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Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>[I notice the weird bees arrive and take notice in his sudden interest in Byakuran by all of what I said. I will admit it, I didn't expect my &quot;rant&quot; to take this route, but I will run with it. It's not how I say it but what I say.]</i> Back in my world, your entire life is a work of fiction that I'm pretty sure reached its finale years ago. I don't know the details or which series it is but it's clear it's Shounen Jump. That magazine publishes weekly plenty of different series directed at teenage boys, and normally the main character is a young man between ages 12 and 18 who gains an incredible power and has the set goal of becoming the best at something. <i>[I would stand up again and press the tip of my sword against the floor, not bothering to look at Zakuro. I'm running with all this.]</i> I come from this...world, where demons are quite real, and everything ended. Even in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of a world, we all have to keep on fighting. With this sword here, the Hinokagutsuchi, I was able to defeat enemies of incredible power such as Asura, Michael and even Beelzebub. You surely must know these at least from their legends. I can even command demons that far surpass the ability of humans, but the trick is that they only obey those who they consider stronger. Rest assured, Beelzebub is under my command. Even without them, with just this sword, I can probably kill you but... <i>[I raise the sword with one hand so I can show off its design. It's, at first glance, similar to a katana. However, both sides have an edge and the guard is more reminiscent of a western blade.]</i> The true key to it all is this magical sword. After all that, I reached a different world in the which I met all these people through the single use of this blade. With a single slash, you can peek into all kinds of possibilities and use it long enough, and you'll be able to go into them. Really, anyone can wield it too. We are all from different realities that interact with one another in various ways. All gateways into infinite universe. Any piece of fiction is reality somewhere else, Byakuran. You were one in my world, and mine was a simple videogame in many others. <i>[I sigh, however. I mutter the rest out of habit.]</i> Problem is that this one reality reduced my ability. I can't use this sword like that, not as I am in this instant anyways. Still, should be enough. <i>[I glare at Byakuran while still holding the sword with my right hand, pressing it against my left shoulder and then resting my head on it.]</i>
Phansite Poke-teams.
Gallade and Gardevoir work so well that I kept it just like Aegislash, however I think Arcanine, Lapras and Rotom work way better. Still tho, not bad at all https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#arcanine+lapras+gardevoir+gallade+rotom+aegislash
Phansite Poke-teams.
Okay the others sparked my interest, so I'm playing too. In the spirit of my main account, it has to be a team with no actual type preference, so more balanced. There has to be sword representation and at least one canine Pokemon, as well as at least one electric type pokemon, and to make the choices better, Gen 8 could work too.
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>[I sigh, they did not pick up on it. Figured it would be the case but I suppose we'll keep playing until the next loop. It's obvious Byakuran wants the time. I decide to drop the tone I had before but don't leave my &quot;pose&quot;. I actually find it quite comfortable.]</i> You guys are not as perceptive as I thought you would be. At the very least, that can only mean we're in the clear with the idea. <i>[For now anyways. I am frustrated, but I'm not dumb enough to lower my guard around these guys. Even my mind could be used as part of whatever they pull for all I know.]</i> Byakuccino and the Pizza boys can't be any better.
Chapter Two: A White Century
Please, let's be honest. Every single one of you is a weakling compared to me, and besides, you seem very obviously color coded. Last chick supposedly knew as much as Byakuran and enough to beat me and I still kicked her ass, so unless his plan is to lose each time, you will be no different. In fact, let me go all meta because all of you, anime dickheads, are the same. <i>[I take a deep breath as I prepare to speak my mind; their own sass is getting on my own nerves. I device a new idea in my mind.]</i> Last girl was the weird girl cliché, blue because she uses water and is related to it. Hell, she looked like a mermaid. Meanwhile you, red-colored assfuck are probably the edgy fucko of the team; because I can already see &quot;Bakugan&quot; here having all the colors of the rainbow involved somehow, his being the super special white that has all of them into one. Anyways, you in your 90s cool style use flames...no, no hold on, it can't be just fire, so it's probably something closer to some hell, or evil thing, like an invocation of some sort, because you sure act like a predator right now, which is in line with your own personal cliché. So, it won't be just fire. <i>[I then cross my arms and clone my eyes as I keep talking.]</i> Let's assume then he knows the future and about the loops just like Bitchuran over there, but it means absolutely nothing because they can still make mistakes. We are all human here so it's obvious. <i>[A whole new idea comes into my mind. I snap my fingers as it becomes obvious to me.]</i> BYAKURAN, YOU DIDN'T LOSE ON PURPOSE, DID YOU? Bell was pleading with you before you killed her. Adding to that how cocky you were being and then killing her so we couldn't take her, therefore playing around the rules. Quite dirty indeed, making you yet another cliché, the oh so nihilistic &quot;nothing matters so I do sadistic bullshit while smiling&quot;. At least Hazama from Blazblue pulls it off while owning up to it quickly, and there is Gin Ichimaru who has some actual depth to his characters. By the way, where is the protagonist of this story? It couldn't be you, could it? I wonder if you were being published in Shounen Jump or something, because your personalities are so barebone so far it pains me. <i>[I squat on the ground while I keep my sword out of its sheath, hitting my right shoulder with the back of the blade. I just mock the pair with a grin and raising an eyebrow.]</i> Zakuro, you should probably kill yourself before whitey over there does it himself. Loser. Better yet, it would be easier if Byakuran just got shot in the head, or beheaded before he could react, but we can't exactly try that out. Time isn't on our side, not like we can control it like...well, whatever is causing the loop. <i>[I sigh, still in the &quot;cocky samurai&quot; position, as I call it in my mind.]</i>
Yo, who remembers these old relics?
