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Persona 5 Royal Port
I can't just buy a PS4. That would take me way too long to save up. I'd rather just wait for someone to make an emulator for it.

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Persona 5 Royal Port
Atlus itself needs a change of heart. Their greed beyond measure is going to keep me (and others) from playing P5R. I don't have the money to buy a PS4, but I have a PC and an Xbox one. (not my choice, I'm 17 and my dad wanted the Xbox). If they would Port it to PC or xbox, though, I would be able to play it. I'm playing P5 right now via a PS3 emulator, but I would like to do things correctly and get Atlus the compensation they deserve for making a great game.
Calling Card
Hey everyone does anyone have a calling card template? I would like to send one. If you do, email it to me @kuroikenshi2802@gmail.com Thanks! -Joker
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