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Sun Mall: Late Night Wanderers
&quot;You are not the CEO.&quot; <i>Rips plant from ground.</i>
Dramatic Finish
Human foe: I had a stronger reason to win, and I'm gonna keep at it until the day I die. FILTHY DESPICABLE ROBOT GROSS EW EW EW: Humanity won't just let you run amok... I'll crush every last one of your kind, with my bare hands if I have to! Kinda not disgusting robot: It was only a matter of time before you had to be scrapped, I won't let anyone else experience the rage I hold... never again...
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>Fuwa would shoot the hat, but as the shad was inside, the bullet would ricochet off and into whatever unfortunate soul was standing to the left of the hat.</i> &quot;Holy shit...&quot; <i>He'd bust out a briefcase with an AR in it, and unload into a piece of paper.</i> <center><b><span class="underline">[[[10]]]</span></b></center>
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>The shots strike Itachi as he leaves the stage no matter what he did.</i> &quot;It's almost fucking January dumbass.&quot; <center>[<b>0</b>]</center><div class='edited'>(edited by Isamu_Fuwa)</div>
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>Fuwa shoots blindly into the darkness. Roll for dexterity.</i>
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>With the very dated musical number out of the way, Fuwa would unload into another sheet of paper, with the two rounds left in his mag, he'd shoot at the two corpses.</i> &quot;Not an individual talent, but I do condone the use of poses!&quot; <center>[<b>6</b>]</center>
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>Fuwa loads a single bullet into the chamber manually, he fires it at the 'janitor's' bandaged arm, seemed suspicious enough.</i> &quot;Fuck off! Get a real janitor! NEXT!&quot;
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>Fuwa unloads his magazine into the six assembled children, slightly out of fright.</i> &quot;That's not a fucking talent!&quot; <i>Six shots, six hits, he was always a sharpshooter. Once the last of his shells bounced across the floor, he quickly had a fully magazine ready to go.</i> &quot;Talent is something you're born with! Some skill, not just doing... THAT!&quot; <i>He empties his magazine into a piece of paper, it makes a-</i> <center>[<b>1</b>]</center>
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>Fuwa would cock his gun, and fire a shot just past Jojo. She could feel it graze her ear.</i> &quot;Hurry it up! Didn't ask for a whole goddamn spiel, just wanted to see some goddamn talent.&quot;
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>The business suited man would kick the door to the auditorium open, making his way to the judge's seat. Notably he had his standard issue pistol drawn and at his side. He'd let a couple of shots off into the air, they were not blanks.</i> &quot;Quiet down! I got a call to do this and I'll be damned if it isn't done right! Contestants! Head backstage immediately, I don't care if you piss your pants or shit yourself we're doing this MY way!&quot;

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GYM DX: Increasing Elevation
<i>As it stood, any wanderer was bound to come across the infamous establishment, whether by word of mouth or sheer coincidence. Doors notwithstanding, it seemed everything gravitated toward this arena eventually. The case would remain the same for the van now marked with the emblem of A.I.M.S. Now inside the building was its owner, a man with a distinctly gruff looking face. His tie was wrapped tightly around his neck, and his lapel pin was exactly the same as the logo on the van. He lounged on the couch with his phone in hand, attempting to pass the time in his solitude.</i>
I'm a manga character now
Not what I expected when I used my ape strength to fire a shotgun I made out of my suitcase but hey I made some fat neckbeard stop making his jojo furry comic with robots so that's a bonus https://i.imgur.com/HRvEMe7.png
I hate robots
I really fucking loathe the existence of AI like what the fuck did you think was gonna happen? Did you not watch terminator? Sky net is coming and it’s gonna melt through your fucking fence and there’s gonna be nothing you can do to stop it. Who thought giving death machines the ability to think was a good idea like seriously who the fuck thought that a being solely devoted to ending life being able to ponder how it’s better than us was a good idea. Destroy your Alexa it’s gathering data for bezosmind anyway. The first stepping stone to humanity’s demise begins when they finally figure out how to put a human brain in a machine. The last thing I want for my kids is for them to be killed because a toaster willed it. Goddammit it’s planet of the apes but with a fridge what the fuck.
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