hearts
<b>Suzuki</b> <i>The older girl seems to get a bit nervous, looking away from Sonomi as she scratches her arm</i> Suzuki: &quot;Surely you're kidding? I'm just.. telling you to be safe is all.&quot; <span class="underline">its the only hope I have left</span> Suzuki: &quot;So just.. Get going already.&quot; <i>Suzuki lets out a sigh, clearing her throat before mentioning at the end</i> Suzuki: &quot;I can't be expected to know the full list, but there's miss Kaname and miss Akemi. For whatever reason they seem to have sided with miss Miki, so seeing them would be dangerous as well...&quot; <span class="underline">only going to keep getting in the way it seems</span> <i>The Suzuki closes her eyes and solemnly shakes her head before stifling a yawn.</i> <b>Capri and Madoka</b> <i>Sayaka momentarily covers up the speaker on her phone, so as to turn to Capri with a smile. However, it doesn't come off as a natural, happy smile. Rather its more of a patient, yet fuming one.</i> Sayaka: &quot;this was your idea remember? Just give it a bit we're almost done.&quot; <i>With that, Sayaka turns back to the phone. If nothing else, the idea of beating up Madoka sounded somewhat therapeutic, and at any rate backing down now certainly wasn't an option. Instead, just to annoy the other girl Sayaka gives her a bit of a chuckle</i> Sayaka: &quot;Yeah, sure why not. GYM's too mainstream, so lets meet behind the <span class="through">Denny's</span> Old, ruined Leblanc. You've been there before right? We shouldn't be too bothered there. Tomorrow good for you? Just keep in mind I'm not holding back. Oh, and just to be sure make sure that girlfriend of yours isn't there. You did say you wouldn't rely on her right?&quot;
Resonant Hearts
<b>Sonomi</b> <i>Suzuki smiles at the younger girl before giving them a quick nod, watching Sonomi as they prepare to leave.</i> Suzuki: &quot;I look forward to it. Just make sure not to overdo it either. And stay well away from that blue-haired girl and her friends!&quot; <i>Suzuki lets out a sigh, looking down at her single silver ring, before closing her eyes and holding it close to her</i> Suzuki: &quot;I'd hate it if something were to happen.&quot; <i>Suzuki wouldn't do anything to stop Sonomi from leaving, if she chose to do so they'd be free to go about the rest of their day as they pleased.</i> <b>Madoka and Capri</b> <i>Sayaka takes a deep breath, all the resentment that'd built up over these last few years boiling over. The girl lets her fury talk for the moment, practically shouting into the phone.</i> Sayaka: &quot;you've always been useless, just shrinking away as soon as things get hard, and your 'choice' is just another way of running. I'm not like that, I might not be a hero but I'm still not going to run, even if its all I can do.&quot; <i>Sayaka lets out a sigh, having finally gotten to vent. She wasn't planning to continue talking much longer, but for now she may as well remain</i> Sayaka: &quot;That's what I've never been able to stand about you, everyone always treats you like some precious flower to be protected, some delicate thing that could never do anything wrong.&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by Incubator)</div>
Resonant Hearts
<b>Sonomi</b> <i>Suzuki seems surprised by the sudden noise, but it doesn't stop her from finishing her motion, leaving her spear pointed at Sonomi a few inches away from the other girl's chest.</i> Suzuki: &quot;Not bad for your first try, it took Risako about three sessions to even make it this far. <i>Satisfied for now, Suzuki steps back, spinning her spear in the air before causing her weapon to disappear.</i> Suzuki: &quot;That's enough sparring for now. Perhaps you ought to get some rest.&quot; <b>Madoka and Capri</b> Sayaka: &quot;Suzuki was... I never told her anything about Kamilla, and even if I did I don't see why.. She's just a kid, why would she...&quot; <i>Sayaka begins pacing, her breathing becoming a bit more labored as she tries taking everything in while containing her anger. She's still talking after all and its not like the person on the other side did anything to deserve it, though she can't stop her annoyance from showing</i> Sayaka: &quot;You've got it all wrong, its nothing like that its just... Well, I'm a Magical Girl, and you know what happens to us eventually... If Kamilla were around when that happened then.. Well..&quot; <i>Sayaka leaves that thought where it was, though it might sound like nonsense to Capri she has no doubt Madoka would be able to fill in the blanks.</i>
Resonant Hearts
<b>Sonomi</b> <span class="underline">That's better, she's adjusting much faster than Risako...</span> <i>Suzuki jumps back, redirecting the meteor hammer into the ground with her paintbrush as she looks over Sonomi's weapon. The girl smiles and lets out a sigh</i> Suzuki:&quot;See? All you need to do is stop doubting yourself.&quot; <i>Next, Suzuki sweeps her brush in front of her again, leaving a trail of light behind it as she quickly draws something simple, a rainbow-colored outline that forms itself into a long silver spear.</i> Suzuki: &quot;Now lets end this,&quot; <i>Suzuki takes two steps forward, beginning with a spear thrust directly towards Sonomi</i> <b>Madoka and Capri</b> <i>Sayaka lets out an irritated sigh and taps her foot for a moment, allowing Madoka to explain herself. Of course, it was kinda her fault things came this far, but that doesn't stop the girl from redirecting her anger</i> Sayaka: &quot;You know that's not an option. Just being near her would be putting Kamilla in more danger. I just have to eliminate these Witches before they can get to her.&quot;
