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Used to be BonafideMonafide04, but that got way too cringy for me and I decided to move on. For those who don't know me, I'm just some dude who plays video games and I like to rp too

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Persona Fangames
Im sure someone would do a persona pokemon rom hack eventually, considering theres a touhou, digimon (multiple actually) and dragon ball one already, its not extremely farfetch'd Hah Get it Like the pokemon Ill leave now
This is the best website!
Good Burger RP
gimme borgor
I Created a Persona Scene Generator
Joined this server a while back and just kinda forgot it existed, now i might actually do stuff because this is kinda sick
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
<quote user="Kitagawa"><quote user="JustAMimikip">Monokuma blease</quote> https://i.imgur.com/VXZAy2M.png</quote> Amazing i love it i think i might be my new disc icon
Please post memes, I need comfort
https://i.imgur.com/s5Dvnmr.jpg i know that feeling dude, things will get better and im sure youll do great
happy one year anniversary to this awful thread
Pretty much what Gin said, some dude named archer who used to be on the site was like.... It honestly seemed like a joke account or someone not used to social interaction because he said some crazy stuff, so a lot of people joked about it, elm felt kinda bad so he made this thread, and then archer comes in and just starts talking about how he doesnt understand gay people

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Generic somewhat sappy birthday post
Well, another year passes for me. And as tradition at this point, i guess its time for another retrospective about this past year for me, and stuff with the phansite. This year has been.. interesting, thats for sure. Lots of ups and down, and its ending in quarantine. I cant believe i actually WANT to go to school again. But whatever. It almost feels liek my life is getting back on track, and i can really attribute a lot of my emotional and mental growth to all of you, so thanks a lot, really. I appreciate it. The past year ive been slowly coming back to the phansite and after being gone for a while i still feel welcome, and the fact that i can still have friends here makes me happy. So thanks, phansite, for sticking with me for a while. And thanks for hearing me ramble about stuff.
Hardest Boss Fights you've had?
Title says it all, the fights you struggled with the most, childhood memories or recent ones, whichever you prefer. Unlimited/Boss Mode Ragna (Abyss ver.)- Blazblue Centra Fiction So i got this game last year, and one of the first things i did was Grim of Abyss mode. This was a huge mistake, but i didnt wanna play story mode because i had a feeling i wouldnt get to play the characters i wanted to play (Hibiki, Platinum, Kokonoe, and Terumi) and i had trauma of fighting Nine in Cross Tag Battle so i didnt wanna touch arcade mode. I somehow fought through alllllll of the fights, and eventually made it to the final one, unlimited Ragna Let me spell it out. Constant healing + healing the amount done to me + amazing stats + powerful moves + extremely advanced AI means DEATH DEATH AND MORE DEATH The only way i won was by cheesing a loop with terumi, and the moment i somehow got that Astral made me scream with delight. this was on medium difficulty by the way Morpho Knight EX- Kirby Star Allies This used to be one of the easiest kirby games there was Then update 4.0 came out with a new mode and an EVEN HARDER BOSS RUSH When i had made it to morpho knight, i thought it would be the same easy fight i always had! I was wrong Oh i was so, so, so wrong. This fight is insane. Constant blocking, he moves around the screen at what seems like mach speed, projectiles are fired from every direction, he can even turn your friends against you! This fight is really challenging, and the worst part is its not even the final final final boss of the game!
Robbie Daymond likes old memes
Robbie Daymond (Akechi) and Xander Mobus (Joker) Did a thing
Its a cool cover https://youtu.be/vlmZKvvMbEw
So with P5R out and my birthday coming soon...
FINALLY, ill be able to play a not spinoff persona game legally
Comedy time has arrived
Why you ask? It is <b><i>w e e d m o n t h</i></b>
AMAZING Reach Out To The Truth cover
So this was done by FamilyJules, a fucking legendary guitar player, Adriana Figueroa, a really really good singer, funny internet man Alpharad, and 2 other people i havent heard of but its great check it out https://youtu.be/3AvMoW79KSE
Reverse/Doubtful Confidants
So apparently Persona 5 was supposed to have a version of reversed social links from P3 and 4, where you couldnt advance them until you talk to them and patch things up, mainly because you cancelled plans, said something wrong, or didnt do anything with them for 60 days. They would have been called doubtful confidants, possibly assuming that youre using them for your own gain alone? Im not interested in this myself but i do have a video demonstrating the events being put back in the game. https://youtu.be/w86fQSdMNE8
Ruined Lands sign up
So I haven't done any huge RPs in a long time, i figured i might as well do something, since i was given motivation in the discord server. I created my own battle system for it and everything. I'll go into more detail later, since im kinda tired rn, but pretty much your hp and magic are combined into one, as magic is the reason for life in the story im making, as well as having a revenge bar to make your attacks stronger if you've been attacked a lot. Idk how long this is gonna be tbh, it might be short and might be long, but i do wanna try something new. Just tell me here if youre interested bethese i need motivation to actually do this and if not a lot of people sign up im not gonna have motivation, also the title isnt complete as of yet this is a placeholder title, ill update it later but im sleepy.
Games you like that no one else likes?
Title says it all, just talk about a game you like that most others dont really like. For example, i LOVE Sonic and the Black Knight. First played it as a kid and loved it ever since. Controls are fun and easy to use, story is pretty good, music is phenomenal, easily some of my favorite sonic songs ever, they NAILED Sonic's personality, giving him a slight anti-hero edge, showing that he'll do anything to keep life from being dull or boring, and a suprising twist near the end, uts still one of my favorite games of all time, easily in my top 5.
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