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Delicious pancakes
sorry kids, akechi has been cancelled
Can you be gay in P5R?
Calling P5R a remake is like calling FF7R a remaster
So... how have things been here?
Was gonna say. Basically people are around a lot some days, and some days shit's as dead as Trauma Center
So... how have things been here?
The serious stuff has also been running for a long time and to some degree I feel like it's a final thing, like if this will eventually end might as well do it with a bang (And also activity is harder to create, even for casual shitpost stuff, cuz many of the usual RP ppl study or work for the most part). Even so, nice to see you around again, we never talked but definitely know you from all the way back!
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>[Crap, too slow! Jack Frost should've finished the wall of ice by now, so no one else should be able to get in between them anymore. It’s annoying Bluebell was the one to get through. Even so, it was my lucky day it seems, because she was the one I was looking for. I knew what her powers were, and now I didn't need to hold back. I don't need to kill her, I just need her ring and whatever I do to her, the next loop should leave her just fine. At Gamma's words, I laugh. One, because he was willing to help me out and that makes me happy, and two, because he seemed to be implying she was too much for him. With Belial now gone from the other side of the Wall of Ice Jack Frost created, and instead, being re-summoned right next to me, I speak at last.]</i> &quot;Last loop I beat her ass without even touching her, and because of that Byakuran killed her right in front of us. Don't worry, I can take her without issue.&quot; Belial: &quot;HAHAHA!! The bitch is cute but that awful face REEKS of crazy! Ready for round two, you SLUT!?!?&quot; Belial and I: &quot;GIVE THAT TO ME, YOUR RING!!!&quot; <i>[Jack Frost wouldn't stay out of it as he charges up Ice magic and launches it at her from behind, since she’s focused on me now. The blue light would explode in on itself and more and more dust particles that would quickly crash against Bluebell and would begin to cover her body in ice layers, one after another. Jack Frost's Severe damage &quot;Diamond Dust&quot; should be enough to freeze her, but if that doesn't work to keep her in place, I would rush ahead and use the same remaining dust to send it back at her face, especially the eyes, considering she should be focusing on Jack Frost this time around instead. I would do this by quickly using the force created from sword slashes, and then I would follow up with quick kick, punch and sword strikes (not slashes) against her that should leave her in a Daze; in total, the attack hits from 2 up to 4 times. Using Mist Rush like this should help with making her lose her senses long enough for me to take the ring if the ice doesn't do it. And if not even that works, then Belial would continue with his own assault as I take back her attention. He would tap its talon-like feet on the ground and clap with his claw-y fingers before rushing at Bluebell full speed, interlocking his fingers and closing both hands, he would charge up his attack. With Cueaca Bash, he would strike downwards at Bluebell with strength enough to force her into the ground and leave her Confused, if possible. This three-piece combo should be enough to leave her on the floor without wasting too much time. If the ice works, I would move ahead and try to get the ring right away, same if Mist Rush works, and same if Cueca Bash forces her into the ground. Finally, if any of those moves work, then I would have Jack Frost freeze her in place so she doesn't get in the way.]</i>
Bookstores and Cafés: Jinbocho
<i>[Kazuya would sigh, shaking his head and wondering if there really was anything he could've done. He decided to just let it go, waving goodbye at Red as she leaves. That done, he would pick up his book and bow at Walter.]</i> &quot;It was nice meeting you, but it's gotten a bit late. I'm returning home now, so see you around Walter.&quot; <i>[He would calmly be on his way back home.]</i>
Bookstores and Cafés: Jinbocho
&quot;Others of your species have tails you like then? Maybe like this Lappland?&quot; <i>[He would tap his right cheek as he considered where to take the information he was given. She was a Lupus, and others were scared of her but maybe one.]</i> &quot;You could think of those tails then, wouldn't it make you feel glad to touch them?&quot;
Bookstores and Cafés: Jinbocho
&quot;You don't sound convinced of that. Are you sure there isn't anybody you know that you like seeing or at least meeting with?&quot; <i>[He would cross his arms, trying to think of what else to say. Clearly there was something bothering her or rather, something was missing. Even so, he didn't want to press much, since they just met after all. Instead, he needed to find a way to help.]</i> &quot;At the very least, there has to be others like you, right? That could mean that you aren't truly alone.&quot;
