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Fuck ICBMs, seriously.

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An Intelligent Discussion About Dragon Ball
Nah man I like it more when Yamcha became a super saiyan
In this thread I give you a designation
<quote user="pixie">ye ma huffs salt n vinegar crisp packets</quote> best demon no debate there, easy designation
What is the Best Awakening?
I talk shit about P5 constantly but it nailed all awakenings, but the best has to be Ryuji's, it was perfect. The expression of pain, the voice acting (eng dub Ryuji is a beast) and the way it was presented, just delicious
In this thread I give you a designation
<quote user="HaruRoyal">what the hell 34 posts in less than a day, that’s rare</quote> the truest, rawest, prime haru person btw my designations are law, gimme a hell gimme a yeah, word
In this thread I give you a designation
<quote user="Ally_of_justice">I suppose this was inevitable</quote> then one person who should be around more, cmon justice person
That's not underwater it's clearly the sky, it just happens the monkey is really big
In this thread I give you a designation
<quote user="Wolfrya">i mean, why not?</quote> user with a name referencing a canine and who i dunno hello john/jane/jamie doe
In this thread I give you a designation
<quote user="JustAMimikip">Why not</quote> Less cringe than you realize, cringier than the rest
In this thread I give you a designation
<quote user="Korudo">https://i.imgur.com/nuwE1lX.jpg</quote> Meme object <quote user="Gin">I'm worried</quote> 'ELLO MOI NAME IS GIN AND I EM BRI'ISH <quote user="Cait_Sith">Nya</quote> Best girl, no debating, love you catto, stay good

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In this thread I give you a designation
get your designations cward
The greatest anime
There is but one good anime and it's... Drumroll <spoiler></spoiler> Keep on jammin minecrafters
Persona 4 Golden
Out on Steam, right now I'm not kidding, go check right now lmao
I have a request...
Phantom thieves, I know you may not be real but I have a request, one for a change of heart and only you have the skills to pull it off. Speaking of skills, let me take a few minutes to talk to you about a website called Skillshare. Have you ever wanted to learn how to do something out of the ordinary or interesting? Well you can, by taking classes online at skillshare.com, which are taught by instructors and have their own class rosters. Heck, I learned how to juggle and make a PB&amp;J sandwich the RIGHT way, by using Skillshare. So what are you waiting around for? There are DOZENS of online courses that you can take ranging from Physics, all the way to fingerpainting! Be sure to check for my referral link in the description after watching this video for a FREE week trial courtesy of Skillshare! It’s thanks to them I can provide content to you guys as often as I do, so I thank Skillshare for sponsoring this post. skillshare.com/SMT1
Good Burger RP
Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger can i take your order
GYM DX: You Won't Die Tomorrow
[It was a fine day, fine day indeed to not die in the middle of a fight. He had entered GYM after a long time, looking for a way to allow his mind to be distracted. He was... waiting, for anything to happen.] Noot even Yoshi-kun is responding... man. What a day...
A Personal Message to Bona
Stop Now This is not a request but an order You make me feel afraid Thank you, Much love, Kaz
Kazuya Rants: Wild Cards
Hello people, this was a meme at first, but I honestly want to put this one opinion out there cuz I'm bored. As a quick disclaimer I want to make clear I like Persona, it's how I initially got into Megaten and then into Shin Megami Tensei, which is my favorite part of the franchise. I have plenty of emotions and memories with this since I got into it back in 2012 - 13 with P4, and have played since SMT1 through 4, as well as most of Persona, except 1 which I will finish when Uni gives me the time to do so. Many of these I've played multiple times. In short, I really, really like the series and have fun with it, not at all bad if a bit overrated at times. That said, Wild Cards. Just a fair warning, there are bound to be spoilers for past games, in case you don't wanna learn anything until you see it yourself or play it. As you all are aware, be it through gameplays, anime or actual playthroughs, the Wild Card is the special power given to the Protagonist of the game since Persona 3, which basically allows them to change Arcana and hold many different Persona at once, which they can then change in the middle of battle at will. I won't claim to be an expert with this in regards to gameplay because it is fast-paced as SMT generally is, even before the Press Turn System introduced in SMT3 Nocturne, yes, before you could gain extra moves by hitting weaknesses, that only used to matter for total damage received. All I will say regarding this is that I do consider it to trivialize party members to a horrid degree once you know how to play, this is because you can fuse and prepare powerful Persona ready to take on anything thrown your way, but this is basically all JRPG, right? I just don't like it, I don't find fun to make your party members completely optional while you, the self-insert, are the one true powerhouse. It doesn't sit right with me, even if it works quite well. My true, actual gripe is why this is how it is, so... narrative it is. I have a series of issues with Persona from 3 through 5 that became only increasingly notorious to me as I played through them, since there was plenty of repetition that made me desire something new and challenging. What I mean is that Persona, since 3, has this focus on making the player feel special and empowered, hell, Persona 3 makes you seal away the alien embodiment of death itself by using the power of your friends to create &quot;The Universe&quot; Arcana (Which is just The World irl), making you die for the world's sins (As a side note, P3 MC may be a good martyr but never as good as the franchise’s actual Jesus, which is SMT2's Aleph, the protagonist. I will die on this hill.) while also being forced to date every single chick in the game to finish their Social Links. Consider an abandoned piece of lore made it so Nyx was the reason humans have the Collective Unconscious, which would put her above Philemon and Nyarlathotep, the main &quot;godly&quot; figures of the series from 1 through both parts of 2. P3's MC could even use Fusion Spells on his own, meanwhile the rest of the party does whatever. If you ask me, this is a bit silly, and I'm glad they toned it down with P4 a bit because holy hell, that MC is the living, breathing representation of a self-insert Gary Stu, which you would say &quot;That's the point&quot;, and I know, and I hate it, even more so considering the cast develops in a very believable way (Unlike the next two sets of casts that barely develop, and no, Social Links are not replacement for actual development, I will talk about this in time), it was jarring to have your overpowered, perfect self just there and then dying. I actually like P3 as movies more so than as a game for this very reason. I like the themes, but as a game I find it really dull in comparison to the next two.
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