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Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>[I would look around the area now that it has changed into a maze of mirrors. Obviously, it was the girl that had the power to actually change things, and while it was interesting to go against a woman, it's not like I was going to stop myself from punching one in the face if I had to. I was never much of a gentleman anyways.]</i> Okay, it's time to think. I cannot go in blindly and certainly I cannot just stay here. <i>[I would raise my left arm as I press the enter key, bringing Pascal into the arena. It would look back at me and I would look back at him; the summoning gauge slowly recovering. I would point forward with my right index finger while trying to stay close to the flag.]</i> Pascal, charge up and melt it all as much as you can. If this is just any normal glass, then you should be able to tear through it like it was paper. <i>[The Cerberus would nod at my command as it keeps it snout shut while energy builds up inside. He would then let out a roaring blast of flames to the front; the blast itself has the same area-type of a cone, so even the nearby mirrors should be melting. Even if the attack bounces back, it will do nothing, so going wild with this is the best chance I have for now. I should stay quiet too, my voice may give away my position.]</i>
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>[I start to wonder if that really was the best way to go about it, especially knowing next to nothing about how it'll really go. I feel the slight need to offer Gamma and Mal too, but know that if I did, Byakuran may actually take that seriously.]</i> Narukami, whatever happens, I hope you have a very good plan. Because if this somehow fails we will be screwed. <i>[I walk up and stand besides Yu, tinkering around my COMP doing nothing of importance at all. I would then point at myself and hope for the best.]</i> He'll be picking the stage but as long as it fits our leader's plan, then I'll go first.
I have something CrAzY to say
Meanwhile I can just walk on water, you fools
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>[That plan... nice job, it's so crazy it may actually work if we play carefully. It's all or nothing, and all we would need to do is to capitalize on any bad decision of his, if he can make any. That said, our last battle was very much in our favor, and the only thing that saved him was the illusions which I'm fairly sure he cannot do himself. I wonder if he is weak to such mind games too. Something to try out if the opportunity presents itself.]</i> You know, taking a servant doesn't sound too bad. After all, who wouldn't want to have a cute girl like the one by your side, right Byakuran? <i>[I keep my arms crossed while I turn to face Byakuran. No point in staying quiet if he already knows. I need to fish out any reaction I can, and besides he finds me boring, so I should be okay for now since apparently trying to be funny and failing is worse than not being funny at all.]</i> Besides, even if we lose you can keep Gamma or Mal. Don't worry, we won't miss them much. Then again, we can offer &quot;Mona&quot; to you. <i>[I know you guys up there are reading this, so you better make sure you are paying attention. I'll be asking questions when we are back, I forgot to mention this previously.]</i>
As a side note, the very first Persona games was, as admitted by the developers, inspired by Jojo's concept of Stands, as both the original director and Araki were friends. They even asked his permission to use the simular concept just in case they are stepping over any boundary Inspiration and rip-off are not the same, do remember that and you should be fine
Is the persona series the best Jrpgs of our time?
Uh... Well Shin Megami Tensei is normally regarded as better JRPGs than most of the Persona series within the Megami Tensei fandom. There is also of course Final Fantasy, especially 6 and 7, Dragon Quest, Golden Sun is great too
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>[He knows!? Damn it, it's not like I wasn't expecting this but given what he JUST said it brings too many things to the table. First of all, and most importantly, is the idea of so many people coming to him, which implies a change to the second matter, that this may have happened more than once already. He knows this is Yu now, and even our names, so bullshitting him will do nothing at all. I wonder if something changed between this run and the last? Keeping my arms crossed and doing my best not to react, I simply listen for now. I don't need to get involved now, but if I must, I will. We need to buy Liam and Tatsuya enough time to figure something, anything out. And... that’s the same for us here. With that in mind, I do nothing else and simply keep my mouth shut.]</i>
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>[Bell? That's a new name. I know nothing about this...who could have ever guessed that watching anime or reading manga would save one's own life later down the line. Whatever is the case, this is Yu's turn to act. For now, I can only lay low and wait for whatever happens.]</i> Guys, relax and act normal. Simply pay attention to any detail. <i>[I would tell Gamma and Mal for the moment, as we are to wait for Yu to approach. I cross my arms and press my back against the wall looking at the rest of the party but focusing my own hearing towards the general direction of Byakuran. From this distance, I will also be able to look at the group from time to time and not raise any suspicion, not to mention I won't have any issue listening to anything they say...unless the whisper, in such a case I'm pretty much screwed. Fingers crossed, let's hope things go alright.]</i>
Hazbin Hotel is worth your time
hazbin hotel more like trashbin hotel hahaa Thanks though Lnari, I shall check it out when I have the time and see if it is my thing.
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>[I would take a deep breath with a sense of joy as we simply get passed the people who dared shoot us before. Now, the real fun begins. I won't even address Mal's words just now, because I won't give him the satisfaction, and besides, it made me feel bad, yikes.]</i> Alright guys this is it, try to keep calm whatever happens. Yu, I'll follow your lead for now. You now Byakuran better in a &quot;casual&quot; sense, I just know more regarding how he fights.

