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Yusuke Kitagawa, a skilled painter who once was a pupil of the legendary Madarame. His passion for art stemming from a piece once thought to be painted by his former sensei, the "Sayuri." However, once Madarame became a target for the Phantom Thieves, hidden truths were uncovered. This quirky painter suddenly became a lot more busy after school as well, often seen hanging out with some rather infamous Shujin students. Who knows what they could be doing... [[ Posts OOC quite frequently. ]]

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WHO IS BEST BOI?! 2 electric boogaloo
<center>- - - You will never guess who my vote for best boy shall be. - - -</center>
Happy birthday
<center>- - - Oh? It is pancake boy's birthday? I can only guess what sort of gifts he will receive. - - -</center>
Rayquaza Works at 7/11: The Reckoning
<center>- - - A young man then walks into the building, a phone clutched in his hands, and his eyes glued on the phone screen. Though, he soon looks up to take in his environment. As his eyes meet the legendary pokemon behind the counter, he quickly looks back to his phone. <i>&quot;So... is this the legendary raid?&quot;</i> He mutters to himself, a hand resting on his chin. These Pokemon Go updates sure have taken the 'pokemon in real life' concept to the next level. - - -</center>
Your Persona
<center>- - - Hmmm... It is a mystery what my Persona could possibly be..... perhaps we shall never know the answer. - - -</center>
What do you do in Quarantine?
<center>- - - I tend to primarily dissociate and stare at the nearest wall... this entire situation is not helping my depression. Though Animal Crossing is a very solid second choice indeed. I have managed to obtain quite a number of the new villagers. I have also been doing quite a bit of art as well... though that is somewhat of a given. - - -</center>
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
<quote user="elmco">wait you like kawakami less than ohya? i mean i'm not big on kawakami either but ohya is just pretty gross</quote> <center>- - - I do not like any of them, I just wish I could be gay with Yusuke. What a wonderful lesson lies there. Dating significantly older women is acceptable, but not men your own age. - - -</center>
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
<quote user="Bonafied-Monafied">mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm draw rat</quote> https://i.imgur.com/xtGP2Z1.png
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
<quote user="Kazuya">You must draw...the worst P5 girl</quote> I continue to be bitter that you can date your teacher, but not Yusuke. : ) https://i.imgur.com/NTned1P.png
it's cold
<center>- - - The weather is attempting to murder my flower garden. - - -</center>

Recent topics

Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
<center>- - - It is now 7 AM, time for a classic drawing thread. And worry not... I assure you all that my artistic abilities have only gotten worse, especially given my lack of sleep. I will terribly draw anyone who posts here, based on either their name, icon, or a combination of both. None can predict what the result will be. Good, or bad? More likely than not, bad. - - -</center>
So... how have things been here?
<center>- - - It certainly has been a while since I have last taken a look around here. With P5R around now I was curious as to whether or not things would liven up here again. So... to those that have remained here all this time... how has it been? - - -</center>
Can you be gay in P5R?
<center>- - - I must know if it is worth purchasing or not. - - -</center>
Kitagawa Returns - The Doodle Thread
<center>- - - It certainly has been a while. Well, anyways... I will draw the first ten who post here as badly as I possibly can. The drawings will be based solely on the icon, and can not be redone. - - -</center>
<center>- - - https://i.imgur.com/W2Rpqvo.gif - - - You are welcome. - - -</center>
Good Video
Kitagawa Leaves the Phansite (Probably Permanently)
<center>- - - I am tired. Pretending to be fine puts too much stress on me. I am lonely, I am depressed. But that's why I am leaving. Pretending only grows more difficult as I finally begin to go over the deep end, I don't want to annoy or burden people here with my ever-growing depression. My Discord is Specter#8574. Just be warned that my sanity is low and I am likely to simply sit there and lament. I can't pretend to be happy anymore, I have long since lost that ability. - - - https://i.imgur.com/3HxSfvZ.png - - - I may come back if I ever recover and this place is still up, but at the rate I am going down, it seems very unlikely. Farewell, everyone. - - -</center>
Kitagawa Seeks Love ( Terrible Pick-Up Lines Only )
<center>- - - Seduce me. Present to me the worst pick-up lines you can possibly think of. Your powers of seduction will be calculated on this meter: ( , ! . . . . , . . . . . , . . . . . , . . . . . , ) Bad --&gt; Okay --&gt; Spicy --&gt; Sexy - - -</center>
What is your favorite animal?
<center>- - - And why is it frogs? - - -</center>
Stardew Valley multiplayer is apparently out...
<center>- - - People are lying to me to avoid playing it with me since I am hated by a large amount of people. Would anybody here be interested in doing it with me? It's only available on Steam apparently, though. - - -</center>
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