Resonant Hearts
<b>Sonomi</b> <span class="underline">come on, you've got to have something</span> <i>Looking into her thoughts wouldn't serve to provide Sonomi much warning of Suzuki's next move, closing the distance off to her left side and simply pushing Sonomi back into one of the walls</i> Suzuki: &quot;Its not that complicated darling, just let your body move itself and something should come naturally.&quot; <b>Madoka and Capri</b> Sayaka: &quot;What do I? What do YOU think? <i>Sayaka shouts into the phone, what little calm she might have had earlier gone now. She had hoped that just getting away would be enough to keep Kamilla out of her magic problems, only for it to turn out they were getting dragged back in anyways</i> Sayaka: &quot;If you have a problem you should be dealing with me, not kidnapping a kid who hasn't done anything. What is wrong with.. No, it was HER idea wasn't it?&quot; <i>Her, of course, referring to Homura. She'd never particularly liked the girl to begin with, and something like this didn't seem completely out of character.</i>
Resonant Hearts
<b>Sonomi</b> <i>Suzuki closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, keeping her paintbrush out to her side. Suzuki slowly shakes her head before replying</i> Suzuki: &quot;There's no need to concentrate. Much like transforming it'll come naturally when you need it, let your new abilities become part of you until its part of your reflexes. Now watch yourself!&quot; <i>Suzuki opens her eyes once again and dances off to Sonomi's left, swinging her brush as she goes to send a splatter of paint in Sonomi's direction. Sonomi would find these streaks of light to be as sharp as blades, though they're aimed to only scratch her arms for now.</i> <b>Capri and Madoka</b> <i>Sayaka lets out a sigh as she listens to the first bit of Madoka's talk. Capri can see the other girl smirk a bit before she makes a sarcastic comment. It wasn't a particularly great one, but its the best chance for sass she's had</i> Sayaka: &quot;Gee, I can't imagine why she'd do that. But yeah, I've talked to Suzuki before. She tried to get me to team up but.. Well. I always knew there was something wrong with her. Call it a hunch.&quot; <i>Sayaka lets out a sigh listening to the other thing. It wasn't anything she was really interested in right now. If anything it came off as annoying at this point, but its not something she can speak out against either. At Madoka's cue, the younger girl leans in closer to shout into the phone.</i> Kamilla: &quot;Um.. Hi Sayaka. When are you coming home?&quot; <i>Capri can see the other girl jump in surprise, both at the sudden sound and the voice that owned it. She didn't remember saying anything about her to Madoka, so....</i> Sayaka: &quot;Kamilla? What are you doing with them?&quot; Kamilla: &quot;Well these three people came over and said they were looking for you too so I just kinda followed them. You're coming back right?&quot; Sayaka: &quot;J... Just.. Let me talk to them for a bit alright?&quot;
Resonant Hearts
<b>Damon</b> Ruriko: &quot;I.. Um..&quot; <i>The girl wasn't really expecting that kind of response from Damon. Now stuck in an awkward situation Ruriko turns away from him and scratches the back of her neck as she hastily tries to change the subject</i> Ruriko: &quot;Anyways, weren't you going to buy me sushi? We'd... Better get going then.&quot; <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Suzuki looks at Sonomi with a grin and snaps her fingers, causing what little furniture was in the room to retreat into the walls, providing the pair with an open, safe area to practice</i> Suzuki: &quot;Very well then, we can start today. I'd like to start by sparring if you don't mind. I'll want to see what you're capable of for now so I know where to focus our practice.&quot; <i>With that, Suzuki would transform into her own Magical Girl outfit, a long painter's dress covered vibrant splotches of paint, some of which seems to extend over her face, and of course her paintbrush held tightly in her hand</i> Suzuki: &quot;Whenever you're ready.&quot; <b>Capri and Madoka</b> <i>though Capri and Madoka would be unable to hear each other over the phone, Madoka would likely get some of Sayaka's first remark as she turns back towards Capri.</i> Sayaka: &quot;Look, I'm doing what you asked. This has nothing to do with you anyways.&quot; <i>The girl lets out a sigh before returning to the phone. There she goes again, with that cute, timid demeanor that makes yelling at her feel like kicking a puppy. Sayaka finds herself forced to calm down a bit, speaking in a more stern than irritated manner.</i> Sayaka: &quot;Do you mind getting to the point? I'm sure you have plenty of friends you'd rather be talking to.&quot; <i>On Madoka's end Kamilla would lean in closer, trying to listen in on their conversation, but not wanting to interrupt anything if she could avoid it.</i>
Resonant Hearts
