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What's the matter...?
Are you simply going to watch?
Are you forsaking him to save yourself?
Death awaits him if you do nothing.
Was your previous decision a mistake then?
Very well...I have heeded your resolve.
Vow to me.
I am thou, thou art I...
Thou who art willing to perform all sacrilegious acts for thine own justice!
Call upon my name, and release thy rage!
Show the strength of thy will to ascertain all on thine own,
though thou be chained to Hell itself!

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What do you call the p5 protagonist
Akira Kurusu. Ren Amamiya was designed for the Anime in particular, and was made as a play on words, for "Rain on the Palace". I get it. Doesn't stop me from not liking. Previous articles talked about how Akira Kurusu was a play on Protagonist and/or main character, but those articles have been long since covered by Google's search history, and I am not proficient in japanese to know how, or why, it's a play on words. I also think Akira just sounds badass
don't open this thread.
What In the actual hell is this even about?
This is still real?
Some things are eternal =P Or until Mishi gets bored. Either or.
More curiousity from me.
@SimonTheGuardian You sure they don't? @Broadway_Thief 1) Mishi would be overwhelmed with government investigations and IP tracking. 2) Depends on the person. 3) Most of the shadows would either be set to "Rage", "Despair" or "Flu" 4) It's largely up to the individuals to go solo or form groups, much like how even in P5, each user had their own goal that deviated from the group at one point. The reason it's mostly focused in Japan (outside of Dev Bias), is because it was the battle ground for Philemon, and then again it was ground zero for the Dark Hour, which left lingering effects.
Daily Haru
The wholesome nature of Haru makes me smile. Then I remember she enjoys her axe a bit too much. Keep going on this. It's quite enjoyable. Maybe this will spur others to have Daily threads of the other guys too. It would be kinda fun to see a bunch of them.
HELP WITH P5R (minor spoilers)
You are probably missing the button that lets you move forward. https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/N5fTJwegtB16d2V1Dwk8l9SMinI=/0x0:1920x1080/920x0/filters:focal(0x0:1920x1080):format(webp):no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/8361649/July_Screenshot_2017_04_16_03_37_11.jpg Find this spot on your map. In this image, right above Fox, is a climbable ledge that lets you press a button that fires an arrow at a cracked wall. From here, you continue on the path and it should take you down the path of getting 2 glowing orbs. In the room with the second orb, there are two doors. The one you came in at, and the one you want. Leaving through the second door will lead you to a place where you can use both glowing orbs.
HELP WITH P5R (minor spoilers)
I'm curious about this too. There's quite a few reflectors in the game. Do you mean the huge reflector in the main hall, that activated only when both abyss gems are installed? If so, you have to complete a sliding piece puzzle to create an image to activate the reflector to open the Large doors in the main hall/stairway
Do YOU want to hear the original english cast in P5A? Do you also have $300?
<quote user="elmco">what the fuck is a persona 3</quote> Clearly you have not subscribed to the religion of Door-kun and how he died for our sins. All praise he who is the lock, worship he who saves us from death.<div class='edited'>(edited by Joker)</div>
I have made a descovery
This reminds me of when someone asked how to propose to a toaster. Good times. Good toast.
As a girl, I feel the Persona series is severely lacking in diversity.

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Change of Heart
These threads have been popping up quite a bit recently. If you are new to the site, or lurking, and you have a desire to try and plead to the phantom thieves to steal the heart of some actual real world person, I make a request of you: Please don't. This website is a fan made forum made for people who enjoy the Persona game, which is a work of fiction. If you are having an actual issue in your life, seek professional help. If you know someone who is is in danger, seek legal help. If you have an issue with a politician, seek protest groups and signature charter groups who help make waves to get laws changed. This is not the place for Change of Heart threads, as we are a group of shit posters who come here to escape reality. Please respect that, and understand that we are not a group of magical entities that can bend reality.
UI site changes: continued
https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=17695 I missed this due to work, but I'd like to see discussion on this continue.
Never Forget.
┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ in this ┃╱╱╲╲ house ╱╱╭╮╲╲ we ▔▏┗┛▕▔ appreciate ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ Moth Man ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ ▔▏┗┻┛┃┃┗┻┛▕▔
Joker Reviews: Gravity Rush 2 - A PT look. (Experimental Format)
Joker: Today we took a crack at a hidden gem, the Gravity Rush series. Ryuji: I told you that you you should have taken notes on the first game Ann: Isn't that why he said he wasn't going to review the first one? Yusuke: But he can't just ignore the first one! The beauty of the art! The concepts! Those magnificant shades of vivid color! Futaba: He also can't ignore the core differences in the leveling eeeitttherrr~~~! Haru: But you know the ambiance is from the music, right? Makoto: I told you having them get involved in your reviews may not have been a good idea Morgana: Guys, let him finish talking. Joker: *cough* As I was saying, we took a crack at Gravity Rush, and I have a few notes to point out. The crew loved what I was doing and decided that we needed to have a group opinion, as some of my previous reviews were a tad.... harsh. Makoto: You mean how it seems like you hated mosted of the games you tried? Ann: He has his reasons, from Asthetics, to how they worked. Morgana: I should have reminded you to sleep while typing this... Joker: The review itself will be flittered with non-story spoilers, but there will be segments talking about areas that you can't get into outside of progression, and we will not be talking about the overall plot points, but how we get from point A to Z. Read on if you don't care about that all that jazz, but you have been warned. It's Show Time.
Friendly Reminder: No serious Change of Heart threads
Keep in mind guys, this site is for fun. It's not a series Phantom Thief site. Creating threads to reveal personal info is a gross violation of the rules, and these thread will be removed for privacy, and legal reasons.
Friendly reminder - Don't Spoil Stuff
I've already had to delete a thread because of spoiler reasons (and handed out a ban for it). Please do not spoil Persona 5 Royal (and other games) for other people without first having plenty of warning, and spoiler tags.
Give away: Windows 10 xbox game pass - 3 months free - Code in top thread for the first to get it.
JFKX7-6VFV7-YPJVG-HGXYF-3QCTZ Discord gave me this as a gift. I don't give two rips about Xbox, or their games, so whoever redeems it first wins. Enjoy.
Days Gone - A quick overview
This is not an indepth review, but just a light look on this game, and some of my thoughts. After burning around 50 hours of my life trying to crush this game, the gears are turning. tl;dr - I loved this game. Nearly every &quot;professional&quot; reviewer I've read is critically wrong about a lot of what they said, and it makes me question if they ever really played the game. I can't really go in depth as to what they were wrong about, for spoiler reasons, but if someone wants a more spoilerized version on wtf, then DM me on Discord or here. The gameplay was as you'd expect in this game. There is no new ground being broken, and quite frankly, I was worried about Gas consumption. This was never an issue for me, as there are gas resource pumps scattered everywhere. I was also worried about the idea of Horde combat. Again, this isn't an issue at all, and the game introduces you to having to face hordes late in the game, when you're actually prepped for it, so this again isn't a problem. (The giant horde battle that was shown in the reveal trailer took me 5 attempts to actually do, though) The music and overworld were very fitting. Normally I'd be annoyed by open world games, but there is enough to do as you travel that you don't really worry about a lot. <span class="through">Zombies</span> Freakers only do their horde deal at night, and it's easy to dodge. Later you get infected animals, and they become a bit more of an issue. The story was extremely immersive. I found myself <i>wanting</i> to keep pushing through, even though this game seriously should have had a been cut in half, for Days Gone 1 and 2. If I had any real negative thoughts, is the length of the story. The story itself is fantastic, but it gets repetitive with it's tasks. There are only so many &quot;Drive half way across the map for this objective&quot; missions you can do before the fetch quest system starts repeating itself for simple rewards. The story is what really just had me sitting there. It subverted ALL of my expectations, and kept doing things I wasn't expecting. It avoided every cliche in the book and kept it both fresh, fun, and kept me in. Some nights, I thought I was going to put it down, since it was getting a bit much just to do another rescue op, or blow up another ambush camp, only to find myself picking the controller back up the next morning. I finally beat it, but with how long it was, I youtube'd the secret ending, as the tedious nature of the missions got to me, and I'm glad I did. This is not a game I'll 100%, as that would honestly take me over 70 hours of game play. And without the story to hook me in, it just becomes busy work. 8/10. Would strongly recommend.
Phansite Discord
https://discord.gg/Nmacf2Y Hey guys, The second Discord is finally up, and this time it's offical. I have it running at near full speed, and have most of the issues ironed out. We are currently at 101 strong, and growing. Ideally, my goal is to grow the server so it has a place we can all be to hang out, but also promotes traffic back to the Phansite, so we can have both systems working simultaneously. The discord server will be a hub I utilize for game meetups, RP, shitposting, the works. If there is a something you see you'd like added (like, for example, you have a mario kart tournament you want to host) holler at us and we will make you a channel in the server for people to meet up. Remember, the idea is to promote Phansite activity, while also having an easy place to meet up for other things as well!
Smash Bros Online Arena
Currently hosting a smash bros ultimate arena. ID: G43N5 Room: Phansite.net No password, 1v1 rules, no items. I'll try to keep the room live for a bit, come join in.
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