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Used to be BonafideMonafide04, but that got way too cringy for me and I decided to move on. For those who don't know me, I'm just some dude who plays video games and I like to rp too

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Forum Game: Guess the Game.
It was actually Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and im guessing literally any wrestling game ever? This game is of vore Also has weird red and green dudes Its really funny
Forum Game: Guess the Game.
You're a furry now You and your partner save peeps This is really sad Edit: Forgot to guess but honestly have no idea, im gonna give a random guess and say a final fantasy game?<div class='edited'>(edited by JustAMimikip)</div>
What's your favourite opening song?
Colors Flying High, Maze of Life, Road Less Taken, and Shadow World
Not feeling up to dick
https://i.imgur.com/euC6GVz.jpg hey guys
If you had to save one game for the sake of posterity, what would it be?
<quote user="Rom_Dolos"><quote user="Kazuo_Takahara">bad rats, so the people of the future know what <span class="through">not</span> to do regarding good videogames</quote> I’d like to add onto this by selecting YiiK: the Postmodern RPG, in order for people to know how not to tell a game’s story.</quote> Why not add Atari E.T. to the list, showing them it goes waaaaaaaaaay back?
I guess you could call them.... Silksongs? Yes please kill me
May your heart be the guiding key
Arles like a huge possibility tho, Monokuma is just a personal want i doubt he'll happen, and you never know it could happen! Stranger things have!
May your heart be the guiding key
Listen can we please just get Arle, Monokuma, or Ragna the Bloodedge in smash?

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Games you like that no one else likes?
Title says it all, just talk about a game you like that most others dont really like. For example, i LOVE Sonic and the Black Knight. First played it as a kid and loved it ever since. Controls are fun and easy to use, story is pretty good, music is phenomenal, easily some of my favorite sonic songs ever, they NAILED Sonic's personality, giving him a slight anti-hero edge, showing that he'll do anything to keep life from being dull or boring, and a suprising twist near the end, uts still one of my favorite games of all time, easily in my top 5.
Favorite Bosses in games?
So I havent posted a discussion topic in a while, why not. What are your favorite game bosses? -Piers (Pokemon Sword/Shield) As the first dark type gym leader, they had to make this dude special, and he sure as hell is. Not only is his gym styled after a beat em up like Streets of Rage, but he's the only gym leader you can't Dynamax against, and speed through the battle with. You actually have to fight fair (if you're not overleveled that is) and that's actually super cool in my opinion. Also his battle theme is probably my 2nd favorite in the game it's so good. -Marx (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) This boss is just a love letter to Kirby fans In general, and by YHVH is he fun to fight. All of his moves are replicas of what he did in Kirby Super Star, even adding some new ones to spice up the fight a bit. Overall, my favorite boss in that game. -Shadow (Sonic Generations (Console, 3DS fight was ass)) Not only is this one of the best SA2 references, but it's an amazing &quot;battle of equals&quot; fight, which Sonic never does usually. The whole fight is just about making Shadow have no rings so you can hit him and knock him down. To make it easier on both you and the AI, orbs will pop up every now and then. You need to grab 2 (3 on hard mode) of them to get a power up that will tear through his ring count, but he can pick them up too and do a dangerous attack that's kinda difficult to dodge. Overall, a satisfying fight to see who the true faker is.
Hey I exist again
Yeah I keep forgetting this site exists, but I met someone interested in Persona and I introduced them to the site, so I figured: &quot;Hey why not come back some more?&quot; and so I have, welcome the cringemiester himself back and for any new peeps: Welcome and thanks for coming to the site, it's a mess but it's a good community with good people
Mmmmm, I'm in your bed~
Seriously why did you take me to your bed in your basement let me out it's cold and dark in here
A lone spirit
<spoiler>Alright, I know I have Ina but I kinda wanted to have another character to kinda fill the void of Bona (if you remember me from being BonafideMonafide04 you're gonna remember that train wreck) so I made this one, please leave your criticism as I haven't made a character in a long time and I wanted to try something new with this one.</spoiler> You stand in what seems to be a desolate, post apocalyptic city. But not post apocalyptic as in nuclear fallout, everything is damaged and has a ruined feel to it, no, this one seems like nature has taken over the city. Water is everywhere, vines and plants cover every building, it's a slight rain... Almost pretty in a sense. So what now? There has to be some sort of reason you came here, right? {You can almost hear a faint tune in your head, desolate yet somehow soothing. (https://youtu.be/bQWYVs158pc)}
IN AMERICA https://youtu.be/J3Wc7Ms0aYY <b><i><span class="underline"><span class="through"><center><spoiler>I have a bandit Kieth account but id rather not bring out my old alts</spoiler></center></span></span></i></b>
Yo can we talk about how freaking awesome Luna (@Queef) is? nice and adorable nice Luna
So uh if y'all know me you would know that I've had some problems over the past year. I've gotten over it, thankfully, at least somewhat. In a server that her and I are in, a user who's name I won't mention was having some mental issues and I had talked about how I got over my issues, but Luna was interested in hearing more about it So today I talked to her and she was really supportive of me and sweet and precious and adorable, no wonder why she's the phansite mom Seriously, thank you so much Luna, it really means so much having someone as nice as you around
Slight Issue
So obviously I don't keep this website open all day, so I gotta reopen it I'm too lazy to just type in the https://, so I just look it up so I can get the https:// version of the site Only problem with that is, sometimes, when I do that, I get generic virus website number 82. Obviously I click out before it can load, but that's beside the point. Any chance that you could fix this, Mishima? Would be good in general for old and new users.
Ladies and gentlemen.....
Today is the day TIS MY BIRTHDAY YALL
Characters that probably won't get into smash but you would love to see anyway?
With Joker starting off the fighters pass with a bang, I feel like there's a chance for a TON of adversity in characters for smash. So I wanted to know what you guys want in smash, even if you think they might not get in. Ragna the Bloodedge (BlazBlue) With the fact that recently (3 months ago at this point) BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition got released on switch, I feel Ragna is a great character for smash. A character made for fighting game players who want to play someone familiar, or someone they know, but with his own little spin on things. I even came up with a moveset, if any of you guys would be interested. Monokuma (Danganronpa) With the recent surge of characters not on a Nintendo console with Cloud and Joker, I think Monokuma would be a great fit for smash. Pulling moves from pretty much anywhere in any of the games, including UDG, he has lots of moveset potential and overall could be a very fun character to play.
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