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The real life Joker. The Trickster of our generation, and the representative of the Fool Arcana. A Scorpio in Western Astrology, which resonates with the number 0, according to the Esoteracist, Linda Goodman. A Rat in the Eastern Astrology, enhancing the water sign of his natural Fixed Water from Scorpio. All signs point to this individual being this generation's Trickster. Watch for Rage of Infinity, the real life Phantom Thieves.

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Which Arcana are you?
Oh! Maybe you could teach me the craft of public speaking! And maybe your magician friend can show me around the Metaverse.
Which Phantom Thief resonated with you the most?
It should be obvious, but I relate to Joker the most. Now, before you say "Everyone should relate to the 'main' character! You just want to be 'special'" No. That's not why. The reason why is because, just like Joker, I've been somewhat of an inspirational figure my whole life. People tell me things they wouldn't tell others (almost like they're confidants), and because I sometimes see Igor in my dreams. Just kidding. But I did have a dream where Spongebob Squarepants asked me what 'my favorite episode' was, and I correctly guessed that he was actually referring to what my favorite memory was. I said 'it hasn't happened, yet', to which he responded with 'make it a good one.' Pretty sure that was Lavenza trying her hardest not to reveal herself too soon. Note: Lavenza is best girl.... But of the datable ones, it's between Futaba and Hifumi. And Chichya... And Makoto... And Ann... It's so hard to choose because rejecting them hurts me. That's why I'm doing a playthrough each for all of the dateable girls.

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Which Arcana are you?
While one of the top threads asks which of the Phantom Thieves resonates with you, I'm going to ask a deeper and possibly easier-to-answer question. Which Arcana are you? I am the Fool... So I need to meet the other 22 over time. Wish me luck in the very least.
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