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Persona 3
<quote user="Reperzel"> Also: For the love of God; make a legitimate sentence, there's not even a period you at the end, absolute moron. </quote> Good grammar always helps. But then again, we are fans of the Phantom Thieves. We rebel against society! But I digress. If ATLUS is finished milking the Persona 5 cow, we could have a possibility of a Persona 3 remake, or maybe a remake of Persona 1 and 2.<div class='edited'>(edited by KaiserTheAdvisor)</div>
The church of futaba
Futaba is the best character in Persona 5! Let us appreciate her for who she is!
What's your favourite opening song?
I WILL... <b>BURN MY BREAD!!!</b>
Most Bullshit Bosses in gaming
<spoiler>Riku-Ansem in KH1. No questions asked. And we do remember... how we could not skip that one cutscene on the PS2... *Goofy hits a magical barrier and falls down the stairs which Donald notices and worried while Sora is too focused on Kairi Sora: &quot;kAiRi! kAiRi! kAiRi! oPeN yOuR eYeS!&quot; *Sora shakes Kairi slightly trying to wake her up Riku: &quot;iT's No UsE. tHaT gIrL hAs LoSt hEr HeArT. sHe CaNnOt WaKe Up. *Sitting above the Final Keyhole Sora: &quot;wHaT? yOu...YoU'rE nOt RiKu&quot; *Gently puts down Kairi and stands up to face Riku Riku: &quot;tHe kEyHoLe CaNnOt bE cOmPlEtEd sO lOnG aS tHe LaSt PrInCeSs Of HeArT sTiLl SlEePs&quot; *Dramatically levitates down from where he is Sora: &quot;tHe PrInCeSs...? kAiRi'S a PrInCeSs?” Riku: &quot;yEs, AnD wItHoUt HeR pOwEr, ThE kEyHolE wIlL rEmAiN iNcOmPlEtE. iT iS tImE sHe AwAkEnEd.&quot; Sora: &quot;wHoEvEr YoU aRe, LeT rIkU gO! gIvE hIm BaCk hIs HeArT !&quot; Riku: &quot;bUt FiRsT, yOu mUsT gIvE tHe PrInCeSs bAcK hEr HeArT&quot; *Points the Keyblade at Sora Sora: “aUuGgH” *Sora feels a sharp pain in his chest and falls to his knees Donald: &quot;sOrA!&quot; Sora: &quot;wHaT's...?&quot; Riku: &quot;dOn'T yOu SeE yEt? tHe PrInCeSs'S hEaRt Is ReSpOnDiNg. iT hAs BeEn ThErE aLl AlOnG. kAiRi's HeArT rEsTs wItHiN yOu!&quot; Sora: &quot;kAiRi...KaIrI's iNsIdE mE?&quot; Riku: &quot;i KnOw AlL tHeRe iS tO kNoW.&quot; Sora: &quot;tElL mE. wHo ArE yOu?&quot; Ansem: &quot;iT iS i, AnSeM sEeKeR oF dArKnEsS.” *Dramatically raises both hands into the air with a mad look Donald: “WaAaAaAaAuUgGh” *Charges at Ansem but gets shoved to the side anyways Ansem: “sO i sHaLl ReLeAsE yOu NoW, pRinCeSs. CoMpLeTe ThE kEyHolE wItH yOuR pOwEr. OpEn ThE dOoR aNd LeAd Me InTo EvErLaStInG dArKnEsS!&quot; Kairi: &quot;sOrA!&quot; *In Sora’s subconscious Sora: &quot;fOrGeT iT! tHeRe'S nO wAy YoU'Re TaKiNg KaIrI's HeArT!&quot; *Clashes Keyblades and with a fierce look *Plays Forze de Male </spoiler>
What's wrong with society
gamers do not have rights. we need to rise up.
Which Phantom Thief resonated with you the most?
<quote user="JustAMimikip">Futaba, which is one of the reasons shes best girl to me. Without a doubt, I've had a lot of cases where i blame myself for things that aren't my fault, social anxiety is certainly something, and I've allowed myself to be manipulated and hurt by others.</quote> I can agree with you there. Out of all the characters in a Persona game, I relate to her the most.

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