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Happy birthday
Mmmmmm, Akechi is peon. I will not be praising him as he is enemy of me, Persona 5 Jokhar.
sorry, what's a peon?
Mmm, we will see. We must contact master of peon calling. @Bonafied-Monafied<div class='edited'>(edited by Joker_Reborn)</div>
sorry, what's a peon?
Asking what Peon is, is best way to be named Peon.
I'm new
Hello, fellow Persona 5 Joker account. You can call me Johkar as I am diffrent from other Persona 5 Jokers. Red rules listed at top of forums, yes? It details all thing you should and should not do. It is best way to avoid being seen as peon.
It is understandable. But I no longer wish to be another Persona 5 Joker phantom thief. From today forth I ask you to refer to me as the not mass produced Persona 5 Johkar Not phantom thief.
Phantom Thief Applications
Where do I apply to not join phantom thieves? I do not wish to be peon.<div class='edited'>(edited by Joker_Reborn)</div>
Shibuya: [Kosei High School]
<i>Joker would look over the others who had joined him today. He remained silent thinking that they had less people with them than usual but that didn't matter too much. They'd only need 3 members for today's goal and Kitagawa's newfound communism would come in use as well. He'd smirk before nodding at the two.</i>

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I am beginning to think that there is something odd about me. I see many people with same name and pfp as me on website. I am confused. Am I not actually a unique account...what am I? If I am just another joker account of thousands then does that mean I have no purpose? Just what am I?
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