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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
@Hazama Bruh, don't Drink and Phansite. I need to see how long this thread goes. I want another Lablanc.
Guys the phansite is dying
The Phansite's activity is based on the interest of Persona in general. When Persona 5 dropped, it became all the rage. We had game journalists talking about this place, and there was even a youtube video talking about "104 things you didn't know about persona" (or was it 107? Meh. Numbers) Due to all the free ads, this place with crazy. With Persona 5 Royal and Phantom Strikers around the corner, I'd expect to see more activity again with people pushing in. I'm sure Mishima would love to have the site crash again with the activity lol If you guys want the Phansite to be active like before, get the name out there. Hell, I have the Phansite link in my signature of other message boards.
Who was the first character you kicked out?
I dropped Skull. When I got Fox, I immediate migrated to the katana he had, plus the Ice spells were fun. My primary line up with Joker, Panther, Fox, and Queen. After awhile, I realized the pros and cons to each person, so my final lineup consisted of: Joker, Panther, Skull, Noir/Mona. Joker was split into uber damage, and support healer Panther is the hardest hitting Mage, Skull is the hardest hitting Physical Noire's Heat Raiser for boss fights and Mona is the best Healer for standard mob trash grind. I wanted to use Fox and Queen more, but they do not do well end game, as they don't actually specialize in damage like the rest can, so the last of passive buffs really do hurt them in the long run. I min-maxed my party quite a bit and was focused on taking down the optional fight to get the Omni orb. <div class='edited'>(edited by Joker)</div>
Who was the first character you kicked out?
You mean like, who the first party member you replaced in combat once you could?
Why do people not like arsene
As meme heavy as it is, it's laced in truth. Arsene has a series of flaws where he's actually an early game Persona and nothing else. He learns only a couple of new moves once you start leveling him, and needs to heavily rely on customzation, tweaking, and overall heavy investment to make him good. His weakness issue gets resolved once you slam him in isolation, but it takes up a few extra skill slots just to subvert that, leaving him with less options overall due to it. This did not stop me from making him a complete monster with Maeigaon, backed up with Megidolaon in case something was curse resist, but it took me till end game to even do that, and I couldn't use him during the crafting time as he was entirely too weak to even be viable in a fight during this time.
Persona 5 Royal Port
In the US, on average it's about $230 for the original series. If I really looked into my resources, I can get it under $200. Realistically though, Atlus is spot on the money for leaving P5 on the PS4. The Xbox generally does not attract JRPG players, so the market is less. (Which makes me wonder why the hell PS02 is an Xbox exclusive)
New Game + 2 or wait for P5R?
Persona 5 Royal got the Persona 4 Golden treatment. Hardly any additional content, but a whole new endgame dungeon to stretch the story out. I personally will be getting Royal day one, and even then I just finished my 5th play through of the game. It's entirely subjective of how much you wanna run Persona 5. I enjoyed the game enough to do such things, but now I'll get to re-play it in Royal with the added characters and see what happens for myself.
Should I get Persona 5 Scramble on the switch when it comes out ?
Persona 5 Phantom Strikers takes place 1 year after the main line game story. You should get it only under two factors: Do you like Musou games? (Dynasty Warriors) Do you want to experience the story of the main story as it continues into a direct squeal? It's an absolutely day 1 for me. However, if you are unsure of the gameplay, or if you can wait a bit to learn more of the story (Or if you're a wiki abuser like me), you can always wait a few week sand see how the fan reaction is to the game in a whole. I've done this on a few games, and dodged a bullet because of how bad it actually was.
Favorite Real Shin Megami Tensei Game?
The term you're looking for is &quot;Main Line SMT&quot;. &quot;Real&quot; is a poor term to use, as Persona 5 is still a &quot;Real&quot; SMT game, since it's based on the spinoff series, much like Devil Survivor is a &quot;Real&quot; SMT game. I've given most of them a run, and have not actually beaten any of the main line games due to the unnecessary difficulty, but the closest I'd get to your definition of &quot;Real&quot; would be Megaten Online. Love that one to death, even if it is just an MMO.

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Friendly Reminder: No serious Change of Heart threads
Keep in mind guys, this site is for fun. It's not a series Phantom Thief site. Creating threads to reveal personal info is a gross violation of the rules, and these thread will be removed for privacy, and legal reasons.
