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I am Kamoshidaman! The world's greatest hero, sexiest man, and manliest man! I am after the evil Phantom Thieves, and I shall not rest until they are captured! If you mess with me prepare to get Chin bashed by my gloriously beautiful Chin of JUSTICE! Kamoshidaman is the greatest!

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lets make the most used thread
What's the point of a challenge if I'm not the winner!? Kamoshidaman severely looks down on this "challenge". Kamoshidaman shall seek out something that will boost his popularity through the roof.
I'm back, and I got an axe to grind!
I’ll admit it: I, Kamoshidaman, have been lurking on the site ever since I “officially” joined. I’ve been searching up on some RP’s that have gained recent popularity, and there are some people on here that have gained my attention on here that take me away from my investigation on the Phantom Thieves (but thats a thread for another time). However, the person on the forums that caught my attention… was in a bad way. I understand that the claims I’m about to make may render me an expert superhero in the eyes of some of you, but I feel it’s necessary to call out this shithead. The offender made a stupid claim on the forums about me, Kamoshidaman, used my fame as a thread to make a meme. On top of that, their assumed character makes me both despise them and laugh at them. The other over-the top thing they did was godmode. Thus, their comments were regarded as shitposts and subsequently ignored by other users in the thread, effectively retconning their “actions.&quot; <b>I’m looking at you, Rosie!</b> Now, I don’t know if you’re an alt of other Phansite users or are new to the site, but I have proof that your attempts to role-play on this site are absolute shit. Here’s my proposition: I’m giving you a chance to explain yourselves. Contact me over Phansite PM’s and give me a good reason why I shouldn’t embarrass you any further. <span class="underline">You have 1 week to respond. I'm not playing around.</span> And I’m only gonna say this once: if you even DARE to try and hold a conversation with me over PM’s while in character, <i>I will eviscerate you.</i> -Yours truly, Kamoshidaman
Fruits. Choose 3, kill the rest.
1-Kamoshida Fruit 2-Kamoshida Fruit 3-Kamoshida Fruit It is the only fruit that matters! It has everything a person needs to live! Nutrients and more! It helps keep my chin healthy and strong all the other fruits and suck it! If you want to become a real strong hero like me with a chilsed chin, eat Kamoshida Fruit!!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
With every cheer my chin shines brighter! Cheer on citizens! Kamoshidaman will not fail you!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
<quote user="Yu-Narukami">So, are you gonna catch the Phantom Thieves because I was planning to do that?</quote> We can team up then young one! As long as you become my sidekick, and introduce me to any lady friends of yours. If you do that, we shall capture those Phantom Thieves! And I Kamoshidaman will be the most famous hero ever...and you'll be there too of course! To the rest of you citizens, Kamoshidaman shall not let those damn Phantom Thieves run free in this world! They shall rue the day they came to be!

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Flexing on the Phantom Thieves
Hello citizens! It has been a while since I've last been around! In my recent looks around I've seen some people asking the Phantom Thieves to change people's hearts. Well stop, they are dumb and can't do anything right! So instead, ask me, Kamoshidamn, to change their hearts! If you aren't convinced about my greatness, well let me lay it down for you! 1. Look at my muscles, none of those Phantom thieves got anything on my muscles. <i>Flexes</i> 2. Their leader is a twink, look at him and then look at my muscles! He is like small bug! <i>Flexes x2</i> 3. They are overrated! <i>Flexes x3</i> And lastly! 4. I am a Hero! They are menaces to society! They do vile things to change hearts! While all I have to do is flex and beat them up! <i>Flexes x4</i> So there you have it! I am a much better person to ask about changing hearts! And if there are any women out there in need of a change of heart, well you let Kamoshidaman know! Thank you for your time citizens!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
No it's Kamoshidaman! I am here to save the day and take your women! Now gaze at my glorious chin, and be amazed!
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