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About me

A powerful mage, 100,000 year old immortal inter-dimensional traveler, collector of artifacts as well as billionaire from trading some of his more expensive tools.

HP 500,000 SP Infinite

Columbus (weak to zio, resist garu) - God hand, charge, null Phys, Garudyne, Magarudyne and Samarecarm

Yuki Yuna (weak to curse, null light, resist fire)- Friendship powers

Mosaki (null curse and light) - Kougaon, heat riser, auto-masukkakaja, mahamaon, Hama boost

Book of Shadows:
The complete works or dark and forbidden magic, written in old French. The ultimate dark spellbook.

The Magus: A handbook of the occult and ceremonial magic.

The Necronomicon: You should know this one

The Book of Honorius: From how to save one's soul from purgatory to the catching of thieves or finding of treasures. Instructions on how to conjure and command demons, to work other magical operations, and knowledge of what lies in Heaven among other highly sought information.


Everafter stones- can be handed out and used to travel between dimensions (posses 5)

Ancient hourglass- can be used to control the death of one entity before breaking (posses 1)

Poison rose- does what it says on the box, only the will of the user can remove the curse set upon the victim, 1 use item (posses 9)

Amber Sphere: Can be used to travel into the subconscious of someones mind, NOT A PALACE (posses 1)

Arrow of Achilles: A weapon able to bring down immortals if it hits them in the heel (posses 1)


Morphing- Ken can morph into any being he has killed before, taking all physical attributes and magical capabilities and abilities

Recent posts

Lnari’s Top Ten Games of the Decade
Ohhhhhh I didn't realise you were so into platformers Lnari
Yo, who remembers these old relics?
I had forgotten about those.
I don't understand
How are you?
hope you have a lot of time to relax
How are you?
oh hi aki, been very long time

Recent topics

Hope you're all well!
Hiya, been a while since I've been here but I hope you are all doing well. How has your week been?
How are you?
I hope all is well, how was your day!?!
This place has been dead for a long time now. For nostaligias sake I just went through every discord server ever linked here. It's sad to see that of the 3 pages or so of links, only 5 were still running. 2 being completely dead and tiny. 2 being very recent. And 1 just being there. Perhaps maybe links just expired or such, still it was a saddening thing to see from a place where I knew so many people and was so lively. Anyway that's it. Hi to the 2 people who will read this. <spoiler></spoiler>
Good morning Phansite!
How are you all today?
uwu nya
rawr xd *nuzzles u*
Is there anybody still here from the start?
Anybody here from the start of the site, still kicking?? If so then how are you!
Mmm I'm am dead meme!
Who wants to see me shove a -REMOVED BY ADMIN- in my search bar!
oh no
no oh
Persona (mainly) Cards Against Humanity
@Kitagawa Appreciation Thread
So maybe an old user, who many if you won't know. But kitagawa was, and is one of the best people to have been on site. So I think the guy deserves some appreciation.
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