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What's your favorite kind of cheese?
La Tor mixed with grain mustard preferably with some Jamon Iberico and a cornichon
My company's stocks are getting bought by some guy called Thouser
If he, too, sells robots, I will help kill him in exchange for one amazing joke per bullet fired
I hate robots
I will not fuck robots. I will not fist robots. I will not do any sign of affection to robots. I will shoot robots. I will beat them to death with my gorilla strength. I will screech in order to open my children's toy that I may murder more robots.
Characters that you’d like to see in Smash
Someone who is 1. Not a robot 2. Shoots guns 3. Might be a furry 4. Punches bullets 5. Monkey 6. Monkey with a gun
I hate robots
I know, and refuse to care.
I hate robots
Don't make my furry GF sell your corporate secrets to some shadowy figure. I'll shoot you too with my gun.
I hate robots
$10 you get beaten up by a guy who tells amazing jokes
I hate robots
It was the gun you idiot, and I got better. Now I can open my furry pass with a thumb. I punch bullets, what can you do other then what big mister sushi hat says?

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I'm a manga character now
Not what I expected when I used my ape strength to fire a shotgun I made out of my suitcase but hey I made some fat neckbeard stop making his jojo furry comic with robots so that's a bonus https://i.imgur.com/HRvEMe7.png
I hate robots
I really fucking loathe the existence of AI like what the fuck did you think was gonna happen? Did you not watch terminator? Sky net is coming and it’s gonna melt through your fucking fence and there’s gonna be nothing you can do to stop it. Who thought giving death machines the ability to think was a good idea like seriously who the fuck thought that a being solely devoted to ending life being able to ponder how it’s better than us was a good idea. Destroy your Alexa it’s gathering data for bezosmind anyway. The first stepping stone to humanity’s demise begins when they finally figure out how to put a human brain in a machine. The last thing I want for my kids is for them to be killed because a toaster willed it. Goddammit it’s planet of the apes but with a fridge what the fuck.
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