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Yusuke Kitagawa, a skilled painter who once was a pupil of the legendary Madarame. His passion for art stemming from a piece once thought to be painted by his former sensei, the "Sayuri." However, once Madarame became a target for the Phantom Thieves, hidden truths were uncovered. This quirky painter suddenly became a lot more busy after school as well, often seen hanging out with some rather infamous Shujin students. Who knows what they could be doing... [[ Posts OOC quite frequently. ]]

Recent posts

Thank you Hifumi_Mod
<center>- - - How remarkable! This thread is an absolute freakshow. We all know that Hazama was the best mod. - - -</center>
What do you call the p5 protagonist
<center>- - - I usually call him Akira since it is what I have grown used to. In-game I simply named him after myself so I could shamelessly self insert. While I acknowledge his official name is Ren.... I simply do not like it. I pretend I do not see it. - - -</center>
Come get your Alignments
<center>- - - I have gotten True Neutral on the first one, and Chaotic Neutral on the other. Consensus is that, most of the time, I do not give a shit. And that is correct. - - -</center>
if this post gets 25 upvotes
<center>- - - You could perhaps join it anyways. For me. - - -</center>
What is your fondest Phansite memory?
<center>- - - My fondest memory is this. https://i.imgur.com/60Y0nLV.png I still return to it and laugh quite often. - - -</center>
Underrated Characters and why you like them?
<center>- - - Illium Maplestory deserves more love and attention... though even Nexon has done him dirty. They provided contradictory information when it came to his backstory pre-release. When it came to in-game, after his release, some of the info given was entirely incorrect. He had more character and personality in the starting quests than he did in the following 190 levels. The darker themes and struggles that they allow other characters to delve into, were entirely ignored when it came to him. He lacks personality and his gameplay isn't even good enough to make up for it... On another note, he is also the one behind what I call &quot;The Illium Paradox&quot;. He requires his defensive buff to survive getting set up. The defensive buff is built by dealing damage. He can not deal damage without setting up. He requires his defensive buff to survive getting set up.... I am sure you see the problem here. Why I care for him, however? Well.... he is cute. I like to draw him, and I like to give him the personality and struggles that he deserves. As the memes say... &quot;My city now&quot;. - - -</center><div class='edited'>(edited by Kitagawa)</div>
A Futaba a Day
<center>- - - Allow me to contribute! https://i.imgur.com/kkonbf0.png - - -</center>
<center>- - - Please help. I am lost. Is it today, or yesterday? - - -</center>
Dear phantom thieves uwu
<center>- - - I will do it but if only to get rid of that wretched &quot;uwu&quot; speech. I had read the entire post and now I require glasses to see. It has irreparably damaged my eyes. - - -</center>
In this thread I rate users on a scale of Richter
<quote user="Bed-chan">Oof, you should all go to bed</quote> <center>- - - Unfortunately, I am not capable of sleep. I am far too busy working on my artwork to be able to sleep at proper times. - - -</center>

Recent topics

It has truly been an honor to shitpost with you all...
<center>- - - Ah, the memories this site holds... Even come the end, it will be one of my greatest honors to have known you all, and to have been known. - - - https://i.imgur.com/Io43UCM.jpg - - - I will hold onto these memories closely for likely my entire life. Such shitposts as the ones that once happened here are to be cherished. - - -</center>
What is your fondest Phansite memory?
<center>- - - I have caught myself today fondly remembering the past... when the site was in its prime and was a lawless land of chaos. Persona 5 fresh in everyone's minds and hearts, as everyone expressed themselves in the most absurd ways possible. How beautiful the lore is of this site. As someone who has been here for quite some time, I had seen the most of it. When it was at its most chaotic. And so, that brings me to my discussion... What is your most cherished memory? - - -</center>
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
<center>- - - It is now 7 AM, time for a classic drawing thread. And worry not... I assure you all that my artistic abilities have only gotten worse, especially given my lack of sleep. I will terribly draw anyone who posts here, based on either their name, icon, or a combination of both. None can predict what the result will be. Good, or bad? More likely than not, bad. - - -</center>
So... how have things been here?
<center>- - - It certainly has been a while since I have last taken a look around here. With P5R around now I was curious as to whether or not things would liven up here again. So... to those that have remained here all this time... how has it been? - - -</center>
Can you be gay in P5R?
<center>- - - I must know if it is worth purchasing or not. - - -</center>
Kitagawa Returns - The Doodle Thread
<center>- - - It certainly has been a while. Well, anyways... I will draw the first ten who post here as badly as I possibly can. The drawings will be based solely on the icon, and can not be redone. - - -</center>
<center>- - - https://i.imgur.com/W2Rpqvo.gif - - - You are welcome. - - -</center>
Good Video
Kitagawa Leaves the Phansite (Probably Permanently)
<center>- - - I am tired. Pretending to be fine puts too much stress on me. I am lonely, I am depressed. But that's why I am leaving. Pretending only grows more difficult as I finally begin to go over the deep end, I don't want to annoy or burden people here with my ever-growing depression. My Discord is Specter#8574. Just be warned that my sanity is low and I am likely to simply sit there and lament. I can't pretend to be happy anymore, I have long since lost that ability. - - - https://i.imgur.com/3HxSfvZ.png - - - I may come back if I ever recover and this place is still up, but at the rate I am going down, it seems very unlikely. Farewell, everyone. - - -</center>
Kitagawa Seeks Love ( Terrible Pick-Up Lines Only )
<center>- - - Seduce me. Present to me the worst pick-up lines you can possibly think of. Your powers of seduction will be calculated on this meter: ( , ! . . . . , . . . . . , . . . . . , . . . . . , ) Bad --&gt; Okay --&gt; Spicy --&gt; Sexy - - -</center>
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