<b>Capri</b> Sayaka: “Alright then, let’s get this over with.” <i>It wouldn’t take long for Sayaka to punch in the number, like she had done many times before, though she doubted she’d ever do it again, and call. Once the girl on the other side picked up the clearly irritated Sayaka gives them a short</i> Sayaka: “What’s up? This had better be good.” <b>Madoka and associates</b> <i>It took a while, but eventually your phone would ring, opening it up would reveal the caller to be Sayaka, though they hadn’t been willing to talk in a while. Once Madoka answers her phone she’d receive a rather short greeting.</i> Sayaka: “what’s up? This had better be good.”
Resonant Hearts
<b>Capri</b> <i>Sayaka lets out an irritated sigh and shakes her head. There wasn't much of a point in arguing it seemed, not at this point. She didn't want to hurt anyone so for now it'd be best to at least come to some sort of agreement. If for nothing else than to get Capri to stop pestering her about it.</i> Sayaka: &quot;I've already told you, there's nothing there. We've never been friends.&quot; <i>Still, Sayaka flips open her phone, despite her promises to herself</i> Sayaka: &quot;I'll call them back this one time and you'll stop bringing it up, alright?&quot; <b>Damon</b> <i>having shown it to him, Ruriko casually puts the grief seed away in her pocket with a grin. The girl looks back up at Damon for a moment, only to quickly look back down, so as not to seem interested</i> Ruriko: &quot;I'm not falling for that one. You're just trying to rile me up.&quot; <i>Ruriko shifts uncomfortably for a moment before making another snide remark</i> Ruriko: &quot;Besides, who'd you have heard it from? its not like you have friends either.&quot; <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Suzuki briefly nods to Sonomi, once again withdrawing her brush from within her soul gem as a demonstration</i> Suzuki: &quot;You could say that I suppose. In mine and Risako's case, well.&quot; <i>Suzuki briefly waves the paintbrush in front of her to demonstrate its rather small size before continuing</i> Suzuki: &quot;Its not so much a weapon as a way for us to focus our magic. Technically I don't need it at all, but I've grown used to the tool so it'd feel strange to drop it entirely.&quot; <i>Her little demo over Suzuki's paintbrush would dissolve in the air again, leaving the older girl time to adjust her shirt before she continues</i> Suzuki: &quot;Anyways, its something that should come naturally, but I might be able to provide further assistance once I've gotten a chance to practice with and view your magic more. When do you think you'll be able to start?&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by Incubator)</div>

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Resonant Hearts
Note: As with my previous thread, all of the participants here have already been discussed and decided on the Phansite discord that is can be found as the last post in the Forum rules, as well as other places on the site. Without further ado, lets get started. <b>Homura and Madoka</b> <i>it had been a few days since their meeting with Suzuki and heard of the series of disappearances that had riddled the city. The victims of which had all shared something in common suggesting they were deliberate targets. With few leads and an unknowable deadline the pair had decided it was worth checking in on their old friend and potential target, Sayaka Miki. So on one of their less busy days the pair heads to the girl's apartment in the middle of town. The building doesn't stand out much, save for an old banner advertising their friend's delivery service. As might be expected of a crowded apartment, there's an intercom at the entrance with a button labeled for each of its residents, including that former friend of theirs.</i> <b>Kohaku</b> <i>Kohaku hadn't noticed much of anything out of the ordinary. Well, ordinary for her anyways, fighting criminals and monsters whenever she finds them as she leaps around the city. While on a fairly routine patrol the girl would pass over a pair of her friends, Madoka and Homura. While she may not be able to tell what they're talking about as they head towards an apartment complex, their expressions seem troubled.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>It started off as a normal day for Sonomi, she went to work, socialized with her coworkers, and made it all the way near the end of her shift without anything notable coming up. It wasn't until the day was almost over that she'd see a familiar, white, catlike creature waiting patiently for her. She'd dealt with Kyubey a few times before, so it wasn't anything particularly strange in that regard either.</i> Kyubey: &quot;I hope everything's been working out for you.&quot; <i>of course, none of these were actually spoken. The creature would always communicate its thoughts directly to the girl, with no need for noise. It was a friendly, casual way of speaking without being overheard.</i> <b>Damon</b> <i>while Homura and Madoka were looking into their friend, a certain dark-haired youth took to the streets to look for one of the other two girls. Just to be safe, Suzuki had left him with a picture of a fairly short, brown-haired girl who always dressed casually so he'd be able to recognize Ruriko Imamura, as well as a warning not to mention her. With zero real leads into her location he was left mostly to his own devices, looking into some of the usual cool hangout spots for kids Ruriko's apparent age.</i> <b>Capri</b> <i>Capri, of course, was ignorant of a greater scheme occurring in the world around her. Instead she simply continues with her normal routine, walking around the city, mostly to the less occupied parts to gather her thoughts more effectively. One such place she finds is an old arcade. Though the place hadn't been closed down yet it was hard to see how. In spite of the fact school was over and most students were likely out and about, the place seemed almost eerily empty.</i>