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[Phansite Hot Takes] Social Links
t hey are badd no more me no like <spoiler>slinks more like slinky HAHAHA</spoiler>
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Okay I'm gonna say it I have a crush on Hifumod
Syke you thought I love you Hazamod have my babies :kiss: :kiss: Hip
POSE-OFF!! Gambling with the Joestars!! [Nexus Bravers]
The stage was set, the lights were on and the cameras were rolling. Action, passion and flashy poses would be broadcasted all aroudn the city as these two teams clash with all their might and heart. It was destiny these two bloody groups would collide, the storm cannot be avoided, tearing down all around as the other teams just watch in silence, realizing these two definitely will blow the competition away. Standing proud at the center of this stage, he stood. Kazuya had his finger pointed to the sky with a microphone on his other hand. &quot;Alright everyone, let's do this as if it was the end of the world!!!!&quot; The young man shouts as he leaves the stage, waiting for both his team and opponents to gather.
[P.H.R.I.E.N.D.S] Episode 3: "The One Where the Phans Get Mail"
(Third sitcom thread, yay.) &quot;You got mail.&quot; <i>[The computer vibrates or something on the desk as the people laugh their asses off. Kazuya would rush from the bathroom with nothing but a wet towel around his waist going all the way to his ankles. The young man looks at the computer and nods.]</i> Hey, I got mail! <i>[Kazuya has, indeed, got mail. He decides to check the damn thing, and then he notices something strange.]</i> Hey, I got mail, but this message isn't meant for me! What EVER would I do in this situation? <i>[He says as he looks at the camera and some guy literally dies of laughter. The door to his apartment is, of course, unlocked like in every american sitcom there is to know.]</i>
Calm & Relax: The view at Tokyo Tower
<i>[As part of his strange desire to explore the city of Tokyo, Kazuya decides to visit the ever popular Tokyo Tower. The tall construction, towering above the nearby buildings would give a very nice and beautiful look at all the city around, or as much as it's possible to see. He neevr visited it, not a single time in his entire life.]</i> It was about time too. <i>[Nothing seemed to be happening on the city below, but you never know when it comes to this world. Kazuya gets closer to the window, simply enjoying the view.]</i>
Calm & Relax: The "Arcade Town" Mall at Kichijouji
<i>[It was very close to his home, sure. But every now and then, one should go out and enjoy what you have at your side. That's exactly what this young man was doing. Years ago, when he was nothing but a junior, he would come here fairly often. Back then Arcades were very popular, perhaps a bit more than it used to be, and this was Kichijouji's biggest arcade indeed.]</i> It sure brings some good memories back... <i>[The mall is, of course, not very big. But it made clear the main attraction. This mall had two floors. The first one had a bunch of different restaurants, cafes and smaller shops that sold rings, clothes and even knife collections. While the second floor was entirely dedicated to arcades and games.]</i> Now their name makes much more sense. <i>[Kazuya laughs as he heads inside of the mall, wondering where he should go check now, or rather, where to begin.]</i>
The School of Strategy: Demon Negotiation 101
<i>[The familiar Dojo stood where it should. At the feet Mount Fuji, everything was silent, and not even the small and cute animals ran in this ample terrain. Yes, it was as it always was. However, the Dojo was closed and no one but Kazuya was sitting in front of the door. A closer look at it would make it clear that the door was locked.]</i> I wonder if they will show up this time, the training will take a different turn... <i>[Kazuya looks at his COMP for a brief moment, wondering who would be a good idea to use at this time, especially if some of them could easily freak out or immediately attack. Perhaps Pixie or Jack Frost, even Shiki-Ouji.]</i> Definitely, the bigger ones are a total no. Pascal might be good for more advanced lessons... <i>[Indeed, a lot was in his mind. From Ene, to Nana, to Takeno. The young man feels a bit restless as well, anxious even. However, now his class had more priority. He keeps looking at the clear sky as he lets the time pass.]</i>
Calm & Relax: Welcome to Yoyogi Park/
<i>[One can only guess how much he needed this right now. Ene was safe, so a small victory there indeed, but still, the stress of the time loops and the kids dying over and over was not something you can simply take off of your mind. No human, or at least not many can do it like that. Kazuya was resting under a tree, almost falling asleep as the wind gently caressed his cheek and ruffled his brown hair.]</i> I still can't believe we made it... <i>[Indeed, he felt happy. There was no better way to celebrate than going to a nice park and take breather after struggling for so long and alone. Luckily he had the help of a few friends.]</i> <i>[Now he can take a better look at his surroundings. Green, shining grass. Tall, proud trees, and clear blue ponds of water, some with one or two beautiful bridges allowing to cross from one side to another. Some people were walking around and enjoying themselves, some dogs and cats even. Yes, a calm park like no other in this world.]</i>
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