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Yusuke Kitagawa, a skilled painter who once was a pupil of the legendary Madarame. His passion for art stemming from a piece once thought to be painted by his former sensei, the "Sayuri." However, once Madarame became a target for the Phantom Thieves, hidden truths were uncovered. This quirky painter suddenly became a lot more busy after school as well, often seen hanging out with some rather infamous Shujin students. Who knows what they could be doing... [[ Posts OOC quite frequently. ]]

Recent posts

Are the phantom theives real?
<center>- - - What if the true Phantom Thieves were the friends we made along the way..? - - -</center>
I Want to EAT the Phantom Thieves
<center>- - - Yeah, sure, you may eat me. I am personally always a fan of vore. - - -</center>
Insulting Your Smash Mains
<center>- - - Ah, I apologize. I was attempting to initiate discussion to insult the other Fire Emblem characters, but it seems my intentions may have been unclear. - - -</center>
Insulting Your Smash Mains
<quote user="Scarletone">Oh good, you're a safe one then. Still tho, why do we need THAT many Fire Emblem characters.</quote> <center>- - - Robin is the only valid Fire Emblem rep aside from Marth. He may have a sword, but he is more than JUST sword. Also, aside from Robin, we have literally three Fire Emblem characters. The others just share moves. - - -</center>
Insulting Your Smash Mains
<quote user="Scarletone"> Robin: Oh good, ANOTHER Fire Emblem character. If you main female Robin, I hate to break it to you, but you need a better waifu. Simon: Ugh, how many projectiles can one character have? And I stg if I get another holy water spammer online I'm gonna lose it.</quote> <center>- - - Worry not, it is male Robin. Default male Robin, actually. - - -</center>
Insulting Your Smash Mains
<center>- - - I main Robin, and Simon. - - -</center>
<center>- - - But I am very real... <spoiler>Real gay, that is.</spoiler> - - -</center>
akechi and pancakes
<center>- - - I have already eaten all of my pancakes. There are none remaining to share. Supply me with the needed ingredients, and I can make enough for everyone next time. - - -</center>
<center>- - - If you truly wish to meet one of the phantom thieves, check in the nearest dumpster. I very well may be in there, feasting upon McDonalds garbage. I will take those fries in any way I can get them. - - -</center>
akechi and pancakes
<center>- - - I actually have just made homemade pancakes this morning, from scratch. I can hear them, all the Akechi in the world. They are clawing at my door. They screech, and beg to be let in - But this is my first breakfast in months. I will not let them take it. - - -</center>

Recent topics

Kitagawa Returns - The Doodle Thread
<center>- - - It certainly has been a while. Well, anyways... I will draw the first ten who post here as badly as I possibly can. The drawings will be based solely on the icon, and can not be redone. - - -</center>
<center>- - - https://i.imgur.com/W2Rpqvo.gif - - - You are welcome. - - -</center>
Good Video
Kitagawa Leaves the Phansite (Probably Permanently)
<center>- - - I am tired. Pretending to be fine puts too much stress on me. I am lonely, I am depressed. But that's why I am leaving. Pretending only grows more difficult as I finally begin to go over the deep end, I don't want to annoy or burden people here with my ever-growing depression. My Discord is Specter#8574. Just be warned that my sanity is low and I am likely to simply sit there and lament. I can't pretend to be happy anymore, I have long since lost that ability. - - - https://i.imgur.com/3HxSfvZ.png - - - I may come back if I ever recover and this place is still up, but at the rate I am going down, it seems very unlikely. Farewell, everyone. - - -</center>
Kitagawa Seeks Love ( Terrible Pick-Up Lines Only )
<center>- - - Seduce me. Present to me the worst pick-up lines you can possibly think of. Your powers of seduction will be calculated on this meter: ( , ! . . . . , . . . . . , . . . . . , . . . . . , ) Bad --&gt; Okay --&gt; Spicy --&gt; Sexy - - -</center>
What is your favorite animal?
<center>- - - And why is it frogs? - - -</center>
Stardew Valley multiplayer is apparently out...
<center>- - - People are lying to me to avoid playing it with me since I am hated by a large amount of people. Would anybody here be interested in doing it with me? It's only available on Steam apparently, though. - - -</center>
Seeking Friends - Auctioning my Soul
<center>- - - I fully intend to sell my soul to the highest bidder. This is how &quot;friendships&quot; work, is it not? - - - The bid starts at one whole potato. - - -</center>
Persona 5: Dabbing Star Night
<center>- - - https://i.imgur.com/5i20cgF.png - - -</center>
Help me befriend mountain lions.
<center>- - - I can't go outside at night anymore because someone released mountain lions in the woods around me. Even at day being outside is dangerous. Why would they do this? I can't befriend mountain lions on my own. What can I do to fix this? Is there any way to fix this? - - -</center>
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