Friendly reminder - Don't Spoil Stuff
I've already had to delete a thread because of spoiler reasons (and handed out a ban for it). Please do not spoil Persona 5 Royal (and other games) for other people without first having plenty of warning, and spoiler tags.
Give away: Windows 10 xbox game pass - 3 months free - Code in top thread for the first to get it.
JFKX7-6VFV7-YPJVG-HGXYF-3QCTZ Discord gave me this as a gift. I don't give two rips about Xbox, or their games, so whoever redeems it first wins. Enjoy.
Days Gone - A quick overview
This is not an indepth review, but just a light look on this game, and some of my thoughts. After burning around 50 hours of my life trying to crush this game, the gears are turning. tl;dr - I loved this game. Nearly every &quot;professional&quot; reviewer I've read is critically wrong about a lot of what they said, and it makes me question if they ever really played the game. I can't really go in depth as to what they were wrong about, for spoiler reasons, but if someone wants a more spoilerized version on wtf, then DM me on Discord or here. The gameplay was as you'd expect in this game. There is no new ground being broken, and quite frankly, I was worried about Gas consumption. This was never an issue for me, as there are gas resource pumps scattered everywhere. I was also worried about the idea of Horde combat. Again, this isn't an issue at all, and the game introduces you to having to face hordes late in the game, when you're actually prepped for it, so this again isn't a problem. (The giant horde battle that was shown in the reveal trailer took me 5 attempts to actually do, though) The music and overworld were very fitting. Normally I'd be annoyed by open world games, but there is enough to do as you travel that you don't really worry about a lot. <span class="through">Zombies</span> Freakers only do their horde deal at night, and it's easy to dodge. Later you get infected animals, and they become a bit more of an issue. The story was extremely immersive. I found myself <i>wanting</i> to keep pushing through, even though this game seriously should have had a been cut in half, for Days Gone 1 and 2. If I had any real negative thoughts, is the length of the story. The story itself is fantastic, but it gets repetitive with it's tasks. There are only so many &quot;Drive half way across the map for this objective&quot; missions you can do before the fetch quest system starts repeating itself for simple rewards. The story is what really just had me sitting there. It subverted ALL of my expectations, and kept doing things I wasn't expecting. It avoided every cliche in the book and kept it both fresh, fun, and kept me in. Some nights, I thought I was going to put it down, since it was getting a bit much just to do another rescue op, or blow up another ambush camp, only to find myself picking the controller back up the next morning. I finally beat it, but with how long it was, I youtube'd the secret ending, as the tedious nature of the missions got to me, and I'm glad I did. This is not a game I'll 100%, as that would honestly take me over 70 hours of game play. And without the story to hook me in, it just becomes busy work. 8/10. Would strongly recommend.
Phansite Discord
https://discord.gg/Nmacf2Y Hey guys, The second Discord is finally up, and this time it's offical. I have it running at near full speed, and have most of the issues ironed out. We are currently at 101 strong, and growing. Ideally, my goal is to grow the server so it has a place we can all be to hang out, but also promotes traffic back to the Phansite, so we can have both systems working simultaneously. The discord server will be a hub I utilize for game meetups, RP, shitposting, the works. If there is a something you see you'd like added (like, for example, you have a mario kart tournament you want to host) holler at us and we will make you a channel in the server for people to meet up. Remember, the idea is to promote Phansite activity, while also having an easy place to meet up for other things as well!
Smash Bros Online Arena
Currently hosting a smash bros ultimate arena. ID: G43N5 Room: Phansite.net No password, 1v1 rules, no items. I'll try to keep the room live for a bit, come join in.
