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Used to be BonafideMonafide04, but that got way too cringy for me and I decided to move on. For those who don't know me, I'm just some dude who plays video games and I like to rp too

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You can upload images directly from the site now
<b><i><span class="underline"><center><spoiler>LE FUCKING G A S P</spoiler></center></span></i></b> https://i.imgur.com/ZUs0E4x.jpg
Mmmmm, I'm in your bed~
Me <span class="underline">_</span>
Mmmmmm, I'm an original joke
Twas many moons ago, oh remi<div class='edited'>(edited by JustAMimikip)</div>
This is probably gonna be aaaaaany second now until this gets suspended
Thank you
Mish if you make a light mode I will toss your salad
A lone spirit
The figure smiles at Elian, reverting to what seems like it's normal state. &quot;Isn't it pretty though? I like making sad places happy again.&quot; Suddenly, the closed space stops the figure from getting out to talk to Elian, or the girl that left, and once more becomes transparent once more, becoming worried. &quot;T-Theres plenty of fruits in the surrounding area... Y-You could eat that... Please, I'd rather not fight... I just want to be peaceful...&quot; It seems to be crying, yet nothing is coming out of it's eyes. Instead, it becomes harder to see them because there seems to be some sort of mist being produced from it's eyes, blocking it from being seen.
A lone spirit
The figure turns around to face Kali and smiles softly. It seems that this being was completely made out of water, and was simply rehydrating the poor dried up flower. &quot;I just wanted to make the place look all pretty after that big mean wave crashed through it!&quot; However, the figure begins to become transparent with slight worry upon it's face when Ellian is seenz with Susie giving off a vibe that shows she has dangerous intentions. &quot;W-What do you mean? I-Im just trying to give life to a desolate lifeless place... I'm just a simple water spirit... &quot; Then, once Kyoko stabs right through the flower, the figure freezes up. Literally. It's once again easy to see it, but the air around it becomes chilly as it gives off a dangerous aura, seeming much more physical than it did even when it was first visible. &quot;Humans will always destroy nature's beauty.... Now leave or else I will show no mercy.&quot; The pair continue to walk near the small area before the figure's little outcove.<div class='edited'>(edited by JustAMimikip)</div>
A lone spirit
As Kali, Ellian, and Susie head towards the figure that seems to be causing this rapid growth in beauty and nature, they can hear a young voice, that, to them, most likely is coming from the figure. The air around them seems moist, however the rain isn't pouring around them. In fact, a beam of calm moonlight is circling them as they seem to be gently touching a withering flower, making it suddenly bloom with life and color. The figure seems to smile, proud of their work. &quot;It's nice to make the pretty flowers happy again.&quot; It's easy to see that the figure at least seems young, from it's small stature to it's soft voice, to even it's way of speech. Meanwhile, the pair would only really find water and soil under the rubble of the flooded and pretty city. Nothing too major, but it's hard for a flooded city to have resources under rubble if they've all been washed away.<div class='edited'>(edited by JustAMimikip)</div>
A lone spirit
As the woman walks forward, the area gets more and more pretty, flowers growing, large trees bountiful with fruits left and right, it almost looks like a paradise in some ways actually, despite the city being in ruins. In the distance, it may be possible to see a small hooded figure hunched over. They kinda seem ghastly in a way. Meanwhile, it may be possible for Kali to tell where there's a power surge because of said natural looks increasing right in front of them.<div class='edited'>(edited by JustAMimikip)</div>

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Mmmmm, I'm in your bed~
Seriously why did you take me to your bed in your basement let me out it's cold and dark in here
A lone spirit
<spoiler>Alright, I know I have Ina but I kinda wanted to have another character to kinda fill the void of Bona (if you remember me from being BonafideMonafide04 you're gonna remember that train wreck) so I made this one, please leave your criticism as I haven't made a character in a long time and I wanted to try something new with this one.</spoiler> You stand in what seems to be a desolate, post apocalyptic city. But not post apocalyptic as in nuclear fallout, everything is damaged and has a ruined feel to it, no, this one seems like nature has taken over the city. Water is everywhere, vines and plants cover every building, it's a slight rain... Almost pretty in a sense. So what now? There has to be some sort of reason you came here, right? {You can almost hear a faint tune in your head, desolate yet somehow soothing. (https://youtu.be/bQWYVs158pc)}
IN AMERICA https://youtu.be/J3Wc7Ms0aYY <b><i><span class="underline"><span class="through"><center><spoiler>I have a bandit Kieth account but id rather not bring out my old alts</spoiler></center></span></span></i></b>
Yo can we talk about how freaking awesome Luna (@Queef) is? nice and adorable nice Luna
So uh if y'all know me you would know that I've had some problems over the past year. I've gotten over it, thankfully, at least somewhat. In a server that her and I are in, a user who's name I won't mention was having some mental issues and I had talked about how I got over my issues, but Luna was interested in hearing more about it So today I talked to her and she was really supportive of me and sweet and precious and adorable, no wonder why she's the phansite mom Seriously, thank you so much Luna, it really means so much having someone as nice as you around
Slight Issue
So obviously I don't keep this website open all day, so I gotta reopen it I'm too lazy to just type in the https://, so I just look it up so I can get the https:// version of the site Only problem with that is, sometimes, when I do that, I get generic virus website number 82. Obviously I click out before it can load, but that's beside the point. Any chance that you could fix this, Mishima? Would be good in general for old and new users.
Ladies and gentlemen.....
Today is the day TIS MY BIRTHDAY YALL
Characters that probably won't get into smash but you would love to see anyway?
With Joker starting off the fighters pass with a bang, I feel like there's a chance for a TON of adversity in characters for smash. So I wanted to know what you guys want in smash, even if you think they might not get in. Ragna the Bloodedge (BlazBlue) With the fact that recently (3 months ago at this point) BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition got released on switch, I feel Ragna is a great character for smash. A character made for fighting game players who want to play someone familiar, or someone they know, but with his own little spin on things. I even came up with a moveset, if any of you guys would be interested. Monokuma (Danganronpa) With the recent surge of characters not on a Nintendo console with Cloud and Joker, I think Monokuma would be a great fit for smash. Pulling moves from pretty much anywhere in any of the games, including UDG, he has lots of moveset potential and overall could be a very fun character to play.
Two days from my birthday
And tommorow, one day before my birthday, I have a mock regents Same with my birthday Please end my existance
Attention to anyone who cares about Beat Saber and it's fan songs
It's been done Someone beat Reality Check Through The Skull no miss https://youtu.be/IzXEgveTj_8
Unpopular game opinions
Thread name explains it all. I actually like Sonic and the Black Knight, it's one of my favorite Sonic games and the motion controls aren't as bad as most people think, it's artstyle is genuinely charming and the music is great. <spoiler><span class="through">hate the second Black Knight fight and those grind rail missions though</span></spoiler> I'm not sure how popular this opinion is, but I really love Pokemon Rumble. I've heard from many Pokemon fans that it's not a good game but I whole heatedly disagree, it's simple but fun and the gameplay is great. Yes, that includes Rumble U.
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