Those are some classics, but let us not forget &quot;This is Sparta&quot; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvYZRskNV3w and this gem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXzg0D-cKds
Chapter Two: A White Century
What even... <i>[I had to take a deep breath because this entire situation was annoying, to say the least. I wasn't exactly hungry because of the tension and also because I ate back at the Velvet Room area thing. I figure I should maybe just talk for a moment.]</i> What you did to her was a shame, but at the very least it means you won't get to play around with illusions anymore. But I have to wonder if losing was part of your plans, because it didn't seem like it to me. <i>[I shrug after this.]</i> What's with the red guy?
Who Will the Phantom Thieves Target Next?
Just here to say that double posting and spaming is not the brightest idea, it'll awaken <i>the</i> Mod
Who is your go-to Persona?
The absolute beast that Kohryu is, cuz they do everything good
Chapter Two: A White Century
This place is massive, I will never understand why rich people just get bigger houses. ... <i>[That may also be because I'm not rich by a long shot. This place is generally creepy, and it's somewhat annoyingly big too. I would rather not walk this much but it's where we are. I have to wonder what kind of game we are heading into right now, and if we'll be able to pass it at all. Now right in front of the hidden door, there is nowhere else to go.]</i> Don't die too quickly.

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P5R memes are funny
now that i have your attention go to the PS Store and pre-order Resident Evil 3 (2020) right away, which releases on the 3rd of April, 2020, to win some special features such as Jill's and Carlos' original look from the 1999 game Resident Evil 3 Don't miss it
[Phansite Hot Takes] Social Links
t hey are badd no more me no like <spoiler>slinks more like slinky HAHAHA</spoiler>
Youtube video
youtube link
Okay I'm gonna say it I have a crush on Hifumod
Syke you thought I love you Hazamod have my babies :kiss: :kiss: Hip
POSE-OFF!! Gambling with the Joestars!! [Nexus Bravers]
The stage was set, the lights were on and the cameras were rolling. Action, passion and flashy poses would be broadcasted all aroudn the city as these two teams clash with all their might and heart. It was destiny these two bloody groups would collide, the storm cannot be avoided, tearing down all around as the other teams just watch in silence, realizing these two definitely will blow the competition away. Standing proud at the center of this stage, he stood. Kazuya had his finger pointed to the sky with a microphone on his other hand. &quot;Alright everyone, let's do this as if it was the end of the world!!!!&quot; The young man shouts as he leaves the stage, waiting for both his team and opponents to gather.
[P.H.R.I.E.N.D.S] Episode 3: "The One Where the Phans Get Mail"
(Third sitcom thread, yay.) &quot;You got mail.&quot; <i>[The computer vibrates or something on the desk as the people laugh their asses off. Kazuya would rush from the bathroom with nothing but a wet towel around his waist going all the way to his ankles. The young man looks at the computer and nods.]</i> Hey, I got mail! <i>[Kazuya has, indeed, got mail. He decides to check the damn thing, and then he notices something strange.]</i> Hey, I got mail, but this message isn't meant for me! What EVER would I do in this situation? <i>[He says as he looks at the camera and some guy literally dies of laughter. The door to his apartment is, of course, unlocked like in every american sitcom there is to know.]</i>
Calm & Relax: The view at Tokyo Tower
<i>[As part of his strange desire to explore the city of Tokyo, Kazuya decides to visit the ever popular Tokyo Tower. The tall construction, towering above the nearby buildings would give a very nice and beautiful look at all the city around, or as much as it's possible to see. He neevr visited it, not a single time in his entire life.]</i> It was about time too. <i>[Nothing seemed to be happening on the city below, but you never know when it comes to this world. Kazuya gets closer to the window, simply enjoying the view.]</i>
Calm & Relax: The "Arcade Town" Mall at Kichijouji
<i>[It was very close to his home, sure. But every now and then, one should go out and enjoy what you have at your side. That's exactly what this young man was doing. Years ago, when he was nothing but a junior, he would come here fairly often. Back then Arcades were very popular, perhaps a bit more than it used to be, and this was Kichijouji's biggest arcade indeed.]</i> It sure brings some good memories back... <i>[The mall is, of course, not very big. But it made clear the main attraction. This mall had two floors. The first one had a bunch of different restaurants, cafes and smaller shops that sold rings, clothes and even knife collections. While the second floor was entirely dedicated to arcades and games.]</i> Now their name makes much more sense. <i>[Kazuya laughs as he heads inside of the mall, wondering where he should go check now, or rather, where to begin.]</i>
The School of Strategy: Demon Negotiation 101
<i>[The familiar Dojo stood where it should. At the feet Mount Fuji, everything was silent, and not even the small and cute animals ran in this ample terrain. Yes, it was as it always was. However, the Dojo was closed and no one but Kazuya was sitting in front of the door. A closer look at it would make it clear that the door was locked.]</i> I wonder if they will show up this time, the training will take a different turn... <i>[Kazuya looks at his COMP for a brief moment, wondering who would be a good idea to use at this time, especially if some of them could easily freak out or immediately attack. Perhaps Pixie or Jack Frost, even Shiki-Ouji.]</i> Definitely, the bigger ones are a total no. Pascal might be good for more advanced lessons... <i>[Indeed, a lot was in his mind. From Ene, to Nana, to Takeno. The young man feels a bit restless as well, anxious even. However, now his class had more priority. He keeps looking at the clear sky as he lets the time pass.]</i>
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