Bookstores and Cafés: Jinbocho
<i>[He would happily nod at Walter, albeit a bit nervously. That wasn't something he would say to someone like Red, and even then, he figured she would not really mind. He would see her smile and would try to fully explain it. She did have the right idea.]</i> &quot;Hmmm... Yes, like that! But you need to let it come more naturally, without using your fingers. Think of someone or something that makes you feel glad and relaxed, like... you feel like because that exists, you want to keep on living!&quot; <i>[He would count his fingers.]</i> “Like friends, maybe foods, family, could be a place…”
Bookstores and Cafés: Jinbocho
<i>[He would blink for a couple of times before he realizes what she means. He would point at his smile and speak.]</i> &quot;This is a smile, you do it when you feel happy or want others to know you don't mean ill will. You don't know how to do it? It's easy.&quot;

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Bookstores and Cafés: Jinbocho
<i>[Boring evening it was. Kazuya was quietly resting sitting on one of the benches by the walls of the inner streets, in front of a simple café with a name he didn't bother to check. He would drink from a dark green mug as he reads through an antique book he seemed to have bought recently. He felt fine, he liked walking to new places and then resting for a moment to take it all in.]</i>
April's Fools
This site, you've been had
i made an origginal song for yoker, im very good lyri (Dial J, dial J) kokoro hare nai (Dial J, dial J) ashita ga mie nai (Dial J, dial J) yume ga mie nai watashi o oi te iku toki no nagare hada de kanji te tasogare ni tatazumu no &quot;kawara nai mono nante nai yo&quot; anata no kotoba kuyashiku te DAIARU hitotsu no hosoi kizuna marude GARASU zaiku da ne &quot;ima doko ni iru no?&quot; hontouni kiki tai koto ha chigau koto (Call a JOKER right now!) watashi naze iki teru no? (Call a JOKER right now!) nan no tame iki teru no? (Call a JOKER right now!) nakushi ta yume torimodoso u tenshi no hane morat te tobitato u! Oh yeah! it nto stolen please give like and subscribe and ring that bell for more, see ya next time and keep on Jaming
The strongest Persona user
If you say P3 guy lemme tell you you're fucking wrong cuz <spoiler>dying and becoming a door</spoiler> doesn't make you strong You're all getting tested fools
Kichijouji: [A Learning Experience at Inokashira]
<i>[Kazuya had put some kind of announcement online for this. His students were currently getting something of a break; they had been fighting hard after all. In fact, he was even considering training them properly in the way of Demon Summoning. It wasn't hard, he had given them some tips, hidden at least, about how to negotiate with them. Either way, he would accept anyone here. The announcement itself called for anyone who wanted to understand the ways of battle, understand themselves better through it, and to learn about the world as a whole, because this one was just one weird thing after another.]</i> &quot;I wonder who will show up...&quot; <i>[He would keep looking at his COMP as he waited, just lying on the grass. He was in front of this kind of abandoned shrine that gave off a strange feel to it, and on its entrance, there was this big TV screen without a single plug even.]</i> &quot;I'll know if they really are in for it. If they do seem ready fast enough, I suppose I can take them inside the TV World for a change.&quot; <i>[He just had that feeling, at least.]</i>
The worst Persona related meme joke haha
Okay kids you've heard of tarot and waifus for too long, it is time we ask the big question The worst fucking meme related to persona, personally i think pancakes and akechi's entire existence is wack but i could change my mind ngl So tell Tell me yuor pick :)))
Why Persona should not feature Social Links anymore
we We should have Have uuuh loot boxes and a battle pass instead Thank yuo Brazil
Battle Themes: The Mutual Re-Coming Under Heaven Situation
Alright people we doing this one. Give yourself a main theme for battle and then any &quot;Versus&quot; theme you would have against another character or type of character in a similar way to how Guilty Gear, Blazblue and Uniel does this. Also I suggest you put the links within the spoiler tag, just so it's not a pain to scroll down~ <spoiler>It's easy, right?</spoiler>
P5R memes are funny
now that i have your attention go to the PS Store and pre-order Resident Evil 3 (2020) right away, which releases on the 3rd of April, 2020, to win some special features such as Jill's and Carlos' original look from the 1999 game Resident Evil 3 Don't miss it
[Phansite Hot Takes] Social Links
t hey are badd no more me no like <spoiler>slinks more like slinky HAHAHA</spoiler>
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