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[P5] The Endgame
Gun. Gun. Gun. Gun. Gun. Gun. Gun? Gun. I shoot gun, gun shoot me, me get strong.
[P5] Final Resolution
(It's actually member of an elite military task force designated A.I.M.S, but have you ever heard of the concept of a double agent? Think that I'm Akechi except not poorly written, Naoto but male, Katsuya Suou but... yeah actually that kinda lines up.)
[P5] Final Resolution
<i>With all five of his guns loaded, Fuwa proceeds to Shujin after checking his Metaverse app on his super futuristic phone.</i> &quot;Let's get to work!&quot;
[P5] Final Resolution
<i>Loads gun with distinct distaste towards robots.</i> &quot;My time has come.&quot;
Your First Day as a Phantom Thief
<i>Fuwa has a gun.</i> &quot;Gun?&quot;
Phantom Thieves, please change my heart!
I can change your heart, by putting a hole in it with my gun????????
GYM DX: Increasing Elevation
<i>Instead of bracing himself, or flying back, Fuwa would charge directly perpendicular to his foe. He would fire several shots while making this encircling movement. One noticeable trait of his shots were the distinct curve to them.</i> &quot;If that was a move, then you're in for a quick fight!&quot; <i>He stops his dash abruptly and fires a shot directly at Libra.</i>
GYM DX: Increasing Elevation
<i>Fuwa drops the briefcase, a blue pistol alongside a blue card were placed inside. He extends his arm to reveal a silver strap, one that he quickly slung around his waist to form into a belt.</i> &quot;There's a difference between abusing your power, and humbling others. One it seems you have little awareness of. Consider this a warning, going easy on me is a mistake, one even the greatest minds of this era wouldn't dare make. My leash isn't here, so it's about damn time I got to vent a little.&quot; <i>He pressed into the button on the card, holding the gun in his right hand.</i> [<b>BULLET!</b>] <i>He appeared to use his thumb to force open the card, revealing an x-ray visual of a mechanical wolf. He proceeded to slide this card into the gun.</i> [<b>AUTHORISE!</b>] &quot;It still works...&quot; <b>[KAMEN! RIDER! KAMEN RIDER!]</b> <i>He lifted the gun skyward in a flourish, his left hand outstretched at his waist. Once the gun leveled with Libra, his finger depressed the trigger.</i> [<b>SHOTRISE!</b>] <i>It was obvious a bullet flew out, but what wasn't obvious was its path. The bullet traveled haphazardly, curving left, right, up, and down until it flew back toward the one who had fired it. It seemed he was prepared for this, and knocked the bullet out of the air with his fist. Several disks flew out from the impact, red lines forming over his body. The disks exploded into parts which diverged to form a suit of armor.</i> [<b>SHOOTING WOLF! The elevation increases, as the bullet is fired.</b>] <i>Steam ejects from all of his joints, clearly displaying some level of power.</i> &quot;Now then... You wouldn't talk so big if you didn't have a couple of tricks up your sleeve.&quot;
GYM DX: Increasing Elevation
<i>His frustration began to build at this point.</i> &quot;You know what? I think I will take it out on you. You came here to fight, right? Let's fight!&quot; <i>He makes his way over to the sand pit and begins aggressively slamming his finger into the terminal.</i> &quot;No holds barred, don't question a public servant!&quot;

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GYM DX: Increasing Elevation
<i>As it stood, any wanderer was bound to come across the infamous establishment, whether by word of mouth or sheer coincidence. Doors notwithstanding, it seemed everything gravitated toward this arena eventually. The case would remain the same for the van now marked with the emblem of A.I.M.S. Now inside the building was its owner, a man with a distinctly gruff looking face. His tie was wrapped tightly around his neck, and his lapel pin was exactly the same as the logo on the van. He lounged on the couch with his phone in hand, attempting to pass the time in his solitude.</i>
I'm a manga character now
Not what I expected when I used my ape strength to fire a shotgun I made out of my suitcase but hey I made some fat neckbeard stop making his jojo furry comic with robots so that's a bonus https://i.imgur.com/HRvEMe7.png
I hate robots
I really fucking loathe the existence of AI like what the fuck did you think was gonna happen? Did you not watch terminator? Sky net is coming and it’s gonna melt through your fucking fence and there’s gonna be nothing you can do to stop it. Who thought giving death machines the ability to think was a good idea like seriously who the fuck thought that a being solely devoted to ending life being able to ponder how it’s better than us was a good idea. Destroy your Alexa it’s gathering data for bezosmind anyway. The first stepping stone to humanity’s demise begins when they finally figure out how to put a human brain in a machine. The last thing I want for my kids is for them to be killed because a toaster willed it. Goddammit it’s planet of the apes but with a fridge what the fuck.
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