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for better idea of what some of the colors of this character are 'cept for the shirt, the shirt is white see here: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/159154291254743810/64D592E5666B4AC296E9BDBBE17A5D951239375D/

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mate what the fuck are you on about
Phansite Poke-teams.
-victini -zeraora -zeraora -zeraora -cinderace -zeraora and uhhh -stunfisk -zeraora
A (possibly) Nice Night in the Park
<i>A place where people are willing to fight... Oh, Niko knows somewhere exactly like that!</i> &quot;Oh, yeah, there's this place called GYM, it's basically where all kinds of people fight each other for the fun of it. Pretty sure a lot of the visitors have supernatural abilities of some sort.&quot; <i>He looks at the time.</i> &quot;Oh, I should also head home too. Gotta study up on stuff to make entrance into Japan's high school system just a little easier when I get to that age. It was nice to meet you all, see you guys tomorrow, hopefully.&quot; <i>He begins his walk home, turning on some music on the way... &quot;Everyone it seems Has somewhere to go And the faster the world spins The shorter the lights will glow And I’m swimming in the night Chasing down the moon The deeper in the water The more I long for you&quot; ...Everything is going to go like clockwork...</i>
A (possibly) Nice Night in the Park
<i>Niko nods happily.</i> &quot;Yeah, that sounds good to me!&quot; <i>He gives Sen his contact info. He's always wanted to try genuine ramen but he never really thought about ramen since... All of the crazy stuff that happens in the nexus.</i>
A (possibly) Nice Night in the Park
<i>Niko smiles.</i> &quot;I don't need to be shown around or anything, I already know quite a bit of Japan by now, mainly since it's been months since I first appeared in this strange multiversal blend of people.&quot; <i>Although, he does think about one thing...</i> &quot;Though, I would like to know about the ramen shops. I love ramen.&quot;
A (possibly) Nice Night in the Park
<i>Niko pipes up.</i> &quot;Actually, the first day I came here I... Sorta just appeared here as well. One moment I was walking to a convenience store and then the next thing I know, boom, I'm in Shibuya.&quot; <i>He shrugs.</i> &quot;Well, I mean, if you couldn't already tell, I'm not from around here. My name's Niko... Niko Lucis.&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by InterNiko)</div>
A (possibly) Nice Night in the Park
<i>While Niko liked watching fights ever now and again, something within him just compelled him to try to defuse it at least a little bit.</i> &quot;H-hey, let's not escalate things, okay? I mean, I'm going to assume both of you had no plan to but, hey, just in-case y'know?&quot; <i>He scratches the back of his head as he replies to the newcomer.</i> &quot;Well, I came out here to think about all kinds of philosophical things and such, and also for the fresh air. Plus there was just... Something in me telling me to do it, I guess?&quot;
A (possibly) Nice Night in the Park
<i>Niko sighs.</i> &quot;I already said I'm not out here because of home troubles, I'm just out here to think is all. I can get home just fine. Hell, I don't think it's possible for me to have home troubles, since I'm living on my own.&quot;
A (possibly) Nice Night in the Park
<i>Niko shakes his head.</i> &quot;Uh, actually I'm fine out here, I can protect myself, if that's what you're worried about. I mean, I'm not the most skilled but...&quot; <i>He tries his best to look confident.</i> &quot;I can totally deal damage if I really need to.&quot;

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A (possibly) Nice Night in the Park
<i>It's a quiet night, surprisingly relaxed for the usually chaotic place that we inhabit. A very nice night to go to some unnamed park to enjoy the scenery, maybe spot a few stars. Either way, come enjoy nature... Niko taps away on his phone while he relaxes on a bench, seems he didn't get the memo. Though maybe he just wanted to enjoy the fresh air for once, or maybe he just thought he'd be alone out here.</i>
Here's how to truly fix the site.
the r in p5r stands for romance
you will be able to romance anything, be it ryuji, yusuke, your heater, your houseplant and <spoiler>morgana</spoiler>
A Very Presidental(not really) Birthday
<i>It's Niko's birthday today, and he's nothing but excited, he's already got a whole big building all to himself, all decorated too, doesn't have a cake and he's not there, though. His heavy-bullet-proof-armor-wearing guards are there, and they decorated their armor to look like suits, one's wearing black and the other's wearing white. Adorable.</i> Guard 1: &quot;So, when's he gonna be here?&quot; Guard 2: &quot;He should be here in-&quot; <i>Niko bursts through the door, holding a cake. He puts it on the table.</i> &quot;You do not want to know what I went through to get this cake, needless to say, the bakery's closed for good.&quot; <i>He tweets about how it's his birthday and that people should come over and celebrate with him.</i> &quot;Alright, make sure to take your guns off safety, who knows who might come in.&quot; <i>So yeah, go ahead and bring a gift, or don't, it's your choice.</i>
New KH3 Trailer
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz1w_uW3lSE we got like, 5 or 6 weeks to go, boys get ready
The White House: Not Owned by Cory Baxterâ„¢
<i>It was a dark and dreary ni- Just joshin' you, it's a bright and sunny day a week after a dark and dreary night, nothing much happening until...</i> &quot;Alright, on my cue, 3. 2... 1.&quot; <i>He opens the doors as &quot;It's Not Unusual&quot; begins to play, strutting his way over to the oval office. The area he walks through seems to have quite a few... Fleurs-de-lis everywhere, as well as some nice looking purple wallpaper.</i> &quot;Alright, let's get this started.&quot; <i>He sets up recording equipment. It's voice activated, how futuristic. He takes a seat behind the desk. Strange head bust on the desk, doesn't look like anyone he's been seen with.</i> &quot;Set phasers to kill.&quot; <i>The equipment starts, broadcasting a message to most if not all TVs. He takes a deep breath.</i> &quot;Hiya, everyone, so I'm the president of... Well, how can I explain the enigma of the Nexus?... I guess you could say the United States. Well, no one knew until I was president now, at least I don't think anyone knew except those close to me. This place is in good hands, trust me. Anyway, as celebration, there are gonna be tours free of charge, as well as the fact that you'll get to ask me questions. Ciao.&quot; <i>After he says Ciao, the recording ends. Doors are wide open people. Don't mind the guys in very heavy bulletproof armor, though, they're not important.</i>
A Persona 2 Fan Theory
Tatsuya is a 30 year old boomer.
Generic Shopping Mallâ„¢
<i>It's what's expected, a shopping mall with a few generic and maybe slightly mediocre shops, as well as a few strangely open spots. Although the mall seems to be quite empty except for one person laying on a bench.</i> &quot;This is probably one of the worst hangout spots I've seen.&quot; <spoiler>i half-assed the hell out of this, sorry if you were expecting something more quality</spoiler>
Young dog girl loses tournament and gets scolded. (2018 COLORIZED)
What series would like to see/see more of on the Phansite?
See title, what would YOU like to see more of or just see, whether it be more discussed or in RP. note this is just a wondering kinda thing i've made too many accounts tbh
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