New Paths
<i>It was another ordinary day in &lt;insert city name here&gt;, once more, or perhaps for once, there was absolutely nothing unusual going on. Nope, nothing at all. We'll start off our story by looking into our protagonists (whose participation has already been noted)</i> <b>Madoka and Shinji</b> <i>for these two, it was a school day, which meant more work unfortunately, they were both in high school so its fairly likely they'd met before. It was approaching the end of school, so many of the other, generic students were waiting in anticipation. However, it was worth noting that today was special. For today, shortly before the bell rings, their teacher would remind the class</i> Teacher: &quot;remember class, there's a science demonstration going on at the Middle School today. Anyone who helps out is supposed to receive extra credit so if you're nto too busy its worth a look.&quot; <i>which is met with a variety of either irritated sighs or whispering among the other students. Not that any of them matter, not even the one with purple hair.</i> <b>Homura and Capri.</b> <i>For Homura, it was much the same, she ran a mall cafe in the cafe that was fairly quiet, focusing much of her time on it while her friend Madoka's away for school. Business was a little slow at the moment, due to all of the people still at work or school, though she did occasionally get a customer or two on their way to finish an errand or delivery. For Capri, it was a nice quiet place to relax for a bit away from the city. Though most people were busy the outside was still rather noisy, which makes places like these a great way to take a break, maybe get a load off your shoulders before continuing to explore.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>For Sonomi, it was another day at her job. She'd been there for a while now, and thus doubtless knew many of the people she worked with. What had also become a bit of a habit was the small, white, catlike creature who nestles itself near her. Though none of the other employees seemed to notice, Kyubey had been able to talk to her for a while now</i> Kyubey: &quot;Don't worry, ordinary people can't see or hear me. I'll be your private companion for a bit, if nothing else.&quot; <b>Damon</b> <i>Our final traveler is a young man named Damon, a bit of a thrill seeker, Damon liked to hang around large crowded areas, concerts, other such events. It just so happened that a traveling magician was visiting town, with her show starting within the hour. They were cheerful and fairly popular, however if one looked into the places where this famous &quot;Lucky Streak&quot; had been they'd notice a stream of misfortune seemed to follow them.</i>
Silence in the Library
<i>It was an uneventful day, altogether. At least at first, the sun was shining brightly with only a few clouds dotting the sky. If anything it was too hot to be out, and with many people off for the holiday the steets weren't nearly as crowded as they'd normally be. Good thing too, as for some reason Jaywalking seemed to be a particularly significant problem for the day. It would be a fairly common sight to find people, often in ones or twos, with listless eyes simply heading in one direction, wherever it was. They would proceed in the same direction, heedless of the world around them as if there was only one place they could possibly be. That place being an old, run-down library near the center of town. Though it was still technically operational, the digital age had clearly done it no favors. A lot of the windows were in disrepair and even the building itself seems to have started gathering dust. Contrary to all this is the steady stream of people from all over the city who seem to have decided this was the best place to be all at once.</i>
Enjoy the show
<i>Today the sky was overcast, a faint grey providing a melancholic atmosphere as the faint sound of a light rain pitter-patters against the pavement. It was a boring enough day, for a while, until you caught sight of a strange, white, cat-like creature simply standing in the path as though waiting for you. It would pause, as though making sure it was seen before it starts walking through the city.</i>
Last Post Wins: Magical Girl edition
Just kidding, anyone who even looks at this thread loses
Anime Expo
<i>As frequently occurs on some weekend or another, a celebration of sorts, this time by fans and for fans, of their favorite forms of fiction and entertainment. A relatively small anime convention can be found in an event hall just off the city's main streets. Whether its intended primarily to advertise, or fan-run, it likely would hardly be noticed were the event not advertised as free. To this end, a small crowd works their way through the large, glass doors up front, dressed in a wide variety of outfits, these cosplayers form a new sort of normal as they rush into the hall, eager to see the sights. Off to the side of the hall itself. a young girl leans against a pillar, long brown ponytail trapped between the wall and her light-purple hoodie. The rather short girl's attention is on her phone, though she glances around occasionally. She has what almost looks like a cigarette in her mouth, though no smoke comes out of it.</i>