OoT Online beta
So, keepign an eye on everything, there is now a beta out for Ocarina of Time Online. This is a Co-Op server that allows you to play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with multiple people. I'm at work and still trying to figure out how this works, and plan to keep you guys posted. Until I can figure out how the files work (I'm not even going to share them just yet, as I'm not sure about the rules of it from the discord server I'm eyeing) I'll keep you guys posted. Here's a video to let you know what to expect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzzKl1R1q_8
Joker Reviews: Daemon X Machina: Prototype Missions (Demo)
So right off the bat this game appealed to my Armored Core nostalgia. Because of this, my bias kicked in, and I immediatly fell in love wiht the trailer. What's this, you say? A Joker Review where Joker isn't going to tear the game in 15 peices and punch it's mother? Why yes. Yes it is. The trailer for this game was a bit crazy. It shows fast combat, high flying shooting, and giant mechs. With the free demo ready to go. So, off I went. I opened this game, not trying to fully expect an Armored core experiance, and I hate myself for this, as it already set myself up for failure. I know this, you know this, the game creators know this, and the devious bastards knew exactly what they were doing. Loading the demo up, I'm greeting with a light overview of the world setting. It's light, it's stubtle, nothing over the top, and leaves just enough for you to have your curiosity peaked, but you are not playing this for the story. You can tell the game devs are fully aware of this, no, you are playing this for fast flying fully customizable mechs, and they don't disappoint. They go a step above, actually: The game starts with character creation. My inner Armor Core fanboy started screaming at this point. Granted, the options are completly lack luster, but the fact this was even here was a pleasent suprise, as I could kinda tweak my character to make it feel more like my avatar, so I proceed into the game. A light tutorial treated me to a simple overview: &quot;Hanger for missions, lab for personal levelups, at the cost of money&quot; Kay.
Zelda: Link's Awakening remake
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lxO08PcqS0 Neat. I was not expecting them to remake the game. Not 100% happy with how the graphical overhall makes him look like a lego, but overall it seems interesting.
Joker Reviews: Anthem (Demo)
Anthem never appealed to me. As someone who played Destiny, I had a sneaking suspicion I knew what Anthem was going to be about, but hey, free is free, right? So I downloaded the demo. Starting the game up, it gives you the most basic of prompts, one that stood out to me was this: Choose your Pilot Voice: Male / Female (this cannot be changed during the demo) Odd, but okay. This is how you choose your gender. The game loads up quickly enough, and I'm greeted with a series of tutorial boxes. Go here for this, do this for that, really generic stuff, but instead of explaining what certain things are, the game just kinda expects you to know everything. Normally, this isn't that big of a deal, as every game that tries to do this atleast keeps some consistency with other games of it's genre, to allow for a nostalgic feel, one that is specifically designed to draw you in. I can respect that attempt. It's there to keep things solid and to make you feel right at home. Except Anthem think's it's Final Fantasy 13, and uses it's own vocabulary. After skimming through the boxes, I get a general idea for &quot;Go to this dude for... something, and go over here for the forge?&quot; Sure, whatever. The game drops you into a desert looking town, in a first person perspective, and the first thing that really stuck out to to me (in terms of gameplay) was how horrifically slow you are in town. Experimenting, I found L3 let you &quot;Sprint&quot;, but all it really did was make your screen shake very minor like you were sprinting, with next to no difference in actual movement speed. Determined to get past atleast the town, I followed the nav point to the first person. He starts talking to you in a very bored, non-organic manner, which is not a great start to this, by the by. I was already a bit annoyed with the movement, and now the less then stellar voice acting from this guy is already painting the picture for me, but I press on. He starts talking about a previous mission, and you get some super generic responses akin to &quot;yeah, we kicked ass&quot; or &quot;We barely made it&quot; and with no real noticeable difference of these, the text moves on to him telling you to go talk to dude B, about a manafold. Doing so has the guy talking, with the same kind of bored &quot;I'm just getting paid for this&quot; vibe from the voice actor, and I ended up actually skipping most of the dialogue. The entire sum of the conversation is basically this: &quot;We need you to get the Manafold to further customize our Javelins, but we don't know how it works or how to do this, so go out there and get it&quot; That was a good 5 minute scene, too. Crawling my way through town, I found the next waypoint pointed to my mech suit. Jumping in, I took off to go explore by my lonesome. Since, after all, this game was advertised as &quot;YOU CAN PLAY ALONE OR WITH FRIENDS&quot;. Choosing the story mission, it took me 3 minutes to realize how the clunky menu actually works. You had to choose the Mission tab, then choose the mission, then back out of the mission tab, then wonder over to the social tab, and ready up, then hit an extra button to freaking launch the mission. Obviously, my patience was starting to wear down with this.
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