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This world is corrupt
Oof didnt realize how clumped all the words would be together before posting. Kind of hurts my eyes haha. Also, why can we edit and delete our own comments but not the original post? That's pretty dumb ngl <div class='edited'>(edited by Jackpot)</div>
wait did my brain really just put a &quot;w&quot; at the end of &quot;hello&quot; by itself? I've never spelled &quot;hello&quot; like that EVER in my life before LOL

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Your Persona
If you were to awaken your Persona tomorrow what elements and skills would you think your Persona would have and what kind of melee weapon would you receive? As for me, mine would definitely have curse and physical abilities. Curse skills because of my very solid hatred towards abusive, toxic, and pretty much just very hateable individuals and physical skills because beating the shit out of monsters with physical objects would probably be pretty satisfying I would imagine. Oh and as for other skills, I would also definitely have stat increasing skills those being attack raising ones. As for my melee weapon, I would love to have a lightweight weapon like gauntlets or a lightweight sword and shield. Tell me what yours would be. I think this is a fun topic
This world is corrupt
Lately I've been seeing and growing more aware to how corrupt this world really is. I live in America and if you do too or have been keeping up with the news over here at least somewhat then you know shit has been going down for the past few months. Due to the sudden pandemic, a lot of shit in the world is being exposed and/or getting called out on. Shit like how pathetically designed and rigged the American political system is, how rich people and certain companies like Amazon get away with not paying taxes, how we have an up and coming trillionaire (of which should never exist), some people acting like complete sheep for awful people like Trump and going against people like Bernie, how the government and president is reluctant on giving even half a shit about their citizens in more ways than one, how truly stupid some people are (both elected officials, people with influence via social media or something of-the-like, or just everyday citizens) and just so much more. This country is rotten and I can't help but wonder everyday how good it could have been if so many people in power weren't so toxic and abusive. If there was ever a time we needed a &quot;Phantom Thieves in real life&quot; situation this would be the exact time we would need them. I know it's a bit childish and stupid to imagine fictional stuff like this but, again, I can't help but to wonder how it would turn out if peoples hearts could change in real life. I am but a teenager who has just finished high school but I would easily risk my life through shit like palaces if it meant that I could change anyone's &quot;heart.&quot; I know that life isn't a video game and, if Palaces were in fact real, they would probably be nightmarish to go through but I'm just so sick of all the corrupt shit that consistently happens in the world. It's probably a dumb idea to even be willing to risk my life through something like that and for a result like changing a singular &quot;heart&quot; but I don't really care. I want change. I want justice. Note: I'm not suicidal or depressed if anyone was speculative btw lmao I mostly just wanted to vent and I'm mainly just speaking from strong emotions. I honestly doubt I would truly even have the balls to actually go through something like a Palace haha. It's a fun thought though wouldn't you say? But, yeah, just putting all this out here. It's kind of a stupid thought but hey, we're all human, we're allowed to be stupid like this every now and then.
hellow jackpot here
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