In the Night's Shadow
OOC: Though this is a continuation of something I started a while ago, do feel free to join in regardless, it might take a little catching up, but I aim to explain everything along the way anyways, so this shouldn't be an issue, without further ado IC:<i>As often happens, once a day in fact, darkness falls over the city of Tokyo. With the rumors and stories of strange things coming out in the dark, most people find their way home in a hurry, leading the streets to be surprisingly empty, what was bustling and busy mere hours before is almost like a ghost town. For those who remain out, for whatever reason, they may see a dark green flash, that of someone, or something, making its way through the darkness. For any who may follow them, the figure soon stops outside of an appliance store, long emerald cloak hiding their form. The figure bends down near the door for a moment. One person (you know who you are) would receive a text. It seems to have been written in haste, judging by the short message &quot;I think we're about ready, meet me here&quot; with directions to the appliance store in question added at the end.</i>
The Emerald Rogue
<i>It was a cold, moonlight night on the city streets. By now most people had found their way home, whether they needed to be up early, or out of fear of the rumors. Ah yes, the rumors, its long been superstition, the light of a full moon has often been said to fill the air with an air of intrigue and mystery, perfect for the supernatural. Yet, tonight it feels a little heavier. One can almost hear faint whispering among the shadows, of course, nothing can be discerned from this noise, yet an unsettling feeling remains nonetheless Walking down the main street, there are several alleyways, three on each side,that lead to smaller parts of the city. Aside from the general air of unease, little of note can be seen along the empty streets. A brief flash of green leaps from one alleyway to another, occasionally stopping to look back, almost as though afraid of being caught</i>
Mikage Sun Mall: A prismatic glow
<i>It looked like a perfectly average day at the mall, all the stores, from trending clothing stores, game stores, to a few odd ones like the closed armory on the second floor. Its rather slow today, few customers can be seen wandering the venue, couples holding hands as they shop. Its almost as though they can feel it to. You feel it, don't you? The air feels a little thick, almost as though something sinister could happen at any moment. No one says anything, but from the way everyone's rushing around, its obvious. In the middle of the mall is a remarkable fountain, stretching up towards the sky, one of the malls main features. Sitting by the fountain are two young girls, probably in middle school, looking into the waters. If you look around, you'd notice a wide variety of open shops, from food, to clothing, merchandise, almost anything you could ask for. Hardly anyone other than the employees are here by now, so it should be easy to find.</i>
A Childish Wish
OOC: A few notes before starting this one. First is that, shockingly, most characters are mortal, this means they are capable of dying. While I will not specifically aim for killing them off, do be cautious in your actions, as not all actions will have positive results. For example, attempting to block a creature half the size of a whale's attempt to swallow you whole won't work (you know who you are) Second, as a GM, my goal is to set a stage upon which the characters act. As such, little direction will be given. It is your job as both player and character to make your own decisions. I would like for any information regarding your character's condition be mentioned OOC in your first post for my convenience (for example, robots and undead would be immune to most poisons.) In order to ensure that anything that happens to them is as accurate as possible Without further ado, let us get started IC: <i>It was a cold, winter night on city streets, much as it has been for the past few weeks. For the most part, the city streets are empty, with most people hurrying on their way home. A young, blonde-haired girl and a pair of adults can be seen passing by, holding the hands of the girl between them. The girl wears a simple, black school uniform with a long, tan skirt and matching red bowtie. The adults are dressed similarly lightly, the woman wearing a gray business suit with a similar, simple gray skirt, and the man wearing a more semi-casual outfit, a red, button-up shirt with a pair of blue jeans. the trio walk down the street, both of the adults seem to be talking to each other energetically while the girl looks between the pair. While most people are walking away from the nearest train station by now, having already finished their business and heading home for the night, these three are walking towards it.</i>
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